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Just eat!

This doesn’t have a whole lot to do with the Taxi industry but certainly comes into play with Blogging and Forum management.

You see being a Taxi driver who works nights I tend to be the only one at home during the day, the rest are at work. college or school, so it falls on me to produce the dinners.

However I sometimes get caught up with the blog, or more usually the forum, don’t realise the time flying by and  when the phone call comes to say ” I’m on my way home” I haven’t done a toss to prepare,  that’s were Just eat comes in, I pop over to their site and decide what I’d like to eat, all of the local takeaways and even some of the local restaurants are on there. Ii can choose from the menu,  decide what sides I want and add special requirements …. all the things I hate doing on the phone …. and it all arrives at the front door in double quick time,  the site even gives the estimated delivery time,  better still you can pay by credit/debit card or cash on delivery!

So I was delighted when they asked could they put a link on the sidebar! It’ll make it even easier for me to order in future.

Next time you fancy a treat give it a try,  just click the link in the sidebar and start ordering.

Order Takeaway

The Easy Way

Casino Night – Drunken Debauchery?

Forum readers will know I was planning a Casino night in my home, as I put up a post looking for help finding somewhere to rent or buy the tables and equipment.

You see it was my sons 18th and there’d already been numerous parties during the past year (tends to happen most mates are around the same age at this time of life) so we decide we’d try something different.
Although there are a couple of firms renting equipment they only seem interested in larger events where expensive and did not return calls or send the promised e-mails.

So I went online and found the various felt table layouts and a roulette wheel, I trotted down to Argos and bought a Poker table top and chips, I got two cheap tables in IKEA €50 each! and finally Woodies had a nice selection of  casino type party stuff.

Another problem I had was that although I’d played blackjack with mates I’d never played it in a casino and had no idea how to deal multiple hands,  or the  typical odds etc, so I found blackjack online where there is a facility to play blackjack for free and learn the ropes …very useful and great fun.

Then there was Craps,  first I had to make a frame to keep the dice on the table, (some old wood cladding I had lying around and duck tape) and again although I’d seen it played on TV and it looked great fun I had no idea how to play, the internet came to the rescue again and I found a free craps table in this  internet casinos site, the craps table turned out to be the most popular of all and the game lends itself to interaction.

Anyway the moral of the tale is that although a Casino night for young adults might seem a little ill advised, it allowed for supervision (showing how the games were played and doing a spot of croupier) was great fun and in the end showed that the House always wins or at least to stick to the more  sensible bets.

Another thing there is definitely a market for someone somewhere to cater for smaller casino  night parties, i think they could be a great success

Forum section under “new” management.

I have resigned as admin of the Forum section of this domain, although it is still hosted here I am no longer responsible for the content or it’s ethos. Instead this will be left in the capable hands of the administration / moderating team I’ve left behind there.
I reckon I’ve a big enough platform here to mouth off and hopefully the forum will go it’s own way.
I do not intend posting on the forum under any guise however I will happily lend a hand technically if I’m asked to do so.
I’m really looking forward to getting re- acquainted with my old blogging pals from around the world and hopefully getting to grips with a few projects I’ve been putting in the long finger
To all my old forum freinds and foes I hope you pop in from time to time but if not…. Thanks for all the fishes

Unfortunate Taxi company Name

I’ve recently arrived back from Spain having the good fortune to visit the beautiful sun drenched cities of Elche,  Santa Pola,  Murcia and Alicante.

Elche ….well worth a visit


They all seemed to be thriving with Tapas bars heaving 24/7 …  although  the streets were not heaving with Taxis, there were taxis waiting at the ranks and when there wasn’t the wait wasn’t too long.  All of the Taxis were of a uniform colour with  their various IDs and badges in the same place on each ……  as it should be,  and the drivers seemed happy too.

I arrived back to the Taxi driving hell that is Dublin City,  with Taxi congestion on every street, all shapes and colours, some with IDs, some without and it was nailed home to me what a joke our Taxi regulatory system is.

The first Taxi firm logo I came across was Half Way Cabs and I wondered what a Spanish visitor would make of it.

I wish I could take the next flight out ……………….


Us night drivers accumulate a lot of coins,  the shrapnel left over from a nights drinking tends to get deposited with us, often very profitably, ” here … take it all, don’t know how much it is but it should cover it ”

Don’t know about you but I reckon the time spent counting 1, 2,  5 and 10 cent coins is not worth the amount they give you for them  so I no longer bother my arse bagging and lodging them.

Cue the coin counter in Tesco! it’s the greatest invention ever, I pop a bag full of mixed coins in once a month and provided I use the voucher to do some shopping they don’t charge me a cent for the service.

What do you do with yours?

Irish Taxi Market

I made this as a way of teaching myself the PHP MySQL programming languages, I’m not sure if it will be of any use but thought I’d throw it out there and see what happens.
It’s a place where you can place classified advertisements for free, initially I was thinking it should be for only Taxi related items but then thought “what the hell… I’ll try sell off some of the crap lying around the house”.
So if you want to buy my crap off me or you have some crap you want to sell… give it a try ….it just might work?
If you are placing an advert, please make sure to put it in the right category (for sale, wanted, for rent or a service and try get a picture to go with the advert it looks a lot better!
I’m not sure quite how robust it is and can foresee trouble with messers but I’ll cross those hurdles if and when they arise.
Heres the site

The Effects of Taxi Driving on Character

During a conversation with a customer recently I came out with the following comment “I’m not the same person I was when I started this job 13 years ago”, the girl asked me was I better or worse now?  I hesitated and after a moments thought replied that I wasn’t too sure.

I doubt anybody is the same person they were 13 years ago, life experiences change you and I guess the poorer  those experiences are, the less positive the effect those experiences have on your character.

Ive been robbed, assaulted,  spat at and abused, I’ve h ad aggressive drunks, sad drunks, angry drunks and happy drunks (all equally annoying),  I’ve also had my fair share of pukers, pissers, runners and vandals.

So compared to when I started Taxi driving, I’m a lot less naive, I’ve less patience, I’m quicker to assume the worse traits in people, I rarely pussy foot around issues (I say what I feel), I’m less empathetic – I don’t react to either the sad stories or the abusive behavior, I simply let it go over my head. Funnily enough I’m less nervous than I was at the beginning, in fact I can’t remember the last time I felt nervous about passengers.

So in answer to the girls question, I”m a worse character now than I was 13 years ago, hopefully this little exercise thinking about the effects the years have had and coming to this sad conclusion may help me to change for the better in future. Maybe just before I kick the can I’ll be a reasonably decent skin again?

All Members are Idiots

I’m a Dublin Taxi Driver

My car is  comfortable, clean, 2008 registered

I wash daily before every shift

I am not a racist

I am not a thief

I am not a scumbag

I am not one of the few remaining (less than a seventh of the fleet) who were around when you had to queue for hours or walk home.

I therefore resent the 1000s  of Taxi related posts beginning with Taxi drivers are………and then going on to group all 27,000 taxi drivers as though we were one,  in fact I find them despicable.

The Taxi Drivers Curse

Because we work odd hours, are mainly sedentary and tend to “snack”  a lot,  the vast majority of Taxi drivers are overweight. I los ta lot of weight using Lipotrim a year or so ago but sadly piled it all back on again since, quickly getting back into the old bad habits. I’ve decided to give Lipotrim another go and hopefully this time I’ll have learned and will be able to keep any weight loss off.

I’m 4 days in and am already feeling miserable but if memory serves me correctly it does get easier as ketosis kicks in.

So it’s back to 2 shakes  and a total of 500 calories a day for as long as it takes, ….I know! I’ve heard all the arguments against this product, but it’s all that works for me.


Beacon Automotive (Stay Well Clear!)

I don’t normally use this site to highlight problems that I’ve had personally with suppliers of services and goods but in my opinion Beacon Automotive in the Sandyford industrial estate deserve a special mention for poor customer relations.
There were some horrible noises coming from the clutch area of my Hyundai Sonata and I was having trouble getting into first and second gears, I wasn’t too concerned as the car is still under guarantee and I’d been very pleased with the warranty service given to me by EP mooney in Tallaght when the ABS light came on a few months ago.
Sadly EP Mooney has closed down so I went instead to Beacon Automotive, another authorised service agent for Hyundai armed with my service history from Advance Pitstop who had kindly printed it out for me, proving all the necessary procedures had been carried out at the appropriate intervals.
I was handed over to the service manager to explain my problems and his first question when I finished was where I’d had my car serviced, I explained I used Advance because they don’t have long waiting periods for appointments and most of the time do the work as you wait, there and then.
He grimaced and told me that as I hadn’t used an authorised agent that Hyundai would not honour the warranty (from his experience dealing with them) I countered that EP mooney had accepted the Advance record and that the car manual said the services could be done by any qualified mechanic, he said he didn’t know who EP mooney was, nor for that matter who Advance were and that he was going by his experience, that he would request the warranty from Hyundai on my behalf after the repair was carried out and if they accepted that would be fine (which he doubted) if not I’d have to pay €95 an hour for labour plus the cost of parts…my gamble, ……….I don’t gamble so I left.
Back in the car I dug out the paragraph in the manual where it states that although they recommend using authorised Hyundai service agents you can use any qualified mechanic, so I went back in and showed this to the service manager, he once again said I could leave it in if I liked but he would only be able to tell me if it would be covered under warranty after the repair was carried out and in his experience Hyundai did not accept non autorised service agents and if they didn’t, I would have to pay……once again I left.
The next day I drove to the other side of the city from where I live, to Fairview Motors where the Service manager Dave and the counter manager Margaret looked after me, accepting the service history from Advance, guaranteeing the work would be carried out under warranty and true to their word it was…..the car is once again running smoothly after the fitting of a new flywheel completely free of charge. They could teach Beacon Automotive a lesson or two in customer care.

Passenger Refusing to Pay

Picked up four lads in Stoneybatter last Saturday. appropriate as they’d been on the batter, you know the type all RAH RAH HEY HEY, singing alternative lyrics to perfectly good songs and wondering why your not laughing at their facile jokes.

It’s all part of the job so I tried to take it in good spirit and smiled along as best I could, they wanted to go to Heaven Night Club in Blanchardstown and were asking questions about it during the trip, “would they get in”, “does it get good crowds” and so on……. as it had been recommended by someone outside Mc Gowans after they’d been refused entry there. I answered as best I could based on previous drops I’d made to the venue…saying they’d need to relax a little before approaching the venue and that they’d fit right in with the crowd.

However when we arrived at the venue … was closed for renovations, the front passenger wasn’t happy suggesting I knew it was closed and had brought them out to Blanch’ just for the fare, one of the lads in the back agreed and said that they shouldn’t have to pay, thankfully the other two decided it wasn’t my fault and had the money to pay………eventually I brought them to an apartment in Carpenterstown (a much quieter trip)

I did feel a little guilty for not knowing Heaven wasn’t open, but I’m not sure it’s possible to keep track of all the closures and changes to opening hours in recent times and I certainly didn’t accept that I should be out of pocket as a result…….what do you reckon?

Blog Despatch Company, no more?

Well it looks as though our fledgling despatch company may not be long for this world.

We have set up a system that ensures we can look after every customer that avails of the form (click “order a taxi!” logo in the sidebar if you would like to see the form) and we have catered for the few that have.

The despatch company is actually being operated by a group of 18 Taxi driving friends, with the sole purpose of trying to run an operation without having to pay fees of up to €100 a week.

The reason we will have to close it down by the end of the year is that the Regulator has brought in new charges for despatch operations as follows:

  • €330 to sit various tests prior to licencing
  • €250 for the actual licence

The form currently isn’t generating enough interest to warrant spending that amount, so it looks like our only course of action will be to close down the fledgling operation in December when the new rules apply.


You guys can save it? By using the form and telling your friends and relatives to give it a try also.

  • Let us take you to and from the Airport for your holidays
  • Let us take you to work each morning
  • Let us take you out for your evenings entertainment
  • In fact anytime you PLAN to use a Taxi, give us a try…. we won’t let you down!

Out on the Picket

I did a shift from 10pm until 4am on the pickets:
While driving into town the lack of cars on the street made it eerily quiet….. , usually the streets are jammed with Taxis.
I started out on St Stephens Green and came upon Frank Byrne and Jim Waldron (key members of Taxi drivers for change) who were deep in discussion with some picketers, given that they might be after my blood after some of my previous posts………. I decided to stay “under cover”.
It was funny when some of the drivers started talking about this site and even mentioned my name in less than glowing terms, it was not all bad though. (one of them turned out to be Punterbren who comments here from time to time)
The craic on the rank was great, with Taxi tales …..both the good, the bad and the downright sickening!
The customers who came along expecting to get a Taxi, were for the most part, supportive.
We then moved on to Zanzibar, where there were a posse of students who were not at all like the people on the green, they tried to drunkenly heave their opinions onto us, which was a little bit head wrecking.
The eggulator showed up and threw an egg at a passing (working)cab, (of which there were very few) this was a bit of a downer and really cannot be condoned, fine we may not like the strike breakers, but they have the right to disagree.
Finally, we ended up at the Gresham rank, again a lot of student types arrived but their mood had improved and they “happily” hung around for the hour or so until the strike ended, during this time I had an educated discussion with Silver Bullet (another commenter here).
I then ended up taking a really nice, French Au pair to her home in Sandyford. the fare was €20 and brought me close to my home.
All in all a good night and quite a successful protest.

Here’s a clip from RTE 2 News at 10:35 pm, there were longer reports earlier but the fact that it was still deemed newsworthy at this late hour says a lot for the success of the protest, and this was the only one I recorded ……sorry

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Shadow Punters

Am I the only one who sees these?
While driving around suburbia at night on dimly lit streets I often “see” people ahead with their arm out to flag me down.
But alas as I get nearer they turn out to be parking payment machines, post boxes, pillars, and sometimes even trees!
Maybe it’s time to go to specsavers?
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Or try to beat my high score in my current favorite game : Bloons

What a Great Day!

First the Mancs get beaten……Scholes/Rooney sent off…..bonus!
Then Chelski get beaten…Can this get any better?
After that Ireland win the GRAND SLAM! what a great game of Rugby, my heart was in my mouth!
Next up Bernard Dunne beats Cordoba by a knockout and becomes the WBA WORLD Champ!
Topped off by a busy night with punters in rare form.
I could die happily in my sleep tonight!…..probably won’t though