Happy New Year?

This was the end of one Irish Taxi drivers Forum member’s first shift of the Year:

Picked up 4 east europeans at Aston Quay rank at about 4am. Brought them to Adamstown. One of them grabbed me from behind by the neck. Two others opened the two front door and lashed kicks into my face. One side of my head looks like a potatoe. Got a nasty gash behind my right ear. They didn’t get my cash but they managed to take my notebook laptop from the glove compartment. In hindsight I was complacent. Be careful. Dont make the same mistake! Gaurds in Lucan dealing with it.

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322 thoughts on “Happy New Year?

  1. flybynite

    I don’t know if it was you or are you telling someone else’s story?
    My sincere sympathy goes to the victim. Cross fingers, I have had a long period with no more than the usual runners and pukers (and over the Xmas period none of them, even) but in the past I have also been assaulted, robbed, had my meter ripped out, roof sign pulled off and thrown in front of a passing bus, well, the usual. So, sadly, I can identify with this driver. I know EXACTLY what it is like ! My attackers, btw, were all Irish scumbags. Which does not make it any better ! Living in D8 allows me to go home during slack periods, drop off the “take” minus change I need, have a cup of tea and go out again after a rest. And often, like now, I start up the confuser and log on to Irish Taxi. But the need to drop off excess money is getting less and less. Even this past Christmas, well I did OK but nothing like in the years during the “Celtic Tiger” and even then the profits were started to drop as there are just too many taxis (in Dublin).
    Which makes incidents like the one you describe even more appalling. We have to take the same cr-p, often more as many fares are getting aggressive because of the recession and take it out on us. And all that for less earnings.
    Don’t count on the Gardai. With crime on the increase our government has decided to cut down on their numbers so they do not have the resources to pursue “minor incidents” like a taxi driver getting robbed and beaten to a pulp. Not even if they have been out of the taxi to buy ciggies in a petrol station with CCTV all over the place !
    I wish the driver a speedy recovery and no repeat of this kind of assault in 2012 (and subsequent years !)

  2. John

    “I got complacent”T., hat says it all.
    But I have had nutters going to Blackrock, pissers going to Brighton Rd,and the nicest of people going to Corduff.
    You know not the hour or the moment.
    Couvert cameras will have to become the standard issue.
    Happy new year lads and lassies.


  3. steph1

    People are definitely becoming more aggressive. Now thankfully I had a good period the last two weeks but I agree that the takings are well down on previous years.
    Its a risk that we drivers especially those that work at night take with having to deal with these scumbags and of course we are carrying cash as well.
    I feel that a lot of the problems are revolving around alcohol. I noticed here the last two weeks that I spent more time picking up from houses where people had drink bought at a cheap rate from the supermarkets or off licences which seem to be doing a roaring trade with their special deals. Whatever about drinking a few cans of beer, those that are drinking spirits are probably drinking way more than they think as I doubt very much that many people have a drinks measure in their house.
    Thankfully I had a lot of my regulars back over the festive season and while some were a bit tipsy they were in good form and I had no problems. But one thing that I am noticing is the amount of young girls with the nagon of vodka in the bag heading out for the night. I saw one young girl in the street one night here drinking the vodka neat out of the bottle. Yack! The problems with the girls is that most of them are not able to handle their drink and seem to get into a drunken state very quickly. The guys on the other hand just drink till they can hardly stand up and these are the punters that I have the most problems with. The guys are the ones who start arguing over the fares with me. The girls are usually fine – maybe its when they see a lady driver – but I can usually reason with them on the odd occasion that there is a problem.
    People often say to me why do the pubs allow them to drink so much but its not entirely the pubs fault if they have consumed drink at home before heading out.
    A few months ago I came very close to being assaulted by a guy who just happened to get into the taxi with another man who had booked me. He wanted to be taken out to the next town which was half an hour away and he got aggressive when I refused to take him. He was off his head with drink and a row ensued and he made to grab me by the throat but the other man intervened. He then got out of the car and I just drove off and left him. During the heated exchanges I asked him for money and he had nothing. Drank all evening and up to midnight and then expected to be taken home and no money to pay the fare! This incident left me shaken for a few days.
    Then our wonderful regulator wants newer cars, fines for this that and the other and not a care in the world what the drivers have to put up with. Its not easy for drivers especially at night. Thats why I have been so lucky this christmas that a lot of my regulars were out and a lot of the young crowd are back from university etc.
    To that driver who was assaulted I also wish him a speedy recovery and hope that he can get over what has happened to him.

  4. Paddy

    Ah Steph, It’s very, very sad. Alcohol plays a big part in Irish peoples lives. And in their deaths! “Closing Time” of pubs is deadly. All the drunks come out at the same time. Trouble. Queues for taxis, queues for the chipper, arguments develop. And this is the outcome. “Closing Time”, is there an alternative?

    By Ken Foy and Niall O’Connor

    Monday January 02 2012

    A MURDER investigation is set to be launched after the death of a student who was savagely assaulted days before Christmas.Popular student Andrew Dolan was assaulted outside the Abrakebabra on Pearse Street in Mullingar at 2.40am while he was visiting the town
    It is understood an altercation took place in the fast food restaurant before it spilled out onto the street. The 20-year-old fell on his head during the attack. Two men aged 21 and 20 and a 19-year-old woman were arrested by gardai after the assault and later released.
    A source explained: “This was a completely random attack which stemmed from words being exchanged in a chip shop. It is understood that Andrew did not know the group with which he had the altercation. Sources say this group were “highly intoxicated” by the time they came across the victim.

  5. steph1

    Very sad for that young man. May he rest in peace!. This is the problem in a lot of towns around Ireland at ‘closing time’. Everyone on the streets together. I feel closing time should be staggered especially with those pubs and clubs that have extensions. It would make life a lot easier for us all. Stephen’s night and New Years Eve are prime examples. All the taxis are gone from the ranks and people complaining there are no taxis!
    We all know alcohol is a big part of our culture but over the last couple of years its the aggressive behaviour of some people that is causing a lot of the trouble. Some people should stay away from the drink!

  6. flybynite

    Steph and Paddy,
    Yes unfortunately your accounts of the world we taxi drivers operate in is spot-on !
    And it is far removed from the world our beloved Operator (Hail Kathleen !) lives in !
    A while ago I dropped off in Finglas Village. Just as I was about to drive off a few girls walked up to my taxi. I watched them as they were waving to get my attention. And so I took my eye off the mirror and only noticed the 3 rough looking men when they already were in my taxi. They wanted to go to Ashbourne. When I headed for the new motorway they told me to take the old road. They were laughing and singing songs with sexually explicit lyrics – let’s leave it at that. It was pitch dark but in the light of one of the few lights outside I looked in the rear view mirror and noticed sachets with powder being passed between them.
    One of them caught my eye. Suddenly the singing stopped and an icy cold voice behind me told me to “keep going, pedal to the metal”.
    When you read it on this site it may not seem like much, but on a dark, deserted road it was very, even extremely scary.
    I just counted myself lucky when, before reaching Ashbourne, they told me to stop and they just walked away. They did not do a runner because they did not run. They knew there was nothing I could do. I must admit I was shaken. They could have assaulted me (or worse) and I might not have been found until hours later.
    All this hassle for a job that is very poorly paid. In the coming 3 months, until Paddy’s Day as a rule, it will be the quiet time of the year again when we can count ourselves lucky to earn half the minimum wages !
    Did I wish you all a happy New Year ? I did, but I want to add: a hassle-free 2012 !

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