Weekends off

For the first time in sixteen years I have weekends off, it’s brilliant!
Should have switched to days years ago, it’s far more civilised.
Completely different job though, my knowledge of Dublin nightlife is no longer of any value to me.
Nobody wants to know where everyone’s going,? Which night club, restaurant or bar is in for their age group/sexual orientation?
No more wondering is this guy/girl going to puke their stomach contents all over my rear upholstery?
Instead I need to know where office buildings are, take me to Facebook, Goodbody’s, PWC, State Street ……..huh?
It’s re-invigorating, a brand new learning curve, my brain is waking up again.

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30 thoughts on “Weekends off

  1. flybynite

    John m,
    When can we drive with our arm out of the window? Where do you work? Majorca? Benidorm?
    And Roy,
    I was getting tired soon of day work. Perhaps a few years ago traffic was more hectic, mebbe the recession has taken a number off the road? But it is no fun if your fare leaves you stranded in the rush hour traffic because he just discovered he literally will be quicker walking. Meaning paying what’s on the meter and leaving me to find my way back out of the line of nearly stalled cars. And getting to an address at a given time? I remember pulling out all stops to get back to the city centre from Kilbarrack because the fares that had booked me were going the airport. I was only two minutes late but I was just in time to see them getting in a taxi they had just flagged down.
    No, I will do days but only if I have reasons to change. That can be an airport booking, a family affair the evening before, a doctor’s appointment that causes me to be up during the day or (now more a thing of the past) one of my regular customers needing me during the day.
    Otherwise, I just HATE day traffic. I have no great problem with the different patterns of my fares, I just cannot adjust to the traffic. And in the rush hour everyone seems to use bus lanes. The cops do not seem to give a gold darn !

  2. bohemian boy

    they are all going on over on the forum about the students, and all the events going on in dublin . i actually fukkin hate when there is anything on. it brings every fukker in ireland who owns a taxi out on to the streets and it is no different then the rat race that is friday, and saturday nghts in dublin . you cant move with wall to wall taxis . i cant wait for the summer holidays and all these students to fukk off home.i also wish there was nothing on in croke park, or the 02 ether. i have often went out and took one look at the amount of cars on these nights turned my own car and went home in total frustration asking myself can i continue to work in these circumstances. i believe the biggest problem to be the illegals we have to compete with . i am very angry about this, because we have taken this for far to long. it is totally unreasonable to expect us to work along side these bastards,ans absolutely nothiing being done about it. there is no other industry in which this would be tolerated. we are far to soft in accepting this. stand up and demand that your industry be properly policed.i call on ttnh, and the other reps to demand this on behalf of all legitimate taxi drivers.

  3. sidewinder

    if we all turn to days,what are u avoiding working nights,i guess we know but if we all do what u have done there would be no dubs left driving in dublin,this forigen element will win eventually,how many of them have a mortage?alan kelly in chaarge 2yrs what has he done to help the full time driver,why in all his researce and money spent is he so far so far from 1licence one driver,i am completly convinced that the rental mkrt is the problem

  4. sclass

    Kelly is staying quite for the moment.The deregulation court case is coming up in June.its possible all his good work could get Fukked out.
    Maybe deregulation was illegal
    Maybe Kelly got wind of the court case and is holding back the bill.
    Summer Hollidays is coming up
    I’d say he’s stuck in a legal quagmire with all us criminals driving taxis.

  5. sclass

    Sorry I’m in the wrong thread anyway.
    Do you think we will see the bill passed by Christmas.
    Is the taxi industry fixable.
    It was fianna fail that has the taxi game in the mess its in.and now it’s possible FF is on the way back.Mad.

  6. Roy

    The bill is between stages, there are two left to complete, report/final the first two passed unusually quickly, it is hoped it will pass into law by Christmas but it is possible it might be in the new year, the dereg case will have little or no influence regardless if the outcome.
    The minister has worked long and hard and long to fix this business yet is constantly knocked for his efforts, most of the time just for the sake of it by people who do not have the good of the industry at heart, they care only about power and subscriptions.

  7. bohemian boy

    are people thick or what ? fella over on the forum going on about how great hailo are.i seen a fella yesterday standing in the cols waiting for his hailo driver to turn up. while he was standing there, at least 5 empty taxis passed him by. why the fukk would you wait

  8. African Cabbie

    Who are these people that we call “rental industry” …who rents out taxis to mostly immigrants?
    Can they be the same “immigrants’ or one of “us”?

    Just wondering!
    “If you throw stones in the market-place, be sure its not going to hit one of yours” ……if you get my drift!

    As for Hailo, the client is supposed to ‘track’ you as you drive towards them and should know where exactly you are (and are supposed to wait for you or cancel immediately if they think you are too far away, though through no fault of the Taxi driver as it is the GPS that Hailo uses to locate you as the nearest taxi to the client)
    But unfortunately, as suggested, some clients will pick the nearest taxi, even when they know they already booked one on Hailo and it is on its way! Now, what happens to that Hailo driver who has wasted fuel and time to “honor” a Hailo client-call?
    He goes back empty handed and angry, right?

    Shyte happens!

  9. bohemian boy

    ac my point is if you are going to go out to the street to get a cab,why bother your arse sending for a hailo cab when nearly every car that passes you by in the mean time is a taxi ? there is no need for ANY of these middle men in the industry at all not radio companies, not apps etc etc just stick out your hand for the next passing car it will almost certainly be a taxi

  10. sclass

    Roy no one is saying anything about your beloved minister were waiting for the bill the same as you are.so fare is all we got is stickers.
    Try and change the same old mantra.

  11. Roy

    There are many more actions completed other than the decals.
    The report stage of the Bill began today, so it’s well on track for completion by Christmas.

  12. bohemian boy

    roy i will be very dissopointed if we have to wait till CHRISTMAS for the implementation of the remaining actions. i thought things like form stamped by employers, demerites , etc etc would be up and running in the next few weeks in fact i thought the 31st of jan 2013 was supposed to be d day

  13. bohemian boy

    roy if, as you say that many of the actions have been completed,im afraid this does not give much grounds for optimisim,as there appears to be as many taxis on the street now, as there ever was.i think its fair to say they have not had the desired effect

  14. sclass

    I’m out now four a half hours and I’ve and I have €35 just put €20
    Deisel in the car.what difference will the bill make to my situation.I’m I optimistic no I’m not.it will make little difference if any to the situation.

  15. sidewinder

    its the rental market lads its the rental market,its the area of our industry that has taking the earnings and dignity out of the buissniss,kelly is 2 years in but the fact is a unregulated garage can rent out as many taxi’s as they want,the fact is taxi rentals is their new buisness,1driver 1licencese 1hard working guy relying on that income to support his family has gone unoticed,i ask the question what human being wud rent and why,why did kelly stay away from rentals?

  16. Roy Post author

    Bills take time to proceed, it’s going through report stage at the moment, after that the Minister will add the final amendments (normally the juiciest ones) and it will be passed through the Dail (as opposed to the senate), it looks like it will be done before the end of the next term (Christmas) although the Minister on current form will have it ready for the beginning of it

  17. bohemian boy

    roy maybe i have got it wrong, but having read your post over on the forum in relation to the other employment, it seems that the requirement for double jobbers to abide by the working time directive is not now applicable ?

  18. john m

    The working time directive applies to a person who works driving in their primary employment .the issue now is if you drive outside your primary job as a driver and you do combined hours in excess of the working time directive can you and who will be responsible for policing your hours .?your employer or the taxiwhatsit or is it self regulation?

  19. bohemian boy

    john the reason i was on about the working time directive is that i thought you said over on the forum some time ago,that there was a proposal to introduce a maximum 56 hour working week which combined the double jobbers 40 hours in their 9 to 5 leaving them with 16 hours for taxi driving.as regards who will regulate it, waste of time with the taxiwhatsit, waste of time with their employers DEFINETLY a waste of time expecting them to self police.let the radio companies [who seem to want to direct every other aspect of the drivers business ] police it thats of course the ones that are signed up to radio companies.i must admit i was full of hope at the start of this process, but 4 months into it there does not appear to be one less taxi

  20. john m

    Boh I suggested in my submission that the European working time directive should apply but nobody supported that .If that was accepted they would deduct the hours worked in other employment from the 56 and chip your meter so it would not accept another fare once the time elapsed.If the working time directive was accepted then the fare structure would have to be amended to ensure a driver earned a living wage .limiting the hours a driver can work would reduce supply and automatically increase earnings for full time drivers .Most double jobbers would work weekends and the oversupply at weekends would drive them out as they couldnt make a crust for their effords .It would take about a year for it to sort itself out .

  21. bohemian boy

    john i fully supported your submission,and still do, however i see these proposed changes to the double jobber section as a complete watering down on the initial proposals,and possibly a sign of things to come at the behest of sean d barrett

  22. john m

    Boh .Its simple really .The IDA pay tens of thousands per job to inward investors .The taxi industry created over 25000 jobs without subsidy .Goodbody state that the taxi industry is worth 750 million give or take per annum as it allows people access to shops clubs work etc etc .Goodbody also states that the value of job creation by the taxi industry is about 240 million per year .Or that is the amount that they save in benefits and not having to subsidise job creation.In a nut shell the industry is worth a billion a year to the economy and look at the reps who represent drivers .If I went away for the weekend I wouldnt want them to mind my dog never mind look after a billion dollar industry.

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