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Uber pirates coming to Ireland

It seems  Uber have a new guy running the show in Europe who is determined to back track on previous assertions that they would only use licensed vehicles and drivers in Ireland, mr Mc Gann has said they will soon launch a ride-share version of their App offering unlicensed cars and drivers.

its a very simplistic, dare I say childish way of doing business, similar to teenagers setting up an unlicensed radio station paying no royalties and then wondering why the legitimate operators have a problem with them selling cheap advertising slots.

Unfortunately taxi driving or operating a vehicle for hire and reward is a regulated business and Uber must operate within those regulations, anything other than that is unfair,

Given Mr McGanns recent comments, I’ve deleted their App from my phone and will be in touch shortly asking them to delete my account and any data they have about me.

Uberpop – Should we be Concerned?

There’s been a lot of talk on the ranks about Uber’s recent meeting with the Department of Transport where they told the Minister about their various offerings including the controversial Uberpop facility which in some jurisdictions (not all) offers private vehicles driven by un-vetted drivers (apartfrom Uber vetting).

Inevitably the so called rep bodies and cab companies have jumped on this and are now claiming the Uber are about to get legislation changed to allow for the Uberpop service to be provided here, that’s a very big leap.

Even if the inactive Minister was to get himself motivated to help Uber out (it’d be the first time he’s done anything good bad or indifferent with regard to Taxis) it would be highly unlikely the government would pander to his request.

Do don’t lose any sleep about Uberpop.