Opening Up the Airport

Opening Up the Airport

I see the Airport Permits are due for renewal soon and the DAA are proposing a €1 per job system to replace it.
This would possibly open up the Airport to the entire Dublin fleet (although they could allow only permit holders to avail of the PPJ system) which would obviously be a much fairer system than what is currently in place.
Taxis dropping off customers at the Airport would no longer have to leave emptyy but instead would have the option of joining the queue for customers there.
It would be beneficial for the industry as the representative bodies would no longer only represent the Taxis out in the Airport as they would effectively be joining in with the rest of the fleet with regard to working arrangements.
I’m sure the rep bodies will fight this all the way suggesting it is somehow better for us, but hopefully we all realise by now, that’s just BULL!


  1. Vat man 3 years ago

    I’m guaranteed to pass with flying colours

  2. flybynite 3 years ago

    Vat man will pass the waffle test OK !

  3. flybynite 3 years ago

    Anyway, I was not commenting on anything other than what I could see. From the seat of a coach it is impossible to see the driver of a car (taxi). I was just commenting on the near-collective death wish of Dublin taxi drivers.
    About 15 years ago I drove the roro all over the continent.
    Italian drivers are angels, compared to what I saw last night. the biggest risk was waking up in the cab in the morning with a headache and find the trailer missing.
    The road to Turkey through former Yugoslavia was more like it: total mayhem. But in Turkey at least there were 2 rules of the road:
    Rule 1: Aim for the open space,
    Rule 2: Brake in time.
    Rule 3: An extra rule in Italy: Keep the hand on the horn and window open, ready for “the finger”.
    Dublin taxi drivers’ interpretation of rule 1 is: It is up to the other drivers to find the open space and rule 2: Brake hard, especially with a large bus you just cut up on right behind.
    So guys, if compulsory testing comes into effect you’d better study the rules and start practising. Starting with rules 1 and 2 as above !

  4. Ben 3 years ago

    u have a pension u r a double jobber

  5. flybynite 3 years ago

    Who has a pension ?
    If I had I would burn my taxi !

  6. Ben 3 years ago

    Fly my last post was a swipe at batman, not you. he has a pension of 30k, or so he says, and now he wante to be a taxi driver, and take our living from us, like lots of other scabs.

  7. flybynite 3 years ago

    Anyway, we may as well all go home guys.
    I was just getting out on the battlefield again when I heard on the news that FF are on top again.
    I am not saying that FG and Labour are covering themselves in glory but anything and everything better than the lot of crooks, corrupt shysters and thieves that were in power before.
    The party that allowed corrupt bankers to enrich themselves,
    the party that allowed their TD’s to pocket well-stuffed brown envelopes,
    the party that allowed crooked developers to pocket billions,
    the party that allowed those who threw the wrecking ball through the economy of the country to walk of with platinum handshakes,
    the party that made sure that the highest paid were rewarded again and again,
    the party that handed huge pensions to the top brass and took away from the lower paid,
    the party that did nothing to prevent the troika and the ECB to dictate what the so-called “sovereign state of Ireland” may or may not do,
    I always thought that we were a nation of well-educated people.
    I now see that we are a nation of cap-doffers and forelock touchers.
    We still bow and step back in the dirt for the lords and masters.
    The centuries of suppression have cowed us so much, we love being pissed and shat at.
    Michael Collins, you must turn in your grave now !

  8. bohemian boy 3 years ago

    fly there was one you forgot
    the party that stood by and watched while that bastard dempesy destroyed the livlihoods of full time taxi drivers

  9. Ben 3 years ago

    just wonder how that would translate into votes, if we had a general election.

  10. flybynite 3 years ago

    Ah home for a short break !
    Not a bad evening so far, but nothing much to write home about either.
    OK BB, you are right but nobody is perfect.
    I just wanted to highlight how quickly the public forgets what party dumped the country in the shite. Bertie walked off with an excellent pension, gobshite Biffo ditto. They paid off the imbeciles like Neary who watched it all thumb in neither region. There still is a strong suspicion that a certain politician helped a certain now very big businessman get a licence for a mobile phone company that he was neither entitled to nor qualified for. Another politician of that party talked a lot of ordinary people into buying shares in Eircom. Many lost a stack, but a few very rich investors then managed to extract a fortune out of the same shares. The list goes on and on. Now the same party that sold the country down the swanny is back up again as the most popular.
    How stupid can the Irish public get ? I did not think we had that short a memory ! Shame, shame, shame !

  11. flybynite 3 years ago

    I must be tired: “neither region”: of course it is “nether” but you intelegint taski dryfers new tat alreddy !

  12. flybynite 3 years ago

    PS before I go back on the road:
    At least I did not have any money to spare when Eircom was floated.
    I might have been tempted but for once my lack of cash was a stroke of luck !
    And the same politician now is often in the media portrayed as a nice old granny !

  13. Vat man 3 years ago

    It looked busy enough in the city last night

  14. Ben 3 years ago

    do you feel like a taxi driver already

  15. Vat man 3 years ago

    Oh yesssssss

  16. Ben 3 years ago

    then why take the test, the africans dont take it, and look what they get away with. you will even get a house and medical card for breaking the law.

  17. bohemian boy 3 years ago

    hay pratt,were you out strutting your stuff last nite ?

  18. Vat man 3 years ago

    I was out in temple bar with friends for a lovely meal

  19. Ben 3 years ago

    horseburgers !!

  20. flybynite 3 years ago

    yes vat man fat man it was busy enough in town but did you count the taxis ?

  21. Ben 3 years ago

    and did you count the illegal/cloned ones

  22. bohemian boy 3 years ago

    jayus fly i am STILL hopeful that as the year progresses we will see more,and more taxis going off the road when the new rules kick in,but on the basis of the amount of taxis that were in town last nite its hard to be optimistic

  23. Vat man 3 years ago

    Ah sure god help you lot you poor old creators

  24. bohemian boy 3 years ago

    how did you get on in the george with the rests of the bum boys pratt ?

  25. Vat man 3 years ago

    No Ben no horse burgers I had toad in the hole vegtables & gravy & a few glasses of wine

  26. bohemian boy 3 years ago

    id say it was not the ONLY thing ya had in the hole pratt

  27. Vat man 3 years ago

    If you lot are not making much money driving taxis why don’t you pack it up and find another job

  28. bohemian boy 3 years ago

    the way things are going i might be joining ya in the george pratt

  29. Vat man 3 years ago

    Really??? Interesting news

  30. bohemian boy 3 years ago

    yeah pratt man we can BOTH sell our nat king coles you can show me the ropes

  31. Ben 3 years ago

    boh are you on the beer

  32. bohemian boy 3 years ago

    na ben i never drank in me life,

  33. bohemian boy 3 years ago

    ben i have posted an explenation of my last post, but im afraid yet again its awaiting moderation

  34. Ben 3 years ago

    dont drink either, prefer tea or coffee. are your posts being witheld again

  35. flybynite 3 years ago

    Kelly was talking about taking the drivers with convictions for serious offences off the road.
    But the bleedin’ hearts brigade are already screaming there lungs out.
    And the shyster lawyers are rubbing there hands. They make more money out of the taxi industry than the drivers by keepin the gangsters in the job that allows them to hide there real means of income.
    Fat man maybe you have a few gangsters amongst your friends.
    The ones that use a taxi as a smokescreen to launder there money.
    Mebbe that is why you think that honest, full-time drivers are rolling in the dough.
    My daughter has the ditionnarry so sorry for speling mistakes.

  36. Ben 3 years ago

    fly ur right about money laundering, taxi business is a dream for some people. guys that sell stuff like baking powder for a living.

  37. Frank 3 years ago

    I have a black belt in Shih Tzu.

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