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Shift Shots

Just something I’m trying out and very much a work in progress.
I hope to add snaps taken from the Taxi whilst stopped in traffic, parked on a rank or after dropping a passenger.
They’ll be taken with my phone, reduced to quarter size and 60% quality, (so they don’t take too long to load)
I’m no photographer so don’t expect much, but someone out there might be interested in random pictures taken around Dublin?

Please take a look: SHIFT SHOTS

There’s just 4 photos there at the moment but I’ll add more as I go, hopefully I’ll get better at it as time goes by?

Christ Church Cathedral, Christmas Market – 3rd, 10th & 17th December

Help save the Belfry in Christ Church Cathedral by visiting this great event:

“Christ Church Cathedral is delighted to announce the return of its popular Christmas Market following its phenomenal success last year. The market, now in its second year, benefits from an impressive, unique location in the atmospheric 12th Century crypt of the Cathedral, the oldest structure in Dublin.

Last year, Christ Church Cathedral Christmas Market was one of the only successful markets in Dublin due to the adverse weather conditions affecting the outdoor markets. With a white winter forecast again for 2011, the Cathedral is looking forward to another successful market here at Christ Church.

The Christmas Market started last Saturday and will run for 3 more dates this Christmas on the 3rd, 10th & 17th December. Trading times will be 11am-4pm.

Situated in the heart of medieval Dublin, Christ Chuch Cathedral is one of the best known and loved landmarks in the City. Easily reached by public transport or on foot from the main shopping areas, the Cathedral attracts thousands of visitors every year who come to enjoy the unique and magical experience that Christ Church has to offer.

The Christmas Market is held indoors in the 12th Century crypt, with a total of 15 stalls creating an intimate festive shopping experience and will feature

Arts, Crafts, Jewellery and craft stalls including those by up and coming Irish designers. This year there will also be food stalls outside in the Cathedral grounds and entry to the market will be free.

2011 is an important and challenging year for the Cathedral. In need of urgent repair and restoration work, a major fundraising campaign to raise the €2 million needed has been launched and all proceeds of the Christmas Market will go towards its upkeep. The high profile campaign has already seen a host of names get behind the donation drive to save Christ Church including model Rosanna Davison, dancer Michael Flatley, singer Roger Whittaker, actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Irish Ambassador for Culture, Gabriel Byrne.”

Bolywood Coming To Dublin

Mega bucks Bollywood movie, “Ek Tha Tiger” will begin shooting in Trunity College Dublin on September 9th, it stars Salman Khan (who unbelievably underwent 7 hours of neuro surgery on August 31st!) and co star Katrina Kaif with whom he is romantically involved.
These two are regarded as the biggest stars in Bollywood and a huge number of the Local Indian/Pakistani community are expected to flock to the city to catch a glimpse of their idols, Trinity College have been promised that filming will be unobtrusive, so it is expected that a public appearance will be organised to appease the fans, rumours suggest they will appear on the Millenium bridge?
Salman Khan will start shooting for Ek Tha Tiger on September 9 and Katrina Kaif will begin the next day (September 10th).
Taxi drivers should keep an ear to the ground for when this is occuring as there will be work around (along with traffic congestion)

Was St Patricks day a good? bad? eh? day for Taxi drivers?

OK I admit it, Wednesday and Thursday were mental, really busy, the streets were hopping and although Dublin city was the equivalent of a zoo, there was a few bob to be made.

But alas, meanwhile on the same day over the pond to the east Manchester city and Liverpool were dumped from the UEFA cup, the two teams that would have guaranteed a real windfall for us in 60 days time when the final is played in the Aviva stadium (funny UEFA won’t allow it to be called Aviva, maybe it will revert to Landsdowne for the day?) anyway we’ll be stuck with two of the “lesser” teams instead,  still, it should be busy though.

Hold on! Over across the other pond in Americay wee Enda invited President Obama over for a game of Golf and to see his ancestral pile, and el Prez accepted, it seems he’ll be coming over in May, just after the Royal visit of Queen Lizzie. Personally I’m not too sure what effect these visits will have on trade but it can’t make it much worse.

A Sign of the times

More and more Restaurants are putting signs on the pavements offering great deals on meals, not long ago these same restaurants were booked out weeks in advance, I believe many are still doing OK numbers wise, but the cash take must be down a bit!.

I guess the trick is to try keep the head above water, for all of us

A Sign of the times

Eco Cabs – A nice little earner

Brought a girl home earlier who operates one of the Eco cabs, she told me she is paid a €65 flat wage per day plus whatever tips she gets.

No Car repayments
No insurance
No Fuel
No Insurance
No expenses whatsoever
9am – 5pm ……she even manages a social life!

The ecocabs have a small 12v self-charging battery-driven engine to help the driver power up hills and run the indicator lights, and can reach a maximum speed of 25 kilometers per hour (so even us fat lads could manage it)

She’s doing a lot better than Taxi drivers!

I hate “busy” weekends

Used to be All Ireland final weekend meant a few extra euro in the pocket.

Now it means thousands of extra Taxis on the streets

No room on the ranks

24 hour Taxi jams on Georges street, Camden Street, Dawson Street and Log Jams on Harcourt  and Leeson street.

By Monday morning I’ll be pulling my hair out with frustration.

I wish I could afford to stay at home

Ireland By Taxi (website update)

ireland by taxi

The popular Ireland By Taxi website has had a facelift, customers  should find it easier to navigate and the booking system has been simplified, with three methods to choose from.

  1. Online Booking form
  2. By E-mail
  3. By Phone

Over 60% cheaper than the Metered Fare!

8 seater/ wheelchair friendly Cabs available

No deposit required

A Typical Ireland By Taxi booking

Pick customer up at the office in Dublin city centre, stop off at the house in Rathgar for a quick change and to pick up a bag,  another stop in Tallaght to collect the Sister and then off to Kilkenny in time for the church service.

All this for the low low price of €1 per kilometer!

No other transport method can offer the flexibility and level of service provided by Ireland by Taxi at such a great value price.

Misery Cabs

If you happen to be the third sub €6 euro fare your driver has queued for over an hour to accept, please do not expect the driver to be full of the joys.

Please forgive him if he seems a little short fused.

Please accept that the cab may feel a little “lived in”.

Please accept that the brakes might seem a little “soft” and the shocks a little “hard”.

Sometimes it’s difficult to raise a smile.

Thanks to KD:

WiFi on Board

Fleet Connect fitted my Taxi out with wireless broadband this morning, thereby allowing  my customers  to acsess the internet in the cab during the course of their journey.

I was a little sceptical about just how fast the connection speed would be and as I have a 20mb connection here at home reckoned i’d be disapointed with the mobile version. However, I was very happy with it, even after putting it through it’s paces by watching You tube clips and a few image laden sites.

I’ll be posting regularly giving updates about customers reactions, both to the quality of the service and whether or not they would give preferred bookings to a WiFi enabled Taxi.

I think it will be of major benefit to customers of as the trips booked through that site tend to be of a longer duration and the capability of either getting some work done, or simply being entertained via the internet will be a huge selling point.

Seomra Sprai, one for the hippies

I had a couple of Hippies in the Taxi a few days ago who told me about this place: Seomra Spraoi

It used to be a squat, but nowadays they pay rent and it’s all legit, seemingly you can bring your six pack, sit around smoking and drinking all night while listening to some music and debating with some radical thinkers.

It’s located at 10 Belvidere Court, off Gardiner Street in Dublin 1.

Why not drop in man it sounds groooooooooooovy!