Taxi Driver, revisited.

It was over 30 years since I’d seen it, I hadn’t really understood it, didn’t really like it, although I pretended I did, I went along with the gang, spouted the “you talkin’ to me” line with the best of them, but didn”t really get the hype.
So I decided to watch it again and boy am I glad I did!
Scorsese captured the Taxi drivers view of the world briliantly, the eyes in the mirror, the face looking through the window at the world outside from his little cocoon, observing, but not really a part of it, not belonging to it. Travis Bickle’s reaction to passengers, his brief meaningless conversations with them, some affecting him more than others. His growing sense that the city is a vile place, witnessing too much of it’s underbelly, it’s seedier aspect and the uncaring depraved nature of some of it’s inhabitants.
His off the charts reaction to all this is ultimately understandable although the city’s evaluation of his deeds seemed far fetched and a little disturbing.
Now I think I get it, I understand the hype, I want to watch it again.

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7 thoughts on “Taxi Driver, revisited.

  1. spinaltap1

    Its one of those movies like Apocalypse Now, Papillon, The Deer Hunter etc. that you can only watch once every 5 years. They’re knocking together a sequel are’nt they?

  2. Roy

    Scorsese and De Niro have teamed up to make a movie, not a sequel though, there is a porn version of Taxi driver in production, more of a “tribute” than a sequel, it was discussed either here or on the forum during the past year, I’ll try dig out the discussion

  3. spinaltap1

    From wikipedia;

    In late January 2005 a sequel was announced by Robert De Niro and Martin Scorsese. At a 25th anniversary screening of Raging Bull, De Niro talked about the story of an older Travis Bickle being in development. Also in 2000, De Niro mentioned interest in bringing back the character in conversation with Actors Studio host James Lipton.

    At the Berlinale 2010, De Niro, Scorsese, and Lars von Trier announced plans to work on a remake of Taxi Driver. The film will be produced in a similar manner to von Trier’s The Five Obstructions.

  4. John

    Well I suppose it is there somewhere in the dialogue

    “You see a lot of things you shouldn’t have to see, then you are told you didn’t see it”

    I often wonder muself if the law is completely blind or are they running the crime syndicates ?

  5. frank d soociopath

    de nirroz taxidrivir waz abil te git de munney te
    buy a lode o gunz
    yer avirige taxidrivir in dublin kan bairley keep a sup
    o deezli in hiz shiteheep
    so itz nuttin like de filim

    frank d sociopath

  6. Roy

    Seemingly he was willing to cover the areas where others wouldn’t pick up, the people others wouldn’t, and work 24 hours a day, he never slept, that’d send you over the edge on it’s own

  7. Henry

    Although it may be dated, Taxi Driver is an american classic.

    Truthfully, the first time that I saw it I didn’t see the appeal of it. That was until I started driving a taxi myself. The parallels became all too erie, although I was in San Diego, quite a different place.

    I started noticing myself working long hours like Travis, talking to my parents how I was real busy and making good money. As the days turned to weeks to months to years I felt myself slip further and further from my ability to be social – particularly due to working long nights. My growing impatience and my feeling of isolation from the real world. I have been reading your blog, and put it in my blogroll of fellow taxi drivers on my site. Here’s a link if you would like to take a look

    I have recently found solace in recounting my stories that I compiled over the years and have begun adding to my blog. It follows a storyline of my experiences and my growing disenchantment with the profession, so the posts are perhaps best read in order.


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