No Change to Taxi Fares

No Change to Taxi Fares

Despite being offered a 4% increase in fares Taxi Representative bodies have declined the offer in favour of no change in our fare structure, this despite many Taxi meters requiring a recalibration early next year at a cost of €150.

We’d have been better off taking a decrease, as at least we’d have gotten some positive publicity for it.

Are we insane?


  1. bohemian boy 3 years ago

    ac you need to understand something ,it is NOT the colour of your skin that divides us,nor is it that i feel in any way superiour to you, its the fact that there is a very limited amount of work here, and it MUST be givin to native irish citizens first. that is not being unreasonable you would expect YOUR govt to do the same in your country would you not?

  2. True Dub 3 years ago

    Hi AC
    The New Communities Partnership did make a submission to the recent taxi industry review on behalf of what they refer to as minority taxi drivers, on a more important note from your point of view The Dept of Equality were invited to partake in the review and had a seat at the table to make an input on your behalf, they only attended once, which was the closing meeting, despite the fact that they had a huge opportunity to influence the future of our industry, they never bothered their arses. They have no interest in your welfare, you have served your purpose in their eyes, your usefulness to them is finished

  3. bohemian boy 3 years ago

    true dub i would disagree with you totally . you appear to be implying that our foreign colleagues have been treated less favourably then their irish counterparts . there is a belief in some quarters that in fact they have been treated MORE favourably , and this is a view i would subscribe to myself.however i honestly believe that in the circumstances the country finds itself in it is not unreasonable to expect native irish people be given first option on any available work

  4. True Dub 3 years ago

    What i have said is that those who claim to speak on behalf of “minorities” couldnt care less about them.

  5. bohemian boy 3 years ago

    sorry td i misunderstood

  6. African Cabbie 3 years ago

    True Talk, True Dub!

    Its like asking a Cat to act in the interest of a Mouse!
    No hard feelings!

    I was listening to the news about the Hostage situation in Algeria and they mentioned that some foreign workers were lucky to escape and lo and behold, one of them was Irish!

    Now, if we believe the likes of ben, boh and co, you would think that it is only Africans that migrate to work in Ireland and Irish dont migrate to work in Africa!

    But then, ignorance, willful in this case, is ‘a dime, a dozen’!

    @boh: Companies dont “give work to their own”, they interview everyone and employ the BEST PERSON, irrespective of whether it is their own or not.

    Go to Microsoft, KPMG, Google, Ebay, Amazon, Apple, Dell and host of other “standard companies” and you would agree with me.

    What you are preaching is called “Protectionism” and is a recipe for disaster in any industry it is used.
    It creates a set of lazy, greedy and hate-filled people with a grandiose sense of entitlement! Sounds like the Irish taxi “industry”, huh?

    It is only in the over-hyped, over-rated, skill-less driving job called Irish Taxi INDUSTRY (lol), that you have people who think its their God-given right to drive a Taxi.

    @ben: My comment was directed to True Dub and Flybee.
    If l needed your opinion for whatever it is worth, l will E-mail you! Though it rains, the dove and the chicken dont belong under the same roof, …..l know my type! (winks).

    If you say the Irish passport is trash, that is your own headache, certainly not mine …. when l flash it at any port of Entry (lol)

  7. ger 3 years ago

    The dove and the chicken. the cat and the mouse.are you off ur bleedin meds or what? That vat man has turned you into a babbling alcoholic. i told you to stay away from him. If its such a bad country and we are all nasty racist irish piga s why dont you go to a different country. you have your little “irish” lol. passport so off you go and take that vat man with ya.. u pair were made foror each other. Or as you might say a rat and a mouse.

  8. bohemian boy 3 years ago

    ac the work has dried up here now, but any work that is available SHOULD go to irish people.why do you think the govt, and others promote a campaign of buy irish,support irish jobs? i will also say to you that it was the influx of foreigners who were responsible for breaking the minimum wage structure started with the irish ferries debacle a few years ago when foreigners agreed to work for HALF the minimum rate,and by doing so have now set a precedent for others where companies only pay buttons.your assertion that employers employ the best is ALSO not true,they employ the cheapest ,and hope they can do the job.when irish congress of trade unions orginized a protest march against this, i dont remember seeing ONE foreigner marching in support

  9. African Cabbie 3 years ago

    @ben and ger:
    You can be sick all day for as long as you want but what you cant is DO NADDA ABOUT IT!
    You cant even have the kind of education l have, in your three life-times!

    I never said all Irish are Pigs or it is a bad country, STOP LUMPING EVERYONE TOGETHER!
    It is ignorant Eediots like YOU, that needs a mental check-up.

    By the way, companies l mentioned DONT employ the cheapest, they employ the best brains (first) and try to negotiate their pay as “reasonable” as possible.

    I know l am talking with retarded fools and you can comprehend what is just above your I.Q, so l wont try to explain further to you lot.

  10. African Cabbie 3 years ago

    Work dried-up in Africa as well but you still have a lot of foreigners working there as well as in Ireland!
    Point l am making is that if Irish and other foreigners can work in Africa, then Africans too can work here as well. SIMPLE!!

    Now, let me explain the “Buy irish, support irish” which is being used to discriminate over here: It is made in relation to comparison between buying/supporting what you have within the “shores of Ireland” and “importing the same thing from outside” the shores of Ireland.

    For example, if Kerry produces Cheese that is equally as good and competitive as one produced in another E.U state, the mantra implies that you should buy that one made in Kerry (instead of going to import the same thing from another country, even though it may be cheaper).
    By doing that you are helping Ireland’s business to grow.
    It is a country-to-country specific directive.

    It is not a “racial directive” as it is being mischievously interpreted except you want me to believe that the Govt is racist as well, which will be illogical and l doubt it.

    By the way, we might as well extend it and say, dont collect fare from non-irish, dont buy from Tesco if it is an immigrant that is at the till, dont buy or pay at Lidl since it is not an Irish company. Dont use Google Apps or Microsoft products, dont even travel outside Ireland since you will be “fueling” a non-Irish economy,… and other ludicrous interpretations that fit-in with the excuse to discriminate.

    So it is a misinterpretation of the mantra, albeit deliberate, for the purpose of discrimination.
    Protectionism (especially when based on race!) has NEVER solved any job issues like l said earlier.


  11. bohemian boy 3 years ago

    ac you say in a paragraph above that i am wrongly interpreting the govts position,that it is not a racial directive,and you go on to say that you doubt the govt is racist as this would be illogical . well in that case will you please make up your mind on what you think our govts position is in relation to you, and your african colleagues .on the one hand you doubt their racist intent,towards youyet on the other hand you are on here on a daily basis telling us how you are discreminated against by the same govt .make up your mind for gods sake

  12. ger 3 years ago

    Ac this is how you spell IDIOTS NOT EEDIOTS. well educated are you? Above everybody are you? retards are we? Thats not a nice word to use. you could upset a lot of people using that word. theres is no end to the racist hate that you have for irish people that took you in when you overflew 10 other countries to get here. explain the reason for that again. was it a. our fantastic weather b. our beautiful women. c. our welfare system. d.our low tax economy. If your so well educated why are you driving a taxi? Let me guess because everybody in ireland is racist? one more question before i go out and do battle on the streets of dublin with 20000 other taxis, when you people are screaming into your phones are you speaking english? Ive always wanted to know the answer to that? Try and be nice. hows your dove and chickens getting on? I do hope you have them indoors tonight, its very cold out. dont forget your baseball cap going to work, oh sorry i forgot your one of the “legal” ones lol.

  13. True Dub 3 years ago

    AC dont misunderstand what i have posted, there will be more reports published and media discussions about racism in the taxi industry, because as the state agencies are facing more and more cutbacks they need to highlight how important their services are to Irish society, its all about money for them, so they actually need racial tensions between taxi drivers, and they will publish biased badly researched reports.
    The reality of being a taxi driver is that everyone hates you, it has nothing to do with the colour of your skin, you are an irritant to the state, passengers dont like you, your fellow drivers dont like you, and they drivers i personally hate the most are those in front of me in the rank, and the ones who hate me the most are the ones behind me in the rank.

  14. African Cabbie 3 years ago

    You keep using the phrase “WE”. Who are the “we”? Why do you keep lumping every other Irish person along with yourself? I dont hate Irish people (How can you hate a whole race?…. You have to be racist and your pseudo-name has to be “ger” or “ben’, to do that!)

    I dont HATE.
    I dislike people like you who are RACIST. period.

    You can try to gather sympathy for yourself by trying to spread false rumors and innuendos as usual, it wont get you anywhere.

    By the way, that word (Eediot) was deliberately spelt like that because of “spambot” …if you know what that means (lol).

  15. ger 3 years ago

    You are the most racist person on this site. you hate irish people. the same people that took you and thousands of your fellow scammers out of the gutter and gave you a life. and how do you lot repay us . racism this, racism that. thats all we ever hear out of YOU PEOPLE.

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