Taxi Fares are Going?

Roy December 20th, 2014

Some would argue DOWN…..

The initial charge is going down, passengers travelling very short distances will pay less.

The old “C” tariff is being removed, so passengers travelling very long distances will pay less.

The average fares for average journeys are going up by a meagre 4%, despite your average Taxi driver having to fork out €250 for the pleasure of having this minor increment added to their meter!

Such a shame the gobshite so called Taxi representatives didn’t push to accept this proposal when it was offered two years ago, when the Meters needed recalibration as their calendars ran out, now we have to get them done again at huge expense to drivers.

AH well I suppose we get what we deserve?

Xpert at the Westbury

Roy November 24th, 2014

It seems Xpert are now getting any prebooked taxis from the Westbury, the hotel seemingly lost patience with the two gimps that use the rank early morning and refuse all but Airport jobs, I drive on when I see the muppets as I know I’ll more than likely be sent one of their rejects, I don’t mind taking what comes but I hate being dumped on, I assume others have argued the toss and now the hotel has had enough. shame how a couple of muppets can spoil a good thing.
There’s a petition going around and the fed are going to hand it in and appeal to the hotels management for clemency, probably a waste of time?
Might have to find a new home for the morning shift.
Not bad timing I suppose I normally avoid the area like the plague one the Xmas shopping traffic kicks in, Xpert are welcome to it, it’ll take them an hour to get to the door!

Renewal fees on the up

Roy November 7th, 2014

Dear all,

In finalising the revised SPSV regulations for consultation, some proposed changes to the SPSV licence renewal fees have now been included.

The one year licence renewal fee for standard taxis, standard hackneys and limousines is proposed to be increased to €150 (up from €125), while the one year licence renewal fee for wheelchair accessible taxis and wheelchair accessible hackneys is proposed to be decreased to €75 (down from €125).

Corresponding charges are proposed for six month licences – €75 for standard taxis/hackneys/limos (up from €62.50) and €37.50 for WAVs (down from €62.50).

The full list of fees is contained in Schedule 1 of the revised regulations which will be available on the NTA website tomorrow.

There will be a one month public consultation period in relation to the draft regulations, inclusive of the proposed fee changes.

Finally, I attach a simpler comparison for the fare increase proposal which is based on just a distance calculation without any extras.  It excludes the meter rounding (20 cent intervals) effect.



Is the Hailo Rank in the RDS legal?

Roy November 3rd, 2014

According to this section of an email from the NTA to a poster here (BB) those of us considering giving it a go should probably consider what the consequences might be?

We refer to your email dated 23 September 2014.
We can confirm that a great number of Fixed Penalty Notices were issued to and paid by those drivers detected standing otherwise than at an appointed stand including at hotels.

In the lead up to Christmas, compliance team operations will, as usual, increase their focus on hotels and other social venues, for both deterrence and enforcement.

Proposed new Taxi Fare Structure (with current for comparison)

Roy October 31st, 2014

Sunday World expose

Roy October 11th, 2014

I got a call from someone purporting to be a reporter from the Sunday World who said there is an article appearing tomorrow exposing a driver who has been removed from the road thirteen times and still continues to operate as a taxi without licence insurance or valid plate.
Might be worth a read?

NTA offering Free SPSV renewals

Roy October 7th, 2014

To Certain drivers in return for allowing them to download Meter data.

copy of the NTA letter (Click to enlarge)

Taking Taxis V Owning a Car

Roy September 18th, 2014

How many kilometres per year does a person need to drive in order to make owning a car worthwhile? (compared to taking a taxi everywhere instead)

I imagine the figure would be fairly high?

How many taxi journeys would your insurance get you?
How many taxi journeys would your fuel costs pay for?
How many taxi journeys for the repayment costs/ deposit on your car?
Road tax is getting higher and higher each year … even more taxi journeys could be paid for.
Your car is depreciating in value every day … even more taxis!
Parking fees, fines, maintenance, all equal loads more taxi journeys that could be taken
Don’t forget you can be far more productive work wise in the back seat than you can in the driver seat, (time = money) how much extra work would you get done without the car? ,,, also we get you there quicker and drop you to the door!

Conclusion: dump the car and take a Taxi

This topic is being discussed in the new Passenger Friendly area of our Forum: Here

Please join in!

Entry Test to be Dumbed Down

Roy September 7th, 2014

Rumours suggest that the NTA are hoping to reduce the difficulty of the SPSV driver test.
It’s claimed that it’s an effort to increase revenue from licence fee renewals, down due to recent reductions in our number, although it could equally be down to persistent badgering of the NTA regarding the issue by various TD’s.
They are intending to discuss the issue with the Taxi advisory committee. however regardless of what they might suggest, the NTA can change the test as they see fit.
I’m in two minds regarding the test, in fairness there is no need for a huge degree of geographical knowledge in order to drive a taxi given recent technological advances, however the test has served as a much needed, although artificial, barrier to entry to the business.
It’s time they came up with some genuine barriers rather than depending on artificial ones, it’s easy to see there are more than enough Taxi drivers around and we don’t need any more for the time being.

Finally! You can now book a Taxi from this website

Roy August 28th, 2014

Book a Taxi now!

If you would like a Taxi booking form on your website please let me know.: roy@irishtaxi,org

Ideal for Restaurants/Pubs etc,

ie. websites where it is conceivable the visitor may require a Taxi.

SayTaxi Enters the Irish Taxi APP Scene.

Roy August 20th, 2014

Say “hello” to SayTaxi, the “eHail” application that is truly “Taxi Only” coming soon to Dublin.
Say Taxi Ireland Website:
Driver signup is happening NOW! Click Here

The Driver friendly application:

  • Drivers only accept those fares that suit their situation, they may ignore or reject those that do not, with no consequences.
  • Drivers may accept fares while in the process of dropping another passenger, they simply adjust the estimated arrival time to allow for any expected delay.
  • Drivers may accept the estimated time of arrival or adjust it depending on traffic conditions, direction of travel or one way systems.
  • All Taxis registered with the N.T.A, regardless of their age or type are acceptable, SayTaxi only asks that it be kept clean and that the vehicle owner is also its driver.

The Passenger friendly application:

  • Only available drivers or those ready to cover the journey appear on the passenger application.
  • Saytaxi gives passengers the most accurate arrival time of all Taxi applications currently available.
  • Passengers may register their credit or debit cards, to allow for the easy payment of their taxi fare and recording of their taxi usage.

See how SayTaxi works:

Taxi App Hailo Now Almost Ubiquitous Across Ireland

Roy August 15th, 2014

(Guest Post)

While Uber has certainly drawn the majority of headlines in the news over the past few weeks and months, it appears that another smartphone application is on the rise, and could well be making its way to an area near you. It’s not quite as controversial as the former, and should be more complimentary to most drivers’ needs, rather than potentially taking some of their business.

New way of hailing a cab

Hailo, clearly derived from ‘hailing’ a cab, is a relatively straightforward concept. You use your phone to order a licenced local taxi to come and pick you up. You don’t need to call anyone, there’s no additional fee, and drivers can find their fares just by going to the phone’s GPS location. There certainly seems to be no reason for local drivers not to register for the service, especially if the uptake in use continues, and many consumers are likely to enjoy the fact that they don’t need to know the address that they’re at, and don’t need to ring anyone.
It’s worth noting here that Hailo simply approves the drivers it works with, it does not employ them. It’s just giving customers a different way of ordering their car, rather than actually running the service end to end. There are many who believe that this is likely to be the future of ordering a taxi – it does after all make things easier for pretty much everyone involved.

Irish network

Hailo is available currently in 13 major cities in Europe, North America and Japan, but in Ireland, it is running almost seamlessly over the whole country. Travellers can use the app in Ashbourne, Bray, Greystones, Balbriggan, Celbridge, Navan, Trim, Athlone, Leixlip, Mullingar, Maynooth, Drogheda, Dundalk, Sligo, and Ennis. At the moment there are no bases in Northern Ireland.
Arklow, Letterkenny, Longford, Roscommon, Carrick-on-Shannon, Clonmel, Thurles, Ballina, Castlebar, and Westport are all planned destinations that should be available pretty soon, meaning nearly everyone in the country with a smartphone will be able to hail a cab without going outside or making a call.
The app has now been around for two years, and in that time has managed to rack up more than four million journeys, thanks to a user base of about 400,000 people. That means that almost one in ten people in Ireland have downloaded it, and thousands are using it each and every day.
With the advent of these kinds of programs, it’s likely that we’ll see an uptake in people looking to set themselves up as independent licenced drivers. The process is being made so much easier – there’s little need to wait for people to ring into a centralised base and get distributed outwards. Hailo approved drivers won’t have to wait around at ranks or search for fares; they can just wait for the app to show them to someone who needs a lift.
It will be very interesting to see if the app expands from the cities it’s currently operating in and becomes the norm for ordering cabs. For now however, it’s firmly rooted in Ireland, and any independents that aren’t already registered may well want to take a look.

Horse Show Rank

Roy July 30th, 2014

(or lack of it?)

Horse Show 2014 Traffic Management Plan


Due to the Discover Ireland Dublin Horse a Garda Road Closure will be in place on Simmonscourt Road from Wed. 6th. To Sunday 10th. August 2014.

Traffic management plan is a listed below if there are any issues or assistance required please contact the RDS 24 Security Patrol on 087-9372835.


The road closure will be in place from 7am – 7pm Daily Wednesday Sunday 10th. –August 2014

Gardai will control local access at Merrion Road /Simmonscourt Road and Anglesea Road / Simmonscourt Road.

Traffic from Donnybrook to Ballsbridge via Simmonscourt Road is diverted from St. Mary’s Church on the Simmonscourt Road to Anglesea Road.

Traffic from Ballsbridge to Donnybrook via Simmonscourt is directed to Anglesea Road at Bewleys Hotel Simmonscourt Road / Merrion Road junction.

To ensure minimum disruption the RDS will provide windscreen tickets for Simmonscourt Road Residents. Vehicular access for residents will be at Anglesea Road / Simmonscourt Road junction.

Pedestrian Access will be maintained via Gate L and Gate M at all times.

Access to Bewleys Hotel and Four Seasons Hotel will be maintained at all times from
Merrion Road /Simmonscourt Road junction.

Access to Simmonscourt House Offices will be maintained at all times from Merrion Road /Simmonscourt Road.Occupants of these offices will be issued with access / car park tickets.

The Gardai will facilitate space for a limited Taxi rank out side Bewleys Hotel.

Bringing a car to Spain.

Roy July 21st, 2014

I need to bring a car from Dublin to Alicante, (not me actually … it’s a mate, I’m just going along for the ride).
We’re hoping to avoid the UK motorways and instead are thinking about going from Rosslare to Saint Nazaire (a twenty one hour crossing) and then continuing from there on to Gijon in Northern Spain (another sixteen hours) using LD lines who now operate ferries from Rosslare, it will cost about €800 for the two of us and the car (four berth cabin on both ferries), strangely enough it would only be about €900 for four of us so it seems we’d be better trying to make it more of a lads session, (probably not too much hope of getting the girls on board and into a four berth?), we will then be heading from Gijon to Alicante using the excellent Spanish motorway system.
We expect to be fully rested after the two ferry crossings and ready to take on the eight hour road trip, sharing the driving with as few pit stops as possible.
Have any of you done this trip or do you know of anyone that has?
How did it work out?
(Mainly the ferry crossings)
We’ve done a few road trips down the years but nothing on this scale, I don’t think the scale of it or the time involved will faze us too much as we tend to enjoy adventures of this nature, hopefully I’m not being too naive, we’ve done a few five hour ferry crossings/road trips thankfully and the friendship has survived intact.

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