Gadget Heaven!

My contract with O2 has finally ended so I’ve signed up with 3 mobile,
I got a nice new iPhone 4 for free! With an “all I can eat” data package and I’m paying €25 per month less for the privelege!
The first thing I did was register for “Skygo” and now I can watch my full Sky package (Sky sports/ Sky movies) while I sit on the rank, thankfully with a pause facility for when customers interupt my enjoyment …. with no worries about the data charges!
I couldn’t wait to go to work tonight.
Stoke 1 – Newcastle 3 … great game, Champion League tomorrow night … ha ha call this working?

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16 thoughts on “Gadget Heaven!

  1. Chester

    Now look at them yo yo’s that’s the way you do it

    You play the iPhone on new e3

    That ain’t working that’s the way to do it

    Money for nothing and your flicks for free

    that ain’t working that’s the way to do it

    Now let me tell yeh that Roy ain’t dumb he’l maybe get a
    blister on his little finger

    maybe get a blister on his thumb.

  2. flybynite

    It’s getting sadder and sadder.
    Now we are sitting on the ranks with so much time at our hands we need gadgets to keep us occupied.
    Well if you got nothing better to do than playing gadgets, why don’t you get off the rank so others can get on ? Uh?
    The taxi industry is well and truly fcku’d !

  3. Roy

    @Paul, €40, for the iPhone 4
    the 3 shop in Nutgrove shopping centre has an offer with the iphone 3 (free) with the same package (all you can eat data, 350 mins, 200 texts) for €25 a month, great deal!

    @FB, coz then i’d earn nothing, yah got to have something to keep you occupied otherwise you’d lose it

  4. Iamtony

    Think I’ll be doing that myself! My contract is nearly up with O2 also and my bill is always around the 90 mark and I have to restrict my usage. Only thing I’d say is make sure you don’t let it interfere with actually doing a bit of work. I find myself parked in obscure places knowing I’m not going to get a job but I don’t care cause I’m watching the end of something. Also I find the pause feature doesn’t work on my iPhone or iPad when I want to resume watching something it just skips forward with no notice.

  5. spinaltap1

    I’ve been looking through the terms and conditions of three’s all you can eat data plan. After you use 15gb of data they’ll slash the speed of your internet. What type of speed have you experienced so far? As far as i know, you need about a 2mb connection to stream live telly.

  6. bohemian boy

    please forgive my ignorance , but is there ANYONE who can explain about these discounts that radio companies offer . anyone that knows me knows that i dispise radio companies , but that said i just CANNOT understand why their drivers agree to giving discounts . surely if ALL drivers with ALL companies said no it then it would have to stop . firstly i heard you had the choice to sign up to it or not , then i heard you HAVE to sign up to it . which is right ?

  7. Roy Post author

    Well I see Icabbi are launching (again) and drivers must agree to discounts if they wish to register, so yes with some companies you must agree to discounting

  8. Delboy

    Re Dublin City Council website

    Your public transport options !

    Every reference made to all modes of Public Transport-

    —Except Taxis!!

    Complete comtempt shown by DCC to our industry !

    Scant reference to Ranks by displaying lists !

    A lot of good to a Tourist!

    Have they not heard of Google Maps?

    These Uncivil Public Servants , probably think Dublin City Centre is one great big Taxi Rank!!

    The are not unique this thinking .i suggest , no mention of any Taxi Rank signage @ any Luas station!

    So much for an integrated Public Transport System!

    Integrated Ticketing, or not Minister Kelly

  9. flybynite

    Not only taxis are getting the cold shoulder. Ever tried to get a group on or off a coach ? Ever tried to find a legal parking space for a coach ?
    The tourist industry pulls in 1.4 billion a year and the airheads in government don’t give a goldurn. they reduce the number of spaces for coaches.
    Often, if there is a coach park, it is full of cars.
    I once was reversing into a space clearly marked “coaches only” to have a yobo in an SUV race around the back of me and parking in the coach park, snatching the only space left that I was reversing into.
    If you say anything you get “the finger”.
    A few minutes later four uniformed cops got into a car, parked into the adjacent car park (with plenty of space left).
    When I tried to bring this to their attention I got four blank stares and they just drove off.
    What can you expect from guards or authorities with attitudes?
    A total mess, that is !

  10. chester

    just a word of warning to anyone who is thinking of upgrading their phone and joining the ‘we are almost there’ WINI CABS company don’t buy an apple iPhone, it is not compatible with their software because of apple blue tooth restrictions.

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