Examples of some real complaints against Irish Taxi drivers… and their outcomes

Roy April 16th, 2015

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Dublin 15 Airport transfers

Roy March 28th, 2015

Great news for anyone from the Dublin 15 area looking to go to or from Dublin Airport, a group of drivers there have teamed up with Ireland by taxi to offer the great price of €24 (was €28) for Taxi transfers to and from the Airport on a 24/7 basis.
Good luck to the drivers concerned, I hope this initiative helps them increase their incomes and that the people of D15 (Blanchardstown, Castleknock, Coolmine, Clonsilla, Corduff, Mulhuddart, Tyrrelstown, Clonee, Ongar etc.) avail of this super offer.

Ireland By Taxi Update

Roy February 22nd, 2015

Ireland by Taxi has been updated over the weekend,
Ireland by Taxi have streamlined their booking process, removing any steps that weren’t absolutely necessary thereby making the service even more passenger friendly.
Having operated a fixed price Dublin Airport taxi transfer service for nearly a year now, Ireland by Taxi have reassessed their pricing structure, reducing the price for some postcodes, for example the fixed fares between Dublin Airport to or from Dublin 22 has reduced by a massive €5!
Sadly one or two fares have had to be slightly increased in order to attract more drivers in certain undersupplied postal areas while still offering fantastic reductions on the metered fare, aways remember though …. if the metered fare is less than the fixed fare quoted, Ireland by taxi will knock €2 off the metered fare, thereby always guaranteeing passengers the best price around.

Trouble brewing for the “Taxi tour Guides”

Roy February 6th, 2015

New Regulation regarding fixed/pre agreed fares:

The taximeter must be operated for all hires in a taxi. Even if a fare is agreed in advance, the meter must still be operated for the journey;
Where a fare is agreed in advance, the taxi driver can only charge the lower of the pre-agreed fare or the fare calculated on the taximeter. So if the pre-agreed fare is more than the fare on the meter, the driver can only charge the fare on the meter

There are a number of Taxi drivers and groups who offer Tours and/or fixed fares who charge their unsuspecting passengers an arm and a leg for the service, this will force them to charge only the metered rate (or less) in future.

Google Taxis

Roy February 3rd, 2015

David Drummond, the Google executive who holds an Uber board seat, has recently informed Uber of its plans to get into the Taxi ehail market itself.

I’d say Uber, Hailo et al are shitting themselves at the prospect?

Serious issue is the amount of data relating to traffic flow, peak demand and commuter travel these companies will collect and control, valuable information that ought to be be in the hands of local authorities …. they should be the ones controlling these platforms, not Google, it is high time they stepped in and took over this space, they could force Taxi drivers to sign up for and use an “official” service as part of the licencing arrangements, or force Uber/Hailo Google to use their platform if they want to enter/stay in the market here.

Difficulties with “ride sharing”

Roy February 1st, 2015

Firstly I have a difficulty with the likes of Uber and Hailo calling themselves ride sharing apps, in their current form they are “ride-hailing” or “ride-booking” ….. ie. Taxis
However ride sharing does seem to be an ambition for the app developers and they seem to be going all out to try and make it happen.

This is effectively turning Uber/Hailo vehicles into micro buses.

I think the car is too intimate a space for this to happen, cozying up close and the thought of engaging in inane conversation with a complete stranger in such confines would be difficult for all but the most extrovert of the population.

In order to make it work or at least give it some hope of success a strict code of etiquette should be drawn up for intending passengers, for example first passenger should sit in the passenger seat, second behind driver, third behing passenger seat, a forth passenger should only be considered for certain larger vehicles (it is conceivable that only certain vehicles should be approved for “ride sharing”, lastly any conversation should be chaired by/led by/moderated by the driver.

Taxi Fares are Going?

Roy December 20th, 2014

Some would argue DOWN…..

The initial charge is going down, passengers travelling very short distances will pay less.

The old “C” tariff is being removed, so passengers travelling very long distances will pay less.

The average fares for average journeys are going up by a meagre 4%, despite your average Taxi driver having to fork out €250 for the pleasure of having this minor increment added to their meter!

Such a shame the gobshite so called Taxi representatives didn’t push to accept this proposal when it was offered two years ago, when the Meters needed recalibration as their calendars ran out, now we have to get them done again at huge expense to drivers.

AH well I suppose we get what we deserve?

Xpert at the Westbury

Roy November 24th, 2014

It seems Xpert are now getting any prebooked taxis from the Westbury, the hotel seemingly lost patience with the two gimps that use the rank early morning and refuse all but Airport jobs, I drive on when I see the muppets as I know I’ll more than likely be sent one of their rejects, I don’t mind taking what comes but I hate being dumped on, I assume others have argued the toss and now the hotel has had enough. shame how a couple of muppets can spoil a good thing.
There’s a petition going around and the fed are going to hand it in and appeal to the hotels management for clemency, probably a waste of time?
Might have to find a new home for the morning shift.
Not bad timing I suppose I normally avoid the area like the plague one the Xmas shopping traffic kicks in, Xpert are welcome to it, it’ll take them an hour to get to the door!

Renewal fees on the up

Roy November 7th, 2014

Dear all,

In finalising the revised SPSV regulations for consultation, some proposed changes to the SPSV licence renewal fees have now been included.

The one year licence renewal fee for standard taxis, standard hackneys and limousines is proposed to be increased to €150 (up from €125), while the one year licence renewal fee for wheelchair accessible taxis and wheelchair accessible hackneys is proposed to be decreased to €75 (down from €125).

Corresponding charges are proposed for six month licences – €75 for standard taxis/hackneys/limos (up from €62.50) and €37.50 for WAVs (down from €62.50).

The full list of fees is contained in Schedule 1 of the revised regulations which will be available on the NTA website tomorrow.

There will be a one month public consultation period in relation to the draft regulations, inclusive of the proposed fee changes.

Finally, I attach a simpler comparison for the fare increase proposal which is based on just a distance calculation without any extras.  It excludes the meter rounding (20 cent intervals) effect.



Is the Hailo Rank in the RDS legal?

Roy November 3rd, 2014

According to this section of an email from the NTA to a poster here (BB) those of us considering giving it a go should probably consider what the consequences might be?

We refer to your email dated 23 September 2014.
We can confirm that a great number of Fixed Penalty Notices were issued to and paid by those drivers detected standing otherwise than at an appointed stand including at hotels.

In the lead up to Christmas, compliance team operations will, as usual, increase their focus on hotels and other social venues, for both deterrence and enforcement.

Proposed new Taxi Fare Structure (with current for comparison)

Roy October 31st, 2014

Sunday World expose

Roy October 11th, 2014

I got a call from someone purporting to be a reporter from the Sunday World who said there is an article appearing tomorrow exposing a driver who has been removed from the road thirteen times and still continues to operate as a taxi without licence insurance or valid plate.
Might be worth a read?

NTA offering Free SPSV renewals

Roy October 7th, 2014

To Certain drivers in return for allowing them to download Meter data.

copy of the NTA letter (Click to enlarge)

Taking Taxis V Owning a Car

Roy September 18th, 2014

How many kilometres per year does a person need to drive in order to make owning a car worthwhile? (compared to taking a taxi everywhere instead)

I imagine the figure would be fairly high?

How many taxi journeys would your insurance get you?
How many taxi journeys would your fuel costs pay for?
How many taxi journeys for the repayment costs/ deposit on your car?
Road tax is getting higher and higher each year … even more taxi journeys could be paid for.
Your car is depreciating in value every day … even more taxis!
Parking fees, fines, maintenance, all equal loads more taxi journeys that could be taken
Don’t forget you can be far more productive work wise in the back seat than you can in the driver seat, (time = money) how much extra work would you get done without the car? ,,, also we get you there quicker and drop you to the door!

Conclusion: dump the car and take a Taxi

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