Taxi Driver’s Back Stories

I found this article whilst trawling the internet: , it’s by a lad who got talking to his Taxi driver, the driver once owned several travel agencies that went bust, wife left him and he reached a point where he considered suicide, (somehow ended up driving a Taxi)
It got me thinking about the trade, a lot of us ended up doing this job because of failed businesses, inability to work for a boss, or we somehow became unemployable, how many of us actually decided on it as our career choice rather than stumbling into it as a last resort?
I myself always wanted to run my own business, but I have never been really been a risk taker, I had loads of ideas for this and that down the years, always endeavoring to make a living whilst staying in normal employment and with minimal to no investment, …  but the old saying is true:  you have to speculate to accumulate, I eventually took up Hacking … the rest is history.
Next time you get a Taxi, ask the driver how/why he started? maybe he’ll tell you …. maybe he’ll throw you out of the car … be a risk taker.
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