How Demerits (might) Work

If the new demerit system is operated efficiently and we expect there to be a fair chance of getting caught breaking one if the associated rules, most of us will ensure that we don’t break them.
Without the free for all that currently exists, we will be able to go about our business in a fairer way, only acessing ranks when space is available and picking up elsewhere as we pass by, rather than when standing illegally.
We will be more than pleased to see those who continue to break the associated rules getting caught and eventually, if they don’t desist, getting a ban.
If, as many suggest, there is no active enforcement, nothing will change.
Either way, it is worth a try, why the so called rep bodies are determined to chuck this opportunity in the bin is beyond me, sometimes “leaders” have to take the hard decisions rather than the populist view.
This is one of those times, they should take the new bill and the promise it offers, explain to drivers the potential, instead if the moronic clap trap that currently spews forth from them.

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124 thoughts on “How Demerits (might) Work

  1. zed

    We live in the real world,confronted with the choices of ,either feeding our children, or obeying phantom rules ,I know where most drivers priorities lie.

    NTA,like all Gov’t dept’s rely on the perception of fear, or the threat of being caught,wherein the reality is we,even with so called App’ traceability,witness drivers getting away with countless regulation offences.

    With thousands of reports by drivers grassing up their colleagues via email,it’s enough to tie up NTA office staff for years,and remember you can’t track your complaint,NTA office staff’s fingers will become arthritic hitting the “delete” key on their computers.

    It’s one thing to grass up a fellow driver,it’s a different kettle of fish getting a conviction to stick.

    100% of my customers over the last month never bothered with the App’,knowing I was a Dub was proof enough for them.

  2. Roy Post author

    That doesn’t have anything to do with the topic, just waffle.
    I wrote that if the rules are not enforced they will have no effect, we will have not lost nor gained anything, that’s no excuse for not trying.
    If the fleet worked within the rule the work would be fairly distributed, why do the rep bodies try to promote rule breaking instead?
    The app was launched yesterday, of course your customers didn’t use it last month?

  3. flybynite

    The only thing that I applaud – so far – is that new app. But will it enable US, legal taxi drivers, to track, trace and report illegals ? Because that would be the logical way to approach the problem. If taxi drivers were to be allowed to report illegal operators the problem would be solved. But logic has never been the strong point of government officials. Not in any country. Remember Leo Varadkar announcing that he was going to streamline the totally arbitrarily set speed limits ? Has it happened ? We still have the same speed limit on the M50, a six-lane motorway, as on many washboard country boreens in the West: 100 kph. And some dual carriageways change speed limit at the whim of the local authority through whose territory is happens to pass. 60 – 80 – 60. Ideal for positioning cops with radar guns behind a bus shelter.
    The same with this “demerit” system. The authorities are dismantling the system that is meant to apply law and enforce order. The gardai are demotivated, disgruntled, overworked and, they say: underpaid.
    We cannot expect anything but a token effort. Meaning: they will pursue the violations that are easiest to enforce and bring in the most money.
    Yesterday I had a near collision with a beemer. The driver entered a major road just as I was approaching the junction. Cause: he was taking the turn with a mobile clutched to his ear. Driving whilst talking in a hand-held mobile is proven to be very dangerous but thousands do it with virtual impunity, same with driving through a red traffic light. College Green is meant to be off-limits for vehicles other than public transport during the rush hours but hundreds ignore it. Often five or six pass by a copper in the process of writing a ticket for the one he caught.
    No Royston, with the current apathy of the Gardai, I am and remain sceptical. It will be administered by civil servants and my definition of a civil servant is: A person who has a problem for every solution. Or: A civil servant is the tunnel at the end of the light !

  4. Roy

    I agree that the demerit system may not be enforced, however I believe it’s better to have it even if unenforced in the hope that they may be in the future rather than wishing we had them,
    I understand drivers not wanting demerits, especially those that currently act illegally, but rep bodies should be able to see the bigger picture and realise that a properly enforced taxi system would be best for all of us.

  5. zed

    @Roy,people were signing up to the app for the last month, the PR spin only went official 28/02.

    there will be no enforcement,they don’t have ,or ever had the resources,or even the will to enforce.

    Back to my point,if given the choice of getting work by jumping queues,or sitting illegally on informal ranks or starving on the official ones,I know which option I’d take.

    “I agree that the demerit system may not be enforced, however I believe it’s better to have it even if unenforced in the hope that they may be in the future rather than wishing we had them”

    Now that IS waffle.

  6. Roy Post author

    Drivers signed up over the past month, the customer app only became available to download on the 1st of March, customers could not use it prior to that and it will take time to spread.
    Things will get better, some time in the future, Garda overtime will be paid and recruitment will recommence, if the system is in place, it can be used, if not it cannot, not waffle, just common sense.

  7. zed

    In the meantime, i.e the next decade, you can sit and seethe and watch the likes of us nicking work from outside the Dandelion etc, and all you can do is rat to the TRD who can do f**k all as it’s only hearsay.

    Before the new fangled App’ there was always the link to Transport for Ireland to see if a drivers is properly licenced, nothing new here,move along,nothing to see.

  8. Roy Post author

    They used to be able to check who owned a plate, they used to be able to check who owned a licence, now they can check l that and who is supposed to be dring the taxi, that is brand new,
    I used to think you were smart now even that shred is gone
    At least there would be hope that in time the facilities were in place to rid the fleet of you and your kind, like money in the bank

  9. ger

    I must have “ratted” out over 200 cars over the weekend. the vermin at the bottom of grafton st got special attention. 8 points wont be long comin for the filthbags. hahahahahaha.

  10. bohemian boy

    i am in corrospondence at the moment with mr eoghan murphy td regarding his assertion some weeks ago that racism exist among irish taxi drivers towards foreign national drivers.he questioned gerry murphy of the nta at length during a transport session meeting about the nta roll in this regard. i pointed out to him that in my view his assesment is totally unballenced, and wrong.i gave him particular incidents where the opposite was the case. i also pointed out to him the inequality that exist regarding the vetting process where irish drivers are vetted from birth, but foreign nationals are only vetted from day of arrival in this country. he responded by not addressing the racisim issue at all, and in relation to the vetting he asked a parlimentary question on my behalf . alan kellys response to this parliementary question was to state that no such inequality exist in relation to a foreign national application as distinct from an irish application, that all applications are treated equally.i have since written to eoghan murphy explaining that either the minister is wrong,or he misunderstood the question.if i am vetted from birth,and a foreign national is only vetted from arrival in this country, then surely this constitutes inequality ? no doubt roy will find some reason to say im wrong

  11. ger

    Agree 100% bboy. its racism . works both ways . if it was the other way round, they would all be banging their drums. why should irish drivers be subject to a more indept vetting process than non irish drivers? its a disgrace what irish drivers have to put up with. racism pure and simple. whats kelly and his gang of overpaid baboons going to do about it?

  12. African Cabbie

    @flybynight & Roy: You have put forward good reasons why the penalty point system should be in place. In an industry with Taxi drivers the likes of ger and ben, e.t.c who have made obvious;y racist statements and have even come out openly to declare that there own intention is to ensure that all “legal and certified African drivers” are thrown out of job, l am sure that anyone with an open mind will be worried that the “report and sanction system” should not and must not be left in such hands as it will be used as a “tool of vendetta”.
    For example, ger once claimed to have reported 13taxis ..and he boasted that all “the vermins are Africans”.

    I have no doubt that illegality goes beyond any nationality as l have seen drivers of all nationalities, Irish, Pakistani, African, Indians, e.t.c commit one wrong or the other …and to assert that only Africans do so (as indicated by who the racists rats on) further cements the assertion that it is being used and will be used vindictively.

    I will thus propose that “drivers reporting drivers” is not the way to go but for NTA enforcers who are (supposedly at least) independent, do their job….and further checks and balances be put into the system to ensure it is fair to ALL and SUNDRY. They must never make the mistake of basing their penalties on “one driver just ratting-on another”.

    It is this “vindictive and vendett-based reporting” of people like ‘ger’ that threatens to make nonsense of the whole effort.
    When “Dogs start eating Dogs” then we know that the taxi business is nailing its own coffin.

    My succor is just that l know majority of the Irish people, like Eoghan Murphy, know ‘racism’ when they see one! The ger’s and the ben’s of this world are just a small, but noisy minority who think its okay to discriminate against others just because they have a different skin color.

  13. African Cabbie

    Let me also address the issue of vetting, not because of ‘irredeemables’ (for them, nothing can be right except their racist views) but for the sake of other well-meaning people who can be mis-informed by bohemianboy or ger’s comments.

    Africans also get vetted before being given a taxi License.
    For example, you are told to get a “Certificate of Non-Criminality” from your country’s Police force whereby your embassy sends your finger-prints to the National Police of your home country who will then run it through their databases and other international database like that of InterPol.
    They report on what they find, simple.

    What else can they do?
    If you as an Irish man, travel to the U.S and they need a check on you, they would do the same thing, (run you through your own country’s database first and then the American database and InterPol).
    Its never a perfect exercise anywhere otherwise you wont have Irish criminals also driving taxis.

    As for how thorough such vetting could be, it can only be as thorough as the “facilities” available but a criminal will always be a criminal and it wont take five years or more for an immigrant who is a criminal, to show it! ..And l understand that foreign people driving a taxi need to have lived here a few years before being granted a license , so how come they have no criminal record in Ireland as well……. asssuming they are criminals back in their country?

    Or may be they changed! huh? (lol)

  14. Roy Post author

    I don’t believe there is any requirement to have lived here for any set period, a short cut to a Dublin licence was to do the easier to obtain Louth/Meath one (used to be a simple Garda interview) then complain about racism on the ranks in Drogheda/Dundalk and request a Dublin licence (without test) in order to ply in a more cosmopolitan area.
    Hence the large number of LH MH D stickers on roof signs.
    This type of thing does not help the integration of immigrants into the business as it is seen as a loophole rather than an actual problem.

  15. bohemian boy

    roy you came dangeruosly close to agreeing with me, how unusual. however ac just does not seem to accept that there is ABSOLUTELY NO proper vetting procedures here. how many times have senior gardai stated that other juristrictions just WILL NOT cooperate with them when requested to establish if a person from an other country has a criminal record or not ? the childcare industry in this country have made similar points to the one i made regarding the vetting [or lack of] on behalf of their own industry.others have also called for such proper procedures to be established. when noel dempesy was minister cta had a parliementary question asked on our behalf asking dempesy to adopt the psa system, and despense with the pulse system this would have ensured that the applicant would have to provide a 10 year veraviable check into their background . dempesys reaction was to reject this out of hand.had he accepted it at the time,we not have the free for we have today

  16. zed

    At least there would be hope that in time the facilities were in place to rid the fleet of you and your kind, like money in the bank

    With only eight low IQ goons and you to police it? I wouldn’t hold my breath.

  17. Roy Post author

    Zed the Gardai are being given the responsibility to enforce the TAxi regulations, up to now they hadn’t been, the Gardai are duty bound to uphold their responsibilities

  18. bohemian boy

    roy with the gardai more,or less,working to rule at the moment, i doubt they give a damn about enforcement of the rules of the taxi industry.i think its fair to say that even when they are NOT in dispute they dont appear to be to bothered

  19. Roy Post author

    The rank and file don’t decide what they do, A superintendent will tell them at the start of their shift and they will do as they are told, also … they will not be on work to rule forever

  20. bohemian boy

    its the rank and file who are in dispute,not their superintendents.have they not stopped using their mobiles in protest ? did they not refuse to police certain events like croke park on saturday night ? im sure they were instructed by their super before going out to police it, but prefered to take their instruction from the G R A

  21. bohemian boy

    i have a lot of respect for the gardai, and i think they are totally justified in the action they are currently taking,however if they decide to escalate it that would be worrying

  22. Roy Post author

    Croke park was policed, they refused the overtime so Gardai had to be taken off other duties to do the job, Taxi regulations will be part of the Gardai remit and their performance will be measured and criticised, Superintendents will ensure the rank and file look at Taxis during the course of a shift

  23. zed

    Gardai are not using their mobile phones,and as policing taxis is a revenue gathering matter ,they won’t be doing that either,along with not using their laptops for work ,or their personal vehicles. The truth is Roy the state gave themselves a machine gun full of ammunition …and no firing pin.

    Illegal ranks still abound, full of drivers who signed up to the App’ and have shiny stickers, nothing’s changed,get used to it.

  24. bohemian boy

    roy i admire your optimisim,but i dont share it.if the gardai were serious about policing the taxi industry and implementing the existing rules never mind the NEW rules,why is it that on a nightly basis they drive passed towrags breaking the law by plying for hire at impromptu ranks stealing work from official ranks ? including the dandy thus stealing from your beloved green

  25. Roy Post author

    Zed, doing nothing is the answer? strange thing is YOU asked for all the things you’re moaning about in your submission, stand over your principles FFS
    BB, Time moves on, the demerits aren’t legislated for yet, nor is the Gardais involvement, we can only wait and see what happens when it has passed through the Dail.
    If nothing changes, the regulations certainly won’t have made things any worse, they just add the potential of making it better.
    Why be like ZED and just moan about everything? have a little optimism, ye never know?

  26. bohemian boy

    roy i have always been optimistic,but its hard to maintain that optimisim when there does not seem any changes of note.i understand what you say about demerits not being in place yet, but what im talking about are clear traffic violations through the formation of informal ranks and STILL the gardai fail to act. they dont need special powers to just do theirjob

  27. bohemian boy

    picked two pri.ks up in town about 12 -15 artaine roundabout they said. got as far as topaz garage just down the road, when one of them had a full pint i didnt see.he dropped it and totally destroyed the car . two got out and walked away . walked through lane beside garage so drove around into elm mount where i located them . had a heated argument with them about what they had done . they refused to pay even the fare never mind the soilage charge. they just walked away laughing. whats annoying me is i rang the cops 3 times during all this and they did not respond. this is the gospel truth on the third time of ringing, the cop told they were aware of my previous two calls, but i should not ring the emergency line and proceeded to give me the number of coolock garda station.story is i am home now,car off the road till i can clean it tomorrow, and not a fukking penny made tonight

  28. C5

    boh that really pisses me off when that happens, that happened to me a few times but the last time it happend i put my phone on movie without him knowing when he refused to pay, to get his face so i could show the cops he legged it through a park,it took 5 weeks but i got my money plus some it didnt go to court,from then on i started carrying as i call it a spill kit, a litre bottle of water,a sponge,paper towels, laytex gloves and a can of good apholstery cleaner when that happens, to work on it stright away to stop it soaking in deep it take about 15 or 20 minutes depending how bad it is then you can head home and work on it later after you cool down,i also have news paper under the floor mats when working nights to limit the damage.i will be aiming sometime for a good cctv system where the recording is stored in a hidden unit incase someone grabs the camera from the window and runs.

  29. ger

    Another crap night out there again. place crawling with taxis. getting worse it is. a pile of stinking shite. 2 fares since 10pm. finished at 3am. or more like i gave up at 3am. jesus wept.

  30. African Cabbie

    Upon all the new rash of regulations that kicked in January 2013, how can anyone is their right mind say there are NOT LESS TAXIS on the road?

    Isn’t that the problem all those regulations that were requested for and adopted, ….meant to resolve? …… or was there “other ulterior motives” to those regulations?

    Hmmm….why some will keep cutting their own nose, just to spite their own face, is better imagined.

    Let us give the regulations more time to work, they would resolve the problems.
    Very soon, no less than 5,000 Taxis would be off the road.

    We cant keep moaning, ASK FOR MORE REGULATIONS…and pass the new regulations (and cost us more money!), then moan more and then ask for and pass more regulations …and still keep moaning that the regulations are not working! Holy smoke, we cant be that silly, can we?

  31. bohemian boy

    ac i am fully supportive of the new regulations, and wish to see them having the desired effect,however my observation thus far is as previously stated there does not appear to be lass taxis on the road now,then there was before the process began.

  32. flybynite

    C5 you are behind the times. I have been carrying a small “soil kit” for over 10 years, a small bucket with a lid. It is just big enough to hold : A bottle of water, upholstery cleaner, rags, a wad of kitchen paper, a hard brush and latex gloves. Sounds like you got it all worked out yourself now. But with all the stuff we are required to carry the boot gets full nearly before you put any luggage in.
    I used to have a CCTV camera in my previous taxi. Still have the kit in a box under the stairs. It worked on infrared at night. It did put scumbags off, I must see if I can get it installed again.
    And guys, I do not care whether illegals are white, black, pink, yellow, red, purple.
    But it is getting high time something gets done about them.
    As for the other measures: I remain sceptical. Waffle is cheap.
    As I said, AC: we will get the fine with the penalty point notice in the post.
    But taxi driver “Ivan Illegalsky” may never be located, he may even change the cloned licence numbers on a regular basis. Does anyone, for that matter, know if there still are cloned taxis around ? They will show up as “legal” on your app !

  33. Travis Bickle

    Truly Roy you are a clown,after 10yrs+ of “deregulation” you still DONT get it,11,ooo+, dose NOT go into 900+.Roys answer is we will all drive around and around and around and around and around and around,gets a little bit tiresome(so lacking in interest as to cause mental weariness).Prefer to do a nights work me self just so i dont become a suicide statistic.
    “Two things are infinte,the universe and HUMAN STUPIDITY,and i am not sure about the universe”.
    Albert Einstein
    Always makes me laugh out loud that one,when really it should make me bury my head in despair!!!

  34. Roy Post author

    Cruising works fine in New York where your namesake drove Travis, there are very few ranks in that city and drivers survive mainly by cruising.
    How do you mean 11,000 does not go into 900? Is that just some math you through into your post to look smart, or do those figures actually mean anything?
    Do you not think driving around would be more interesting than parking in one spot for extended lengths of time?
    Einstein was a clever man.

  35. ger

    I see minister burton has said that there are people with multiple identites claming welfare around the country.. Mmmmmm. i wonder who she was talking about?. Anybody any ideas? shocking stuff. who would do such a thing?

  36. ger

    Ghosting? Never heard of it roy. those boys are too busy making peace now. they would’nt have time for that. Bless their little socks. angels the lot of them.

  37. African Cabbie

    Okay, let me assume it is true that someone can still “clone a taxi” in 2013 (l said “assume” because l am still at loss at how that is possible with all the technologies at our disposal, to check fraud?).
    Like you, l hate “illegals” who steal the sweat of you and me and would be available 24/7, to fish them out.

    Lets take “cloning” for starters: I assume it means Mr. Illegal A is using the “Taxi identity” of another Mr “LEGAL” A, right?
    How did he do it? What did he do to make it successful? How does he get away with it, if stopped for a check by the Cops/NTA enforcers?

    Lets start from the Dashboard I.D.: Same Card, right? What about the picture, how did he swap them without damaging the card? How is he able to get the “watermark” features of the Dash-card? That is something that you need sophisticated Printing equipment for …and would be mostly done for you by one of those Companies that do Screen Designs …like the ones the NTA gave the Door Logo to.
    So, how about looking at those guys more closely!

    To laminate that dash Card with “cloned details”, you must have everything required to produce such things like I.D cards, Credit cards (legitimately, and just convert it’s use to some other dodgy business), e.t.c.

    How about if Driver “finger prints”, eye scan, PPS number and Date of Birth” are embedded INTO such cards such that when the NTA staff or Gardai uses a “scanner” to scan the card, such details are revealed and this is checked against the person driving the vehicle?

    You cant forge “finger prints and retina scans”. (except you work for the Government Agency that….. )
    If it can be done on Identity passports and bank Credit cards to check their been cloned, it can be done for any taxi driver identification document as well.

    Again, maybe the issue of “sharing of a taxi vehicle by more than one driver”, needs to be stopped completely or further security built into it, to ensure that we know who is driving what vehicle at any point in time.

    But then, when we make “two sets of law” for the same industry, discriminating in its application, we tend to give the impression that we are just “witch-hunting” and after “some people”.

    Sifting-out “undocumented and uncertified taxi drivers” (my own definition of illegals) is a must and every hand must be on deck to offer “ideas” for use by those who enforce the law.

  38. flybynite

    AC you will not like this:
    Before I was at the legal age to drive a truck I worked in the office of a transport company. By total chance I met a guy who put me in touch with an operator who needed a dispatcher in an African company. The company was called WACASC and was part of an operation that provided transport services on behalf of the U.S. Embassies in West Africa.
    I cannot claim that I have an intimate knowledge of the African continent because I lasted only a few months. The place was dangerous, corrupt, filthy and nothing could be achieved without a “dash” (= bribe).
    I did not blame the people so much because they had to fight for everything. But cheating and stealing was a normal part of life. Violence was another daily occurrence.
    Traffic was unbearable. So was the stink of uncollected garbage.
    Part of my work consisted of supervising transfer of Embassy goods from trucks into aircraft. Because of the diplomatic status of the operation I was allowed airside access at various airports. Meaning: at the apron where aircraft were parked.
    One day I met a few Irish pilots there. They worked for a company called Air Tara and operated Boeings leased from Guinness Peat Aviation on behalf of a local airline.
    They were going to transfer one such airplane back to Europe for maintenance and I packed my bags and asked for a lift home.
    Which I got and I eventually became a truck driver, later a cabbie.
    What this means, AC is that I have first-hand experience with Africans in their own country.
    Dishonesty, corruption, theft: all were elevated to a level that we here in Ireland can not begin to understand unless you have experienced it yourself.
    In many African countries the locals have enormous chips on their shoulders, they are brash, aggressive and dishonest to an unbelievable degree.
    Fortunately I have met many Africans who were educated and cultured people but many others seem to think that they have to cut someone else’s throat for their survival. Unfortunately, many have taken that attitude with them when they came here.
    My view of Africans here is that they see the soft way they are treated here not as kindness, but as a form of weakness that they will exploit to the n’th degree unless and until someone in government stands up to them and tells them to either behave as an Irish citizen or get the heck out, back to Africa, we will continue our conversations here that can only lead to increasing racial problems.
    Remember the time when the Molly Malone rank was declared “Africans only”? We told them in no uncertain terms where to go !
    Is this a racist piece ?
    A very difficult one because, I repeat, it can only be understood in a certain context and then only if the reader has spent some time in West Africa.
    I have no ill feelings. I just could not take the country. In a way, the people there are victims of a long colonial past. They have developed a way to survive. Because there was, if I remember well, about 60 % unemployment, at least amongst the uneducated masses in the cities. And we think 14.5 % is bad !
    In spite of my negative comments here I do not have any particular (negative) feelings towards our brethren from Africa.
    As long as they are willing to integrate, respect and obey our ways, our laws, our culture and leave their aggression and hang-ups behind.

  39. bohemian boy

    fly i really enjoyed your last reflected a true, and accurate account of your experience of having worked in an african country.l seem to recall another poster on here a year,or two ago expressing a similar view.that poster had an africian customer in his taxi who told him that africans actually HATE THE IRISH because we present no sort of challenge to them

  40. bohemian boy

    why on earth is there so much cloak,and dagger stuff going on in this industry ? this is particularly the case among our representitive groups.each group wanting to be seen as the ones who brought home the bacon.lads i have to say to you we, the ordinary plebs that you represent,dont really give a damn which of you do the business for us as long as it is done.did the minister himself not suggest to you all some time ago to merge on behalf of your members ? maybe im just nieve,but i believe if you all got together in a meaningful way,leaving all hostility outside the door,the objectives you seek to secure on behalf of the members could soon be realised.l dont doubt you commitment to the industry,or the members but please act in unison now while the changes are in progress.we are depending on you

  41. bohemian boy

    there is a post over on the forum claiming that two taxi drivers from a dispatch co are going to meet the minister soon regarding the huge discounts being offered to customers by their lord,and master.what the fukk do they expect the minister to do? this has nothing to do with him,its the drivers who they work with they should be approaching

  42. Ben

    thats a good point about all the reps getting together, its the best way forward. cannot see any minister wasting his time on a bunch of tossers who give crazy discounts. all they have to do is hand back radios.

  43. ger

    Why is it not the case that when you have to do your sgs, you should have to prove that you have the right to LIVE and WORK in this country? Anybody can get a pps number. i do not for one minute understand that if 98% of asylum seekers fail the process and are told to leave the country, why do we have thousands of non eu nationals driving taxis in ireland? can anybody shed any light on this? It just does not add up! WHY HAVE WE SO MANY NON EU NATIONALS DRIVING TAXIS? WHAT VISA DO THEY HAVE? I EXPECT A REPLY FROM MR I KNOW FOOKING EVERYTHING ABOUT EVERYTHING AND IT WILL START WITH THE R WORD. a simple answer to a simple question will do. Free easter BUNNY egg to the best reply.

  44. bohemian boy

    ger i believe its because we are a soft touch,and our politicans dont have the balls to send them packing for fear of upsetting mary robinson especially now she has been appointed patron saint of the african contenent.

  45. Roy Post author

    They can be legally employed in the Transport sector, their status as refugees/leave to remainers under the 1951 Convention allows this

  46. ger

    Ok then under some 1951 garbarge rule we have thousands of non eu nationals driving taxis in ireland. is it not time to update the rules now. 1951 was a long time ago, and im sure it was to protect genuine refugees. not the scammers that have landed here in the last 10 years. and lets be honest here, they are scammers. wefare, council houses, medical cards etc,etc attracted thousands of scammers into this country. This is a country wide proplem, not just dublin,galway,cork and limerick. it is time to get tough with these people. they have cost the irish taxpayer billions. our own people are leaving by the planeload, and yet we have thousands upon thousands of non eu nationals arriving here every year. why is this allowed to happen? there are over 100,000 nigerians living in ireland. most of them in blanchardstown and ongar by the looks of it. And the next wave are indians who get around the law by getting married to latvian women for a nice fee of course. the dogs in the street know this scam is going on, yet nothing is been done about it. this country is going to be destroyed. you only have to look at the north inner city of dublin to see what the future holds . a total cesspit. there is an endless supply of these people from 3rd world countries. it needs to be stopped and stopped now.

  47. flybynite

    BB I do hope that I have expressed myself clearly. It may sound strange, but I have no real feeling of animosity towards Africans. And in a way, they were also victims of long (British) colonial rule.
    We have been lucky in a way because, in spite of all the bad press, we actually have a history that goes back more than 1500 years of education spearheaded by the Church and, as soon as Daniel O’Connell brought about the Catholic emancipation, the Church returned again educating us. The Brits especially did little or nothing to improve the education of the “natives”. Often (in Africa) it was left up to IRISH (!!) RC missionaries. The people had no option but to push themselves aggressively for mere survival.
    Once I came to know them I met quite a few who turned out to be very generous and warm-hearted in spite of having little or nothing to call their own. I must be honest and highlight the other side of the coin.
    But if they are allowed to live (and work !) here and – by law – treated as equals they should leave their aggression and bad habits behind. And there is at least a suspicion that many that arrived here are in this country on false pretext.
    The job I had in Africa officially was “dispatcher”. Looking after paperwork, but the truth was that WACASC needed a Westerner, Ideally a US citizen but my 3 predecessors had left not unlike my own panicked flight: they could not heck it.
    My main job was to make sure that at least 80% of the goods would arrive. WACASC transported goods for US embassies all over West Africa. Furniture, office supplies, typewriters, stationery, computers (still running under MS-DOS), even cars. A lot “fell off the back” of the lorries. A common scam was to declare goods “damaged in transport”. There were many ways to make sure stuff was lost.
    But the following TRUE story takes the biscuit:
    As you probably read, I was an office boy working in a haulier’s office when I decided I’d like to see the world.
    A customer, a fish cannery, heard of my impending departure to Africa and asked me to do them a favour.
    They had sold a shipment to …. and had never been paid. The container had been offloaded and the customer had taken delivery but after that, nothing, nada, niente.
    They had sold the canned fish under an “irrevocable letter of credit “. The way this works is: A local bank here (I think it was AIB) engages in a deal with their counterpart in …..
    The customer, before the shipment is dispatched, lodges the money with the local bank in ….. and this bank will inform AIB.
    The funds will be released to the vendor once the customer has accepted and taken delivery of the shipment.
    It is intended to safeguard the interests of both vendor and the customer. But in spite of this, the cannery never received their payment.
    One day I was off and went to the bank in a place called Surulere.
    Once a middle-class colonial district but then a slum. Open sewers, dirt roads, refuse everywhere.
    I was admitted into the bank manager’s office who told me he had no knowledge of the deal, knew nothing of the transaction and had never heard of the Irish cannery.
    Strange, because buried in a pile of paperwork on the man’s desk I could clearly see a piece of paper with the cannery’s letterhead sticking out.
    When I pointed this out, the manager lost his polite manners. He told me that “he had to protect the interest of his client”.
    He claimed that on inspection the cargo had been found to have been of inferior quality. I reminded him that in that case the shipments should have been returned to Ireland and that, once the client had accepted the shipments, the bank had the legal obligation under international law to release the funds to the vendor. That brought the talk to an abrupt end because I was forcibly escorted to the exit by a security man.
    This, BB, was the way business was done in that African country.
    But on the other hand, on a personal level the people could be the most generous and hospitable you can meet anywhere.
    We call that an enigma !
    To solve the riddle, maybe we should study the way the native people were treated by their former colonial masters.
    We live in a country where we can start !

  48. bohemian boy

    roy you say they can be legally EMPLOYED under the 1951 act,but can they be legally SELF EMPLOYED under this act,which i suspect is the status most of them enjoy insofar as taxi driving is concerned

  49. ger

    How right you are bboy. they scream and shout until they get their own way and if all else fails the race card is pulled out. They think we owe them. WE OWE THEM NOTHING. and if they dont like it, they can leave. new ID card from the social welfare is catching loads of them out. about time too. i have even ratted a few of them out myself. it gave me great pleasure to see them cut off the welfare, rent allowence stopped. and rented taxi handed back to the vermin that rent them. as you say ac (winks) lol.

  50. ger

    Ben. it could be worth looking into. there is a loophole there. it should be closed ASAP. taxi game is full of illegal immigrants. they need to be taken off the road and sent back to where they came from. i might make a formal complaint to the guards about this. they have to BY LAW investigate a formal complaint. why should we have to put up with illegal immigrants ruining our business.

  51. African Cabbie


    I hate to continue to dabble and waffle with people who spew ‘ignorance-laced with hatred’, about some race but turn around to implore you not to highlight that what they are saying is exactly what you call it! RACISM!!
    You cant intimidate anyone from saying what they see, feel or hear, your methods are puerile and old-fashioned.

    @Flyby: Which country is this your WACASC Company?

    *How many times are you going to regale us with this your “Fish and Chips” cock-and-bull story?
    So, if someone ships a whole container of “inferior goods” to you, YOU PAY FOR IT, right?
    If you dont like it, you simply ask the Ship to take it back (like it was some piece of envelope carried by courier, huh? Wont the government in Ireland IMPOUND AND DESTROY such shipment?) …and Do you ask “The Shipper” to go collect his “RETURN shipping fees” from the Fish-monger, at destination or you also bear the cost of shipping it back as well?
    Please, if you want to humor us, at least show some “brown stuff” (l understand you dont need to do that with some of the Lap-dogs here who are too eager to hear any gibberish that soothes their taste).

    Again, l have high hopes about you but l was really disappointed that you think having spent SIX MONTHS in ONE African country (out of 54 Countries!), you have suddenly become “an authority” on African culture and way of life?
    C’mmon, get real and stop exposing such bigoted ignorance on the internet.

    Finally and for the last time, “Non-E.U Residents” in Ireland HAVE TO SHOW THEY HAVE “LEGAL RESIDENCE TO LIVE AND WORK” in IRELAND before they can even apply for a taxi Driver License. Dont take my word, go to the Carriage office or ask at the NTA by Email.

    So, even you have gone to “Africa” to steal their work, huh? (lol).

    STOP “whipping-up sentiments” against Africans by saying they “told you” they HATE IRISH!
    Jezzus Christ, that is just rubbish!
    Its called “INCITEMENT TO RACIAL HATRED” … and its a criminal offense (except you can produce the African who would stand up in court and confirm he told you so!)

    All those “wrongs things” you claim go on in Africa, ….also go on here, except you want to be dishonest: No day that someone is not murdered, corruption is everywhere, bad and aggressive behavior, especially among you lot Taxi drivers, just name it.

    I dont want to reply to some of the nonsense you wrote because one, it may be offensive to some other people who dont have the kind of “mind-set” that Taxi drivers have, and secondly, there is no point bringing myself to that gutter-level (and you may not like this as well and call it “chip on my shoulder”….lol) which you guy’s hatred for Africans, have brought you down to!

    Africans dont hate or disparage Irish (Thats a no-brainer anyway).
    We respect our ‘host’ the same way we expect them to respect us.
    We dont feel inferior (as “some” expect us to feel), simply because we are not “white”.
    ‘FEAR’ and ‘RESPECT’ are not the same thing!
    You think we dont have a right to “social benefits” that unemployed Irish deserve and at the same time, you also think we have no right to ‘work legally’ and earn a living? How unfair can you be?

    At least from first hand knowledge, you know we dont have TAILS …as used to be said in the past! (lol)

    Respect they say, begets respect.
    You treat people like humans, its only natural that they would reciprocate that “love and respect” but when you treat people with disdain (as evident by comments on this site), it is only natural that you elicit an “equal and like” response in return.
    Its that simple and its a universally recognized… even in Physics (Action and Reaction are Equal and Opposite!).

    And dont forget, Go to the United Kingdom and listen to ‘some’ British person speak about the “Irish” and you would see that “what goes round, comes around”.
    Just dont do unto others, what you dont want them to do unto you — GOLDEN RULE!

    Cheers and do have a good weekend.

  52. Ben

    good point ger they can be dealt with properly, and deported. same where i live, its all africans, and they run when they see a high vis vest. all driving illegally

  53. Ben

    get stuffed african asshole you are all great at shouting racism even when you are caught operating illegally. you people have no shame. you should all be booted out of our lovely country. go back to the slum you belong in, or maybe a prison cell.

  54. sclass

    Have you any story’s like flybys.or tell us when and why you decided Ireland to settle down why Ireland. What’s so special about Ireland.
    I would be interested to hear a African story.

  55. Roy

    Though their migration is relatively recent, African migrants mention that they had contact with Irish people and institutions in their home country, such as charitable activities run by Irish Catholic clergy or Irish non-governmental organisations, which contributed to their positive image of Irish people prior to migration. Among African respondents to a 2008 survey, 40% had no friends or family in the country at all prior to arrival.

  56. Roy

    Thing is, you come out with that shit, but I bet you don’t know one African who’s claiming anything, you just go by the hear-say clap trap that yourself and the other racists spout non stop

  57. Ben

    correction roy, i dont know of one african who is not claiming anything. thats the only reason they come here. if you think otherwise, then you are a fool.

  58. bohemian boy

    roy here is a straight question for you.why are you always so protective of africans ? you seem to think its wrong for irish taxi drivers to express how the feel about this invasion of our country. would you rather wedid not exersise our democratic right to freedom of speech in order to appease your african friends ? roy you consistantly defend these pleople when no defence is neessesary

  59. African Cabbie

    l am not into regaling ANYONE with some cock-and-bull stories just to impress or get “supporters” over here, better things to do with time!
    Moreover, l think this site should be about “improving our business”, right?

    ..and for one, l dont collect a dime from Welfare and so are a number of fellow Taxi drivers that l known of.
    The greatest problem with the taxi Business is this “rabid hatred for others” (on the basis of which most legislations were enacted!) and until it is stamped out, we will just keep going in circles (enforcement and lagislation-wise), while our income keeps coming down and expenses keep going up.

    My comment is ‘awaiting moderation’ for a while now?
    l understand if you have to “withhold” that post or if its spambot.

  60. Roy Post author

    Why have you just got in for Africans BB? there are plenty of non African immigrants, is it because you are a racist? I dislike racism, what about all the Irish currently invading countries all over the planet at the moment …..and in the past?
    The shit you, Ger and Ben are spouting is pure racism, and that isn’t free speech it’s incitement to hatred.

  61. bohemian boy

    roy do you not realize that these people see us as complete,and utter gobshites,and your constant defence of them only serves to confirm their view.what do you think would be the response of any african govt if i went to their country seeking welfare benefits ?

  62. Roy Post author

    I realise I have no idea how anybody thinks, I know that every migrant that arrives here hopes to make a better life for themselves, just as the Irish kids heading off to Canada and beyond do, I hope they are treated with more respect than those arriving here are treated to in the comments on this blog.

  63. Ben

    people who come to Ireland to work, and pay their own way are very welcome. people with good education and skills that we need will always be welcome. but africans who come here to abuse the welfare system will never be welcome. they should all be deported.

  64. Ben

    UK are planning a major change in how immigrants qualify for benifits, and housing. nice to see that we have some intelligent politicians over there. will our fools learn from them, and save our country billions that is being wasted.

  65. bohemian boy

    roy i have no respect for ANYONE who trys to milk the system,regardless of whether they are irish,or african.there is however, anidotal evidence that these people have a perception of the irish nation as being complete fools,and your constant robust defence of them contributes to that perception

  66. Roy Post author

    Racist drivel, It’s embarrassing to have comments like these read by would be passengers, showing Taxi drivers to be ignorant racists, I realise Taxi drivers don’t need to have an education, but you would at least expect them to be smart and keep their dumb mouths shut.

  67. chester

    Be careful big brother is watching and might just make an example of some bloggers.

    Dear Licence holder,

    The National Transport Authority is working with the Immigrant Council of Ireland and all Transport operators to promote an Anti-Racism message “Dublin’s Transport Links. Racism Divides”. We are supporting this initiative as the Authority does not tolerate any form of racism. This campaign will form part of the European Week against Racism.

    In support of this campaign, we have placed the posters at the Taxi Rank at Dublin Airport and on other sites throughout Dublin City centre. We would ask you to help us promote this positive message. If anyone is the subject of a racism incident, this can be reported to the Immigrant Council of Ireland to the following e-mail address

  68. bohemian boy

    so chester are we to assume that we our democratic right to freedom of speech is to be removed from us also ? this of course would be a policy roy could eagerly subscribe to in spite of the fact that a certain other poster on this blog continually makes dergogitory comments in his perceived notion of how badly he,and his fellow africans have been treated by our government, no doubt roy will support such a perception,and in so doing,give confirmation to the afore mentioned poster that we are indeed a nation of gobshites whos generosity knows no bounds

  69. African Cabbie

    Okay, put up your “ANECDOTAL EVIDENCE” HERE, for everyone to appraise.
    Thats a challenge for you …..or forever shut-Up!

    If you go to ANY African country and the LAW there, says you can get benefits ….if you QUALIFY to get Benefits, then YOU will get benefit! ….irrespective of what l think about you.

    I carry many Irish passenger on a daily basis and they Tip and thank me after delivery of a quality service so your opinion does not represent that of the Irish society nor the Africans you set-out to tarnish. You are just trying to incite and create hatred between the Irish and the immigrants, for your own evil purposes, nothing to do with Taxi business or illegality in the business. I am up for punishing ANYONE who does anything illegal, be it in the Taxi Business or anyother business.

    I implore everyone with a good heart to rally round and let us, together, nip this”HATRED” of other humans, in the bud.
    And for those who are courageous enough, informed enough and decent enough to call “a spade, A SPADE”, l salute you!

  70. chester

    Freedom of speech is beautiful, something that our forefathers fought and died for I would hate to see it taken away from us, but then I also hate to see it being taken advantage off.
    you still get tips !

  71. bohemian boy

    chester the sentiments i expressed were what more then half the country thinks,the mere fact that others would have similar thoughts,yet would have a fear to express them,proves that our democratic right to free speech has suffered for the appeasement of others..notwithstanding all l have said, I DO NOT accept that my comments are racist

  72. bohemian boy

    roy has views which seem to favour only one side., the africans.
    how many times has ác come on and made dorogority comments about irish drivers which went both uncensored,and unchallenged by roy ? please act in a fair manor roy,and ajudicate fairly when determining what are raciist comments,and what not

  73. Roy Post author

    So you’re using the “he called me names first” excuse BB, how old are you? ….three?
    Will you ever grow the fuk up and think about what you are typing.

  74. Roy Post author

    BB, we don’t have “freedom of speech” here, that’s an American right, not an Irish one, you’re watching too much Television.

  75. Roy Post author

    Freedom of speech is protected by Article 40.6.1 of the Irish constitution. However the article qualifies this right, providing that it may not be used to undermine “public order or morality or the authority of the State”. Furthermore, the constitution explicitly requires that the publication of “blasphemous, seditious, or indecent matter” be a criminal offence, leading the government to pass a new blasphemy law on 8 July 2009.
    The scope of the protection afforded by this Article has been interpreted restrictively by the judiciary, largely as a result of the wording of the Article, which qualifies the right before articulating it. Indeed, until an authoritative pronouncement on the issue by the Supreme Court, many believed that the protection was restricted to “convictions and opinions” and, as a result, a separate right to communicate was, by necessity, implied into Article 40.3.2. This judicial conservatism is at variance with the concept of speech as a democratic imperative. This, albeit trite, justification for free speech has underpinned the liberal, progressive interpretation of the First Amendment by the United States Supreme Court.

  76. African Cabbie

    Thing is, if you agree with an “opinion l express”, then you are labelled “Bleeding heart”, African-lover or many other derogatory names they have used on just about anyone who looks at issues dispassionately!
    Otherwise, they conclude that l am Vat Man, Roy, Paulie, e.t.c (eve when they are 100% sure l am not those persons!).

    @BB: Please quote where l have made “derogatory statements about IRISH DRIVERS” ….and post it here for everyone to see. That would be the second time l am issuing you with that challenge.

    I may challenge “wrong information” about immigrants but l NEVER will insult a whole race (which is what Irish or being African is)

    I still believe that we need to respect each other, irrespective of how we feel “inside”.
    The web is a public space and you never can be sure who is reading these things, could be my own kid who was born and raised on this Island (sure he wont be happy about these type of perceptions) or it could be yours, who would then wonder whether this is how “we are supposed to relate” to others.

  77. African Cabbie

    “Sometimes, being UNDERSTANDING is more important than being RIGHT….

    Sometimes, we need not a BRILLIANT MIND that SPEAKS, but a PATIENT HEART that LISTENS….

    Not KEEN EYES that sees FAULTS in others only, but OPEN ARMS that ACCEPTS…..


    Even in victory, let us be magnanimous!

    Cheers to all.

    ..and l still got “tips” as usual……. even on a very dry Sunday!
    Let me share the secret openly:
    *If my customers raise a “discussion”, l make intelligent contributions
    *If they want music, l ask them what their taste is like and l try to satisfy it (l have a collection!)
    *if l sense they are in a ‘mood’, l keep my mouth shut!
    *I keep my taxi very clean, nice inside and myself, l dress like l get paid “dressing allowance”!
    *I never bore them with my moaning or “how some hate immigrants’ (lol), even when they ask me about it directly, l let them understand that it is not the norm and most Irish people l have met are wonderful people. The bad ones are just a minority and such people occur in all nations.
    *I drive them with utmost care and respect …. and l bet, 90% of the time, l get a “Tip” and a complement. Some ask for my Call-card and do call me out, even at unholy hours!
    Give it a try.

  78. bohemian boy

    i see a group of motorcycle couriers are taking the transporting of blood from the discount prostitutes its great news hopefully it will result in the loss of another contract to the sc.mbag radio company.also its great to see the brits clamping down on their will be interesting to see how many of them will still want to go there now.hope they dont come here instead though

  79. Roy Post author

    Only a fooll would be happy that Taxi drivers work is being taken over by motor bikes, what do you think those Taxi drivers that would have been doing those jobs will be doing instead?
    They’ll be ranking in front of you!
    The proposed new racist laws in the UK will only increase the numbers coming here.

  80. Ben

    those new laws in the uk are common sense, not racist. why should any imports get benefits and housing ahead of born and bred uk natives. same laws should be introduced here, but our spineless politicians wont have the guts.

  81. bohemian boy

    wrong on both counts.-these fools who work for little or nothing have contributed in no small way to the state the industry finds itself in today.secondly if the uk do adopt such proposals its inevidable this country will alsoanly a fool would think otherwise

  82. Roy Post author

    So giving the work to Motor bikers is a step forward?
    Explain how less work for Taxi drivers is a good thing?
    There is no guarantee that our government will follow the UK with those laws.

  83. African Cabbie

    “Sometimes, being UNDERSTANDING is more important than being RIGHT….

    Sometimes, we need not a BRILLIANT MIND that SPEAKS, but a PATIENT HEART that LISTENS….

    Not KEEN EYES that sees FAULTS in others only, but OPEN ARMS that ACCEPTS…..


    Even in victory, let us be magnanimous!

    Cheers to all.

    ..and l still got “tips” as usual……. even on a very dry Sunday!
    Let me share the secret openly:
    *If my customers raise a “discussion”, l make intelligent contributions
    *If they want music, l ask them what their taste is like and l try to satisfy it (l have a collection!)
    *if l sense they are in a ‘mood’, l keep my mouth shut!
    *I keep my taxi very clean, nice inside and myself, l dress like l get paid “dressing allowance”!
    *I never bore them with my moaning or “how some hate immigrants’ (lol), even when they ask me about it directly, l let them understand that it is not the norm and most Irish people l have met are wonderful people. The bad ones are just a minority and such people occur in all nations.
    *I drive them with utmost care and respect …. and l bet, 90% of the time, l get a “Tip” and a complement. Some ask for my Call-card and do call me out, even at unholy hours!
    Give it a try.

  84. African Cabbie

    As for the three-wheeled Cyclist, l agree that they take away “work” from us, taxi drivers, especially those short distances that fill-the-gap!
    But so does Dublin Bus that works almost 24hours, the Luas and a host of other transport ‘options’ …..that we cant do anything about. Its all down to the economic climate.

    But on the other hand, l can only feel sympathy for them looking at how they expose themselves to the elements, just to earn a “miserly bob”! These are young Teenagers (most are probably students) trying to augment their allowances from back home.

  85. African Cabbie

    As for the U.K government policies on immigration, we need to put it into perspective by considering some “facts”.
    1.) U.K population is over 80million …… not a small country like Ireland
    2.) The immigrant population of the U.K is over 20million and U.K has been receiving immigrants for over 60years now! Immigrant in Ireland is a very recent phenomena that was encouraged by the “boom years” and the need for foreign workers
    3.) “Diversity” in the U.K is “GIVEN” and the immigrants are completely integrated. The hate speeches we read here will never go unpunished in the U.K…. not even within one week!
    4.) The unemployment rate of the U.K is nothing compared to here. The level of jobs still available in the U.K cannot be compared to here. You will always find a job in the U.K, if you really want one there.

    Thus, to assume that we would naturally adopt the same “strategy” as the U.K is naive. We dont enjoy the same “economic factors” that dictate Govt Policies!

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