New Suitability Test, What to expect……..

Dear Roy,

Thank you for your enquiry.  The annual check on the continuing suitability of the SPSV at licence renewal is to be known as the Licence Renewal Assessment.  It is principally a condition and cleanliness check but also includes possible checks on fundamental suitability items, e.g. wheelchair accessible taxi ramps, taxi roof signs etc.  It is currently to be “bundled” within the current licence renewal fee of €125.

As this is something new and the licensing administration service is also transitioning to a new service provider, SGS Ireland Ltd., the Commission for Taxi Regulation considers it sensible to use the first few months as an educational and training period.  Therefore there will not be a “Pass/Fail” approach initially with instead an Advisory Report being generated as applicable.  Please note that from 6th April 2010 however passing the Licence Renewal Assessment will be a requirement of licence renewal.

The Commission envisages that the Inspection Manual will be available for download from the website.  This Manual is currently being finalised in conjunction with the Training Programme for the (SGS) Vehicle Licence Inspectors and will be available very shortly.

In order to assist as far as possible I have included below the draft Chapter Headings from the Manual.  In essence the Licence Renewal Assessment items are visual checks of basic existing legal requirements, e.g. roof sign present and able to be illuminated.

I hope this is of some use in the interim period until the Manual is available for download.


Cleanliness and Condition (inside and outside)

Communications (Pen and Paper)

Seat Fabric Quality

Passenger Compartment Temperature Capability

Fire Extinguisher

First Aid Kit

Warning Triangle

High Viz Vest

Spare Wheel System

Interior Lighting


Seating Positions (number of licensed passengers)


Basic Vehicle Definition

Luggage Requirement

Accessible Doors

Wheelchair Space Dimensions

Boarding Aid/Ramps

Wheelchair and Occupant Restraint Systems

Roof Sign


Luggage Requirements

Vehicle Age (45,000 + licences only in 2010)

Tinted Windows (statistical data gathering exercise only for 2010)


Roof Sign

Roof Sign Light

Taximeter & Printer

Front Fare Sticker



Advertising Prohibition

Meters Prohibition


Tyre Specification and GVW

Advertising Prohibition

Meters Prohibition

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17 thoughts on “New Suitability Test, What to expect……..

  1. Brenny

    I got my newsletter from de Regurgatator today.She is moving the licensing to a new network of dedicated inspection centres. The new centres appear to be in the NCT . It will be more streamlined and yet we will still have to book our roadworthiness test with the NCT.How much money was saved by the new tender and then why will we have to pay more for our licence because of the increased SGS costs.The Regulator continues to increase cost to the Taximan and she is not a bit bothered by it.Name one thing that she has introduced that is of benifit to the Taximan?

  2. tirnanog33

    “Suitability bulls*it tests.
    A new 125 Euro stealth tax on taxidrivers to pay Cathleens´wages and overheads.
    Easier for the part time civil servants (retired and otherwise) to stomach these rip offs than full time drivers.
    When will drivers say enough is enough? back to blockading O´Connell Street for christmas.?

  3. Nigel

    Under what circumstances is the taxi driver to use the fire extinguisher deemed mandatory to be carried in the car? Where is it to be mounted? How accessible must it be?

    What is the basis for it’s mandatory requirement? How does that sit with Fire Brigade advice that it should not be used under any circumstances, rather that everyone move well away from the vehicle and the Fire Brigade be called? What is the situation with insurance regarding any injuries sustained by the fire extinguisher, either in the car, or through it’s use?

  4. Brenny

    Yes we heard it so many times!
    It’s like shooting fish in a barrel.
    For the past few years we are getting picked off in the barrel.
    What the Tatcher Reg…… cannot see is the barrel will collapse some night while she sleeps.
    A ship with no Captain will run the seas and will finally maroon on the rocks.
    It’s a lottery now?

  5. longy

    well roy driving a taxi 8yrs now and wouldnt you know my plate license is up on the 14th jan i drive a automatic galaxy well i did untill last week the gear box went it will cost 1600 to 1800euro to fix,i have 4 kids for xmas cant afford to get the car fixed i rang the regulator she said tough luck if it lapses i will have to pay 500 to get it back i knew this but thought there might be some help maybe an extension but no its a f…king joke a f…king money racket cant rent a taxi because every f..ker who double jobs are renting them do you know of anyway to avoid this 500euro.

  6. longy

    managed to source a taxi to rent its a 1.8 petrol avensis from 8 oclock untill 2.45 i put 30euro in the tank on red now so had to come home early couldnt afford to stay out i actually owe myself money now.

  7. Edward J

    I Know its Awful When Things Go Wrong,/Ford Galaxy. Auto Box ( longy)a 4 figure quote to get to get the Tip-Tronic box Sorted. And we dont make enough Money to meet these Costs . i ceased trading TAXI 4 Weeks ago.Plus Renewal of Licences 2010. Rent a Taxi does it pay ? The TAXI Business is a Mess?? Its a Relief to be out of it. you make a Point The Regulator Does’nt Care about your Taxi Licence, Money Racket?500Euros

  8. longy

    Edward j i would love to get out of the game but kids, mortgage,daughters college,bills, payment on f..king car that dosent drive at the moment how would i get by it would be lovely to enjoy life again and spend some time with family instead of going out work 11 or 12 hours a night getting stressed about how long its taking to get a job.

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