No Change to Taxi Fares

Despite being offered a 4% increase in fares Taxi Representative bodies have declined the offer in favour of no change in our fare structure, this despite many Taxi meters requiring a recalibration early next year at a cost of €150.

We’d have been better off taking a decrease, as at least we’d have gotten some positive publicity for it.

Are we insane?

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218 thoughts on “No Change to Taxi Fares

  1. Fred

    Cop on. A fare increase would have been the final nail in our coffin!!! We need to get a grip and behave like professionals. Passengers are still being mis-treated this xmas going by what i am hearing. There are very few intelligent professionals in this industry. There is also zero enforcement! The NTA confirmed this recently in their newsletter where they boasted a inspection rate of 12500 vehicles up to end October! They should be stand up comedians!! Get of your arses, and the web and get down to your politicians. Armchair moaners achieve nothing.

  2. Roy Post author

    We were offered a reduction in the initial fare which offered an incentive for passengers to use Taxis and a modest increase in our fare for the first time in 5 years, with additional costs and fewer fares … it was suicidal to reject it

  3. Ben

    A reduced initial fare would be a good idea, and give peole an incentive to use a taxi, even for a short journey. Every little helps!!
    That figure of 12500 inspections must be for the last 6 or 7 years. Certainly not for this year alone.

  4. Roy

    Maybe in two years time when they decide to look at it again, in the meantime check the list to see when the calendar on your meter needs to be redone

  5. flybynite

    We are all blinkered!
    What supermarkets are still doing well ? Exactly: those that offer the lowest prices.
    A discount offered by individual taxi companies or drivers does not really have the same effect because in many cases the punters who flag down a taxi take their chances, the pricing becomes a kind of lottery. They can pick and choose when they pre-book a taxi, not when they return home from a night out in town and get in a passing taxi or take one from the rank. In other words: pricing in our industry is a total CHAOS. Some give a discount, some don’t. Some waive extras, some don’t. There is no real reliable fares structure because our &*!+?#@!!!-ing KD let it be known that there IS NO fares structure. The amount on the meter is only an advisory maximum, to be negotiated downwards by whoever gets in the taxi. And often the cab companies take it away from the driver without even asking their permission. With the punters still trying to negotiate an even lower price with the driver. The best (no: WORST) are people on a business trip. They demand a reduced fare but want the receipt from the meter showing the full amount which they claim back from their company expense account. In other words: they pocket part of OUR earnings !
    If you want to take your mott to a restaurant you can study the menu and prices before you get in. Just as well, I can barely afford a take-away Chinese these days. But that aside, if you go to the supermarket you can also see what you will have to pay before you are committed.
    Supervalu are advertising that they will match Lidl and Aldi. This attracts customers because they can check what they will pay before buying. In a taxi, the price is shown AFTER the transaction. This is our weakness in attracting business in difficult times.
    What we need, desperately, is a REDUCED and TRANSPARENT fares structure and do AWAY with INDIVIDUAL, arbitrary REDUCTIONS .
    There are signs posted at some ranks that clearly advertise a fixed price (from that rank) to selected destinations like the airport. This is a good idea. The discount is set by the drivers, not a cab company. The only danger is that these ranks are being claimed exclusively by groups of drivers. I have had some angry words at the … rank because I was not one of the regulars there. Talking of unity ! We are starting to behave (again !) as if certain ranks are the property of a fixed group of drivers.
    But to sum it all up:
    We need a reduced fare on the meter.
    But: we must stick to those fares, NO further reductions.
    The regulator should clearly advertise to the public that this also would mean the end of individual and negotiated price reductions.
    Also: Every airline charges through the nose for baggage. Why must we tolerate that punters can fill our taxi with suitcases, even bits of furniture (students moving digs can have an incredible amount of stuff). That has happened to me: a student moving home flagged me down and only then was I directed to her apartment. Behind the front door the hall was full of stuff. I told her that I was not supposed to supply a discount removal service, so I would expect an extra tenner. She then told me that I was not allowed to charge for luggage. I replied that I was not prepared to take it all for free and she threatened to report me to the regulator. I was lucky: a Garda squad car was just passing. I stopped them, asked them just to witness and take a note of the amount of stuff I was expected to carry (for free). No further action needed. They did, told the girl that she was unreasonable and that was the last I heard of it.
    A few years ago, I had two Americans with an enormous load of golf equipment, destination the K club. My car was groaning under the excess weight. But fair play, they gave me an extra 20 quid for the luggage without me saying anything.
    The only glimmer of light: with Ruinair charging extra nearly for carrying a toothbrush, people are getting used to travelling with minimal luggage.
    Well guys, on this note again to all who just joined the discussion: a very happy Christmas.
    I did well last week, it seems to be slowing a bit now but so far I cannot complain about this season.

  6. bohemian boy

    got me decals fitted on friday , they look fantastic , the bloke who fitted them was extremely professional in his work , and very fussy that they were done right. if you mention cta , its 80 euro all in including vat . its called advantage printers , coolock industrial estate , ask for aidan 8476711

  7. flybynite

    Bohemo, I was wondering meself about your commission. You put it in before. No wonder you like those b…dy decals. I would put up with an extra meter adjustment long before I go swooning about them. It’s just another stupid thing dreamt up by KD / NTA. It will solve nothing. What will they come up with next ? Tattoo “Full-time taxi driver” on our forehead ? At least, that would scare off the double jobbers !

  8. bohemian boy

    no commision for me lads, but i have experience in doing this type of work . i was a silk screen printer in a former life , and ironicaly enough, i used to print the OLD type roof signs , when i worked at that game . i know advantage printers, and i can highly recomned them thats all nothing in it for me . these decals are also laminated just to lwt yis know ,with a 4 to 5 year life span

  9. flybynite

    Boh you are still raving on about these fcuking decals. You may be looking at them from the viewpoint of an admiring professional printer. But I (and quite a few others) DO NOT GIVE A GOLD DARN about how well they are made. A thief who was a former blacksmith, when arrested, may appreciate how well the handcuffs are made but that does not mean that he has to like them !
    Nothing that came out of the regulator / NTA offices, insofar as I am aware, has done anything positive for us but many new measures have cost us money.
    Our income has been steadily eroded. New national numbers, has it done anything for us ? NO !
    A fares system that advocates that punters negotiate the price of a taxi fare downwards, what has it done for us ? NOTHING. It has helped the base companies to suck more out of us. A new system with area stickers, is it an improvement over the old system where the roof sign was tied in with a taximeter area, is it doing anything for us ? Maybe for a few who can get a few more on their bar as long as they know that Shannon is in Co. Clare, or Naas in Kildare, or Cork not in Tipperary… a few easy questions and they can operate nationwide. Too many multiple stickers are operating in Dublin. Many during week-ends because I keep seeing cabs with stickers of different areas on Friday and Saturday night that I never seem to observe during the week. Unless they are double jobbers who only come out on week-ends, but how come would a double jobber get multiple areas ?
    No Boh, I cannot see anything positive coming out of Fitzwilliam Square that is any good to us.
    Forgive me but I am going to make a cynical, maybe even blasphemous remark to drive the point home: Did our Lord care about the quality of the carpentry when he was nailed to the cross?

  10. flybynite

    At least I have been buzzing the past few weeks, now the sales are on and people do not want to HAUL their stuff by bus so they HAIL a taxi. I have been doing great this Christmas season, I took at least TWICE what I took over the same period last year. I may even survive the lean months ahead !
    Happy New Year !

  11. flybynite

    I can only agree.
    Our authorities are, or at least seem to be, very lax on this subject.
    They steal our livelihood.
    The sad thing is, I still get reactions from punters that seem to indicate that Joe or Jane Soap do not give a tosser and are quite happy to hop into an illegal cab.
    Again, I have heard that there are some who PREFER an illegal because they throw a small amount on the seat at the end of a, sometimes long, taxi (well, taxi?) journey and challenge the (illegal) driver to either accept and drive off or call the cops. Invariably, they take the reduced amount (like a fiver from Dublin to Dun Laoghaire, even to Bray) rather than face prosecution.
    They, the punters, are quite willing to take the risk of being in an uninsured vehicle.
    With this kind of attitude from the public we are still a long way from seeing illegals removed !

  12. flybynite

    And if you think you’ve seen it all…..
    After writing my previous comment during a p- and t-break I went out again.
    Not too bad a night, but the last one ruined the good feeling I had, read for yourself:
    I picked up a young-ish woman in the Gardiner Street area. Destination Crumlin.
    Without any preamble she wants to know how much discount she can expect. I tell her I will charge her the correct amount. Unasked she tells me she takes an illegal taxi whenever she can because she can fob them off with a small amount or pay nothing (I used the word “fob”, she used something else not suitable for print). This just after I myself wrote earlier about punters preferring illegals !!! Then she asked if she could pay with a blow job. I told her I am married with two teenagers and need the money I earn – legally and honestly.
    I took a shortcut and she started yelling that she was not going to pay because “I should follow the bus route”. I told her the bus has a fixed route and cannot take a shorter route the way a taxi can. She was, or appeared to be, reasonably sober. Just calculating to see whatever trick she could use to wriggle out of paying. Eventually, arriving in Crumlin, she walked off without paying and calmly told me that if I insisted on getting paid she would call the cops because I had made advances of a sexual nature and besides I had put her life in danger because I had broken red traffic lights. It was just one of those experiences we all have to put up with from time to time, but seldom as crass and brazen as this one ! It reminded me to re-install my CCTV !

  13. Ben

    Fly an evil bitch like her could ruin a mans career, and more. Best to let the like of her off without paying, you just dont know who the cops will believe. I met a couple of slappers like her over the years, they know they can get away with it. Only answer is cctv, it does not lie.

  14. bohemian boy

    i dont blame her, i blame you for not INSISTING on the cops being called . i would have went to hell , and back before i would allow a cow like her to do that to me . you will find its not the first time she has done it , so the cops probably know from previous calls . fly i cant believe you let the bitch away with it .

  15. Ben

    Boh what if she shouts the R word. Where are you without cctv. Her word against yours.Better to suffer the loss of the fare. She wont be lucky for it, long road no turn.

  16. bohemian boy

    i totally disagree ben, she could shout what she liked as far as i am concerned i would take this all the way . a cow like that would soon trip herself up with the lies , the cops are no fools . then i would also take legal preceedings against her for defimation of character

  17. flybynite

    I let her go because there is fcuking little a taxi driver can do. Even if I let her call the cops or do it meself it still is her word against mine.
    I once picked up a girl after a drop-off in Bray. I should not pick up there but on a lonely road in the dark, a young woman… well, being the cavalier I stopped.
    She was pished out of her mind and well, misbehaved. Let’s leave it at that.
    Changed the destination several times, anyway I dialled the guards and left the phone on. Told her loudly that she should stop what she was doing – which was no less than a sexual assault.
    Sounds like a wet dream come true ? Think again, this kind of experience can end in a very nasty way.
    Anyway, I kept talking like “coming into Donnybrook now, where shall I drop you off?” Cops were probably listening in and in D’brook I drove straight into the cop shop and held my hand on the horn.
    Guards came out and took her. Never got paid of course.
    If you have some time to prepare, well and good.
    But if a young girl walks off without the intention to pay and threatens to give the cops a fabricated version of what happened, well: unless there are witnesses or unless you have some evidence like a CCTV or an open mobile, I do not think you have much chance to get any satisfaction. In my case she just walked off. What would you do ? Leave your cab unguarded whilst you run after her and grab her ? What consequences can that have ? Unfortunately we must rely on the innate sense of decency that fortunately still exists in our society, even if some do not behave honourably !
    And now, having had a little break, I will go out again and see if there are still folks who need to be driven after the New Years’ Eve parties .
    A happy New Year to all of youze

  18. bohemian boy

    my new year hope . i hope hailo wipe the floor with all the radio scumbags like ebbs, kearns, kelly, who think the drivers are their EMPLOYEES ,and i hope hailo put these towrags out of business . then if, and when that happens , i hope hailo go bust themselves.then if , and when that happens, maybe then drivers will finally realise there is NO NEED for ANY of these people all, and there never was . anyone wanting a taxi will just open their door and wave at the next passing car which will probably be a taxi . drivers will save themselves a tonplus a week , and get just as much work if not more

  19. bohemian boy

    these radio companies are only short of making drivers clock in, and out . it wouldnt surprise me if some day, they actually do try it.

  20. Taxi text

    Nice to see the change of atmosphere on this site. The final realisation that there is only one solution is very welcoming. There is only one way and that is for everyone to unite under one banner. Nearly achieved by TDFC and then the ITC.Scuppered by those with their own and others agendas. Has the moment finally arrived? We wonder! We live in interesting times.

  21. ger

    Bboy. hailo is here to stay. the best thing that ever happened to the taxi industry. Non stop work from hailo over the christmas.. it was like the old days only difference was i didnt have to listen to some gobshite base controller for 10 hrs at a time. DING. DING. DING. DING. thats the only sound you hear from hailo. Drivers that want to work should go to hailo. drivers that want to sit around moaning that theres no work, stay on the ranks. less and less people going to ranks now. hailo is only two taps away. why walk to a rank? Times are a changing. move with it or get left behind. hailo is the FUTURE of the taxi industry. Over 2500 drivers signed up. the biggest taxi service provider in the country in less than 6 MONTHS. every driver i know whos with hailo has no proplem paying 10% commission. driver gets 90%. as for a taxi going by your front door everytime you open it, thats true if you live on rathmines rd lower or any of the MAIN ROADS into town. but the beauty of hailo is it can send you jobs out in the burbs. eg dropped kilmacud at 430am, next thing hailo send me a job from the beacon to the airport. 55euro. sweet or what? Minus 10% of course. 49.50. In the skyrocket. happy days.

  22. ger

    Ben. get a hold of todays indo. 3rd jan. Take a blood pressure tablet and go to page 14. thats what we are up against for the last 10 years. Scammers and con men. and women. and surprise, surprise, look whos in number 1 spot. AGAIN.

  23. bohemian boy

    ger hailo are starting to go down the same road as the scumbag radio companies . discounts, no call out charge, i seen a bloke last wearing a jacket with the hailo logo on it, are the starting with uniforms now, how long before they start disiplining drivers for giving back jobs they dont fancy ? when will all you drivers that are aligned to these apps, and radio companies realize there is NO NEED FOR THE MIDDLE MAN?

  24. Ben

    Ger i read that article had a fair idea they would be number one spot. At least there is only a trickle now, compared to 10 years ago. The ones that got in have the country robbed with handouts.

  25. bohemian boy

    was out with a mate of mine last night who works as a clerical officer with the fraud squad in harcourt terrace . he was not prepared to give me much info, but did assure me that anyone that thinks the gaurds are not doing anything about bogus taxi drivers are completely wrong . he said there is a huge amount of work going on in that respect, and will soon be brought to light . he said there is vast amounts of money being transacted particularly by africans witch are currently the subject of investigation

  26. Ben

    Delighted to hear that Boh, too many scumbags using taxis as a front for crime. Also wonder how some africans can buy new cars, when we Irish drivers try to nurse our old cars along, praying to get another year or two out of them.

  27. bohemian boy

    as i said ben he wouldnt say much, but told me there are loads of africans currently under survalliance , particularly for welfare fraud

  28. Paulie

    So The taxi reps turned down a fare increase .I read somewhere on the forum it was worth about 1200€ to the average driver .Where are the Reps now and when will the explain why they said no .I bet most of them are on holiday in Spain for the Christmas .

  29. bohemian boy

    paulie there is an old, and true saying a union is only as strong as its members. so if members instruct the leadership of their union to persue a certain course of action on their behalf, then that union has a duty to carry out its members wishes . the question is have the members of the fed, or ttnh , or nita , etc etc avtively participated in their respective unions ? have they insisted on a meeting being called to make their views known to the leadership ? have they sought to strengten the hand of their unions by trying to achieve unity with other drivers ? i think not . it seems to me they would rather come on here and bitch about the things their reps DIDNT do for them . paulie i respectfully suggest to you that if you are a member of one of these rep orginizationsthat you, and i , and other members should get up of our arses and assist in the fight

  30. flybynite

    Taxi text,
    Nice of you to encourage us to unite. Why do you think many are suspicious? Because especially those who have been in the industry since dereg or longer have seen and heard it all. There were many apostles and plenty of followers but in the end they all got the wrong gospel.
    All plans to get something up and running have foundered. And, I suspect, a lot had to do with the attitude of regulator and NTA who kept on issuing licences, many new entrants I (if legal) have not shown any interest in unity. We have been on strike, joined protest after protest only to see the scabs clean up and have a field day.
    Then there is the problem of illegals that gardai and inspectors fail to tackle adequately.
    An on top of that the bleeding hearts decided to give taxi licences to criminals or people who are patently unsuitable for the profession.
    So Taxi Text, that is why I am sceptical !

  31. flybynite

    I see this “Hail O” making headway. In spite of myself I think I will investigate to see if this is something new and worthwhile. I have had some experiences with cab companies, the only decent one was Liberty cabs but they were burned out of their base and never recovered.

  32. sclass

    Hailo are a disgrace getting drivers to update the app and trapping them into not charging the pickup by taping I agree .to continue the update. Shame on you hailo .The meter is none of your business.what’s next. I don’t trust them.big disappointment.

  33. Vat man

    Why would any taxi driver want to add on a pick up charge when I think the Hailo APP gives out the job to the closest area to the customer. I know many taxi bases do not apply call out charges any time I used them

  34. flybynite

    Vat man,
    The pick up charge is just a nominal amount to cover the cost of driving empty to the pick up.
    It also works as an incentive to do the job. Certainly in the past, when I was still working with Shitty Cabs or Covered-in-Muck-Cabs, Show-Up an-Hour-Late-Taxis or any of the others, it was not unusual for a driver to forget about the address if he were flagged down or approached by someone offering a wad of cash. Believe me, it happened. Those were the good times when a taxi driver – certainly on a Friday or Saturday night – could pick and choose !
    Those who preferred to stay honest usually got the shittiest jobs: drive empty halfway across town for a five-quid-job. I know, I’ve done it many times just to keep the good reputation of the crowd I was driving for. Who could not give a tosser either way. Of course, the cab companies used to have full waiting rooms where punters might have to wait for an hour (or longer) before they could get a taxi.
    Many times I have veered away from a rank with perhaps 40 – 50 people waiting because a fight broke out if someone wanted to skip the queue. Many smart-asses flagged down a returning taxi near Harcourt Street or at any other location well before they reached the official rank and ranks like St. Stephen’s Green or College Green were the worst places to wait because very few taxis got that far before picking up again. How times have changed !
    But even to-day, an extra euro pick-up charge would not brake the bank for a punter, it certainly adds up for the taxi driver.
    Thanks anyway for the feedback, guys ! I have not made up my mind yet about Hail-O !
    And happy New Year and may the lazy fat cat bureaucrats finally get serious about at least tackling the illegals. Restrictions on double jobbers next ?
    Btw: I spoke to a female garda recently (“ban garda” is no longer PC) who told me she is a taxi driver during her off-time !

  35. Vat man

    Good points made there flybynite but as you have rightly commented times have changed and a euro in the difference would mean a lot to some people who don’t have that extra to spend during these times of recession. As I have commented before I’m sure the Hailo App is designed to give the job to the closest is driver so i don’t see why there is a need for a pick up charge. I doubt the Hailo APP would not be sending a drivers all across city to pick for a job and the customer would not want a taxi driver if he is 4 or 5 km away.I thought the taxi drivers would be grateful to be getting work during these times of recession. It’s better than be parked or cruising around looking for a taxi fare

  36. Vat man

    I do agree with the double jobbers rule & penalty reference with the Taxi Regualation Bill 2012. As I have watched a prime time programme a while ago were the reporter of the programme followed a foreign gentlemen that worked for Bus Eireann in that case the foreign gentleman should have been told by his employer do you want to work with Bus Eireann or drive a taxi it was clear by the hours he was working he was putting a lot of lives at risk and this is totally unacceptable in my opinion

  37. Vat man

    I don’t use that language but he was wrong to endanger peoples lives.And I hope he and other double jobbers understand the risk they are taking when they decide to drive a taxi after doing a full days work. Weekends or days off are acceptable for the part timers to work in the taxi industry

  38. Vat man

    I think he was suspended pending a investigation and he received some punishment & a warning sacking would be a bit harsh I’m not sure if he has continued to work part time in the taxi industry

  39. Vat man

    I heard he was suspended pending investigation anyway think the person in question is no longer working part time.
    However I stand to be corrected

  40. True Dub

    The bus driver in question is still employed by dublin bus, and his vehicle licence has been renewed by the NTA. Himself and a considerable number of his work colleagues in dublin bus are free to continue to endanger other road users both in their full time jobs and also in their taxi’s. Ambulance drivers, petrol tanker drivers etc etc are free also to endanger lives courtesy of the NTA.

  41. Vat man

    Well they are only allowed drive so many hours a day and I’m sure Bus Eireann have stricts policies with reference to what if any part time jobs there employee’s are engaged in. Maybe this foreign gentleman is working a 3 day week or he could have rented out his taxi. Since the airing of the prime time programme I have no doubt Bus Eireann will be checking that there employee’s are compliant with the rules of there contract. As long as part timers are complaint with the rules & regulations from the NTA I believe they can carry on as usual

  42. Vat man

    Fixed charge & penalty points due to be brought in shortly might put a stop to this. Taxi Drivers should have been aware when they were applying for there PSV how many hours they could drive per week and how many days rest they had to take now it’s been enforced so wake lads. Full time drivers should take note of that to

  43. flybynite

    To the above contributors:
    I also have been told the story of the bus driver who worked as a taxi driver. A Dublin bus driver told me that indeed the guy in question had been suspended (on full pay) and later reinstated. No meaningful action had been taken. The word “scumbag” is not one I like to use, but if used at all it should actually also be applied to those who failed to tackle this abuse. If true, that is !
    Because this story seems largely hearsay so we must be careful with our accusations.
    And yes, Vatman, things have changed dramatically. I am no longer so choosy about whom I pick up. I have not seen long queues at the ranks for years. In the past, during the hours between roughly 3 and 5 am on a week-end the punters were literally fighting to get into a taxi. Even after 6 there were still people wanting taxis and after 7 am I often picked up in Rathmines, Ranelagh or other areas a bit away from the city centre because people got sick and tired of waiting and were walking home.
    I have on occasion seen taxis with Northern Irish plates picking up in Dublin. No point tackling them, their reply was telling me to “p… off, they had been on a pre-booked trip back to the North”.
    I was nearly sure at least on one occasion he (not the same cab as on the other occasion) had been flagged down but proving it is another matter.
    These times are well and truly over.
    But Vatman, we are asked to give and give. If we work for a base company they will dictate that we give discounts. I gave up the airport because we have to pay a large amount up front for the privilege of sitting for hours in the kesh – and that is AFTER circling the area, crawling through the staff car park – and may not even add any charge in compensation.
    Ruinair now charge through the nose for luggage, for checking in and everything else.
    We may not charge for suitcases any more. Sometimes, on a Saturday, I may work some shopping centre or supermarket. Trolleyloads – sometimes more than one full trolley is wheeled up to my cab -are carried and, again, we may not charge extra. Sometimes a student moving flats thinks we are cheap removers. They try to cram everything in. Loading can take a while and they complain if the meter is turned on before we move!
    So, Vatman, I think it is not a big deal for the customer to pay the Euro pick-up charge. If we want to be their friendly taximan we could consider waiving it if we get the job when in the immediate vicinity but if we have to drive a mile or so to get there I think it is justified to charge. As said, one Euro is not much on top of the fare but for us it all adds up. And many times when I responded to a job nearby (in the past, when I still did work for a base company) I was kept waiting before they would come and be ready to move.
    I still have not made up my mind about Hail-O. It is no longer as busy as during the period before and during the Christmas and New year’s Eve but still, I did surprisingly well and it has not totally dried up just yet. Nearly all my bills have been paid and as long as we do not get something unexpected, like a repair bill or a cold spell forcing us to turn up the heat, it looks as if I might make it until business picks up again, come Paddy’s Day.
    “The Gathering” and the EU presidency may bring many punters into town.
    Is the worst over ?
    If we can get rid of the illegals and double jobbers we should be allright !

  44. Ben

    NTA only care about milking big fees and fines out of us to pay for their plush offices and pay lots of fools huge salaries to do nothing. Its another quango that should be scrapped.

  45. Vat man

    Some good points made there flybynite I think the baggage allowance refers to the boot space. I’m sure the NTA would expect any taxi drivers vehicle to use for apartment removals. And I am sure there is a time limit with in reason expected how long would it take to load up a taxi anyway with a few bags not very not i would think. And the customers may be willing to agree on a reasonable set fare however I have heard of cases were some taxi drivers have been informing there passengers there is a minimum set fare of €20 to €25 for apartment removals. I don’t think the NTA would agree with that.

  46. Ben

    do you have any idea how long it takes to do some apartment removals. up and down in a lift, with cases and black bags. and then the same again at the new apartment. 50 euro minimum fare for that service, and nta have no control over such transaction, only carriage of passengers.

  47. bohemian boy

    just wondering, do any of ya feel sorry for the poor bastards who have to come up with 3 and a half a week for that leech ebbs for his rented out 12 d octavias ? on the other hand i heard these fookers are getting the cream of the work out the back door , which i guess is no surprise

  48. Vat man

    NTA might consider €50 deliberately over charging why would they use a taxi you have a removal company come out and collect and deliver your contents for that. If that is the prices are been given to customers from the taxi drivers no wonder the taxi industry is quite. I’d advise customers ask the there local taxi base if they needed a quote they would probably find drivers who would be happy to it for €15 to €20 with in reasonable distance. I’d say Ben not a lot of customers are calling you to do removals

  49. Vat man

    I heard one poor customer was charged €15 for 2 suit cases and 2 black black bags & a portable TV just to go 2 km deliberate over charging I hope the passenger asked for a printed receipt and reported the driver for overcharging.One word for that GREED

  50. Vat man

    All rentals operators are due from today to start registering there drivers online I believe this information is to be shared with the department of social protection & revenue. I don’t know I find it hard to believe if any driver is paying €350 to rent a taxi and the driver who is renting is paying for the fuel to I presume. How does the drivers renting make a living I hear the average income for a full time driver is €700 to €800 per week And if the driver is pay out €350 plus fuel it leaves the driver with very little income for himself. Maybe I’m wrong. But Bohemian Boy says rentals are €350 that seems hell of a lot

  51. bohemian boy

    vat man i assure you its true . ebbs put 100 brand new octavias on the road a few months ago [on the advice of a certain mr humpheries i am reliabaly informed] and charges the drivers 350 a week for car, and radio

  52. bohemian boy

    vat man i dont know where you are getting that figure of 700 to 8 00 hundred a week, i dont know of ANY driver making that kind of money. also you ask how a driver is paying 350 a week to ebbs for car, and radio ? its obvious the scumbag base controllers are giving the work out the back door to keep ebbs rent boys happy

  53. Vat man

    Did flybynite make a comment the recession was over he commented that there was hardly any waiting time on the ranks. I think I read that comment in early December. Bohemian Boy how could any driver be renting a taxi for €350 per week with radio included even with work going out the back door the drivers would want to be taking in over €1000 + to pay for rent fuel and base. But as you said you don’t know any drivers taking in €700 to €800 per week. Are you trying to tell me taxi drivers are only earning €500 to €600 per week Bohemian Boy I think your pulling my leg on that one

  54. bohemian boy

    its well known througout the industry that such an arrangement exist with ebbs, and his rent boys. infact it is also believed that ebbs owns a block of appartments and is renting car, radio, and appartment for 550 a week to the chineese students [who are not entitled to drive taxis here ] check it out vat man

  55. Vat man

    I have not come down in the last shower. So I would not take that as fact. More taxi driver waffle you’ve been listening to Bohemian Boy

  56. bohemian boy

    vat nearly everyone in the industry knows that ebbs charges his rent boys 350 a week for car, and radio . it appears you are the exception who did not know this

  57. Vat man

    I don’t even know who ebbs is I don’t drive a taxi. How are the drivers making a living if they are renting the 2012 octavias at €350 per week. Taxi drivers must be earning a lot if they can afford to rent a taxi at €350 per week

  58. True Dub

    Of the 18,813 vehicle licence holders, over 13,100 of those licence holders are on welfare. The vast majority of taxi drivers need some form of welfare payment to supplement their income.
    Does that fact answer your question VAT, and does that fact prompt any further questions and thoughts.

  59. Rebel Boy

    Asked NTA a while back what was the call on apartment/house moving and was told i could not charge for (bags etc) as this was already included in the meter rate ? some hope. I tell those that have a lot to move depending on distance its meter plus all extras plus time and if they were not happy with this arrangement to try the golden pages for a man with a van and see the price comparison. I don’t think these people would run the stairs with boxes suitcases etc, they would open their van door and you would load/offload it yourself. I think people know they are getting a bargain from the taxi driver because they know they will help with the moving. What next all taxis to be fitted with toe bars so we can pull a trailer.

  60. Vat man

    I am opinion independent taxi drivers should not be allowed to have supplementary income while driving full time as a taxi driver. Maybe the situation is different for a taxi driver who has to pay a rental operator €350 per week. There maybe a case for supplementary income assistance on certain months of the year. I would not accept a taxi drivers argument that they are earning less than €600 to €700 per week it maybe the case in smaller towns or in rural countryside but i am of the opinion the majority of independent taxi drivers have a decent income

  61. bohemian boy

    vat man the reason they can afford it is obvious , the base controllers were instructed to look after the rent boys to make sure they could meet their weekly obligation to ebbs .nod nod wink wink ya know whay i mean ?

  62. Vat man

    Statistics have shown very few taxi drivers have not made less than €1400 per week during the month of December In some cases even more. Fact

  63. bohemian boy

    well vat man i dont earn anything like the figure you quote , because i cannot put in the hours nessesary to achieve that amount. this is due to a diabetic condition , which makes it nessesary for me to rest while others are doing 70 hours a week . btw i am not on ANY social welfare payment ether

  64. Vat man

    I’m surprised Bohemian Boy that drivers that are paying a radio rental fee to this company would put up with this kind of thing. Why don’t they move to another company or are they all these companies the same

  65. bohemian boy

    vat man i afraid the drivers of ALL radio companies actually believe they are paye employees of these companies , and dont have the balls to tell them to stick their radios where the sun dont shine. they just dont seem to realise that the function of a radio company is purely to find work for them . they are prepared to sacrifice their principles by allowing ebbs, kearns, kelly, etc etc. to set conditions for them . they are prepared to overlook the fact that discounts are being offered on their behalf by the said scumbags, the wearing of uniforms is compulsory ,[which the driver must pay for] they are even prepared to allow themselves to be disoplined for giving back certain jobs they dont want to do at that particular time . they just dont seem to understand that these towrag radio company owners work for them rather then the other way round . i have tried very hard to rashionalise what goes on in the mind of these slaves, and the only thing i can come up with is they are fearful of working without a radio . i find it hard to understand myself, but there you go , it takes all sorts i guess

  66. True Dub

    VAT man you state that statistics you have access to prove most taxi drivers earn 1,400 per week for the month of december, and in some cases more than that, any chance you could post up those stats to back up your assertion

  67. Vat man

    Well how if someone at the NTA read taxi drivers meters are you trying to tell me taxi drivers made less. Even from the Irish taxi . Org blog on the 8th of December from the comments posted it sounded like the recession was over for taxi drivers. And a lot of consumers waiting a while for taxis even in my own case I was told when someone phoned a company on my behalf I’d be waiting an hour or so. Come tru dub I’m sure you think I came down on the last shower

  68. Vat man

    Or lads stop you will have me crying in a minute for you. You lads seem try and convince us your broke struggling to make ends meet sorry lads I don’t buy it. I have friends taxi drivers I know what they have made in December

  69. True Dub

    Dont want you crying VAT man, just looking for facts, i have stated 72% of licence holders receive welfare payments, i can post official correspondence from welfare to back up what i say, all you can say is some vague comments from your “taxi driver friends”, do you do their tax returns?

  70. ger

    Your friends are pulling your chain. do you ever sleep? Your on this site morning,noo n and night. Might explain the waffle that your coming out with. take a chill pill vat man. 1400 euro my arse. i fooking wish. id be in vegas now if i made 1400 euro a week in dec. cop on to yourself man.

  71. bohemian boy

    vat man i have already explained regarding my own situation , why i did not make the kind of money you speak of , i also doubt very much that any driver in the full of his health made it ether . even if it was the case that one, or two drivers did realize thaty amount for such a short time , surely you wouldnt begrudge it to them considering the other 11 and a half months are such a struggle

  72. Vat man

    Is the taxi org blog comments not correct that there was very little waiting time or maybe you were not driving your taxi in December

  73. bohemian boy

    vat man you also did not accept that ebbs was charging 350 a week for his cars, and radios, nor did you accept the bit about the apartments , car, and radio for 550 a week, i think you now accept that both statements are factually corect, so why do you now doubt that you are being told the truth when drivers tell you they did NOT make the kind of money you speak of ? they have no reason to lie

  74. Vat man

    I did not accept the comment that he was renting to chinese nationals without a PSV i don’t think there are many rentals
    operators like that let’s hope not anyway. By look at advertisement taxi to rent averaging €200 per week with insurance and some times more €160 per week for fuel. If the person that was renting the taxi brought in an average €600 per week – his €360 for rental and fuel I believe there is not many drivers out there that are going to put in 5 or 6 nights a week for €240 profit on the assumption he takes in €600 per week in fares I do believe my friends who are taxi drivers that the average experienced taxi driver is earning minimum €700 to €800 per week. I don’t see any rental operators going out of business most of them are doing well. Ask any rental operator I’m sure they would agree with me

  75. bohemian boy

    i never said he was renting to chineese students WITHOUT a psv licence . what i said was, chinese students should not be driving taxis here. the reason for that is, they are on a stamp two visa which prucludes them from working any more then 20 hours a week, and not AT ALL in the taxi industry. yet ebbs [who is aware of this] continues to hire them . it should be the case that if scumbag radio companies are going to continue to use chinese labour , they should ALSO have to record, and report the hours worked by these individuals, after all they interfere in how every other driver conducts his business , uniforms , discounts, disiplinary action for not taking certain jobs, allowing back door work to continue , etc etc . sure its only a matter of time before they have their PAYE EMPLOYEES clocking in, and out

  76. Vat man

    I think the Revenue would rather see rental operators employ people under the PAYE system than rent to self employed individuals. At least the proper rate of PAYE may be paid to the exchequer. Annual returns for self employed taxi drivers should be looked at more effectively by the Revenue Commissioners in my opinion. Weeding out Tax Evaders is one sure way to clean up the industry. I’m sure a lot of rental operators & self employed taxi drivers may not agree with me

  77. True Dub

    VAT man, i will show you my tax clearance cert if you show me yours, you state that weeding out tax evaders is one sure way of cleaning up the industry, is that not what the revenue should be doing or are you suggesting that the revenue are not doing their job.

  78. sclass

    When it comes to taxis no is doing there .
    No one gives a fukk
    Vat man you so much time on your hands u must work there
    And your talking shite .

  79. Vat man

    sclass are you trying to say civil servants have to much time on there hands that they spend there days on Irish taxi org,I’d doubt that very much with the state the country is in at present, mind you that’s not to say they are looking at new ways of collecting taxes. Apologies to anyone if they feel I have been winding them up and it
    was not my intention to, but I am only making valid points like the rest of the members. Sorry Tru Dub I’m not self employed. I still stand over my comment that some taxi drivers & rental operators are not declaring there proper income on annual returns and this matter needs to be addressed. Most of the taxi drivers have been calling for the last few years for the Government to clean up the taxi industry and when the Minister brings in a new Taxi Regulation Bill most of you knock it. I have the feeling most of you feel it’s your way or no way. That’s not the ways it works lads I think the Revenue have been very fair with you

  80. Vat man

    The minister must care some what that he has decided to bring in the long over due Taxi Regulation Bill 2012. Sure that’s rubbish and it will never work according to some comments I have read on this blog. I read some times on these websites taxi drivers will fight this that & the other but nothing much really happens

  81. True Dub

    VAT man very few drivers would defend those who abuse the tax and welfare system, in fact the demands to “clean up the industry” has come from drivers. Drivers have been campaigning for a long time to “clean up the industry”. There is quite a lot of information on this site and others on various issues that drivers have campaigned on down through the years, most of the current problems there are in the industry now were predicted by drivers a long time ago, and for a long time the issues were treated as more “taxi driver waffle” until it was pointed out that the incompetence of those in charge of the industry was putting the general public in direct danger that things began to move, so driver scepticism is entirely understandable. Funny thing is the public want a clean industry, drivers want a clean industry, the question is why dont we have a clean industry.

  82. Vat man

    Fine Gael & Labour seems like the only Government who took on to reform the industry seriously reform take time it’s not going to happen over night but taxi drivers must be willing to help bring that change. Cooperation is the only way forward between all parties. Anyone who comments that the present government ministers have done nothing to help the industry Obviously does not have a clue. However they are entitled to post there own thoughts on the subject

  83. paul o beirne

    vat man we ALL aspire to working in a clean say it takes time . how much time does it take to go to the bottom of grafton st and issue a 250 euro fine for illegally plying for hire for instance ? or indeed any of the other illegal ranks

  84. True Dub

    Ben, VAT man is not from revenue, but he does have some form of political interest in the taxi industry, he does believe the present gov will not only solve the economic problems the country faces but that it will clean up our industry.

  85. Vat man

    I do believe the ranks issue needs to be addressed but there is no need to park illegally and receive a fixed fine. If you join a taxi base that may help you im told a lot of taxi bases are very busy and have plenty of work

  86. jim

    the only people that can sort this out is us lets stop it ourselfs stop and make a seen till the cops come along and sort the scum bags out beep your harns and screem and cause a seen they will soon get the message.

  87. john m

    i never said he was renting to chineese students WITHOUT a psv licence . what i said was, chinese students should not be driving taxis here. the reason for that is, they are on a stamp two visa which prucludes them from working any more then 20 hours a week, and not AT ALL in the taxi industry. yet ebbs [who is aware of this] continues to hire them . it should be the case that if scumbag radio companies are going to continue to use chinese labour , they should ALSO have to record, and report the hours worked by these individuals, after all they interfere in how every other driver conducts his business , uniforms , discounts, disiplinary action for not taking certain jobs, allowing back door work to continue , etc etc . sure its only a matter of time before they have their PAYE EMPLOYEES clocking in, and out

    You are incorrect boh boy .If you sit the psv test and pass and only have a student visa you can drive a taxi full time .In the past there were restrictions on the hours that students could work but when this was brought to the attention of the regulator ,government and reps they did nothing about it.On one occasion on national television when it was pointed out one rep stated that he did not mind who was driving a taxi .The rules have now been changed and a student visa holder no longer has to be attending an academic course .So a student visa holder can drive a taxi and say he is learning the trade .

  88. True Dub

    I do believe the ranks issue needs to be addressed but there is no need to park illegally and receive a fixed fine. If you join a taxi base that may help you im told a lot of taxi bases are very busy and have plenty of work

    VAT man you really have been listening to the wrong people, yes the rank issue needs to be sorted out, have a read of the proposed 2012 act and give us your opinion on how that intends to deal with the rank issue.
    You are told that taxi bases are busy and have plenty of work, who told you that?

  89. ger

    Ben. dont mind him. me thinks thats ebbs himself. anyway see the news tonight. one of the scammers ran a guy over, killed him, didnt stop. and where did he go? The bleedin rank in tullamore, where the guards put the cuffs on him. what kind of stupid fool runs over a guy, kills him and then goes on a rank? Cops found dead guys blood on its car. a member of mensa he aint. jesus wept. 500 euro fine he got. me or you would be havin breakfast in the joy for the next five years. racism , pure and simple. one law for them and one for us.

  90. Vat man

    Tru Dub Appointed stands (taxi ranks) which part if it do you not agree with. Look at this way if the hours that taxi drivers are allowed to drive are enforced like other commercial drivers there may be more room on the ranks. I also believe a lot of part time drivers may leave the industry. And this may solve the taxi ranks situation. I do agree with the minister that plying for hire outside hotels bars ect is not acceptable

  91. True Dub

    VAT man, all i asked was for you to read the proposed act and give us the benefit of your opinion on the issue of taxi ranks.
    The issue of the hours taxi drivers are allowed to work is a lot more complex than you have been led to believe, first off the now defunct TRD revoked those regulations in order to allow part time taxi drivers to enter the industry, when i passed my test i was working and was under notice that the company i worked for was to close down, when i went to the carriage office to collect my badge i was refused because i was still employed, i had to bring in my P45 before i was allowed to drive a taxi. The state only accepts the time that a driver is engaged with passengers on board as “working time” this is to ensure there are as many part time drivers as possible.
    You believe a lot of part time drivers may leave the industry, in my opinion you are wrong, the existing laws governing the industry protect and encourage and protect bus drivers and ambulance drivers in the taxi industry.
    The minister in fact does think that plying for hire outside hotels and bars is acceptable, in fact he is on the record for saying he WANTS off street ranks at hotels and bars,

  92. flybynite

    I was just firing up the computer and scrolling down to the last entry – yours – to say exactly the same:
    Vat man is trying to provoke us, he is indeed a pisstaker. A “winder upper”.
    One stupid remark stands out: He is assuming that we made 1400 quid a week (!!) during December.
    How does that work out ? If you own a taxi you pay -insurance, -diesel, -maintenance, -write-off, -mobile phone, -you deal with runners, -you pay the base, -you pay the inevitable occasional road traffic fine, -car loan etc.
    What is left is yours to call your “income” over which you are taxed. OK, that is relatively minor.
    But if you have no additional insurance (I for one cannot afford the premium) for the times when you are off the road sick or other causes, then your income stops if that happens.
    You, taxi driver, cannot get dole money. If anything happens you (and your family) are on your own.
    And you, taxi driver, better have earned a bit of extra during the December season because now the tough and lean times are on us again. Traditionally until after Paddy’s Day.
    And you, Vat man, you admit you are not a taxi driver. So you are (I looked this one up) what we can call an “agent provocateur”.
    I have a little prayer for you, it goes as follows:
    Dear Lord, please teach me how to keep my stupid mouth shut until I know what the fcuk I am talking about”!

  93. Vat man

    I don’t believe for one minute Ger that full time taxi drivers are only earning €400 to €500 per week part timers are making that so I hear. and the amount of 10
    11 & 12 reg cars I have seen on the road proves my point that taxi drivers are earning a reasonable income. Of course all businesses pay insurance ect. And the the rental operators are charging €200 per week plus €150 for fuel so it’s obvious no one is going to work €150 to €200 per week. Your waffle does not make any sense but I’m sorry the truth hurts I would accept January is not a good month to make money but flybynite obviously was doing well in December as the comment I read he thought there was no recession as the was hardly any waiting time on the ranks also
    I believe Christmas shopping sales was up for 2012 that’s got to be good for the taxi industry. The public are sick of moaning taxi drivers who should be grateful they have a job
    at all but I will say a prayer you lot anyway. I don’t see many of the foreign taxi drivers on here moaning how bad the industry is they seem be grateful they have a job and most of them are compliant. And the comments that have been posted against foreign taxi drivers is uncalled for in my opinion I see this as a form bullying against foreign nationals and must be stopped immediately

  94. Vat man

    Sorry flybynite did you not comment in december you thought the recession was over as you were so busy or have you forgotten I know the truth hurts but the facts are there no point in moaning all the time people get bored hearing the same tune all the time. I hear even Joe Duffy is fed up listening to the moans & groans. If its that bad why do you lot stay at it find another Job were you can be happy. Otherwise give the public a break

  95. flybynite

    Don’t get him goad us. Vat man is trying to draw us out. For instance: he mentions that I admit that I had a good December. But he ignores my other remarks about having a bit of reserve for the lean times we are facing until just about the middle of March.
    He also ignores that in other countries, if locals cannot make ends meet, the foreigners’ work permits are not renewed. He ignores a lot of other things, he picks and chooses just to winds us up

  96. Vat man

    No flybynite im enjoying reading your comments while I’m drinking my bottle of red wine. Apologies if you or anyone thinks I am winding you up.Of course I take on board your comments that it is not busy 12 months of the year. Ah come on your not suggesting that the work permits should not be renewed if the Irish employers have no work they would not be applying for work permits for there staff. I think most employers that have applied for the work permits are very happy with there staff. I’m told the reason they do this is because they can’t find Irish employee’s willing to take up employment

  97. flybynite

    Mr Vat man I doubt that you are a taxi driver. You have a way of twisting one’s words or making comments on selected issues and that in a very selective way.
    So let me educate you and maybe wipe the the smug smirk off your face.
    My own reason for being a taxi driver was that I was a trucker. Never at home, always out at the crack of dawn to catch the ro-ro, all over the continent sleeping in the cab. After a stint on the Autobahn back from the ferry and after the required minimum rest back off again.
    A great life when you are young and free but not so great when you have a young family.
    So I decided to live the great free life of a taxi driver. And don’t get me wrong: I love being able to choose my own times, to take time off whenever the family required me to be home. I made a decent living some ten years ago. I could even afford to take out a mortgage and buy a modest home in D8.
    But then things started to go sour. Slowly but gradually at first and rapidly later. I remember watching the new Dublin licence numbers increasing from 3000 to 4000, 5000, 6000 until the system changed to “national” when it reached the 12000’s.
    There was a rapid influx of foreigners who seemed to be have extremely high IQ’s. Or otherwise I can not explain how people from Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe could know enough about an area (in my case Dublin) to drive a taxi. I have been driving all over Europe, sometimes even further, and do not think that I would master the street plan of Frankfurt, Rome, Riga, Lagos, Beijing, Port Harcourt, Saigon, Istanbul, Ouagadougou, Amsterdam, Paris, Abidjan, Warsaw, Krakow or any other city sufficiently, and that within a short time of arriving from Ireland (Dublin) to drive a taxi there. Not to mention the language and cultural differences, etc.
    Nevertheless, our authorities seem to have found it in order to hand the business of driving a taxi (in Ireland) to people who are composed to a frightening extend of relatively new entrants in this country.
    I do not blame them, I blame the government agencies. But I challenge you: go to any rank (in Dublin) at any time and check for yourself the average proportion of non-Irish drivers. Non-Europeans are easy to spot, but there are also many “Caucasians” who are immigrants.
    As if this is not enough, the number of taxi licences has been allowed to increase to an extend where there is hardly any work for all. With the cost of operating a taxi rising. Diesel now still above 1.50 a litre, we have to comply with many silly new rules that cost money but have no measurable effect on our business – not in a positive way.
    The result is that the unity, fragile but in existence 10, 12 years ago, has disappeared. Many drivers have resorted to queueing illegally, making U-turns to be able to pick up near a rank and joining the traffic stream in a way that breaks the rules of the road. All sorts of tricks that would be unthinkeable 10 years ago. If a driver picked up near a rank with waiting taxis he would be called to order. Now this is a regular occurrence.
    The situation 10 years ago was too much tilted in favour of the taxi drivers, I will be the first one to admit that. But under the rule of terror of KD the situation has been allowed to overshoot the mark and by an incredible margin. The public, I have given a few examples, has been quick to exploit this and demand fare reductions. They even, read my entries, have been known to select illegals whenever possible because they can fob them off with a few quid – or else.
    I also know for a fact that there are or have been foreign drivers who rent one room, sleep in the bed the other guy leaves when they hand over the taxi. All they are interested in is to send as much money as possible home. If you do not believe me: How come are so many Western Union shops in Ireland run by Africans?
    The taxi industry is in a chaos. We do not know what we will be facing next and it is not just an uncertain income but more to the point a fear for the future that makes taxi drivers complain. Apart from the fact that the old (Dublin) driver is under threat of extinction.
    Because we used to be professionals with a certain amount of pride in the job we were doing.
    The reduction in the numbers of Gardai is not doing us any favours, either. Plus, they are also very demotivated. Reasons well documented, read recent newspapers !
    And what about this fabled income of ours?
    Apart from the December month, the one single swallow perhaps, during a normal night (10-12 hours and I am lucky I can go home for a break) I may take 150 Euro in a good night’s shift.
    Ten years ago I could fill my tank for about £20. Now it will be at least double, often 50 Euro if I roam rather than sit at the rank (no space anyway). So in a week I spend more than 200 Euro on diesel alone.
    My insurance used to be over £ 3500, fortunately now less than half in Euro.
    But we have wear and tear, my car has been paid off but is now over 10 years old. Still presentable but the miles are starting to show. I have to try and get a car loan maybe this year. I am again lucky that I bought my home before the “Celtic Tiger” madness so perhaps I could persuade the bank to accept the overvalue of my home as security. But there are many drivers who are not so lucky.
    So, Vat man, my gross “take” in a week is on average in the order of E 850. Deduct the diesel and that leaves just between 600 and 700. And that is before I deduct all the other costs.
    This time of the year, punters are getting their headaches from the spending over the Christmas. They will not give up their pint at the local but the credit cards will have to be paid. So they will cut back on other luxuries like taxis. Often my income drops below 400 a week, so the extra earning in December was an absolute necessity to survive and by no means proof that the recession is over. It only, for a brief few weeks, felt a bit like it was ! Oh, and btw, Vat man, we make that kind of money by doing more than 60 hours a week. We should not, but there is no choice. And there is no easy way out because even if we get a decent price for our taxi if we sell, what next ?
    And do not forget, Vat man, that the feeling of freedom is well and truly a thing of the past. Because my taxi licence is not worth much any more. I have applied for jobs driving trucks and, because I got my licence in the time when they would issue a D together with a C I may also drive a bus. Now they are two separate tests, as if there is difference between driving a bus and a rigid.
    So I was lucky, I just had to catch up with “CPC’s”.
    I also applied to Dublin Bus but they have no vacancies either. All have been filled with immigrants.
    Does that give you the picture ? Happy now, Vat man ?

  98. Vat man

    Flybynite spot on €850 gross would be right. I made comment €700 to €800 gross obliviously a lot more in the month of December and a little less in January yes I have the picture

  99. Paulie

    Flybynight you are reading it the way you want to.The hack unions went to court looking for deregulation and got it.The foreign drivers were encouraged by multy plate owners to rent cars off of them because as soon as Irish drivers had enough to buy a licence the bought their own.You talk about foreigners passing the area test .That was because Irish blokes were selling the answers by offering taxi test courses .A ten year old will be able to learn his times tables and do multiplication so any adult should be able to learn the area test. It was always simple so Irish uneducated could pass and go into the taxi industry.The proof of this was the refusal of the representatives to endorse the certified drivers test as some of their members might not be able to read.The next time you are on a rank notice how many foreigners are certified drivers .If the hacks and their reps had not of thought the streets of Dublin were paved with gold and they were losing out this mess would never of happened.The cause of this mess is closer to home.

  100. flybynite

    Of course I read it my way. We all experience the situation in our own way. And I have not accused the immigrant new entrants of wrongdoing. I know and acknowledge that many mistakes have been made, by taxi drivers and not in the least by those who were supposed to represent us and who sold us out. Yes, the cause is close to home. But that does not take away the fact that the people who have been paid salaries that we can not even hope to dream of did absolutely nothing to grab the taxi industry “by the scruff of it’s neck” as they were supposed and paid extremely well to. They just made the mess worse. There are more sides to this, of course. We all see things from our own perspective.
    I am clearing my files to create more desk space – oldest one needs some more space to study as the leaving cert is looming.
    According to my old data:
    As a truck driver, some 13 years ago, I earned £ 345 a week. Plus some expenses to cover the cost of living on the road. Especially the motorway plazas in Germany even then did not only sell petrol and diesel, there were even showers for truckers that cost little. They are very big and offer safe overnight parking for the truckers. Disadvantage was we lived on fast food. But it was not a bad income then.
    When I started driving the taxi my earnings actually jumped to £ 660 before tax. And I certainly did not have to drive more than 40 hours a week. It allowed me to take out a mortgage, my house cost me £145.000. That was before the prices started to inflate. They have come down again but TG I am not in negative equity.
    Fast forward to about 6 years ago. My average gross “take” then was about 18 Euro for every hour I worked. As a ballpark figure that held very well over a number of years but everything had to be paid out of this. With steadily declining income, rising cost and kids about to enter their teens I started to increase my hours. By now I reckon that the average (on a yearly basis) is more in the order or 12 Euro per hour – sometimes not even that. The freedom that was once one of the main attractions of becoming a taxi driver has now disappeared. In order to earn my weekly 850 I now have to do a minimum of 60 if not 70 hours. I am no longer able to control my time, I have become a slave of my profession. And that sucks!

  101. bohemian boy

    i was out last night, i ,just could not believe the amount of taxis that were out, they were fooking everywhere . i dont think there is even ONE taxi gone off the road, inspite of the new rules .at one stage there was one continious rank which ran from city bar right down to the fosters ,including the towrags robbing the work from the fosters outside the shop . they now even get out of their cars outside londas shop to have a chat ,instead of hiding there faces in shame for stealing the offical ranks work .it was the same everywhere fooking thousands of them out last nite,yet there was nothing special on that should have brought them out

  102. Vat man

    Well said Paulie I agree with you 100%. Now I’m off to buy another bottle of red wine. I’m enjoying reading your comments lads keep them coming in

  103. flybynite

    That is exactly why this entry has stirred up so much and so many feelings. Good observation but then, you’d have to be blind not to notice. And I do not think that a blind taxi driver has much of a future. Not that those of us who are not blind have much to look forward to.
    Do you start understanding, Vat man, why taxi drivers – the professional ones anyway – have become moaners?
    But then, Vat man, if you really are interested and you can get yourself away from your 1979 Chateauneuf du Pape or 1976 Petrus, have a chat with drivers on the rank. You will be surprised how friendly and chatty most of us (Irish, full-time) are. This site, intended for taxi drivers, may give you the wrong impression. It allows us to blow off a bit of steam that we want to spare our punters!

  104. ger

    And dont forget picking up his big pension every week and drivin us nuts with his ill informed rants about the taxi industry. Not to mention getting jiggie with with his new best friend MR AC. they make a beautiful couple.

  105. zed

    Licence No.: DH12032
    Licence Status :LAPSED
    Licence Expiry Date: 16/12/2012

  106. zed

    @ Ben : That was a dispatch licence,apparently they don’t need one to operate,and if they do decide to renew there’s no penalty,unlike you and your colleagues who have to pay €375 late payment fee,great little country isn’t it ?

  107. flybynite

    Nice little bits of chit-chat guys but it does not solve anything. At least Mr. Vat man is at last starting to sound nearly human here. But he still does not know much about the taxi industry. Maybe he can drive ac or otherwise Miss Daisy. Will suit him fine, I betcha.
    Just back home, disappointing weekend but that is the time of the year.
    Wife broke a tooth. We don’t have a medical card or anything. The dentist’s estimate is a shocker, there goes my financial buffer ! Back to the grind, I’ll have to increase my hours. So I may not have the time to open my favourite website any more.

  108. bohemian boy

    fly ben is right go north my son lives in carrigfergus just north of belfast and he said dentist are considerably cheeper up there then down here

  109. African Cabbie

    Interesting how the associate vat man with A.C!
    Anyone that does not agree with your thoughts must be A.C?
    well, fair enough, shows we dont all have our heads down there.

    @Flybynite: If there is one person l enjoy reading the most, its you …and Roy to some extent. Reason being that you try (and very hard too, in this rancid atmosphere) to keep it real. You come across as a honest person and you dont spew the kind of hatred that other peeps here do.

    In your post above, l want to correct on eor two impression that l think are wrong.
    1.) Africans operate all the Western Union shops in Ireland, for the simple purpose of scamming ths sytem and sending money home: First, all An Post operate the Western Union as well as the MoneyGram. Please confirm that when next you go to the post.
    Now, lot of African women who can not get “paid employment” are encouraged to go into self employment. They open a shop to sell things. Now, every entrepreneur always look for “comparative advantage” in their business and they see “selling things that African require” as their best advantage since those would be the people that would not discriminate against them, to patronize their shop. Money transfer is just an “added” chore. Those African shops sell local African food, cooked and raw, some add hair styling to it, and about a host of anything legal, they can do, just to make a living.
    And to add to it, if l live parents and other family members at home, (we operate a communal and extended family lifestyle), do you think l will be morally justified to just arrogate whatever money l make to myself only? We take it as a responsibility to take care of EVERYONE in the family, even when we are yet to take care of ourselves! It is the ‘moral code’ we Africans operate. Thus, it is easier for an African to set-up a shop, operate a Money transfer business alongside many other things and l go to that shop to transact transfers.
    Why would an Irish for example, want to set up a Money Transfer business? Who is sending the money,… to whom?

    Nothing to worry in that.

  110. African Cabbie

    You also mentioned the issue of Taxi drivers who pick-up near a Rank, when others are queued-up on that rank for hours!

    I think this is very wrong but l must hastily point out that it is we Taxi drivers, in our selfishness who lobbied for this. I still here Taxi drivers who say it is right that a customer can enter any Taxi on the rank (the other side of the coin you just described).

    Now, in my own opinion (and l stand to be corrected), l think that rule was made to “perpetuate and legalize” discrimination against foreign drivers. People talk of “customer having a choice” as the reason but one might ask: If you go to the Post office, or bank or at a Tesco till, would it be right to jump the queue to make a transaction? Is it not better when everyone does things “turn-by-turn”?

    Those who benefited from that bad rule knew it was wrong!
    Now, it is that same rule that allows anyone to pick up a passenger near a rank after-all, he can say it is the passenger that decided to enter his Taxi!

    Letf to me, if you want to exercise your “choice” as a customer, just move away from the rank and pick any passing Taxi.
    If you dont like the Taxi at the top of the queue for ANY REASON …. and you prefer the one on number five, either wait till it is the turn of number five or walk away from the rank and pick a passing taxi.

    That way, you dont cause animosity within the Taxi drivers on the rank………… but hey, they asked for it, they got it!
    What goes round, will eventually come around.

  111. African Cabbie

    Finally, you also mentioned the issue of excess PSV License.
    I have wondered and asked many times: Why is it that No Taxi Union or driver ever protested against the continued issuance of more taxi Driver License, even when we all agree ( or pretend to say so!) that there are too many taxis/drivers in circulation?

    No Taxi can drive itself and the more drivers you license, the more people are available to drive Taxis. Its so simple.

    You cannot support a system that takes people’s money, make them invest in a tedious exam and buy vehicles and then turn around to say they cant practice a profession YOU have licensed them to practice.
    No one can eat their cake ans still have it.

    We are really serious about tackling over-supply, we must cut-off the “supply end” of it. STOP ISSUING MORE LICENSE.

    Cheers flybee.

    If we want totackle over-supply

  112. True Dub

    Hi African cabbie,
    as an irish taxi driver i do have sympathy for those african taxi drivers who have been driving taxis here for longer than most of their irish counterparts and there are many decent taxi drivers here of african origin,
    Your assertion that it was taxi drivers who lobbied against the long established practice of the customer choosing the first taxi in the rank is factually incorrect. Taxi drivers did lobby against what they saw as the falling standards of both vehicle and driver, when the failure of the regulator to maintain minimum standards was exposed the regulators response was to say “it is up to the customer” to chose their preferred vehicle/driver, it was a get out of jail card for them. Taxi drivers have lobbied and made submissions to the recent review that the “time honoured tradition of first taxi away” be re-established, but that is not going to happen because the authorities cannot establish minimum levels of standards of either vehicle or driver, so its up to the customer to chose.

    “I have wondered and asked many times: Why is it that No Taxi Union or driver ever protested against the continued issuance of more taxi Driver License, even when we all agree ( or pretend to say so!) that there are too many taxis/drivers in circulation?”
    AC i would politely suggest that you do some research into the various campaigns both pre and post deregulation, there is quite a good lot of information on this site and others that can answer that question for you

  113. flybynite

    True Dub,
    You made a very fair comment but correct me if I am wrong: I have been a taxi driver for just a bit over 11 years and I have always heard that the customer has the final word if he or she wants a taxi other than the first one on the rank. In the past, however, taxi drivers always used to respect the right of no. 1.
    Even to the point (in the light of the current situation this may sound like I am making it up, but it is true) that often if a taxi driver with the roof sign illuminated would give way to allow another free taxi to join the main road, this taxi would as a courtesy pass a punter flagging a taxi and allow the – now second – taxi to pick up the fare. Can you believe it ? Nowadays they will cut you off. Not all that long ago, I was somewhere driving down Constitution Hill when two ladies put up their hand. THREE taxis stopped, one one the side where the ladies were and going in the direction they wanted, the other two going in the opposite direction across the road. Then, behind these two, came number four who swerved across and forced the other taxi to stop short of the women so that he could make the pick up. He forced a U-turn with the other taxi drivers shouting abuse at him. This is the sorry state of our industry now, ladies and gents.

  114. flybynite

    PS loadsa interesting thoughts on this page and thanks for the info on the cheaper service in the North. I miss my tooth, bits of the root still sticking out of the gum but I have no more toothache and the empty space is to the side so it is not noticeable. TG !
    But AC, I still think that the rule that the customer decides was always there. What has changed is that our beloved Doyler had the gall to announce this to the general public. If true the regulator is guilty of promoting racial hatred !
    And also, AC, I am indeed “trying to keep it real”. I have no issue with people just because they look a bit different. But I am (still) of the opinion that if there is a shortage of work, then the locals should get preference. Same I guess applies in many other countries, Africa, Asia, America, Europe.
    But if I want to promote “hatred”: The country is verging on economic collapse, still tottering on the brink. The government is cutting services. Medical, Gardai, schools, social services, they all are made to cut back, savagely.
    But little or nothing has been done to call those to task who caused the disaster. Quinn has been nailed to the mast. I think he deserves little sympathy, he gambled the jobs away that he created but on occasion we hear that Seanie Fitz has been arrested and then…. nothing. The crook of crooks, Fingers, dipped his hands (his fingers) deep in the till and walked off into the sunset with 27 million plus another mill as “bonus”. Recently we hear that a bozo who headed the GP’s union could have claimed a pension pot of 20 if not 25 million but out of the kindness and generosity of his heart he declared himself satisfied with “only” 9. Politicians also have their snouts deep in the trough and some claim more than one pension. I believe that the practise now has been stopped that allowed a TD, former school teacher, to keep claim to his or her post, building a TD’s as well as a teacher’s pension and leaving the “temp” who acted as replacement over sometimes many years without any.
    Want me to go on ?

  115. African Cabbie

    Thanks Tru Dub and Flybee.
    The Regulator makes us understand that they asked us to make presentations/suggestions on the new bill and that they did incorporate our suggestions into it…..but what did we suggest or what is it that was suggested on our behalf, by whom? The Union, right?

    From what l garner from your posts, its up to “us” Taxi drivers, to clean up our acts and bring “respect, honesty and professionalism” to our trade?

    Next question is: How do we do these things when we have been “set against one another”?

    They say ‘a house divided against itself shall never stand’!
    ..and like Bob Marley sang “If we unite, we will be free”.

    So, we need to stop being divided and we need to unite.
    The concept of Unity is anchored on the premise of “equality” of all humans. Two cannot live together except they agree…says the Good Book!

    But how can we agree when some feel they are more superior and others are inferior….simply by virtue of the color of their skin? Like you and l carry an Irish Passport, l am an irish citizen but l look different and l am ‘colored different’ because my “origins” are different!
    But even at that, l am still a humanbeing, a full time Taxi driver and like you, l respect the law in its entirety!

    That l have been on the dole before securing self employment or that my wife collects child benefit on our children should nto be used against me afterall, Ministers and Politicians who earn hundreds of thousands of Euro annually (our tax!) still collect the same ‘child benefit’ a poor struggler like myself, collects! Even they dont find it right to give it up, why should l, who needs it, be vilified over it?

    I look forward to the day when people like me can be considered “equal enough” to even join the Taxi union, when white and black and carry the protest banner and speak with one voice, over issues that affect us.

    But if l judge by the “most” folks around here, l have a long time to wait! I am an optimist so l would not give up.
    Its refreshing reading from you guys.

  116. bohemian boy

    ac you need to understand something ,it is NOT the colour of your skin that divides us,nor is it that i feel in any way superiour to you, its the fact that there is a very limited amount of work here, and it MUST be givin to native irish citizens first. that is not being unreasonable you would expect YOUR govt to do the same in your country would you not?

  117. True Dub

    Hi AC
    The New Communities Partnership did make a submission to the recent taxi industry review on behalf of what they refer to as minority taxi drivers, on a more important note from your point of view The Dept of Equality were invited to partake in the review and had a seat at the table to make an input on your behalf, they only attended once, which was the closing meeting, despite the fact that they had a huge opportunity to influence the future of our industry, they never bothered their arses. They have no interest in your welfare, you have served your purpose in their eyes, your usefulness to them is finished

  118. bohemian boy

    true dub i would disagree with you totally . you appear to be implying that our foreign colleagues have been treated less favourably then their irish counterparts . there is a belief in some quarters that in fact they have been treated MORE favourably , and this is a view i would subscribe to myself.however i honestly believe that in the circumstances the country finds itself in it is not unreasonable to expect native irish people be given first option on any available work

  119. African Cabbie

    True Talk, True Dub!

    Its like asking a Cat to act in the interest of a Mouse!
    No hard feelings!

    I was listening to the news about the Hostage situation in Algeria and they mentioned that some foreign workers were lucky to escape and lo and behold, one of them was Irish!

    Now, if we believe the likes of ben, boh and co, you would think that it is only Africans that migrate to work in Ireland and Irish dont migrate to work in Africa!

    But then, ignorance, willful in this case, is ‘a dime, a dozen’!

    @boh: Companies dont “give work to their own”, they interview everyone and employ the BEST PERSON, irrespective of whether it is their own or not.

    Go to Microsoft, KPMG, Google, Ebay, Amazon, Apple, Dell and host of other “standard companies” and you would agree with me.

    What you are preaching is called “Protectionism” and is a recipe for disaster in any industry it is used.
    It creates a set of lazy, greedy and hate-filled people with a grandiose sense of entitlement! Sounds like the Irish taxi “industry”, huh?

    It is only in the over-hyped, over-rated, skill-less driving job called Irish Taxi INDUSTRY (lol), that you have people who think its their God-given right to drive a Taxi.

    @ben: My comment was directed to True Dub and Flybee.
    If l needed your opinion for whatever it is worth, l will E-mail you! Though it rains, the dove and the chicken dont belong under the same roof, …..l know my type! (winks).

    If you say the Irish passport is trash, that is your own headache, certainly not mine …. when l flash it at any port of Entry (lol)

  120. ger

    The dove and the chicken. the cat and the mouse.are you off ur bleedin meds or what? That vat man has turned you into a babbling alcoholic. i told you to stay away from him. If its such a bad country and we are all nasty racist irish piga s why dont you go to a different country. you have your little “irish” lol. passport so off you go and take that vat man with ya.. u pair were made foror each other. Or as you might say a rat and a mouse.

  121. bohemian boy

    ac the work has dried up here now, but any work that is available SHOULD go to irish people.why do you think the govt, and others promote a campaign of buy irish,support irish jobs? i will also say to you that it was the influx of foreigners who were responsible for breaking the minimum wage structure started with the irish ferries debacle a few years ago when foreigners agreed to work for HALF the minimum rate,and by doing so have now set a precedent for others where companies only pay buttons.your assertion that employers employ the best is ALSO not true,they employ the cheapest ,and hope they can do the job.when irish congress of trade unions orginized a protest march against this, i dont remember seeing ONE foreigner marching in support

  122. African Cabbie

    @ben and ger:
    You can be sick all day for as long as you want but what you cant is DO NADDA ABOUT IT!
    You cant even have the kind of education l have, in your three life-times!

    I never said all Irish are Pigs or it is a bad country, STOP LUMPING EVERYONE TOGETHER!
    It is ignorant Eediots like YOU, that needs a mental check-up.

    By the way, companies l mentioned DONT employ the cheapest, they employ the best brains (first) and try to negotiate their pay as “reasonable” as possible.

    I know l am talking with retarded fools and you can comprehend what is just above your I.Q, so l wont try to explain further to you lot.

  123. African Cabbie

    Work dried-up in Africa as well but you still have a lot of foreigners working there as well as in Ireland!
    Point l am making is that if Irish and other foreigners can work in Africa, then Africans too can work here as well. SIMPLE!!

    Now, let me explain the “Buy irish, support irish” which is being used to discriminate over here: It is made in relation to comparison between buying/supporting what you have within the “shores of Ireland” and “importing the same thing from outside” the shores of Ireland.

    For example, if Kerry produces Cheese that is equally as good and competitive as one produced in another E.U state, the mantra implies that you should buy that one made in Kerry (instead of going to import the same thing from another country, even though it may be cheaper).
    By doing that you are helping Ireland’s business to grow.
    It is a country-to-country specific directive.

    It is not a “racial directive” as it is being mischievously interpreted except you want me to believe that the Govt is racist as well, which will be illogical and l doubt it.

    By the way, we might as well extend it and say, dont collect fare from non-irish, dont buy from Tesco if it is an immigrant that is at the till, dont buy or pay at Lidl since it is not an Irish company. Dont use Google Apps or Microsoft products, dont even travel outside Ireland since you will be “fueling” a non-Irish economy,… and other ludicrous interpretations that fit-in with the excuse to discriminate.

    So it is a misinterpretation of the mantra, albeit deliberate, for the purpose of discrimination.
    Protectionism (especially when based on race!) has NEVER solved any job issues like l said earlier.


  124. bohemian boy

    ac you say in a paragraph above that i am wrongly interpreting the govts position,that it is not a racial directive,and you go on to say that you doubt the govt is racist as this would be illogical . well in that case will you please make up your mind on what you think our govts position is in relation to you, and your african colleagues .on the one hand you doubt their racist intent,towards youyet on the other hand you are on here on a daily basis telling us how you are discreminated against by the same govt .make up your mind for gods sake

  125. ger

    Ac this is how you spell IDIOTS NOT EEDIOTS. well educated are you? Above everybody are you? retards are we? Thats not a nice word to use. you could upset a lot of people using that word. theres is no end to the racist hate that you have for irish people that took you in when you overflew 10 other countries to get here. explain the reason for that again. was it a. our fantastic weather b. our beautiful women. c. our welfare system. d.our low tax economy. If your so well educated why are you driving a taxi? Let me guess because everybody in ireland is racist? one more question before i go out and do battle on the streets of dublin with 20000 other taxis, when you people are screaming into your phones are you speaking english? Ive always wanted to know the answer to that? Try and be nice. hows your dove and chickens getting on? I do hope you have them indoors tonight, its very cold out. dont forget your baseball cap going to work, oh sorry i forgot your one of the “legal” ones lol.

  126. True Dub

    AC dont misunderstand what i have posted, there will be more reports published and media discussions about racism in the taxi industry, because as the state agencies are facing more and more cutbacks they need to highlight how important their services are to Irish society, its all about money for them, so they actually need racial tensions between taxi drivers, and they will publish biased badly researched reports.
    The reality of being a taxi driver is that everyone hates you, it has nothing to do with the colour of your skin, you are an irritant to the state, passengers dont like you, your fellow drivers dont like you, and they drivers i personally hate the most are those in front of me in the rank, and the ones who hate me the most are the ones behind me in the rank.

  127. African Cabbie

    You keep using the phrase “WE”. Who are the “we”? Why do you keep lumping every other Irish person along with yourself? I dont hate Irish people (How can you hate a whole race?…. You have to be racist and your pseudo-name has to be “ger” or “ben’, to do that!)

    I dont HATE.
    I dislike people like you who are RACIST. period.

    You can try to gather sympathy for yourself by trying to spread false rumors and innuendos as usual, it wont get you anywhere.

    By the way, that word (Eediot) was deliberately spelt like that because of “spambot” …if you know what that means (lol).

  128. ger

    You are the most racist person on this site. you hate irish people. the same people that took you and thousands of your fellow scammers out of the gutter and gave you a life. and how do you lot repay us . racism this, racism that. thats all we ever hear out of YOU PEOPLE.

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