Switching to Days

After 16 years of doing nights, I’m switching to days from Tuesday, I’m giving it three weeks to make the transition, accepting it will take at least that long to get used to it, I reckon it will be tough.
Any tips on handling daytime passengers and on where the work is would be greatly appreciated.

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40 thoughts on “Switching to Days

  1. taximatt

    I switched to days over a year ago roy when i moved to NRC, didnt last long with them but am still with a cab company but its the best thing I ever did. Mind you I do start at half 4 each morning and after doing nights for 5 years I’m still not used to the days. As regards where the work is its all pot luck but the main stations move at times and basically around town you can be lucky.
    I still do an odd usually a saturday but I can skip these occasionally and just do all early mornings

  2. Roy

    I doubt I’ll go with a dispatcher, I plan on starting at 6:30am working until 4 or 5pm, I know I’ll begin to hate work, but I’m hoping to enjoy life.

  3. flybynite

    I tried to switch to days but the traffic drove me bananas.
    Mind, you will find soon enough where there will often be fares, e.g. who are late for work or don’t want to wait in the rain for the bus. It all depends a bit where you live. I am not far from the city centre and it is obvious that the business in the morning is mainly going into town. All ranks that once used to be profitable now are full of waiting taxis. So I tried to move about a bit. Mind, I did not last very long. I went back to nights only a few short weeks after.
    And Roy, you are asking taxi drivers where the best places are where you can join them waiting for (scarce) fares.
    You should ask Scrooge before Christmas !

  4. watdub

    I work days and I don’t bother with the ranks.

    Just use your head and try to work out where the punter is likely to be at a certain time of day. E.g., people late for work in the suburbs, people checking out of hostels/hotels in the city centre, business people going/to from restaurants at lunch time.

    I don’t think you’ll get much between 6am-8am unless you rank somewhere central or use a cab company… You might be better off going 8.30am-5/6/7pm?

    Small children *will* sit behind you and kick your spine through the seat…

    Learn your local clinics, schools & churches.

    YMMV but I’m northside.
    – Only the unemployed have €50 notes anymore. You have to ‘bite your tongue’ when people on the dole give you €50 notes (on Wed’s for me). They’ll wipe out your float.
    – ‘Mickey Money’ + Shopping Centres (on Thurs for me).
    – ‘Recovering addicts’ going to the clinic for their Phy/methadone. ‘Recovering addicts’ moan a lot!! but they do pay.
    – Anyone going to ‘Castle St’ is basically homeless but they do pay 99% of the time.

    Good luck!

    And I look forward to seeing what you think of the various plastic stickers once you’ve done a few months of daytime work :))))))))

  5. jim

    Just spotted car with wrong taxi plate number told guards and he start giving me stick told me that I was to deal with it myself.soon he felt with it and walked away wrong driver wrong car wrong sticker on plate w.t.f.

  6. sclass

    Well according to minister Kelly the garda are going to come down heavy on illegals and the place would be blitzed with enforcers.but don’t hold your breath on that one.

  7. bohemian boy

    i cannot believe what i just read over on the forum.a driver allowed a con artiste,and her two friends walk away after only paying part of the fare,because she claimed she fell as a result of the seat belt not working.i would have called the cops even if she had offered the FULL fare on the grounds that she tried to cheat me in the first place.i also read on the forum some time ago,where a driver allowed another bit.h walk away because she threatened to shout rape.i cannot understand what kind of driver would allow such things to happen without challenging it.if you have nothing to hide,you have nothing to fear.i have had similar incidents happen to me,and i have NEVER backed down win the face of such adversidy

  8. Roy

    These things are rarely considered before they actually happen, reaction depends on how alert you are to the situation and gut instinct.
    How come you don’t respond to the topic over on the forum?

  9. flybynite

    bb it happened to me and I wrote about it. I know where you are coming from but believe me, when you are confronted with a b.. who threatens to start calling “rape”, or who threatens to accuse you of something else: then you are in a “her word against yours” situation. In my case the b…ch walked away, calmly. She knew that if I grabbed her she really would have me in a situation where I would be the loser, no matter what. She was going to accuse me of breaking traffic lights and “dangerous driving”. We are no Gardai and have no right to (forcefully) detain members of the public. Grabbing a woman can land the hapless taxi driver in a very sticky situation and most likely in court. I personally know a driver whose taxi touched a kerbside. Nothing major, a slight bump. There was no damage to his tyre or wheel, but the two b…ches in the taxi got 25 grand EACH out of him (his insurance) for “whiplash”.
    My own daughter happened to know the younger sister of one of them and she heard that this bi.., the elder one who had been in the cab, used the money to go on vacation where she went white water rafting ! So much for whiplash !
    So bb, if this sort of thing happens and I have not much in the way of evidence, then I back off and lick my wounds. Otherwise I risk losing more because the least that can happen is half an hour in the Garda station.
    And that would be counting myself “lucky” !

  10. flybynite

    Oh and on the subject of Gardai:
    They take the attitude that “in the matter of traffic offences they can not act on information from the general public”.
    They (the Gardai) are demotivated, understaffed, overworked and feel very sorry for themselves.
    Right or wrong, I am refraining from expressing my opinion, but the situation is not likely to improve. So if you see an illegal taxi or -driver and report him (it rarely if ever is a “her”), then I wish you good luck !

  11. flybynite

    On a lighter note.
    Guys, sometimes we can have a laugh too.
    This happened a good while ago when I was trying days; it still brings a smile on my face:
    In the centre of Dublin I got flagged down by a workman. At least, that was what he looked like: paint-splattered dungarees, a large cloth bag flung over his shoulder. It was in the morning, the paint looked dry so I stopped.
    “Where to?”
    “The airport”.
    In an effort to make conversation, still thinking that he was a workman, I ask him “doing a job at the airport?”
    “No I am travelling”.
    Puzzled I ask him “where to?”
    “Across the water”.
    By that time I realised that there was something wrong. There are two directions “across the water”, to the UK and the continent, or in the opposite direction to the USA. Still trying to keep things under control I ask “The big water or the small water”?
    We had only just started to move and the lights at a pedestrian crossing were turning amber so I stopped.
    “Why are you stopping?”
    “Because of the lights, they are red” I replied.
    “I am The Light” says he, and adds: “I am not paying, I am The Light”.
    Definitely not my kind of fare. His jacket was not white with extra long sleeves but well, you know what I mean..
    So I reply: “If you are the Light you’d better change your bulbs, you look a bit dim”.
    He took offence immediately: “You taxi drivers are all the same, I’d better get out”.
    “Yeah, no problem” says I. We were still standing still anyway and had barely moved more than 100 metres.
    His parting shot was “I am not paying, I am The Light!”
    OK with me as long as he was out of my taxi!

  12. Roy Post author

    Ah yeah! I just took a look at a few if your old posts, you shouldn’t take it so seriously, it’s only banter.
    Finished the first day, started out crap but finished up with at least as much as I’d have made tonight

  13. flybynite

    Same here.
    When I did days, I found a few roads where often punters would flag me down. From my starting point at Rialto I would follow the SCR to Island Bridge, by Kilmainham Jail onto Con Colbert, a short and frustrating trot along Heuston Station (no use to join the rank, it often stretched back nearly as far as the Islandbridge junction until the cops chased us away), along the quays and then often turn left via Blackhall Place. Sometimes I would sidestep to Constitution Hill. Before that time I nearly always had a fare, with a bit of luck I could stay away from the city centre until the rush hour was over. On one occasion I had a lady who apparently waited for a taxi at the same place, same time, so I had her a few times. She went to Killester, a nice run. I tried to make a deal with her to pick her up every morning but she told me she preferred to go out of her door and in the first taxi that passed.
    But of course I was not always lucky, sometimes I had to join the rush hour and I soon got fed up with the traffic.
    Sometimes I still will change between days and nights but that is more depending on circumstances, like NCT, bookings or family. I will switch back to nights as soon as I can, I hate the traffic during the day !
    But Roy, I am sure you will develop your own pattern over time !

  14. bohemian boy

    in the last while,it has been widely publicised,that self employed people are not entitled to any social welfare benefits in the event of loss of this self employment.,yet they saw fit to DOUBLE the prsi contribution from this year onwards,a move that has gone completely unchallenged

  15. bohemian boy

    i really hope the offer from the bikers for the blood runs is succesful.anything that takes a contract away from those bastard radio companies is to be welcomed,its also a kick in the boll.x for the discount prostitutes who do this work for little,or nothing anyway.

  16. bohemian boy

    ebbs,kelly,kearns,and all the rest of these exploiters,have adopted a policy whereby they actually believe they are the EMPLOYERS of the drivers who work under banners.they have laid down certain rules these drivers must follow.ie the wearing of uniforms,the amount to charge the customer,discipilinary action for giving back jobs,etc,etc.if these people fancy themselves as the EMPLOYERS of these drivers,should they not extend their remit to also ensuring the drivers are fully legal fully,tax compliant,working in their designated area of operation ? should it not also be the case if,and when the proposed new 56 hour working week is established that these leeches are charged with policing it seen as how they interfere in every other aspect of how the drivers conduct their business ?

  17. Roy

    Discounting is a separate issue, Taxi drivers work being done by motor bikes is a problem for the entire industry, I’ll try to explain

    10 taxi drivers; 5 street, 5 dispatch workers,
    10 jobs; 5 full fare street jobs, 5 discounted HSE jobs
    All 10 taxi drivers get a job

    Same 10 taxi drivers; 5 street, 5 dispatch workers,
    5 jobs; 5 full fare street jobs, the 5 discounted HSE jobs are done by motorbikes.
    Only 5 of the Taxi drivers get a job, street workers are affected just as much as the dispatch ones, as the 5 jobs will still be shared by all of them

  18. sidewinder

    i guess im the only one who is working proper nights as always 20 yrs on nights and im not even 40,asked mr kelly how u sleep at night he said with the windows open and the heat on full blast,dodgey vehicales with dodgy drivers getting away but if i park dodgy i get a finne,gardai came under attack in temple bar at austrain match ,,itook 2of the aostrains out i hope my help did not got un noticed but i suspect it did,ill fight for ambsodorrs of my industry,but i guess as usual im on my own,i think im the last proper dub.

  19. bohemian boy

    roy the industry has suffered more then a financial loss because of these discounters.ebbs started this discounting trend,and in so doing he brought the industry in to disrepute.the perception among the public [particularly at night when they are falling out pub door]is throw those idiots [us] anything they will accept it.discounts were NEVER sought by the public till ebbs,and his rent boys started doing it.the fact is now if you are approached for a discount while sitting on the rank,the punter does not care if you give it or not because he knows the driver behind you will,and this is where we are now because of the likes of ebbs,kelly,kearns,etc,etc

  20. flybynite

    Talk about our punters.
    I heard the following from a taxi driver who knows a taxi driver who knows someone in London. So this is by no means a first-hand story but even so:
    As most of us know there are still some members of the Guinness family living in Ireland.
    I have been told that a Mrs. Guinness who with her husband lives in a castle in Ireland was in London. She travelled in a taxi and for some reason the driver got in a dispute with a police officer. This policeman was very rude and the matter ended, or should have ended, with Mrs. Guinness lodging a complaint against the police officer.
    She was interviewed by another PC who seemed very reasonable and managed to persuade her to drop the complaint.
    As soon as she had withdrawn her complaint the taxi driver was arrested.
    When she became aware of this, Mrs. Guinness went back to London to be the taxi driver’s witness in court.
    If all our fares were like her, our job would be so much better !
    So here’s one for Arthur !

  21. Roy Post author

    Sorry John! I Just found it, was in the spam folder, (now showing) not sure why, I’ll check later, thanks for letting me know.

  22. Albert Rolf

    Why so many complaints, this is a wonderful career, i support all my family and send some funds home to my native homeland to aid my relatives, please stop complaining. We have much better vehicles and homes and our children are able to be educated , we have food ,clothes, we have everything, all from the taxi job.

  23. African Cabbie

    It all depends on where you are coming from and the level of contentment you give yourself in life.

    If some have 20Grand in their savings account they “time is very bad” while if another person has 10Grand in savings account, he says “I am blessed”!

    So, “contentment and sense of entitlement” plays a great role in how much we complain.
    I guess we must learn to count our blessings one by one, and give thanks for what the good Lord has done! After all, some are homeless through no fault of theirs?

    I am happy for you and your family.

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