Opening Up the Airport

I see the Airport Permits are due for renewal soon and the DAA are proposing a €1 per job system to replace it.
This would possibly open up the Airport to the entire Dublin fleet (although they could allow only permit holders to avail of the PPJ system) which would obviously be a much fairer system than what is currently in place.
Taxis dropping off customers at the Airport would no longer have to leave emptyy but instead would have the option of joining the queue for customers there.
It would be beneficial for the industry as the representative bodies would no longer only represent the Taxis out in the Airport as they would effectively be joining in with the rest of the fleet with regard to working arrangements.
I’m sure the rep bodies will fight this all the way suggesting it is somehow better for us, but hopefully we all realise by now, that’s just BULL!

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340 thoughts on “Opening Up the Airport

  1. flybynite

    I am all for it !
    Provided, it is a return to the old system. Which means that drivers who want to work the airport are vetted before issued with a permit.
    Ger, yes it would invite a queue but then, like in the old days there would not be the pressure on drivers having paid 400e up front to join a mile-long q (not having to pay up front would remove the sting out of limiting the q) or, after dropping off somewhere else, to return straight to the airport empty. It will be up to the driver to decide: join the q or leave the airport. On several occasions I have left and picked up a good fare before I even got to Santry. There will be no financial pressure to stay and spend long hours playing cards in the Kesh.
    Of course, that may mean more taxis from the airport joining the crowd in town. But, on the other hand, it could help spread the jobs more evenly.
    And Ben, yes there was a hard core of ….ing ….in (I will leave the actual words or i’d get a knife in my tyres or worse) drivers who dominated the rank and intimidated other drivers.
    I remember the time, now about 11 years ago, when I had to flee the airport rank because I quoted £ 40 for a job to Fairyhouse. The other mobsters wanted £ 100 for the trip. The rank attendant at the terminal pretended not to notice.
    Perhaps, if more drivers will be allowed to work from the Kesh, the power of the cosy cartel (hey, in those days I was a cosy. Where have they all gone?) might if not be broken perhaps hopefully reduced.
    I still get fares to the airport, often business people returning home, who are amazed at the difference in the charges. Airport to the Westbury: usually 35e, more often 40 -50e, then when returning the same is 20 – 25e.
    This gives us all a bad name !
    No, for once I welcome this and hope the DAA will see it through.

  2. flybynite

    I cannot disagree with you on that.
    Maybe a large increase in taxis operating the airport will break the power of methat mafia.
    When I still worked the airport there was a gang of bullies who made sure that nobody would break their rules. One of these rules was: cheat the customers. It would not surprise me if the DAA guys who supervised the rank from the little hut at arrivals were in league with them because they got away with a lot of abuse. Abuse of customers and other drivers who did not obey. I vaguely remember one of the leaders. Now if the following is true I’d better stay clear of the airport for a while in case they still remember: I believe that one of the ringleaders was nicknamed “Shrek”. He looked a bit like him, only he was not so friendly. Maybe these guys are no longer there, it is years ago. But: Yes Ben, it is high time that DAA clean up. Reform is needed !

  3. ger

    Nope. all i could see was traffic jams of taxis. a fooking nightmare trying to get around. more taxis now than ever. dont care what anybody says. THERE ARE MORE AND MORE TAXIS . and next outta the traps is mr bleedin vat man.. a lot of rich OAPS driving taxis, thats for sure.

  4. zed

    I left the Kesh recently after seven years,should have gone a long time ago,joined a Northside radio company and now get more airport jobs than when I worked and paid to pick up there,go figure.

    I’m happy to know while about 380 cars are caged in there ,they’re not roaming the streets,be thankful for small mercies.

  5. Vat man

    Surely you wouldn’t begrudge me the few extra bob. The NTA enforcement officers were out checking taxis as they are aware a lot of drivers have not registered on the NTA portal

  6. bohemian boy

    went out last night, took one look at the amount of taxis that were out, promptly turned the car and went home.its bad enough having to compete with this shite every friday, and saturday night,but i am fooked if im going to do it on sunday night as well. i would much prefare no matches,or events on, and little or no taxis out,rather then loads of stuff on, and 10 million taxis out. there seems to be more taxis now,then ever

  7. bohemian boy

    here another question for yis . whats going to happen with this hailo crowd when they have so many drivers that they will be like rats, you will never be more then 10 foot away from one? do you also think they will spell the end for the towrags that own the radio companies ?

  8. Ben

    vat man theres too many people like you with big state pensions taking our living from us. we are also paying your pension, remember that. and we paid your big gratuity

  9. Vat man

    Oh yes I’m coming into the taxi industry that’s guaranteed. I paid PAYE & PRSI for years so I’m well entitled to all my allowances. Ben how much PAYE do self employed taxi drivers pay or have paid, I’d say very little if any at all. Fact

  10. Vat man

    Tax Clearence Certs is great words that taxi drivers use all the time. How much PAYE have you paid in the last few years. It’s a fact that most self employed taxi drivers have only paid PRSI contributions and that’s only the non scammers. It’s also a fact that most self employed do not declare the full earnings

  11. Vat man

    As far as I am aware the Revenue Commissioners is undertaking full audits against a number of rental operators and rental operators & self employed taxi drivers

  12. bohemian boy

    pratt man i will tell you this, and its true a good mate of mine works with the fraud squad. he cannot be to specific, but told me a number of african taxi drivers are currently under investigation due to large cash transactions occuring regularly in their accounts. these people are not aware they are being investigated, but revenue, and social welfare are going to be moving into the same building so that they can work together on this.he said its not only taxi drivers a number of others are under investigation also.the africians [according to him have been claiming unemployment benefit while working as taxi drivers]

  13. ger

    Ac must have got deported. not a peep outta him in weeks. everyday he was banging on about racism. one donkey gone and a new one arrives. into the weesth.

  14. Vat man

    Some taxi drivers may think €40 fine is worth there while not registering as it may take a bit of time for the driver to be caught. The reason some taxi drivers & rental operators are not registering there drivers is to help there drivers defraud the welfare system. In my opinion the fine should be increased to €250 & if the driver is claiming welfare illegally his or her PSV licence should be revoked immediately

  15. bohemian boy

    in my opinion if someone is defrauding the welfare the penalty should jail plus max fine plus never allowed to drive a taxi again.i think most legit drivers would agree. pratt man you seem to be of the opinion that people on this forum are engeged in fraudulant activity ? if you are making such assertions i challenge you to produce the proof

  16. Ben

    and if the rental operators and mpo’s etc were all banished from the business it would remove a lot of fruadsters from the industry. these people operate the black market, in more ways than one foreign drivers who are totally illegal can rent from these people for cash, no questions asked.

  17. ger

    Ben id say he is on the wine, again. he gets very lippy when hes suppin. a total alco. Dont mind him. he will get a wake up call when he gets behind the wheel of his taxi. that will soften HIS cough. he is lost without his little lap dog ac. Two bleedin auld ones.

  18. Ben

    Ger he gets lots of courage from the wine as the day goes on, but a real mouse early on. personality disorder no doubt. Boh he would be an ideal pope with all the free wine they would be wheelin him around just like the current fella

  19. Vat man

    I am not accusing anyone on this website of fraud. Ben I agree with you the rental market in the taxi industry has to be watched closely with reference to welfare fraud

  20. Vat man

    I have no doubt in the coming months a few rental operators will have there licence suspended if any of them assist there drivers in defrauding the welfare system

  21. Ben

    fines for rental operators should match the offence as they have enabled someone to operate illegally,and/or to defraud revenue/welfare. start the fines at 10,000 euro for first offence, and double it for second. if a third offence occurs, revoke the licence completely.

  22. Vat man

    I’m sure there is fines for rental operators the NTA applies to all plate owners same rules apply. There driver renting the taxi does not register, the plate owner registers his drivers details

  23. Vat man

    Did he give you a reference number sidewinder when you called the NTA? And did you not know you had to register by the 31st of January? I’m sure they will give you the benefit of doubt. but get clarification you said he said is no good if your not registered. Oh yes I live alone in a posh part of Dublin

  24. flybynite

    Some drivers seem to invite the cops to come and fine them. It’s now 250e for a small offence?
    Like this eve there was some teeny-bopper event in Fleet Street. Cop at the corner of Westmoreland Street prevented all traffic to enter Fleet Street.
    So an illegal rank formed on the left where the bus stops are, well before even the bus services ended for the night. There is a legit night rank across, at Lafayette. No taxis there but a free-for-all at the bus stops. Buses could hardly pass or pull in at their stop.
    Some taxi drivers are giving us all a bad name. There were not enough cops available to deal with the illegal rank but I heard from my “friendly” Garda that they will use this kind of behaviour as an excuse to come down like the proverbial ton of bricks on other occasions.
    Well done, h.les. With so many taxis around, we are in the spotlight all the time. No need to invite them to take a closer look. Because: if they want to find something they will.

  25. ger

    Can someone exlplain to me how a guy from india can get into ireland and end up posting pizza menus into letterboxes? What visa did he get for that? The pizzavisa? hes lucky he didnt show up at my door looking for money. he would have got a baseball to the back of his big thick stupid fooking head. anyway some stupid judge gives this tosspot 7 grand because a dog nipped his finger? im sure this tosser is driving a taxi. DEPORT.DEPORT. fooking vermin.

  26. flybynite

    I dont need a pizzaposter or curryflyer. I know where my local pizzaboy is and the curryindian is not far either.
    Come to D8. Luxury Dolphin condos, pizza, curry and charlie available on the doorstep. Dope courtesy of the Ghost Of Bin Laden.
    I think I saw Vatman going from door to door delivering flyers. His ‘131 reg Merc with luxury roof sign and velvet and satin door stickers was parked at the corner.
    I think he had a bumper sticker saying “Taximen are all dopes”.
    Or maybe it was “doped”, I forgot.

  27. Vat man

    Most of the Indians & Pakistan drivers are a credit to the taxi industry & Ireland to. The Asian community have always been very hard working in my opinion

  28. flybynite

    Al Capone was a hard worker, so were Bin Laden, Pol Pot, Adolf Hitler, Stalin, Mugabe. Probably even the Yorkshire ripper.
    Hard working means little, what they work at does.
    Before I get howls of protest about “racism”: The above is NOT aimed at any community, I just wanted to make the point about the meaning of “hard working”. And I also must haste to add that I have never had any problems with Asian fares.

  29. John

    What they need to do is have an office at arrivals where the customer would state destination and pay. He would be issued with a voucher which he would give to the driver on arrival. Fares are calculated on distance and traffic conditions and include a tip.
    You would not get so many going over the M50 to get to Blackrock with that system.
    Athens in Greece had this system when we were there

  30. Vat man

    If he know basic english why not. Anyway it’s one job that would improve his english. As for some of the Dublin taxi drivers that have taken me around the city I’m Irish and its woeful grammar they use. As for this voucher system John that only helps dispatch companies & already there fixed fare system is in place. Ben I think you have more chance of winning the lotto than having our Asian friends deported. That buy irish does not wash with me when I need a taxi

  31. Vat man

    The NTA should ban taxi drivers from wear track suits,runners, base ball caps, in my opinion the NTA should issue uniforms at each taxi drivers own expense all public services have uniforms the taxi industry should not be exempt.

  32. bohemian boy

    is it not the case that radio companies ALREADY dictate to their drivers what to wear,? in addition to dictating what to charge, in addition to what jobs they want covered,and disiplining them for not doing so? is it not ALSO the case that the things they SHOULD be doing for their drivers like diseplining rude base staff, and stopping work going out the back door , they have failed misirably at ?

  33. bohemian boy

    pratt man it is proper, and right that drivers should dress approapriately when working, but it is NOT up to any gangster like ebbs, kearns, or kelly to decide on what format that dress code should take.

  34. Vat man

    Your right BB the Minister will decide that & hopefully in the next few months we will see smart dressed looking taxi drivers gone will be the days of smelly trainers & track suits the consumers deserve better

  35. bohemian boy

    pratt man i dont think you have soften anybodys cough, as you put it.most drivers would subscribe to the view that they should dress approapriately , and most of them seem to be of the opinion that the drivers on here are a bunch of layabouts who go around in football shirts,and tracksuits.they would not do much business if that were the my own situation i WILL NOT allow noel ebbs, vinny kearns, or anthony kelly tell me what to wear now, or i never will. as for assertion that the public deserve it, they DONT.some of the public treat us like something you would wipe off your shoe,about the the same amount as the taxi drivers who wear the tracksuits, and football shirts

  36. Ben

    uniforms are a load of bollix, clean casual gear is ok, and a clean driver is essential. track suits i dont agree with, they just dont look right

  37. Vat man

    Remember the customer is always right they are the ones who are keeping the roof over your heads and putting the bread & butter on the table. That reminds me I forgot all about my cottage pie in the oven. Back later I must check on my pie

  38. bohemian boy

    ben most people do not have a problem with the driver,or the car as long as both are clean, and presentable.the idea behind the uniforms is so that the 3 amigos mentioned in my previous post can advertise their gangster radio companies,and once again AT THE DRIVERS EXPENSE

  39. flybynite

    Vatto what is wrong with CLEAN casual wear ? We have the example of two TD’s who sit in the Dail sticking up there finger to dress code. They look like tramps just fished from the dredges and quickly dried before taking there seat in the Dail. But it will not surprise me if Kelly forces us to wear a uniform. Probably with our licence no. embroidered on the breast pocket. Next we will have random inspections to check if we wear the uniform, wear the prescribed uncomfortable shoes in the prescribed color and to make sure our hair is combed and our teeth brushed. If you shave your head you will have to wear a wig (with parting). All drivers must have black hair. This is to stop racism. If you are blond or red you have the choice: either dye it or wear a black wig when working. Beards will be compulsory to satisfy Muslims. Female taxi drivers must be veiled and cover there hair. Kelly is not going to ban women from driving (yet). Soon Irish taxi drivers will be examined on there knowledge of Lagos, Bejing, Accra, Islamabad, Cape Town, Warsaw or Riga. If they fail there licence will be taken away and given to an immigrant who does know. Speaking Inglis is not a requirement, Urdu, Polish or any African language is an advantage. Or at least you can pretend, Kelly’s inspectors won’t know the difference. Sorry AC, this is of course a joke !
    Before it becomes law and prices go up, I will get my own uniform. With gold braid on the sleeves and the peak of the cap. But this can also give problems I remember years ago when I dropped a Yank at a Dublin hotel.
    A pilot in full uniform was on the steps waiting for his crew bus (or maybe he had just arrived). Anyway, my yank paid me, dragged his enormous case up the steps and said to this pilot: “Bring this to my room, boy”. You should have seen the guy’s face !
    Well, one uniform cancels another. So it will be the end of Ebbs, Kearns or the others forcing there dress code on us. Or will there be room on the breast pocket for the names like “Shitty Cabs”, “Crabby Cabs”, “Fail O” or other shyster operators?

  40. Ben

    i will never wear a uniform thats forced on me, thats a step too far. as boh said, clean driver and clean car will satisfy the vast majority of passengers. vat man you are talking pure drivel, now go and eat your pie.

  41. flybynite

    er right Ben there has to be a stop to all the nonsense we have to comply with. Nothing is an improvement and everything costs us money

  42. ger

    Vat. u really do talk a load of rubbish. u prove yourself to be a total wind up merchant everyday. im starting to think your ac with wine and cottage pie on board. go take a long break in the west.

  43. Vat man

    There is nothing wrong with clean casual dress, however a lot of other taxi driver do not seem to dress appropriately & for this reason the uniform dress code must be introduced.
    Anyone failing to comply may be fined & receive points. I believe unions are in support of this dress code

  44. Vat man

    There is no room for illegal & non compliant taxi drivers in the industry. Grey slacks blue shirt & a navy jumper & black shoes you’d get 2 sets of uniforms for €200. In all fairness it won’t break the bank a lot of taxis drivers attatched to radio companies are already in compliance

  45. ger

    U can afford that with ur 3 grand pension. i cant even afford to change my car with 350k on the clock. dont talk rubbish. uniform my arse. we know we live in a nanny state, but cop on. whos going to pay for it! . Because im fooking not.

  46. ger

    Ben that vatman is a pi$$taker. id rather read acs long rambling rants. at least they were funny. He didnt mean them to be funny, but they were. this vat man would have ya on prozac and whiskey for breakfast..

  47. Vat man

    Would you go way out of that I can’t afford it same old tune over & over again hahahahahaha you all said that about the door stickers are here they are on taxis now. I don’t believe the taxi industry it’s is bad as you all make out your not fooling me anyway

  48. flybynite

    Guys the vat man is talking like he is trying to draw us out. He may have another agenda. He really may be a “VAT” man. Be careful, I start suspecting that there is something behind the remarks he makes, he may be a plant.
    It will be difficult to prove, or disprove our situation. Often we have a cash flow that would seem to point at a decent income. By pissing us off he seems trying to figure out what we earn because the NTA / Regulator / Revenue think we are lying. They think we are making shitloads of money and are whingeing about how difficult the taxi industry is. I suspect that the vat man is in their pay to see if he can get us to “admit” that we are all workshy liars who are raking it in. Then they will – I suspect – come down on us again to try and squeeze more money out of us.
    Well, I can speak only for myself and I can only repeat what I have written on this forum before:
    It may be true that up till about 8 years ago it was possible to make a decent living driving a taxi.
    It was not necessary to work excessive hours.
    Sometimes I worked only 30 hours a week. Sounds great, but that was at night. I have been robbed, beaten up, had runners, pukers, women who pee’ed on the back seat, girls who threatened to scream “rape” unless I let them off without paying. The works. It was rough and risky work but the compensation was that I could afford some free time.
    Not any longer, Vat man. Please report to your lords and masters in government – because I believe you are a government spy – that our situation is exactly as most claim.
    We were thrown to the wolves by the reps who were paid by us and used our “union” contributions to build up fat pensions and invest in cab companies that now are enslaving us.
    Our situation is not helped by the fact that our income fluctuates like an aeroplane during an air show. Up, down, looping the loop. Sometimes falling out of the sky in a spin. Then again it may soar again but the average is that, over a continuous period of time I come to about 14 to 16 Euro for every hour I work, depending on the time of day and year. 10 years ago it was over 24 Punt and in those days I could fill my tank for £25. Now a fill is more like 60 Euro, or about £50. The price of fuel has doubled in the past 8 years or so. And then I could always find a place at a rank, now they are full and it is up to the whim of the cops if they leave us in peace if we exceed the rank. Usually I have to keep cruising a lot longer so I burn more. For less fares.
    So, mr vat man, if I were to limit myself to 40 hours a week, then my gross take would be in the order of 600 Euro. Even if I drive carefully, I burn about 35 Euros worth of diesel in a shift. Often more.
    So again, assuming the same hours you work in your cosy civil service office, this would come to about e175.
    Out of the remaining 425 I still have to pay maintenance, car loan – or set aside some for a replacement, call it depreciation it’s all the same: comes out of the pocket – unexpected repairs, mobile phone – in the old days we sounded the horn when we arrived at the pick-up, now we are expected to call on the mobile – our insurance, licence and PSV renewals, all the costly rubbish that NTA demands, our uniforms if you get your way, vat man and what is left at the end of the week? Sweet eff all ! We still have to get our tax clearance cert so: we keep going. Forty hours will not come near to allowing us even one shopping trolley full at Lidl so: we keep going. We keep going and going. Because even when we do 60 hours we are on the breadline. My wife had a job cleaning offices. She was laid off but TG she is getting the dole or we would not survive, vat man.
    And with two teenagers, one approaching leaving cert. She wants to go to university but no chance. Ruairy Quinn swore that he would introduce college fees “over his dead body”. So we have a dead minister of education. No wonder there is such a bad smell in government.
    I have tried to get a job with Dublin Bus. Guess what? They are talking of reducing staff. And many drivers are …. immigrants. Bus Eireann ? No vacancies. JJK, Collins, Dualway, Bartons, Morton etc.: all the same, no vacancies. So like so many in the taxi industry: we are trapped.
    Easy pickings for yet another scheme. Do you have shares in an outfitters that is promised a government contract to supply taxi drivers’ uniforms, vat man?

  49. Vat man

    I have no doubt that the Revenue Commissioners will be fair & they will look at everyone’s income on a individual you basis. The Revenue Commissioners are very good at doing audits & it would be easy to calculate every taxi drivers proper earnings, as such when the vehicle goes for NCT on a annual basis the mileage is calculated on a year by year basis along with taxi meter readings if required. One should note it is an offence to submit a false declaration when submitting annual returns. We all have to pay our fair share of taxes during these tough economic times & I’m sorry to say that the self employed in the taxi industry are not exempt. Flybynite I think if I’m correct in one of your previous comments in December you commented that you thought the recession was over as there was no waiting time on the ranks. Flybynite the enconomy was booming right up to late 2008 so I don’t understand we’re the 8 years are coming from. Flybynite you claim you work only 40 hours per week. You can not look at working in the taxi industry as working for an employer on a 9 to 5 basis, if you did an extra 20 hours per week your life style would improve a lot

  50. Vat man

    Everyone understands that their are to many taxis in the industry & things are more difficult now than in the boom years. But it’s a fact that many taxi drivers are only returning less than €2,000, if that, and many rental operators are claiming they are at a loss. I find this hard to believe. This in my opinion can not continue. I have done a lot of research into the taxi industry and I’m well aware of the facts. Investigations may be conducted, but not just against the taxi industry. I’m no spy for anyone I’m just an average Joe

  51. Ben

    Joe Spy is more like it,you are here fishing for info for your buddies in the tax office. if you come into the business, you will see just how bad things are for a full time driver with no other income. you seem shocked that Ger has 350,000 on the clock, but this is quite common now, as drivers cannot afford to change cars. and banks are unwilling to lend to the taxi industry. its becoming a part timers game,slowely but surely.

  52. Vat man

    You mean none of you would answer an obvious question. If I asked a question, what is the average kilometres a taxi would do in any 12 month period,ect. It’s clear to me that a lot of you taxi drivers are not declaring their proper earning. Usually when an audit is requested the application for the Tax Clearance Cert is withdrawn. Full time self employed taxi drivers want their cake & eat it. Your really only fooling yourselves. By the way I’m not going away hahahaha

  53. Vat man

    Goodness it’s very quite on here today, it must be really busy out their in the taxi business, mind you it would be its very over cast looking and it seems like rain is on the way

  54. Vat man

    The average self employed full time taxi driver working days would travel 3,300 km per month the night full time driver would cover an average of 4,500 km per month

  55. Vat man

    On my travels in a taxi at present this taxi claims to have done 50,000km over the past 12 months 09 car very nice uniformed driver very presentable looking. Question 2 how is business ? he told me its just ok, he is married 2 kids just lives outside the city his net income is around €450 pw. It really does not add up 50,000km in the last 12months, he must have a lot of expenses servicing ect

  56. Vat man

    Rental operator Dublin advertising on Done Deal a few weeks ago. I & a few others decided to give this person a call over the space of a few weeks, nice gentleman we asked taxi for rent? No sorry there all out at present. I had a few mins conversation with him very pleasant gentle man. I asked him how’s business? he said its good at the moment he said I have been lucky enough in the last 12 months most of my cars have been leased & he is intending to purchase more taxis. But fortunately, I believe he has claimed he has had huge losses over the last 12 months in annual returns. That’s just what I heard anyway & there is an investigation going on now. Poor creator

  57. ger

    Vat man my car is 06. 34grand it cost plus6.9%. It now has 350k.Was offered 2 . yes 2 grand on a trade in. i will never buy a new car again. i will buy a banger and get a couple of years out of it. sure most people i have in the car are drunk anyway, they dont give a fook what they get home in, once they get home.if people want a decent car they can phone for a fookin limo. and pay limo rates. they want a cheap way home they can get a taxi. why should i burst my balls paying for a decent car and get no help off anybody. vrt should be scrapped for taxis. end of.

  58. Vat man

    Take out the non compliant taxi drivers the tax evaders and welfare cheats and you will see a big change in the taxi industry & then you will see business improve. There are still a lot of PSV holders out there & there details have not been registered on the NTA portal & the NTA are aware that they are still driving taxis. Some of the taxi drivers in question have not declared there income to the DSP

  59. Vat man

    Ger so I was right the average taxi does do about 50 to 55 km per year working that out at €1.40 per km not including extra passengers or pick up charges on 55km annually works out around €77,000 per year divide by 52 weeks = around €1480 per week then taking at another 10k per year for extra passengers €87,000 then taking in we’re you could deduct a few thousand miles for crusing around trying to pick up taxi fares & your expenses. I would think if your taxi meters were examined they would show interesting readings. It must have been some car for €34,000 none the less a good return in profit I would think

  60. Vat man

    Your very welcome to correct me Ger if I’m wrong, I know my figures won’t be exactly spot of without further clarification. But with all this poor chit chat from the taxi industry warranted further research

  61. Vat man

    Did your local Revenue office not take into account of you loan repayments Ger when you were submitting your annual returns. that in itself in my opinion would he help from the state. I thought a new D4D avensis was under 30k, however I stand to be corrected

  62. bohemian boy

    vat man for somebody that is NOT in the industry, you show yourself to have a exceptionally keen interest in it. now the only conclusion i can draw from that is, either you are gathering information on behalf of revenue,or some other govt agency,or your a mpo trying to find out just how the new rules will effect you.NOBODY does the amount of research you claimed to have done without a vested interest its amazing that each time you are on here ,it is to talk about the legalities sourounding the new suspecion is that you are unsure how they will affect you personally, and you want us to tell you. you are trying to tease us out

  63. Vat man

    I take it BB you haven’t sent me any Valentines card or my favourite chocolates Hahahahahahaha but you’d have to agree with me I have made some interesting points. Your all very welcome to correct me if I’m wrong

  64. Vat man

    I would think I’m doing the hard working taxi men a favour, the ones that are compliant with the industry rules , paying there taxes due and not scamming the state illegally. Ask yourself do you want compliance in the taxi industry or not, or do you all feel you can do a better job at it without the NTA. The taxi unions are in support of the new changes made, I also believe they are also in support of uniformed dress code

  65. bohemian boy

    firstly pratt man the reason i have not sent you a valintine card is obvious . the boys in the george would be upset. secondly while i am very much in favour of the new rules and the implications contained within, you are completely WRONG in you assertion that the unions are in favour of them. ttnh in particular have done everything in their power to oppose their introduction

  66. ger

    Vat man you are way WAY off on your figures. id say if i had a fare in the taxi for 20k out of the 50k id be doing well. you will find out just how far off you are when you get on the road..

  67. Ben

    most of the illegal activity is carried out by foreign unlicenced uninsured drivers who dont even have an ordinary driving licence. bat man you dont have a clue whats going on

  68. ger

    Ben i agree. all the filthbags that are on welfare and then go rent a car for the weekend and drive it nonstop for 36 hrs. ive said it before and i will say it again. The rot is in the rental market. full of vermin. dublin is crawling with them. should all be deported back to the cesspit they came from. a fooking national disgrace. the tide is turning, people are getting sick of them. GOOD

  69. Ben

    african rent-a-wreck taxis and welfare scammers have the business dragged into the gutter. nothing will change until the rental market is banned.end of.

  70. Vat man

    You are right Ger the rental market needs to be really looked at. As for 350km in your 06 taxi you must have been using it for a lot of personal use if you had a low income from driving your taxi I have my own reservations with reference to how much taxi drivers are earning lets see we’re the future takes us

  71. Vat man

    You must offer fantastic fixed fares Ger if you have 350 km on the clock and you claim to be making 20k annually after your expenses. You must think we came down in the last shower

  72. Vat man

    With the waffle I read on here from a lot of Irish taxi drivers I’m in full support of the foreign taxi drivers. I’m sure they could teach you lot a few things

  73. Ben

    and you talk the same lingo as them, total shite. maybe you are one of them in a nice cosy free council house, complete with extras like medical card etc etc

  74. Vat man

    I reckon Ben you have psychological problems & you need help it’s not normal for anyone to think the way that you do about non nationals. Tell me this if a non national got into to your taxi at the rank and asked to be dropped home to there council house, would you refuse the taxi fare? I think not

  75. Ben

    i dont have problems, but you clearly do. its called wine.yes i accept all fares in my taxi, thats what i signed up for. what i object to is foreign people driving taxis illegaly, and calling the cops etc racist when they are caught. go drive a taxi, and see for yourself whats going on out there.
    i also object to foreign people being jumped ahead of irish people to get council houses. they are not entitled to anything in this country.

  76. Vat man

    Say it to your local TD or councillor no doubt he will show you the door. AC is driving a taxi legally & the feed of racist abuse he was given is disgraceful

  77. Vat man

    I look forward to seeing you all in your fancy uniforms later this year it will be a big change as most of you look like Worzel Gummidge, however miracles are know to happen

  78. Ben

    ac tried to dish out shit here and he is the most racist excuse for a human i have ever come across.
    my local td knows exactly what i think of imported tow rags getting council houses. we have become a nation of fools.
    and how do you know whether this ac object is legal or not.

  79. Vat man

    What support have you got? Well there is none of the TD’s or councillors listen to your waffle even Galway FM & Joe Duffy have given up taking all the taxi drivers phone calls

  80. ger

    I never said said i made 20k. i said if i had fares in the car 20k out of 50klm. i would be doing well. u must be havin a right sup to night. you seem to be missing your old buddy ac. vat man ac was a racist. did you not know that?

  81. ger

    Id say vat man passed out from all the wine he had tonight. id say he is dreaming about the €1400 he THINKS he is going to make every week. He is in fir a very hard kick up the hole. dreamer

  82. Vat man

    You drive 20 kilometres and the next 30km you make no money would you go away out of that pull the other one Ger. what about all the short distances you travel with extra passengers €8 to €10 making of for the long distances travels

  83. Vat man

    I’d say most full time taxi drivers are taking in €700 pw + on a quite week after expenses AC & Ghandi are making that & there not Irish & they don’t have as much experience as a lot of Irish drivers & they are a credit to the taxi industry

  84. Vat man

    I was brought home this evening by a nice foreign taxi driver who is with a radio company he explained to me that his income varies from week to week but last week he made €1040 before expenses he also explained to be he is on the BTWEA scheme and this has helped him pay for his taxi he also is a credit to the taxi industry & the Government were correct in my opinion to grant some of these non nationals a licence I know the owners of the taxi company are very happy with the hard work that they do. Again uniformed drivers presentable, pleasant, & very helpful

  85. Vat man

    And Ger that’s what they are making in good radio companies, so they tell me , maybe you should join one. Do you receive any income support from the state Ger

  86. ger

    Ac might send you a card from lagos looking for your bank acc number. hes has come into 10 mil and he needs a nice old chap like you to get it outof nigeria. he will pay you 10% of course. ben might send you a package. if its ticking call the bomb squad. and my mass card is in the post. happy valentines day.

  87. ger

    Great news on the front of todays indo chaps. minister hayes has said former highly paid public servants are to have their pensions cut. my heart bleeds. might softens a certain persons cough around here. looks like its going to be a nice day. Splendid.

  88. bohemian boy

    confirmed at last.[quote from the pratt above] im looking forward to seeing you all in your fancy uniforms.i told ya this fella is as bent as a nine bob note.he is more suited to the george,then he is to the rank

  89. ger

    Id say that vat man has a massive hangover. the rubbish he came out with last night. you want to get your act together vat man. your turning into a right mess. pull yourself together man. go get the help you so badly need. the figures you came out with last night would make sean “robber” fitzpatrick blush. get real vat man. lay off the wine. your a disgrace.

  90. Vat man

    And a lot of Irish taxi are a disgrace the way the go to work like Worzel Gummidge. Ger your only kidding yourself if you expect us to believe your net income is €400 to €500, And if it is true you must be a part timer, so work a bit harder. Anyway the minister has future plans on the way for self employed taxi drivers & rental operators. In my opinion the minimum fare by day should be €2,50 & €3,00 by night & 50 cents per extra passenger. Taxi fares are to high in this country in other EU countries the fares are much cheaper

  91. Vat man

    I just heard around a high number of taxi drivers received a fixed charge penalties over the last week or so , for non compliance, it’s obvious the message is not getting a across. Also a number of taxi drivers have also have been cut off from welfare allowances and they are waiting to be interviewed by the DSP. Well done to the NTA & DSP & to the taxi drivers who telephoned the confidential hotline to report such matters

  92. Vat man

    Do you ever notice when ever there is a check point that NTA & DSP inspectors are out in force the amount of empty taxis that do be parked up & and the taxi drivers to be in there local Mc Donald’s

  93. Vat man

    All them lovely 10 D regs 11 D regs 12 D regs going around the place. Why would anyone invest that kind of money in these fancy cars if there is not much money to be made in the taxi industry. Really it makes no sense. And all the rental operators seem to have no problem leasing there taxis. I can’t get my head around how a lot independent taxi drivers are struggling

  94. bohemian boy


    there once was an asshole called pratt man
    who fell for a fella called bat man
    he got a surprise when he opened his eyes
    and found out it was really ac in discuise

    nah doesnt really ryme does it ?

  95. Vat man

    I just have a small holiday home also in atlanic view bundoran & a mobile home in youghal but there empty most of the year I spend most of my time at the holiday home in clifden when I have time, I rent the others out in the summer

  96. Vat man

    It’s expensive keeping all of these homes and the management fee’s takes a big chunk out of the holiday rentals & don’t forget the property taxes I pay

  97. Vat man

    I have worked very hard for what I have today & I invested in wisely during the boom years. What did you taxi drivers do with all the money you made during the boom years? Or we’re you always struggling?

  98. Vat man

    But the young men tell me in the George & the Dragon what some taxi drivers try on when they are dropping them home after the night club closes & they say these drivers are married men. I’m sure most of you know this goes on its totally disgusting behaviour, the drivers in question should have there PSV licences revoked

  99. Vat man

    Please accept my apologies BB if I got you over excited with my comments with reference to the uniform dress code, it was certainly not my intention to lead anyone on. I will have to choose my words more carefully in any comments I make in the future

  100. flybynite

    A long list of comments between my last exchange with vat man.
    At times he seems very well read, other times he cannot read at all.
    May I come back to your earlier comment (now buried in a lot of others):
    I never said here that I thought the recession was over.
    My only comment was that during the lead-up to Christmas I was doing well enough. Which is to be expected, it is always the busy time of the year but I did not well at all during the same period in 2011 and it was fortunate that my wife still had a job (she is laid off now and a job seeker) or we would not have survived. This year, unless I have an unforeseen disaster, it looks like I will make it until March when business traditionally picks up again.
    And when I mentioned a 40-hour week I was talking about at least 8 if not 10 years ago.
    My calculations (and I stand over them) show that UNLESS I do an absolute minimum of 60 hours a week, my net income is just about 160 euro. A WEEK. In fact, I often do more hours, 80 hours a week is not unusual. I often go home for a rest and then join the battlefield again.
    This way, I am not doing too badly but at what price? I live like an animal. Sleep, eat, rest, sleep, eat, rest. Etc, etc… It is a merry-go-round without end. No family life. That, Vat man, is to-day’s reality.
    Wake up and shut up until you know what you are talking about !

  101. Vat man

    It’s obvious by some of the comments I read on here that some taxi drivers are going around with cotton wool heads on there shoulders, and they are objecting to every proposal put forward

  102. Vat man

    Are you Taxi drivers aware you may have to do another full knowledge test when your 5 year PSV driving licence expires I hear there were proposal brought forward on this. I am wondering how many taxi drivers would be able to pass the new knowledge test. Taxi drivers with over 12 months experience should pass it no problem I would think

  103. ger

    Dont mind him ben he was on the wine and tablets last night. page 22 of the indo today. another import who could’nt keep his hands to himself off on a taxpayers holiday to jail today. how many more vermin like that is there out there? I had a girl in the car back in december, same thing happened to her. she even got his badge number. i asked her did she report it, she didnt, i asked her to, as the next girl might not be so “lucky” said she would. she will use hailo now. wont use a rank or flag. with trash like this driving around i dont blame her.

  104. Vat man

    No room for any abusers in the taxi industry & I agree any form of abuse should be reported to the authorities.Take also a look of the amount of Irish taxi drivers who are also or that have been on that tax payers holiday

  105. bohemian boy

    i was just thinking.if we have to have a taxi rental section within the industry,why not push for this roll to be taken on by the state.something along the lines of the bikes used in the city.they say they want to shake up the rental sector and free it from all criminality, what better way to do this then take on this roll themselves ? they would be the sole operators of such a scheme,and could get rid of the crooks at the same time

  106. ger

    All he got was 3 years, with 1 year suspended. and 10 years on the pervert register. banned from driving a taxi. teach the little pervert to keep his hand to himself. he should be deported back to the sewer he crawled out of after he completes his sentence. one less filthbag on the road.

  107. ger

    Ben you should never say you had a busy day, vat man will be banging on about your busy day from now until christmas. you know what he is like. he must have conked out from the wine again to night not a peep out of him. peace at long last.

  108. flybynite

    Vat man has a job: taxi driver baiting.
    He probably is also involved in badger baiting. Watch out for him. He may be a lawyer (pronounced correctly in Co. Clare as “lyer”) because he twists everything.
    But on another subject:
    Reducing the number of taxis is so simple, I wonder why nobody has thought of it yet. Well, it will not be popular in the world of taxi drivers because it will take nearly EVERY taxi driver off the road.
    Yesterday I was called on short notice to do a day tour as coach driver. A regular probably had called in sick, it was my lucky day.
    Driving back into Dublin in the early evening it struck me how AWFULLY BAD the behaviour of the average taxi driver was.
    I never realised that until confronted with the situation from the perspective of a coach driver. It was complete Wild West. No rule that was not broken. Overtaking, undertaking, driving straight out of an exit, one pratt overtook me while I was in the bus lane, then cut in right in front of me and then braked to pick up. Others undertake just as I was taking a turn, blissfully ignoring the room a coach needs to complete the turn.
    another undertook me in Thomas Street, then cut me up to avoid parked cars. Another nearly rammed me in Inchicore as he was driving straight though the red light.
    Are taxi drivers really so stupid that they do not know that a bus or coach is not as manoeuvrable as a taxi? Do they not know that we need to turn wide? Do they not know that a coach may need a bit more room to stop? And: do they not care about the lives of the fares they carry? It was an eye opener, really UNBELIEVABLE. When driving my taxi I think it is just competition between us. I saw now that it is just total and utter ignorance.
    So the quickest way to reduce the number of taxis is: A compulsory driving re-test for every taxi driver.
    I can guarantee that, based on what I saw last night, that 90% will fail. Of those, no more than 25% will pass on re-test.
    I reckon that of the remainder, maybe as many as half will not get their driving licence back at all.
    Yes guys, an instant reduction of about 30% of all taxi drivers will be taken off the road if this “proposal” were to become reality !
    Good evening to yer all !

  109. C5

    In july 2012 there was a total of 741 taxis and W.A.T in galway,as of the end of january 2013 there are 733 taxis and W.A.T thats a reduction of only 9 taxis in 6 months that does not inclued the 200+hacks about 50 or so of them work in galway city.these new so called rules are not working.

  110. ger

    Fly. most of the drivers you saw last night never did a driving test to start with. they paid a look a like to do it for them. thats a fact. one idiot got caught when HE went to do the driving test for a WOMAN in kilkenny. thats the type of fools they are. and when they are caught the race card comes out.

  111. bohemian boy

    lads i think its premature to say the new rules are not working they have not even been sighed into law yet. this process will happen very soon. i have read extracts from the proposed bill particularly in relation to the restrictions to be placed on double jobbers.i believe if it is enacted in its present form it will have the desired affect,not to mention the other stipulations. kelly seems to be serious about wanting to sort out the industry.

  112. flybynite

    Anyway, I was not commenting on anything other than what I could see. From the seat of a coach it is impossible to see the driver of a car (taxi). I was just commenting on the near-collective death wish of Dublin taxi drivers.
    About 15 years ago I drove the roro all over the continent.
    Italian drivers are angels, compared to what I saw last night. the biggest risk was waking up in the cab in the morning with a headache and find the trailer missing.
    The road to Turkey through former Yugoslavia was more like it: total mayhem. But in Turkey at least there were 2 rules of the road:
    Rule 1: Aim for the open space,
    Rule 2: Brake in time.
    Rule 3: An extra rule in Italy: Keep the hand on the horn and window open, ready for “the finger”.
    Dublin taxi drivers’ interpretation of rule 1 is: It is up to the other drivers to find the open space and rule 2: Brake hard, especially with a large bus you just cut up on right behind.
    So guys, if compulsory testing comes into effect you’d better study the rules and start practising. Starting with rules 1 and 2 as above !

  113. Ben

    Fly my last post was a swipe at batman, not you. he has a pension of 30k, or so he says, and now he wante to be a taxi driver, and take our living from us, like lots of other scabs.

  114. flybynite

    Anyway, we may as well all go home guys.
    I was just getting out on the battlefield again when I heard on the news that FF are on top again.
    I am not saying that FG and Labour are covering themselves in glory but anything and everything better than the lot of crooks, corrupt shysters and thieves that were in power before.
    The party that allowed corrupt bankers to enrich themselves,
    the party that allowed their TD’s to pocket well-stuffed brown envelopes,
    the party that allowed crooked developers to pocket billions,
    the party that allowed those who threw the wrecking ball through the economy of the country to walk of with platinum handshakes,
    the party that made sure that the highest paid were rewarded again and again,
    the party that handed huge pensions to the top brass and took away from the lower paid,
    the party that did nothing to prevent the troika and the ECB to dictate what the so-called “sovereign state of Ireland” may or may not do,
    I always thought that we were a nation of well-educated people.
    I now see that we are a nation of cap-doffers and forelock touchers.
    We still bow and step back in the dirt for the lords and masters.
    The centuries of suppression have cowed us so much, we love being pissed and shat at.
    Michael Collins, you must turn in your grave now !

  115. flybynite

    Ah home for a short break !
    Not a bad evening so far, but nothing much to write home about either.
    OK BB, you are right but nobody is perfect.
    I just wanted to highlight how quickly the public forgets what party dumped the country in the shite. Bertie walked off with an excellent pension, gobshite Biffo ditto. They paid off the imbeciles like Neary who watched it all thumb in neither region. There still is a strong suspicion that a certain politician helped a certain now very big businessman get a licence for a mobile phone company that he was neither entitled to nor qualified for. Another politician of that party talked a lot of ordinary people into buying shares in Eircom. Many lost a stack, but a few very rich investors then managed to extract a fortune out of the same shares. The list goes on and on. Now the same party that sold the country down the swanny is back up again as the most popular.
    How stupid can the Irish public get ? I did not think we had that short a memory ! Shame, shame, shame !

  116. flybynite

    PS before I go back on the road:
    At least I did not have any money to spare when Eircom was floated.
    I might have been tempted but for once my lack of cash was a stroke of luck !
    And the same politician now is often in the media portrayed as a nice old granny !

  117. Ben

    then why take the test, the africans dont take it, and look what they get away with. you will even get a house and medical card for breaking the law.

  118. bohemian boy

    jayus fly i am STILL hopeful that as the year progresses we will see more,and more taxis going off the road when the new rules kick in,but on the basis of the amount of taxis that were in town last nite its hard to be optimistic

  119. flybynite

    Kelly was talking about taking the drivers with convictions for serious offences off the road.
    But the bleedin’ hearts brigade are already screaming there lungs out.
    And the shyster lawyers are rubbing there hands. They make more money out of the taxi industry than the drivers by keepin the gangsters in the job that allows them to hide there real means of income.
    Fat man maybe you have a few gangsters amongst your friends.
    The ones that use a taxi as a smokescreen to launder there money.
    Mebbe that is why you think that honest, full-time drivers are rolling in the dough.
    My daughter has the ditionnarry so sorry for speling mistakes.

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