Online Taxi insurance quotes (Ireland)

Ireland’s First Taxi Insurance Website Launched

Brian J Pierce Insurance, the taxi insurance specialists, have launched Ireland’s first taxi insurance website – The first of its kind in Ireland, the system allows taxi and hackney drivers to get an insurance quote anytime of the day or night; they are not tied to normal office hours.

There are almost 25,000 taxi and hackney drivers in Ireland today. This represents a very lucrative section of the insurance market – approximately €30 million.

“We’re delighted to be the first brokers in Ireland to provide taxi and hackney drivers with a competitive online quote,” said Brian J Pierce, Managing Director of Brian J Pierce Insurance. “We understand that price is important to our taxi customers and know that shopping around can be difficult because of their unconventional work schedules. Our new website, enables taxi drivers to organise their insurance at a time that suits them and at a great price,” he said.

With over 30 years experience, Brian J Pierce Insurance is Ireland’s leading taxi insurance brokers. The new site is offering taxi insurance from just €950 per annum.

“We’re always looking for new ways to help our customers organise their insurance quickly and easily while offering good value and service,” said Brian J Pierce. “Our experienced team have an in-depth knowledge of the taxi insurance market and are on hand to advise on the best insurance cover for each individual case,” he said.

Brian J Pierce Insurance also offer home, commercial, motor, travel and health insurance. Log on to for a very competitive quote now or alternatively call (01) 677 4985.

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60 thoughts on “Online Taxi insurance quotes (Ireland)

  1. Chester

    So glad I was sitting down for that online quote €500 more than my regular insurer, do BJP not realise that there are over 25000 taxi drivers out there and most of them are struggling to earn a living. I think BJP are a broker for the double jobber that can afford to pay either cash up front or by instalments it’s another rip off stuck in the ‘Celtic tiger’ years company that not so long ago smirked at drivers that hadn’t joined NPHTA to qualify for their 10% discount.

  2. flybynite

    Chester, I agree. Who gives a fiddlers’ about nice websites?
    The bottom line is: How much and are they cheaper than the others !
    It is promising to be a hard, cold winter at the rank !

  3. Roy Post author

    They do mention that most insurers don’t have an instant quote facility and they are working on rectifying that, it looks like an Axa only quote as far as I can make out

  4. Gerry Kelly

    Well done Roy…..
    I just got a Great quote for Euro 1450.00
    That’s the most Expensive this week……
    Sorry about your Cheap taxis around Ireland closing down.
    Continue with the great work.

  5. Martin

    Just received a quate 650 more expensive than what im currently paying, do this guys have a clue about marketing?????????????????????????????

  6. Mick

    I got quote of €1476.55 with full no-claim bonus no penitently points. What do these people think we are, bankers? €688.23 more expensive

  7. roy

    There’s a topic over on the forum with lads putting up their quotes, that’s very dear most are around €850, one got a €500 quote

  8. ger

    Our insurance is getting fooked up by certain drivers who never did a driving test in their lives. They were handed the full licence when they got here or got somebody else to do their test for them (proven in a court of law). I see them crashing every 2nd night. Thats why you got the quote you got. Simples.

  9. Ben

    Ger is right about the mickey mouse drivers from the other side of the world, never any test taken. Lots of them are simply handed an Irish licence without any foreign licence being produced. And dont mention a driving test or they will shout racism.

  10. Ben

    Regarding insurance quotes, i got renewal with Liberty last year for 586 yoyos. Thats on a 07 skoda value at 5,000, full comp.

  11. Bohemian boy

    Over on the forum they arw discussing the merits of dispatchers and in particular lynk taxis. Roy silly as he is, says they are a nessesary evel. I’m puzzled as to how he thinks they are nessesary when taxis can operate without them, but they cannot operate taxis. Strange it is therefore rhat drivers allow the likes of Ebbs Kearns etc etc to dictate to them what to charge, what to wear, and in some cases even when to work. What a joke

  12. Red dennis

    Bb in an ideal world the only thing a customer needs is a taxi app . Maybe in time that’s all that will be operating including hotel work / corporate work . One of first things that has to go is these taxi/ Hackney companies that are doing bus Éireann fares into and out of towns/ cities . Bus eireann collect customers from red poles and drop them at same . Wake up drivers we provide a different and better service and therefore should be paid more.

  13. ger

    Lynk starting base rate €79 a week. LOL. Those days of paying base fees like that are long gone and anybody doing is a total idiot. They deserve everything they get. Fools.

  14. Red dennis

    And what will happen to radio rent when/ if they get more business??? It may start at €79 but that rent will only go one way . The way forward is you pay a commission on every call you do whether it’s one call or 100 . I beleive the hailo model is the best if only more customers or less drivers were involved in galway .

  15. bohemian boy

    i STILL cannot understand why drivers are so afraid of the likes of Ebbs,Kelly, and Kearns. will they NEVER understand that it is they,the drivers themselves who hold all the aces. surely they realize that if they all tell these fukking leeches to go fukk themselves that the sc,mbags will be out of business over night.this industry has a reputation for so called hard men being in it. some of them are about as hard as a ball of wool. they dont have the balls to take back control of their own livelihoods. they would rather give control to certain towrags who would to more suited to gracing the front pages of the crime section in the Sunday World. mark my words the day is not far away when these sc.mbags will be exposed for what they really are,and also where all the money came from to set them up in business in the first place.

  16. Roy

    People and companies want a reliable method of ordering a taxi to their home/ premises it’s a vital cog in the taxi business, if it wasn’t those mentioned then somebody else would provide the service.

  17. Red dennis

    Bb there has to be taxi companies. What’s changing is the way the customer contacts that company . No one driver can be on call 24 x 7 x 365. As I’m sure your well aware customers tend to ring all that the same time and sometimes they travel in groups and want minibuses. Personally I would rather if there was only 2 taxi apps operating in galway and no offices or fixed fares companies . It’s madness the public expecting a discount when there are 3 or 4 of them in a taxi .

  18. Bohemian boy

    Roy the only people who should be providing the service are the DRIVERS nobody else is essential to the effective operation of the industry. least of all those who would exploit the drivers IE sc, mbag radio company owners

  19. Bohemian boy

    RD it was the likes of Ebbs who introduced the discount culture to the industry even when the public never asked for discounts. He done this at the expense of the drivers and to the detriment of the industry as a wholet

  20. Wariq

    Good Evening,

    I must apologise for not posting recently, what with studies, working, and yesterday celebrating Holi, I haven’t had much time.

    It is believed Mr Bohemian boy, that the Ebbs man is trying to muscle in on a company called Bluecabs. Whispers around the ranks suggest he offers much, but delivers little.

    It has been suggested also, that there is an inner circle within his small company that get to cherry pick all the good work – and that other drivers foolishly pay him in excess of €350 just to rent a cab, and that figure has to be earned even before the driver pays for fuel and sundries etc.

    A moderately educated person would simply do the mathematics, and conclude that there is only one winner in that equation.

    It would also explain why vehicles with his logo drive at extraordinarily excessive speeds when leaving the airport.

    I, on the other hand am quite satisfied with my “arrangement” with Mr Singh. he does not wish to become a slum taxi lord (As we call them in India), and is happy to see his colleagues have some semblance of a life – something which Cab slaves working for extortionate rents can never have.


  21. ger

    Nah bboy he married his english cousin in a sham wedding and now has the queens passport. Thats how they abuse immigration laws. They are all at it.

  22. Wariq

    Good evening,

    @ Mr S-class,

    I don’t know how one would mix up myself, and a poster from the main page that uses the soubriquet Johnm, amongst others. If you look closely, you’ll notice the syntax is correct.

    Should that not be all the evidence one needs?


  23. sclass

    Irish Times, More than 600 granted asylum have no homes to go to.
    Banks will repossess 25,000 homes this year,
    How many natives on the housing list
    What sort of fukwits are in charge of this kip,
    Ye couldn’t make it up.

  24. ger

    Joe duffy this afternoon is about why car insurance rates have gone sky high. Part of the reason could be that certain drivers have never done a driving test in this country or any country for that matter. Some people land over here with a “licence” that they pick up for a couple of quid on the internet and then exchange it for a full irish drivers licence. This is FACT. So next time you get your renewel and its gone sky high,thats the reason why. I see “drivers” every day of the week and i know by the way they drive they have NEVER done any kind of driving test in their lives. This needs to be addressed ASAP.

  25. sclass

    Now ger you cannot be racist. These people have to make a living,
    The only problem is there are about another half a million of them trying to get into Ireland,
    Ireland is disintegrating by the day.

  26. Terry Pierce

    As a representative of Brian J Pierce I would just like to let you know that we are currently trying to update the on-line quotation system. As I’m sure most of the contributors of this forum are aware, the way in which the insurance companies are rating and pricing specific risks has changed a number of times since we launched the on-line quotation system.

    With the above in mind, we have a system in place that all of the individuals who receive quotations via the site are followed up directly and we do our best to provide the best available quote on the market. We are working hard from this end to rectify the quotation system.

    If anyone has any queries or is unhappy with a quote they received online and hasn’t been contacted by a member of the Taxi Team already. Please give us a call 01-6674985

  27. Rat Catcher

    It was rubbish when I tried it, the quote was 50% higher than dealing with Liberty directly. our best isn’t good enough, Terry. It’s not rocket science, it’s a very simple piece of software so either get your act together or employ someone who knows what they’re doing.

  28. Terry Pierce

    Your comments are taken on board, but unfortunately trying to get a taxi quotation system that provides accurate quotations when you are dealing with rating structures that change on a continuous basis, and insurance companies that are reluctant to pass on rating structures might as well be rocket science.

    Just note the amount of websites that provide car/ van / home insurance online with those that offer taxi insurance quotes?

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