It is obvious the inheritance/death/next of kin transfer will go ahead as the Minister is “considering” it and the so called rep bodies are either looking for it or saying nothing so let us consider the outcome.
I see two scenarios;

  1. If an individual Taxi driver dies, his plate is likely to lapse unnoticed in the bottom drawer of the kitchen cupboard
  2. If an MPO dies, a family member will readily take up the reins of the taxi rental empire.

There may be one or two exceptions to the above but generally that is how it will go.

So why aren’t the so called rep bodies up in arms in favour of the individual taxi driver and against the upcoming change to the transfer rules? After all it is the only hope for any future reduction in the fleet.

Why has the Minister changed his tune about no transfer of Taxi plates? Initially it was his number one priority, everything else wason the slow burner but NO TRANSFER was to come in last October, then he said he had to wait until he produced his bill, now the bill needs further amendments to water down this proposal even further.

Who is pressurising him to change his attitude?

Lets look at the so called rep bodies for a clue:

  • NPHTA: It is common knowledge that the leader of this organisation is an MPO, turkeys do not vote for Christmas.
  • ITDF: In a recent publication they actually argued for an MPO saying it was wrong that they couldn’t inherit the business.
  • TTnH: This misguided?  group are arguing about the property assets of drivers being eliminated, don’t they realise they are already worthless and the only hope we have is for a reduction in the fleet, they’ve tried to fool us before saying one thing and meaning another with the rejection of the fare increase so I’m dubious of their motives.
  • NITA: Provided it doesn’t effect the closed shop out in the Airport NITA aren’t really that bothered.

So you can see the Minister realises he will get an easier ride if he allows an inheritance rule and it’s not really any skin of his nose.

In reality the rep bodies, if they actually represented Taxi drivers should be fighting for the No Transfer rule to be as tight as possible, but you should realise … they don’t represent the majority of the fleet, rather just their own personal little patches.

Individual taxi drivers should tell them to stuff their bookkeeping services and legal advice where the sun doesn’t shine.

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86 thoughts on “NO TRANSFER! Pt 2

  1. ger

    The airport is not a closed shop. it a full up shop. i.e. no more room for taxis. Bursting at the seams. all the guys who said they would never pay 400 a year to the daa. but were happy to pay 5 grand a year to a gangsta radio company. id say they are sorry now. at least after a two hour wait you will get a fare. you could drive around dublinski or dubgos or whatever you want to call the cesspit that was dublin for hours and get nothing. it was open to all up to a few years ago. drivers didnt want to work the airport. too busy in town. how times change. how sad.

  2. flybynite

    All true enough but when I did the airport it was not unusual to wait a lot longer than just two hours. And then you might get just a short hop to Swords out of it. The Kesh depressed me. OK, there were good fares too but on average I don’t think I have lost out too much. My main problem always was the decision after dropping the fare: keep cruising or return to the airport empty. When you pay 400 quid it is nearly necessary to go back. In the old days you’d pay your 50 pence at the hut at the entrance to the holding pen so you’d pay only when working the airport. They all get greedy.
    And for once I also agree with you, Roy. Well said: the minister comes with something that has a chance to work, then the bodies that are supposed to “represent” us muddy the water. They mainly represent their own interest anyway. Then the minister comes with a load of waffle and amendments and in the end it invariably makes things worse, especially for us.

  3. flybynite

    OK ger, more like it. But as a night driver the airport is not really for me. Sometimes I would drop off, say Swords early in the morning and I’d go to see what the airport brings. Kesh closed, 5 or 6 taxis already waiting at the terminal (this was before T2 was opened) for the early arrivals. Sitting there perhaps an hour, a taxi drives up (the departures ramps was often closed at night), a punter gets out. The driver sits in his cab counting his dough. We huddle just inside arrivals and see the punter return. Fog is closing in, his flight is diverted to Belfast. Forgetting that if he checks in, Aer Lingus will bus him to wherever the flight departs from, he gets back in the same taxi and the towrag who dropped him gets a trip to Belfast. Ok, no pleasure driving all the way in dense fog but still…
    Or you’d sit for two hours only to find that the airport is closing due to weather.
    I even sat there on a reasonably clear morning with most arrivals “delayed”. When I asked why, they explained that an airplane must have somewhere else to go in case Dublin fogs in, or maybe has to be closed for other reasons. So if Cork is not open yet, Shannon, Belfast, Manchester, London, Luton, Stansted, Glasgow etc all in fog the flights still won’t arrive.
    And ger, even in those days a two hour wait was NOT an average. It was more like a normal wait but it could take 3 or 4 hours before the next job. It all depended on the timing. And don’t forget: In those days we only paid £ 0.50 per airport pick-up so we could pick and choose the busier times. Now most airport drivers go straight back regardless of the time. How long before you are even through the staff car park and in the Kesh holding ? Now they have stopped the taxis waiting on the access road so there are suckers who paid and still are forced to drive on. Sure, by turning cabs away the waiting time will be reduced but how many have paid the money to DAA and are not even allowed sometimes to go to the Kesh ?
    Now there are all the bus lines going not only to Dublin but also offer direct services to Limerick, Cork, Galway, Belfast.
    So ger, the airport was worth my while as long as we paid on the basis of “if and when”, but not as is now. Not any more.

  4. bohemian boy

    i really wish when drivers have a fare they would turn off their roof sign.its very annoying when they dont because i dont like to pass anyone in front of me if they are still looking for a fare .then suddently some other unscrouplas bastard swoops past the TWO of us, then irealise the first driver DID have a fare after all. PLEASE TURN OFF YOUR ROOFIES WHEN YOU HAVE A FARE

  5. bohemian boy

    if we MUST have a rental market within our industry,should the state not take on this task and be the sole agency to deal with it ? should we demand better protection from the state for our retirement ie introduction of a pension sceame,social welfare entitlements for retired self employed taxi drivers, its sad to say,but there are drivers out there at this moment well into their 70s who just CANT retire because they have nothing to rely on except what they earn in their taxis. some of them are caught between a rock, and a hard place. maybe this is were the reps could better spend their time trying to secure such conditions for our elderly colleagues

  6. bohemian boy

    i hear what your saying ben, but what have we done ourselves to try and get such conditions ? answer nothing . we just keep moaning about what we have NOT got.why dont the reps persue a policy of trying to secure a better future for our retirees. surely this is something they could persue collectively for the betterment of drivers who have devoted their whole lives to this game.they owe them that much at least. certain rep groups ,long before ttnh, have taken money from these drivers for years, and in all that time never won any meaningful concessions on their behalf .i dont think the establishment of a pension fund is out of the question,and i think this is something they should be talking to people about.

  7. bohemian boy

    ben we will all be old someday [hopefully] and it would be nice to think we could have the same benefits as those enjoyed by people in both the public,and private sector.i believe this is something the reps should be asked to persue on behalf of the industry.there is one particular leader of a certain rep group [who i am told] has secured his own future through his ownership of a hugh number of plates

  8. bohemian boy

    roy people of that age should NOT be expected to continue working. its also dangerous for them from the point of view of thugs taking advantage of them. i honestly believe the state has a duty to look after them . at that age they have stood their watch

  9. bohemian boy

    the reason i know the hotels were facilitating this ILLEGAL activity was that i made numerious reports to the compliance manager mr eddie fullerton, including sending him over a comprehensive list of all the hotels who participated in this activity, and guess what to this day absolutely nothing has been done about it . some of these hotels even have signs saying cab200000000000 taxis only, or vippppppp taxis only,you get the picture

  10. flybynite

    Yeah living until you are 70… !
    As a taxi driver I have had a few assaults on my life. No, not what you’d think. Just other motorists who behave like headless chickens and should not be allowed behind the steering wheel. Jabbering away on mobiles, not looking at the road, cutting in without even checking the mirror, coming to a near stop on the slipway onto a motorway and moving straight to the overtaking lane at 40 mph in front of cars doing 120. Nearly missing the exit, staying in the overtaking lane until nearly past it and then braking and cutting up traffic in the lane beside them. It seems to be getting worse. Gardai seem to be absent these days. When trucking it never struck me. They are more careful when cutting up a 40-ton artic. Although, I know a few guys who were forced to brake so hard their truck jackknifed.
    So the chances are we need not worry, we may not get to live to the ripe old age of 70 !

  11. bohemian boy

    fly i hear ya ,but you must admit there is nothing for our retired drivers to look forward to and i just think this is something the older, more established reps groups like itdf and others should be trying to secure,afterall they have taken subscriptions from these drivers for years,but gave them nothing in return

  12. bohemian boy

    couldnt believe what happened to me today.i do not work days,i do nights all the time, but today i was out getting my perscription from the chemist.on the way home,a hand comes out so i took the fare. two auld fellas going to darndale . one in the front, and one in the back .i now had nowhere to put me prescription[whichi had beside me on the passanger seat],so i put in the back beside the auld fella who in the back along with a chicken i had bought for her indoors. well if the auld boll,x didnt rob me chicken, and me prescription. i didnt realize they were gone till i left. i dont know what prompted me to look in the back, but when i looked around i was chickenless, and prescriptionless. straight bact to darndale, didnt know which they went into,waited half an hour, no sign of them . was just about to give up,and drive away, when i sees one of the theifing bastards walking up the road. i jumped out and he tried to say the other fella took it.i told him he was a fc,king liar cause he was the one sitting in the back .anyway i got me prescription back,but no chicken.when i threatened to call the cops i was duly handed the price of me chicken.just goes to show even auld fu,ks of that age can rob you if your not careful

  13. Ben

    i brought a very well dressed man, and a young lady from the airport to an apartment in the city centre a few years back, and as i took out his luggage, he robbed my phone. this was an upmarket area, and i did not expect to be robbed. called the cops and had a lot of grief getting fone back, after which he laughed and said it was all a big mistake. total asshole.

  14. ger

    Vat man. dont do it. you will end up bitter and you will hate everybody. and its a total waste of time and money. just relax enjoy your pension and your wine. id be out of it tomorrow if i could. it takes over your whole life. im dead serious.

  15. zed

    @BB,i really wish when drivers have a fare they would turn off their roof sign.its very annoying when they dont because i dont like to pass anyone in front of me if they are still looking for a fare .then suddently some other unscrouplas bastard swoops past the TWO of us, then irealise the first driver DID have a fare after all. PLEASE TURN OFF YOUR ROOFIES WHEN YOU HAVE A FARE

    The Roof sign could easily be connected to the seatbelt sensor, when someone sits down the light goes off…..but someone would protest against it.

  16. C5

    Boh,are those the same guys that place the roof sign at back of the roof instead of the highest point in the middle where it can be seen by someone looking to flag a cab,or is that just a dublin thing.there is a few taxis in galway that have that done,ya dont know thats its a taxi until its nearly kissing your bumper, they must have got it done in dublin or else there dublin rentals.

  17. bohemian boy

    why do ranks [including the greshem]which is the subject of much discussion over on the forum operate this whos last cobblers . surely ALL ranks should operate in such a way that both the punters, and indeed taxi drivers can understand.its very simple really one way in, and one way out. second car follows first car, third car follows second car etc, etc, .ah but i suppose its just the complicated way irish taxi drivers like to work. look at what they did with punters trying to aquire a taxi, they started introducing all this app shite,pay with credit cards, shite etc, etc, taxi drivers appear to be happy only when they are complicating what used to be a simple business

  18. bohemian boy

    goin up for me shoppin now with her indoors,hope there is not loads of auld ones up here, ya cant get up, nor down the fukkin isles with them.some of them even stop for a chat, and they always seem to pick the frozen section,and ya cant get passed them .bleedin freezin i do be

  19. bohemian boy

    ben the day myself, and another cta member had a meeting with the bould kathleen over in 35,she said TWICE during the conversation that she looks in from time,to time. so it just goes to show you dont know WHO is watching

  20. zed

    connect roofie to meter you engage meter roofie lights go out most are wired that way

    so’s mine,problem is when I take a job off the Raywood system ,if I turn off the meter to disengage the roof sign,the system thinks I’m doing the job,when I turn on the meter and engage ,the system thinks you’ve completed the job and goes into price enter mode.

    Synchronise seat sensor with the roof sign and the problems solved,also stops you doing €5 cash jobs locally,therein lies the problem.

  21. zed

    Sorry Ben,

    here’s the nub of it :

    Synchronize seat belt sensor with the roof sign and the problems solved,also stops you doing €5 cash jobs locally, but therein lies the problem.

  22. ger

    B boy. heres a little story from the business section of todays indo that should make you smile,as we all know your hatered of radio conpanys. NATIONAL RADIO CABS MADE LOSSES OF €1.77 MILLION EURO LAST YEAR. next year should be even worse, after hailo take a good chunck of their work.

  23. ger

    Morning chaps any news? Had a nice bottle of red last night. looking forward to passing my test and joining you on the ranks. most of all i cant wait to make €1400 a week plus tips. life will be wonderful. i might even ask my long term partner mr ac to take my hand in civil partnership.. oh it will be splendid. hope you all have a jolly good day. be safe boys. talk later. im off for a nice long walk to clear the head, before i do 4hours of study for my test in march. tally ho…….. Its easy to do vatman.

  24. bohemian boy

    ger i am delighted with the news about nrc, but it only scratches the surface.i wanted enough damage to be done to put these towrags out of business.i ESPECIALLY want to see ebbs, kelly ,kearns, hit hard enough that they will also be licking their wounds. a few months ago the vat man was after them[not our vat man] but there is not a word about that any more either.they probably got away with it.these towrags have absolutely NO respect for the drivers who EMPLOY THEM, the mucsbags that work in the base have even LESS respect,yet drivers still go running to their lords,and masters to give them their ton a week for a service they dont need, or get.but the saddest thing of all is drivers appear to have completely lost all SELF RESPECT by allowing themselves to continue to be treated like PAYE EMPLOYEES

  25. Vat man

    Yes a apartment in Dublin & holiday home in clifden early retirement redundancy paid off the mortages now I have the little pension to live off, however I’m really forward to making the few extra bob working part time driving a taxi

  26. zed

    His car was in a school playground,one of the posters thought it might be a teacher….unlikely,unless he’s teaching them about 40ft containers 🙂

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