A Diabetic Taxi Driver

A new label for your’s truly, diagnosed last Friday with type 2 Diabetes,  being sent for further tests on Monday to discover what the future holds?

I’ve decided to keep a record of my thoughts and experiences, particularly at this early stage, it’s also a good excuse to try out the B2evolution blog software.

I hope you take the time to visit the new blog and share any thoughts/knowledge you may have about this illness?

( Illness? is that what you call it? Disease maybe? … Affliction?)

Please Visit the new blog:  (Blog Deleted, – Software attracts too much spam)

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56 thoughts on “A Diabetic Taxi Driver

  1. bohemian boy

    i was diagnosed with type 2 about 15 months ago . you will loose a load of weight in the early stages because you will be so observant of your new diet . in my case i got it through eating rubbish . sweets, crisps , ice cream chips , etc etc . i find it very difficult to refrain from it . but i have now put back on some weight because i could not stick it . i go to the gym 3 mornings a week now to keep fit and keep my weight down . i dont let it get me down even though it is serious . you can manage it if you look after yourself

  2. bohemian boy

    roy i thought it was part of my past as well , but i gaurentee the time will come when you will find it just to difficult to keep away from the rubbish food and you will indulge again just like i did. i actully lost so much weight that some people thought i was terminally ill and i am being serious. i think it is all about finding a balance but i wish you well .

  3. bohemian boy

    you will probably be put on tabs called glucophage, and others called lipitor for collestral . i an also a cronic astmatic , so frankey might be getting me sooner then you

  4. harryo

    Best of look to you Roy. I don’t know what it is like to have diabetes, but life goes on. I found out i have RA. One more challenge.

  5. sclass

    I Read the blog’s every night on my phone while I’m waiting on a fare
    I am sorry to read the bad news Roy.
    “You ” will deal with it. Best of luck, I’ll keep follow-up

  6. Joe Galway

    Welcome to the club Roy, remember the old joke that there were only 2 kinds of people, wankers and liars?
    Well it’s getting like that in our business, diabetics and un-diagnosed diabetics. – Any doc will tell you that it has become endemic in the business as drivers work longer hours with no exercise, just another unplanned result of Queen Kathleen’s mad reign. It’ll cost the country a multiple of the money required to buy back enough plates to make it a viable business.

  7. bohemian boy

    roy there is nothing to fear from this illness . i am the biggest coward there is when it comes to anything to do with doctors, or any health issues .but i also know that if you look after yourself and exercise regularly , and watch your diet you will be fine .give us a ring if you wany and i will tell you more about it you have my number [i think]

  8. bohemian boy

    roy there is nothing to fear from this illness . i am the biggest coward there is when it comes to anything to do with doctors, or any health issues .but i also know that if you look after yourself and exercise regularly , and watch your diet you will be fine .give us a ring if you want and i will tell you more about it you have my number [i think]

  9. bohemian boy

    i see kealys of pub are now offering a bus on friday, and saturday , nights for 3 euro, whats the difference between this and what vengabus are doing just asking like ?

  10. tirnanog33

    hi Roy,
    sorry to hear the bad news.
    When you get over the shock of no longer having a clean slate ( perfect health),you will come to terms with it-as we all do- and get on with your life.
    I know how you feel right now..
    “been there -done that”
    best of luck, and many more good years ahead!

  11. Old Timer

    Hi Roy,

    Type 2 is primarily weight related. Exercise and diet will become part of your normal life now. You will learn to monitor your blood sugar levels on a daily basis. Very easily done with all the new equip available. Aim will be to keep sugar level between 4 – 7. When you get used to it
    you will actually feel the better for it. At least you dont have to take four injections a day like some of us!!! I refer to it as a controlable illness & not a disease. ( tell you work friends also and let them know what to do in the event that you ever have a hypo. ( lucozade is your man )
    Positives– getting trimmer and feeling more energetic.
    Negatives — no more chocolate buns etc, insurance company may want to load you on your renewal as its one of the questions you have to answer on form.
    You should keep a Thread running for the Drivers as there is a huge amount of guys out there affected.
    Best of Luck with it Roy.

  12. Turbodiesel

    Roy, I’m sure it’s a shock to the system. I’ve a friends mother who has suffered with it for years. You can get sugar free sweets and choccy in boots chemists that are not too much dearer than run of the mill stuff and a few of the choccy specialist shops also deal in diabetic chocolates.

    Drop a hint to your nearest and dearest and they’ll get then for ye.

    Keep the chin up.

  13. Eleanor

    HI Roy,nasty shock isn’t it? Diagnosed type 1 14yrs ago, its a healthy lifestyle, excercise fruit veg no crap and regular meals. Just discovered that Eu have changed rules for us drivers, in Uk app. if you have 2 hypos in 12months even while asleep you will loose your license? This is blanket discrimination!! Have you been advised to notify RSA yet?

  14. bohemian boy

    eloanor i to was diagnosed 2 years ago with type 2 . dont drink, dont smoke not overwaight ,still got it . my problem is i got it from esting crap. crisps,choclete,ice cream, etc, etc, STILL findd it difficult ti refraim from eating this crap.as far as i know it is now a rule that any driver wiith diabetes must declare it , i wonder because of the limited amount of hours i can only work [30] per week in my case , can i claim social welfere .doubt it

  15. Roy Post author

    Eleanor, being type 2, we are more susceptible to hypers than Hypos, unless of course you take insulin?
    I have told my insurance company in order to cover my ass, but not the licensing authority, new rules are being adopted in the Taxi industry that might require I inform them, but they haven’t been signed into law yet.

  16. jack

    i have had type 2 4 that last 6 yrs no loading on ins u can only drive a vechile that carries less than 8 people i have a twice a year checkup wary of ur feet check them every day 4 cuts than are not healing al the best

  17. bohemian boy

    jack believe it or not there is a 4 year wait to be seen in the diabetic clinic in dublin.i do everything i am supposed to do, except i just CANNOT stop eating junk. i exercise regularly, i dont drink, i dont smoke, go for walks 3 times a week,blood always tests in or around between 5 and 6 any time i test, but just CANNOT stop eating rubbish

  18. Roy Post author

    Lately, none of Bens posts are published because they have been particularly vile, although he continues to comment daily

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