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Change to E-Tax Clearance cets

From mid December Revenue will no longer be issuing paper Tax Clearance certificates each year, instead there will be a “live” cert online which will change to reflect your current status, this might prove a little scary coming up to licence renewal time

Death on the Ranks

Taxi drivers are an easy touch for car hijackers or would be thieves, we pull in and stop with a raise of the hand and we take you wherever you desire regardless of how remote it might seem, robbery, beatings or murder is the easy bit that follows.

So it was for Dundalk taxi driver Martin Mulligan recently, the latest in a string of incidents.

Taxi drivers effectively rely on human nature and hope that passengers will be civic minded, unfortunately not all are and often we are confronted with aggressive behaviour, thankfully most incidences do not result in extreme violence and are not reported.

The death of Martin Mulligan came one day after a consultation process about whether safety equipment designed to deter violent behaviour should be made compulsory in vehicles, I wonder if minds might have been focused if it had happenned a day before it finished.

The broad consenus I  believe has been that drivers should be free to choose whether they want to purchase the equipment or not with the main problem being the added expense.

However the only way a deterrent could be effective would be if the entire fleet took part, otherwise Taxis in general would continue to be considered an easy target

Missing Person (Taxi Drivers Help Sought)

Email received today:

My friend has been missing since the early hours of sunday morning, I would greatly appreciate if you would give this website link some coverage on your site, it is thought he may have gotten a taxi to Howth between the hours of 2 and 4am, from the Smithfield or surrounding area, Gardai, Coastguard and members of his family are involved in the search which you may have heard of in the media. We are searching for any taxi driver who may have picked him up. Also if you could pass on the link it would be massively appreciated.

Leaving Cert Results

Good Luck to all the students heading in to collect their Leaving certificate exam results,  I hope they earn the results they deserve and get their coveted college places.

I’m sure they will be out celebrating and/or drowning sorrows in large numbers tonight and that similar quantities of Taxis will be around town to ferry them around.

Sadly the legal ranks will be usurped by illegal touting and those of us unwilling to join in the illegality will continue suffer for our conscience, unless something is done to stop the illegal behavior more and more conscientious drivers will join the “if you can’t beat them join them” brigade and the problem will grow even larger and more difficult to reverse.

Time to take back our ranks? ……………

Reputation Reparation

The Taxi trade has been hit hard by the recent speculation regarding the disappearance of Blathnaid Timothy, the Gardai insistence that the last sighting of Blathnaid was of her getting into a Taxi and then two weeks passing with no driver coming forward despite CCTV footage of the cab caused great concern.
Thankfully the driver who had been on holidays has now come forward and the Gardai are now happy that Blathnaid was dropped off on Harbour Rd in Howth and that the driver is totally innocent of any wrongdoing.
Hopefully this goes some way to restoring the faith travelers have in the Taxi trade but I fear this news may not get the prominence that the initial disappearance did and that even if it did some of the fears may remain.
I believe it is beholding of the CTR to now issue statements and advertisements extolling the safety of passengers in Taxis, paying particular attention to the various Signs Numbers and IDs present in Taxis.

Apt Today?

For What Died the Sons of Róisín, was it fame?
For What Died the Sons of Róisín, was it fame?
For what flowed Irelands blood in rivers,
That began when Brian chased the Dane,
And did not cease nor has not ceased,
With the brave sons of ´16,
For what died the sons of Róisín, was it fame?

For What Died the Sons of Róisín, was it greed?
For What Died the Sons of Róisín, was it greed?
Was it greed that drove Wolfe Tone to a paupers death in a cell of cold wet stone?
Will German, French or Dutch inscribe the epitaph of Emmet?
When we have sold enough of Ireland to be but strangers in it.
For What Died the Sons of Róisín, was it greed?

To whom do we owe our allegiance today?
To whom do we owe our allegiance today?
To those brave men who fought and died that Róisín live again with pride?
Her sons at home to work and sing,
Her youth to dance and make her valleys ring,
Or the faceless men who for Mark and Dollar,
Betray her to the highest bidder,
To whom do we owe our allegiance today?

For what suffer our patriots today?
For what suffer our patriots today?
They have a language problem, so they say,
How to write “No Trespass” must grieve their heart full sore,
We got rid of one strange language now we are faced with many, many more,
For what suffer our patriots today?

Like it?

Have a listen to the lAte Luke Kelly recite it on the new “Best of” album

Who T F is Jason Derulo?

Manager of the Dandelion came around to the Green and asked me to head around to the club to pick up an important guest, I obliged, although I hate these jobs,  they make you look like you are snatching only meters from the rank and they always get messy…… folk take an age to come out.

Sure enough I was sat there for a while as I assumed the long goodbyes were being dealt out inside the venue but eventually lots of young Irish girls arrived out along with two black American lads. The girls were screaming “Jason!” , “Jason!”, two of the girls were escorted to the car along with the two lads and I was made aware that the younger of the two was Jason Derulo the greatest thing since anything ….everrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Just looked him up on Google and sure enough it was this guy:

Listened to one of his songs on Youtube and actually recognised it! He’s the bloke who sings like a girl and raps with a DEEEEEEEEEEEP voice ….kinda weird but good ???

Manager threw me a twenty for the trip around to the Morrison ….. sweet!

Another one to add to the list of “Famous people” and this one might actually impress the younger crowd!

Ladies Beware!

Larry Murphy (A danger to all womankind)


This animal is due to be released from prison shortly and it is believed plans to set up home in Wicklow,  he is now 45 years old and no current pictures are available.

He is believed to be the  prime suspect for the disappearance of  at least 6 women in the Leinster area.

He  was disturbed by two hunters  in the Dublin/Wicklow mountains while  suffocating a girl with a plastic bag after having tortured and raped her during an ordeal lasting hours.

Why this thing is being allowed walk our streets as a free man is simply beyond belief.

If you feel strongly about this issue why not join the Don’t let larry Murphy out facebook grou:p

Garda Appeal

Gardai at the Bridewell Garda Station, Dublin 7 are Appealing to any Taxi drivers that were in the Blackhall Place area of Dublin 7 in the early hours of New Years Day, between 2am and 3am, that may have picked up or dropped off a fare in the area. Or if any taxi driver seen a male and female walking past the Law Society at this time.

Any information would assist Gardai in the investigation of a serious assault that occurred on this date.

We would be grateful if you could contact us at the Bridewell Garda Station on 01-6668212 or 01-6668232 with any information

Ireland By Taxi (website update)

ireland by taxi

The popular Ireland By Taxi website has had a facelift, customers  should find it easier to navigate and the booking system has been simplified, with three methods to choose from.

  1. Online Booking form
  2. By E-mail
  3. By Phone

Over 60% cheaper than the Metered Fare!

8 seater/ wheelchair friendly Cabs available

No deposit required

A Typical Ireland By Taxi booking

Pick customer up at the office in Dublin city centre, stop off at the house in Rathgar for a quick change and to pick up a bag,  another stop in Tallaght to collect the Sister and then off to Kilkenny in time for the church service.

All this for the low low price of €1 per kilometer!

No other transport method can offer the flexibility and level of service provided by Ireland by Taxi at such a great value price.

Caroline and Isabelle

I was given two “business cards” by an eastern European gent at the rank tonight.

One had a picture of a girl, I’d say in her late teens…. bent over to reveal her ample cleavage and dressed in a very short black skirt, on the reverse was the name “Isabelle” and a mobile telephone number.

The other card was Carolines, a long legged girl in a sitting position,  wearing a very short pink dress and high heels, once again her name and mobile number appeared on the back.

Immediatly I was reminded of sex traffiking programmes on TV, depicting girls that believe they are set for the good life in Ireland, only to be forced into a life of prostitution.

To be honest, if these girls are happy doing whatever they are doing and are doing it of their own free will, although I disapprove……..I wish them all the best in their endeavours, however as there is the possibility that they may not be ……….should these cards be handed in to the relavant authorities?

South Park / The block vote

Looks like Bruxelles just emptied out:

Some of the more regular readers here will know I’m a fan of audio books, (currently listening to Cormac Mc Carthy -All the pretty horses, a lot less violent than his other books)

However, my son has every episode of South Park on his i-touch and I’ve taken to bringing it with me at night, to watch episodes while on the rank, averaging about two and a half episodes each time I queue – about nine episodes a night! my head is now officially melted………. thank you Trey Parker and Matt Stone.

So now the nightly routine is as follows:

Customer in car – listen to a selection from an MP3 cd – anything from Led Zeppelin to Chopin depending on the customers age and dress.

No customer in car and moving – Audiobook

Queueing at the ranks- Southpark

Most drivers I pass on the rank are reading books, playing PSP / DS lights, or watching videos on some or other appliance….thank god for technology!

Joe Higgins

Well done to Joe Higgins for getting elected to the European parliment, in no small part I’m sure to the support of Taxi drivers around the city, in thanks for his support of the recent protests.

Goes to show the strenght we could have if we used our numbers properly, our representatives should insist that before the next general election each of the political parties should have a Taxi policy in place and allow us to vote for the party that delivers most. Currently, the only party with such a document is Labour and for that reason alone their getting my vote.

Screw you guys..I’m goin’ …..HOME!………..Okaaaaaaay?