My Friday Night!

I was invited along with a friend to the launch of Xpert Taxis new iPhone application in the Penthouse of the fantastic Wrights Venue over the weekend.

I got a presentation of the App from Andy the IT guy and I have to be honest and say I don’t really get it, way to cumbersome in my opinion I’d far rather pick up the phone and dial ( maybe despite all this blog/forum computer messing i’m old fashioned at heart.

Anyway for those of you so inclined the App is in the Apple App store (obviously enough)

I spoke at some lenght to Dermot Quinn a real old timer Grandfather and father before him Taximen, he’s Xperts  sales manager, used to run Co-op, he had some great old tales to tell, like all the old nick names: his Grandfather a Taximan was a cantankerous individual known as the Bull, his father another taximan was less so and was known as the Calf, unfortunately  I cannot remember what Dermot himself was called, but it was related maybe Cow or son of Calf?

There was a BBQ and the half a cow burger went down well washed down with a couple of free rounds!

At Ten O’ Clock the general public were let in and our wristbands gave us “ACESS ALL AREAS” so off myself and the mate went!

We rambled down to the main floor where a fight night was coming to and end, we got to see the main event … two brothers beating the lard out of eah other for 3 rounds, sexily clad girls announcing the rounds and a compare giving it the “Lets get reay to RUUUUUUUMBLE” routine …..great fun!

Then we went up to the Purple room where they played old 80’s songs and a few young girls took pity on the 2 grandads, dragged us up onthe floor for a wee jig …….. great crack!

Then we wandered around the Balcony, young couples getting off, we looked down on where the boxing ring once was, which was now teaming with youngsters giving it loads to the BOOM BOOM BOOM …….interesting

We walked on past the suites and managed to  blag our way into one of them,  a gang of kids inside,  one celebrating a 21st, it was a  little room all to themselves with a huge window looking on to the main florr and the same BOOM BOOM music as before…… Great!

Onward into the toilets, there a black guy feeding us hand towels and smellies,  BOOM BOOM music and a window  like the suite, we danced with the black dude  in the toilet ……a bit odd to be honest!

Then we went on to the Main floor,  holy shit, it was clogged …….barely room to move, with  the 2 scanily clad girls from the boxing match  now on plinths giving it socks …………… WOW!

Then we went back to the Penthouse, picked up the coats and  were out the door at 2:30 am … still laughing ……..great night!

€55 for a Taxi back to Rathfarnham ……..hurts!

I was downhill from there ……  My Son arrived back from the new Sara nightclub in Rathfarnham beaten by a Toerag, headbutted and punched about the Face! ………bleedin brutal!

My daughter went off to the States on Holiday at around 3am, taken to the Airport by Foxrock taxis for €35 , can’t be that much further on to Swords! …….nice one though, Thanks Frank!

And Thanks Vinny & Co  (Xpert) for the Fantastic Night, we  really enjoyed it

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5 thoughts on “My Friday Night!

  1. frankjduffy

    Nice girl your daughter Roy. Thanks for the job. Turned off the meter at E35 (including pick up) at the M1/M50 junction, so you can work out Swords from that. We could have brought you back from Swords also, saved you a few bob, and you wouldn’t have had to worry about beans on the floor until you dropped them yourself.

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