Broken promises

broken promises

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565 thoughts on “Broken promises

  1. Joe Galway

    That cartoon is on the money Roy.
    Just as a matter of interest and apropos the Local Elections does anyone know the positions of the political parties on the Taxi debacle – From what I can glean the Greens are all for the ‘Free Market model’ – i.e. the farce that we have, the P.D’s are gone – no loss – and Dummy Dempsey speaks for (or should that be ‘stays silent for’) Corruption Incorporated or F.F. as they like to call themselves; Fine Geal seem to be hedging their bets – Labour the same, what about Sinn Fein? Never thought I’d give them the time of day, but needs must….

  2. John Mcdermott

    Nobody loves a taximan.Not even a (any!) political party looking for votes.
    Anyway whats the point´in hoping for help from any quarter- all of them will promise you the Sun, Moon and Stars and then – stick a knife between your shoulder blades the day after the election.
    There used to ba an Anarchist movement in Spain but Franco shot them all years ago.
    Anarchism is a political philosophy encompassing theories and attitudes which consider the state, as compulsory government, to be unnecessary, harmful, and/or undesirable.
    Sounds like just the solution for oppressed taxidrivers!
    A new Anarchist movement in Ireland.

  3. Brenny

    Great toon!
    Had a few canvassers to my door.
    They don’t want to talk about taxis.
    You can see them shuffling the feet to get away.
    Gets rid of them quick!!

  4. Richie

    I had several people knocking at my door over the last few days and too be honest I did not open the door as they do not deliver on their promises and even my local hackney guy has reduced his town fare to 5 euro from 6 and he agrees that the so called FF Goverment isnt going to change the taxi business

  5. john fitzpatrick

    Joe Galway, Labour has given an absolute commitment to disbanding the TRs office, an immediate moratorium and a full and quick review of the whole industry, when they return to power. It might important that some of us write to the various parties to obtain written commitments, or we could slip between the cracks in the coalition negotiations.

  6. Brenny

    I have South Dublin labour election run, exclusive! face to face declaration manifesto, that The Labour Party are on the fence with regards to Taxi issues.
    Quote on tape: We are not prepaired to revert to any issues that would retard to the fiasco of undersupply of taxis at mean times, in the central district of Dublin on weekends as was in the past.
    The taxi issue is a no go, because people are getting what they want.
    Taxi from your bar door exit,to anywhere you want,@anytime.
    20% Discount if you haggle a Taxi Reg “Kathy De Clown “issues of many.
    No tips.. except my Doctor tipped me to get another job before the heart goes and he has no faith in Mary Horneys hospice 4 de dead aka NHS.
    I am not of this world 4 much longer!

  7. John Fitzpatrick

    Brenny who exactly have you got on tape, and what exactly did they say. I would appreciate if you could let me have the info sometime during the day, as I,m going to a meeting tonight Tuesday where I will be able to clarify matters. If you can upload the tape in an mp3 file I,d appreciate it. I can then bring it with me.

  8. Nigel

    The TR didn’t have the funding to take on the driver licensing.

    I’m sure such a thing costs quite a bit of money, but where are all the ‘profits’ she has been making in recent times?

    Surely there should be some kind of public accountability as to how much the TR is spending, and where the money is being spent?

    Particularly where somebody who has all the appearances of gross incompetence is placed in charge of a large public budget, in a time of drastic cutbacks elsewhere.

  9. longy

    she can spend what she wants introducing stupid measures like information stickers for your back windows then scrap them when the window wont go down this is what she is good at wasting money because she is certainly NO good at anything else.

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