It is obvious the inheritance/death/next of kin transfer will go ahead as the Minister is “considering” it and the so called rep bodies are either looking for it or saying nothing so let us consider the outcome.
I see two scenarios;

  1. If an individual Taxi driver dies, his plate is likely to lapse unnoticed in the bottom drawer of the kitchen cupboard
  2. If an MPO dies, a family member will readily take up the reins of the taxi rental empire.

There may be one or two exceptions to the above but generally that is how it will go.

So why aren’t the so called rep bodies up in arms in favour of the individual taxi driver and against the upcoming change to the transfer rules? After all it is the only hope for any future reduction in the fleet.

Why has the Minister changed his tune about no transfer of Taxi plates? Initially it was his number one priority, everything else wason the slow burner but NO TRANSFER was to come in last October, then he said he had to wait until he produced his bill, now the bill needs further amendments to water down this proposal even further.

Who is pressurising him to change his attitude?

Lets look at the so called rep bodies for a clue:

  • NPHTA: It is common knowledge that the leader of this organisation is an MPO, turkeys do not vote for Christmas.
  • ITDF: In a recent publication they actually argued for an MPO saying it was wrong that they couldn’t inherit the business.
  • TTnH: This misguided? ¬†group are arguing about the property assets of drivers being eliminated, don’t they realise they are already worthless and the only hope we have is for a reduction in the fleet, they’ve tried to fool us before saying one thing and meaning another with the rejection of the fare increase so I’m dubious of their motives.
  • NITA: Provided it doesn’t effect the closed shop out in the Airport NITA aren’t really that bothered.

So you can see the Minister realises he will get an easier ride if he allows an inheritance rule and it’s not really any skin of his nose.

In reality the rep bodies, if they actually represented Taxi drivers should be fighting for the No Transfer rule to be as tight as possible, but you should realise … they don’t represent the majority of the fleet, rather just their own personal little patches.

Individual taxi drivers should tell them to stuff their bookkeeping services and legal advice where the sun doesn’t shine.