Car Sharing

I notice with interest that Liberty Insurance now allow for car sharing within their private insurance document as follows:


You can accept payments as part of a car sharing arrangement for giving people lifts for social or similar purposes. We will not treat these payments as charging fares as part of a business of carrying passengers as long as:
a the vehicle is not built or adapted to carry more than eight passengers (not including the driver);
b the passengers are not being carried as part of a passenger-carrying business;
c the total contributions you receive for the journey do not provide a profit
d the number of passengers (including the driver) is not more than the vehicle manufacturer’s recommended limit



Doesn’t seem to open up the Taxi business to private operators but certainly does not close the issue down either

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Who’s to Blame?

Who’s the bold boy here, the crazy Overtaker or the  dopey Police?


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Muppet turned into the Taxi lane as I was driving alongside, result is a mess!


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The Long and Winding Road

This is the road leading to one of my regular customers, you could say that they’re a little remote, thankfully they rarely require Taxis during the winter


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Are you due Court refund / Penalty Points Wipe?

If you were summonsed to court when a fixed penalty notice could have been issued you are due a full refund of any penalty paid, your record cleansed and penalty points removed.

Wheter or not compensation will be paid for insurance premium increases, possible interest accrued or for inflation is as yet unknown.


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When America was Great

I remember when America was great, I think it was about a year ago, before we realised that an
idiot had a chance of winning the presidency, back when America was a welcoming place, when the New York Times and the Boston globe were celebrated by the masses as the quality source of news that they are, rather than fake and everyone seemed to realise  Breitbart was just sensationalist, conspiracy theory spouting claptrap, I could go on but the thing is America seemed to be steadily improving as time went by until Trump, hopefully we won’t be forever looking back and marking 2016 as the last time America was Great.

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Why I Hate MyTaxi

There are many things I dislike about MyTaxi (formerly Hailo) but there is just the one thing that I hate and that will eventually cause me to delete the App, that is Driver Rating.
in my experience:
Some customers use a baseline of 3 and rate up or down from there.
Some customers only give five stars if there particular favourite type of car show up.
Some customers only give five stars to brand new (current year) car/
Some customers only give five stars to chatty drivers others only give them to quiet ones.
Some use the rating system as an opportunity to lord it over drivers using the threat of a low rating.
I for one will absolutely delete the App as soon as my rating doesn’t appeal to me circa 4.5, thankfully I don’t depend on these Apps for my livelihood …. nor should any competent Taxi driver.

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10 things Taxi Drivers wish Cyclists Understood

1 – Sometimes passengers wish to alight where there is a cycle lane, dropping them 2 km further on when the lane ends isn’t an option.
2 – Same goes when passengers want to get in, often they are elderly or otherwise not lucky enough to be able to cycle (might be you someday?) Just wait the two mins until they get in.
3 – You share the bus lanes with us and the buses, they are not your personal raceway, be considerate
4 – Traffic lights apply to all road traffic, they are not optional.
5 – Indicating that you are turning right/left does not remove the necessity to check that it is safe to do so.
6 – Use the bike paths, they may not always be great and bikes may not be obliged to use them, but just like cars put up with poor roads (bikes take to the pavement)  bikes should put up with the cycle paths?
7 – We’re not telepathic, if you’re going to career out into our path try let us know, there are age old methods for so doing.
8 – Sometimes we get angry, if a cyclist uses us as an implement to try and kill them selves … it can be very infuriating.
9 –  Taxi passengers are often drunk or otherwise incapacitated and while we try and control them they often open doors at inappropriate times, if you are near a stopped cab … be aware of this probability.
10 – Passengers are our livelihood, if you see one thing to hail us down the likelihood is we’re going to try to stop for them, so why not contemplate that and make allowances instead of being a complete asswipe about it.

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Will Belfast experiment drive other Irish Taxis out of Bus lanes?

They are about to allow Taxis into the Bus lanes in Belfast ….. currently occupied by Cyclists and buses.
This will prove disastrous, Buses will hate Taxis and the Cyclists with despise them sharing their previously exclusive space.
Odds are Taxis will be removed after the 12 week trial …. possibly leading to a discussion down here on whether we should be similarly barred.

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Uber taken for a ride

Irish Taxi drivers have taken Uber for a ride, unlike other jurisdictions where Uber had a private hire sector to latch on to, in Ireland this sector had already been enveloped into the Taxi business through deregulation of the industry back in 2000, so when Uber arrived in Ireland it tried to engage with the Taxi sector rather than the private hire it was familiar with.
Irish Taxi Drivers quickly adopted the service because of the generous subsidies being offered to do so:
€150 offered for each driver that another driver invited to the service, this saw drivers earning a weeks wage simply by getting other drivers to sign up.
Guaranteed hourly rates saw drivers in quiet suburban neighbourhoods logged on to the service whilst sitting in their houses watching TV and eating dinner, knowing the possibility of having to actually work was very slim on an application only recently launched in the country.
Some drivers even used Uber vouchers to bring their own wives and family (including themselves) to restaurants and pubs.
Most drivers then left Uber as soon as the subsidies dried up, mainly because of the bad reputation the company had worldwide for it’s treatment of drivers.

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Are we an embarrassment to our kids?

Below is an extract from a South African newspaper, discussing an entrant for a beauty pageant, to be honest I wasn’t too surprised to read that the girl was embarrassed that her dad was a lowly Taxi driver. but hadn’t considered that is probably the norm …… perhaps even within my own family?


Biopelo Mabe from Alexandra took her place among the 12 finalists for Miss South Africa 2017. A daughter of a taxi driver, Mabe said she was embarrassed by her father’s job.

“You know, being the daughter of a taxi driver was hard. I grew up embarrassed because of my dad’s profession but at some point I had to accept that this is what he does for a living.”

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Know your Taxi drivers!

A Forum members (Nokia 6310) take on the type of vehicle/drivers operating with the various “dispatchers”, no offence meant …just for fun.


Hailo; wanked out 08 Mondeo, probably a rental, lives in a bedsit off the north circular, hailo sticker covering the rust, does 18 hours most days, never drinks, sends the money home.

Uber; the wife works in the civil service so financed him a 2010 BMW 5-Series out of garage off the Naas road, wears a Ralph Lauren shirt from Kildare village, takes the roofsign off before coming home, calls passengers “clients”, lives in Tyrrelstown but says castleknock, up to his bollix in drip.

NRC; 2006 Silver Avensis, moustached, lives in Beaumont, been driving a taxi for 30 years, does the same hours every day, drinks beamish.

CAB2000; 2010 Skoda Octavia, hates Hailo with a passion, lives in Greenwood, used to have a great job but jacked it in to go taxiing in 2003, has 2 kids and one from a previous, likes the darts.

Lynk; 2012 Skoda Superb; calculates to the penny including depreciation how much they’ve made by the hour, fond of Paddy Power, best seen in packs at the Topaz in the airport, Bluetooth headset, goes anywhere for a fare, lives in a rental gaff in Dublin 15.

Local firms; 2004 Avensis, no meter seal, they know who’s riding who, giving out about the 6 month NCTS, MC Donald’s coffee, 6 penalty points, hates town, another regular in Paddy Powers, lives in spitting distance from the base.

The Kesh; 2007 Sonata (wanked out S Class if they could) divorced (but has a new mot) January in Thailand, roofsign never plugged in, fleece in the back window, knows who owns that block of apartments there, hates the 10 year rule, union payer and proud of it, brings ya through Finglas on the way to Raheny, slacks and shoes, lives in Kinsealy, in the pub by 4pm and driving home by 7pm.

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