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Quality cars, uniform Colour, Age and condition, obvious Advertising income for drivers, Sleek aerodynamic Roofsign, State subsidised and clean.
I believe both customers and Taxi drivers would aspire to this quality of service.
If only they’d had the foresight to realise that the potential to achieve this was there……… once.

Special thanks to Edward for the picture, taken in Essen near Dusseldorf in Germany

Is ABBA racist? Is Barbie dead?

I spotted ABBA getting a Taxi on the green last night, they went to the 3rd car, an ancient old banger … not bothering with the shiny Mercedes  in front of it (sorry Panel should have said Nissan)(or the one behind) Bjorn, sporting a black wig and having lost some weight, could be heard shouting to Agnete and Frida that he didn’t have to get into a Taxi with a Black!

I also spotted this on the Pavement and think it’s safe to report that Barbie died last night:

Queuing for A living.

The following picture was taken from the end of the Queue to get on to the actual Taxi rank at St Stephens Green, it could take up to 20 minutes to make it to the rank from here, at any time during this wait you risk  being moved on by the Gardai or worse, getting a ticket.

This next one was taken from the end of the queue used to get on to the Feeder rank at St Stephens Green, the actual rank itself is about 6 spaces ahead, there is once again a risk (although lesser than before) of being moved or ticketed at this juncture.  It usually takes another 20 minutes or so to get to the top of this one.

At the top of the above queue there is an opportunity to get a fare as you wait for a space to appear on the main rank across the road, funnily enough the Gardai treat these as 2 separate ranks and once again we risk a ticket as we cross over for making an illegal U-turn. Once across I normally allow another twenty minutes to reach the front, on this occasion I go a fare to Victoria Avenue in Donnybrook (rounded down to a tenner . …no tip, could have been worse i guess.

Meanwhile 40 meters from the head of the queue, the picture below shows where thieves will set up an illegal rank touting for trade that should be destined for the official rank pictured above, how low do you need to be to do that to fellow drivers?

These guys never seem to get a ticket, or get moved on.

I really need to have a chat with Noah over on New York City Taxi Photos to discover the proper settings for night time cityscapes, if you want to see real quality take a visit to his site.

Too Much Time!

I can’t draw to save my life, that’s why the picture below looks like it was done by a 4 year old, but the mere fact that I did it , was bored enough to do it and had the time to do it, proves we don’t have enough work!

I’m sending it to Sothebys for auction next week.
PS. no prizes for guessing where it’s supposed to be!

Taxi Strike 30th March – Pictures

I stayed around after my shift to see how the strike was going and was pleasantly surprised to see a good number of cars had shown up and that the mood was light hearted.

I could once again see spirits lifted as the lads felt something was being done and have have changed my mind and decide to do my usual shift, between 8pm and 4am on the picket at St Stephens Green

Here’s some Pictures taken this morning between 4am and 5am

National Hackley and Taxi Association Poster on O’Connell Street (good to see the Unions finally get involved)

The lads on the Geen were in good form

The lads on the Dawson Street Rank were having a sit down protest!

Irish Taxi Federation Poster on Rathmines rank:

And discovered an old Mate Protesting  there ( John the taller one)

Pictures from the protest

I drove in with the Southside crew and met Del and Brendan while we waited to leave, (two commenters on this site) it’s great to be able to put faces and voices to the names.

This picure was taken on Leeson St. I guess we were having the desired effect?

Leeson Street

leeson street

As we had the shortest drive we arrived before the rabble and welcomed first, our brothers from the west;

In from the West

Merrion Square

Then came the noisy savages from the Northside, blaring their horns and shouting, seriously you cannot bring these people anywhere!

The Northsiders arriving


Looks like Stephen Spielberg has come down in the world;

John F

And finally the crowd begins to gather for the rally;

Rally Begins

No professional speakers this time around but the boys did well, I particularly enjoyed the speech from the Cork representative, he spoke very well, and Martin from the committee did a good job replacing Dave for the passionate outpourings, get well soon Dave by the way…….the comment about him being out of work for 3 months without any prospect of sick pay etc made me think I should probably try and save a little for that rainy day!

Off topic a little…… I noted that Taxi drivers for change paid €150 for the website!

They were robbed….I’m sorry but that site is a disaster area, difficult to navigate and not at all pleasing on the eye.

So if anyone else has €150 going a begging, I will do up a website like this (to your design/specifications) , OK, so it’s not by any means perfect, but it’s a hell of a lot easier to look at than the one above, I’ll include (your name).com/.org or .net (if available),  along with 750gb of webspace. (renewable yearly).

HEY! Us taxi drivers need the extra income and God loves a trier!

Today at the Protest

Another great turnout for today’s protest:


This guy who called himself “Bob the builder” was determined to be both seen and heard!


One of the comments from the speakers that struck home for me was, “A taxidriver got home from work last week and the dog bit him”, at the same time I heard a girl say she was going to claim deserted wives allowance, then I spotted this girl, how apt:


And just to prove we’re not just a bunch of ugly blokes;

The most poignant moment of all was when protest organiser JimWaldron broke down telling the tale of a fellow driver who died last week of cancer, working up until the final week “because he couldn’t afford not to”

Invited speakers Mary Lou Mc Donald and Joe Higgins did well also.

Finally and incredibly I made the finalist list for  the Irish bloggers awards (best specialist blog) YAY me!

The end of the affair

Came across this incident on Saturday night, which was one of the busiest of the year so far (Rugby weekend) but not for this guy or the other Taxi that was involved in the accident, (sorry no photo) thankfully nobody seemed to be badly hurt, but it could be the end of the line for these two taxi drivers….. it’s hard to come back from this type of thing, increased insurance, replacement cab etc.

Taxi Crash, Leeson Street

taxi crash

Hope to see lots of my fellow Taxi drivers at our latest gathering tomorrow, We’re meeting at 11am, Parnell Square.

Leg of Swan?

I’ve just finished Ken Follet’s book, “Pillars of the earth”, in it lords and nobility regularly tucked into roast Swan, on special occasions.

Then I passed these guys:

Swans on the Grand Canal, Portobello

I reckon you could sneak up on one and bop it on the head easy enough, I wonder what they taste like?

I’m off to Spain for a few days on a “lads weekend” ……perhaps we’ll catch one and stick it on the barbie?

Every picture tells a story.

Never argue with the police!

Garda ticket taxi

The Garda in the picture spent an hour on Thursday night, cycling around the Green rank, moving Taxis on that were about to park illegally, (awaiting a space on the rank which ends at the silver pole in the picture).

The driver in the above picture had, a minute or so earlier, been moved on as explained above, but he noticed, as he pulled off that a space was about to come free, and so did a U-turn in order to re-approach the rank.

Now, instead of just taking the space, he pulled up alongside the Garda and asked “was it OK to go on to the rank now” at which point the Garda got off the bike and gave him a ticket.  I presume for the original “offence” and possibly for an illegal U-turn as well. (the silver cab in the picture took the space he was hoping to get)

Am I not correct in thinking that every time a cab does a U-turn across the continuous  white line from the Londis to the Green they are committing an offence? a few hundred a day!

PS. for the one or two that saw the “protest” post and are wondering where it went – there was some problem with it (large display of random text in the centre) I’ll have to fix it and re- post, sorry!