UBER Creating Irish Jobs

Roy July 29th, 2015

The international transportation network company Uber is to establish a customer services hub in Limerick city, which it says will create 150 jobs by the end of the year and around 300 when it is fully operational.

Here in Ireland UBER only use licensed Taxis and Limousines driven by fully registered and insured drivers ….. and  they offer 10% off the metered fare  in Taxis at no cost to the driver, now they’re creating jobs in beleaguered Limerick, credit where it is due!

Ireland by Taxi

Roy June 29th, 2015

The popular Ireland by taxi website, offering cheap low cost transfers to and from Dublin Airport from all areas of Dublin is now listed on Tripadvisor and gathering some rave reviews.

Hopefully more people will now find this low cost alternative during this busy holiday period.

Why Don’t the NTA and the DCC Follow Best Examples Used Elsewhere?

Roy June 17th, 2015

The NTA and the DCC are quick to compare our city to our nearest and dearest neighbours, in London Taxis are part of the solution … in Dublin these idiots plan to ban our paying passengers of public service vehicles from the proposed public transport corridor, the NTA and DCC want to make our passengers pay more and take longer to get to their destination …. WHY?

Taxis are exempt from London Congestion charge … well done London ….listen up Dublin!!

Taxi and Private Hire Vehicles

Taxis and Private Hire Vehicles are exempt from paying the Congestion Charge when actively licensed with London Taxi and Private Hire (TPH). The exemption for Private Hire Vehicles only applies when undertaking private hire bookings.

A vehicle will be removed from the register of exempt vehicles on the surrender, expiry or revocation of the license.

The NTA and the DCC had a Brainfart – College Green Transport Corridor

Roy June 12th, 2015

The National Transport Authority and Dublin City Council have decided to close College Green to all but large public service vehicles, thereby excluding people who use Taxis from this crucial artery, this means that Taxi passengers will pay more and take longer getting to their destination.

People who use Taxis include:

  • Those who need to be left directly to their destination:
  • The Elderly
  • Disabled
  • Mothers with babies
  • Business executives attending meetings
  • Tourists hauling large amounts of luggage
  • Shoppers AFTER they’ve made their purchases
  • Those who work and play during the 6 hours every day that the precious large public service vehicles do not operate.
  • Workers who are running late or need to get home quickly due to an emergency

In short: those in a hurry, those carrying bulky items, those who need quiet/room to work and those with no other option.

I tried to register my objections using the so called consultation form online, never have I seen such a biased questionnaire designed to elicit a positive response for their ludicrous proposal, nobody is asked whether or not Taxis should be allowed to use the corridor nor are Taxis mentioned in the list of methods people use to get into the city, (everyone must walk or cycle between midnight and 5am?)

If you are a regular Taxi user and object to the prospect of having to pay more to get across the city please help us to get a fair hearing on this issue.

Check out the Maths!

Roy May 17th, 2015

Taxi drivers get a positive mention at a recent IDA investor pitch!

Roy May 15th, 2015

Jeff Laue , CEO and co-founder of N3 LLC, a consultancy company that handles outsourced sales and business development said at an IDA conference pitching Ireland to potential investors said recently:
After setting up shop here, he can vouch for the “talent” portion of their pitch. Not only does the country have its own young, skilled and tech-savvy workforce, but Dublin is a magnet for speakers of other vital languages.
Another speaker actually mentioned Taxi drivers …. hopefully she never encounters some of the commenters that appear here!:
Neomed Inc., which makes feeding tubes for feeding premature babies, was similarly impressed with Ireland’s people, even outside business contexts. The company has one representative in Galway, a hotbed for medical-device manufacturing and research.
“Literally, there are taxi drivers there that can speak to you about medical devices,” said Hillary Sherman, NeoMed’s vice president of finance, who said the company is hoping to build out R&D there and set up an office to support international sales.
IDA representatives joked that they might have to make “taxi drivers” the fifth ”T” in their pitch.

“Ireland By Taxi” now mobile friendly

Roy May 9th, 2015

In order to get in line with Googles new guidelines on listing websites on their search engine based on the mobile friendliness of the site has updated it’s homepage to recognise if it’s being viewed via a mobile device and should adapt accordingly, we’ve checked Googles mobile Friendly test and it seems to pass, so I guess its wait and see time before it appears as such on searches, hopefully the business continues to grow as exponentially as it has been doing, goes to prove offer a good service and they will come! as viewed on a mobile device

We’d be very obliged if some of the regular visitors checked the site on their mobile device and left comments below on the experience, good and bad.

Meanwhile i’ll be working on getting this site up to standard, although I’m really not all that bothered about google rankings for this place anymore

Fleet face even further restrictions at Dublin airport

Roy May 8th, 2015

Dublin airport Authority has let it be known that from next June the Airport police will be dishing out €100 fines to any Taxis breaching their bye laws.
This includes Taxis stopping anywhere in and around the terminal building to pick up pre booked passengers.
The new rule will affect any passengers wishing to use a company account, their favourite cab company or their usual friendly taxi driver.
The short term car parks are the only option remaining , both of which charge €3 for the first hour or part thereof and €4.50 per hour or part thereof after that, these charges will have to be passed on to passengers, all very well if there were spaces available but I’ve often spent twenty minutes driving around them looking for a space, when accompanied by thirty or forty more taxis all in the same boat it will become complete mayhem.
I’m sure it will come to a head once the fun begins.

Examples of some real complaints against Irish Taxi drivers… and their outcomes

Roy April 16th, 2015

Click thumbnails to view full size images

Visit the FORUM THREAD to view more examples

Dublin 15 Airport transfers

Roy March 28th, 2015

Great news for anyone from the Dublin 15 area looking to go to or from Dublin Airport, a group of drivers there have teamed up with Ireland by taxi to offer the great price of €24 (was €28) for Taxi transfers to and from the Airport on a 24/7 basis.
Good luck to the drivers concerned, I hope this initiative helps them increase their incomes and that the people of D15 (Blanchardstown, Castleknock, Coolmine, Clonsilla, Corduff, Mulhuddart, Tyrrelstown, Clonee, Ongar etc.) avail of this super offer.

Ireland By Taxi Update

Roy February 22nd, 2015

Ireland by Taxi has been updated over the weekend,
Ireland by Taxi have streamlined their booking process, removing any steps that weren’t absolutely necessary thereby making the service even more passenger friendly.
Having operated a fixed price Dublin Airport taxi transfer service for nearly a year now, Ireland by Taxi have reassessed their pricing structure, reducing the price for some postcodes, for example the fixed fares between Dublin Airport to or from Dublin 22 has reduced by a massive €5!
Sadly one or two fares have had to be slightly increased in order to attract more drivers in certain undersupplied postal areas while still offering fantastic reductions on the metered fare, aways remember though …. if the metered fare is less than the fixed fare quoted, Ireland by taxi will knock €2 off the metered fare, thereby always guaranteeing passengers the best price around.

Trouble brewing for the “Taxi tour Guides”

Roy February 6th, 2015

New Regulation regarding fixed/pre agreed fares:

The taximeter must be operated for all hires in a taxi. Even if a fare is agreed in advance, the meter must still be operated for the journey;
Where a fare is agreed in advance, the taxi driver can only charge the lower of the pre-agreed fare or the fare calculated on the taximeter. So if the pre-agreed fare is more than the fare on the meter, the driver can only charge the fare on the meter

There are a number of Taxi drivers and groups who offer Tours and/or fixed fares who charge their unsuspecting passengers an arm and a leg for the service, this will force them to charge only the metered rate (or less) in future.

Google Taxis

Roy February 3rd, 2015

David Drummond, the Google executive who holds an Uber board seat, has recently informed Uber of its plans to get into the Taxi ehail market itself.

I’d say Uber, Hailo et al are shitting themselves at the prospect?

Serious issue is the amount of data relating to traffic flow, peak demand and commuter travel these companies will collect and control, valuable information that ought to be be in the hands of local authorities …. they should be the ones controlling these platforms, not Google, it is high time they stepped in and took over this space, they could force Taxi drivers to sign up for and use an “official” service as part of the licencing arrangements, or force Uber/Hailo Google to use their platform if they want to enter/stay in the market here.

Difficulties with “ride sharing”

Roy February 1st, 2015

Firstly I have a difficulty with the likes of Uber and Hailo calling themselves ride sharing apps, in their current form they are “ride-hailing” or “ride-booking” ….. ie. Taxis
However ride sharing does seem to be an ambition for the app developers and they seem to be going all out to try and make it happen.

This is effectively turning Uber/Hailo vehicles into micro buses.

I think the car is too intimate a space for this to happen, cozying up close and the thought of engaging in inane conversation with a complete stranger in such confines would be difficult for all but the most extrovert of the population.

In order to make it work or at least give it some hope of success a strict code of etiquette should be drawn up for intending passengers, for example first passenger should sit in the passenger seat, second behind driver, third behing passenger seat, a forth passenger should only be considered for certain larger vehicles (it is conceivable that only certain vehicles should be approved for “ride sharing”, lastly any conversation should be chaired by/led by/moderated by the driver.

Taxi Fares are Going?

Roy December 20th, 2014

Some would argue DOWN…..

The initial charge is going down, passengers travelling very short distances will pay less.

The old “C” tariff is being removed, so passengers travelling very long distances will pay less.

The average fares for average journeys are going up by a meagre 4%, despite your average Taxi driver having to fork out €250 for the pleasure of having this minor increment added to their meter!

Such a shame the gobshite so called Taxi representatives didn’t push to accept this proposal when it was offered two years ago, when the Meters needed recalibration as their calendars ran out, now we have to get them done again at huge expense to drivers.

AH well I suppose we get what we deserve?

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