Bord Failte/NTA Service Excellence program.

Bord Failte/NTA Service Excellence program.

I attended the course this afternoon in the Conrad Hotel, it was professionally presented, very interesting and should be of value to all who attended.
It consisted of interactive elements, with drivers discussing amongst each other what they believed defined good service, then these points were expanded upon by the presentation team.
I came away with some new ideas for improving the service I give to customers.
It’s just a shame that those most in need of the ideas and help given during the session are the very ones that wouldn’t bother going.


  1. john m 2 years ago

    BB as long as a dispatcher can park his fleet in the area he wishes to work then he can advertise .Hailo get their work by saturation plenty of drivers paying per job .Tallagh has always frustrated me .You cant get a living out there unless you are with a cab company .There is an interesting dimension to the app .Does the no pickup and short waiting time encourage taxi usage .?A lot of the jobs I get on Hailo are for less than a tenner .Or would those users of previously rang their local dispatch and paid the pick up .For the traditional dispatcher to survive they must capture the work before it hits the streets .Dublin City Centre will operate differently with a few public ranks in areas where they is no foot fall providing standing for dispatchers while the rest of the fleet fight for space on any good rank or circulate for fares .If you pull up and rank unofficially then the enforcers fine you .Economic necessity will force drivers into alternative work or into a dispatcher.

  2. bohemian boy 2 years ago

    second response as promised

    Thank you for your email to the National Asset Management Agency.

    To explain, NAMA has acquired loans and not properties. Our role is that of a lender holding security for its loans, like a bank, rather than a property owner or manager. Properties securing the loans we have acquired continue to be owned and managed by the original owners, or, in the case of enforcement, by the appointed receiver.

    If you are in a position to send us details of the hotels to which you refer we can determine if NAMA has an interest in them. If this is the case we will look into this matter further and will bring it to the attention of the parties responsible for the properties concerned.

    I hope this is of some assistance.

    Yours sincerely,

    Jenny Molumby

    Relationship Officer
    National Asset Management Agency

    Treasury Building, Grand Canal Street, Dublin 2

    T: +353 1 238 4622


    From: paul o beirne []
    Sent: 29 August 2013 08:31
    Subject: taxis

    From: paul o beirne Subject: taxis
    Message Body:
    hi my name is paul o beirne,a full time taxxi driver,and member of capital taxi association. i would like to bring to your attention an ongoing illegal practice which has developed over the past two years concerning some of the dublin based hotels under your control,and various taxi radio companies. this involves the illegal act of taxis plying for hire from the car parks of these hotels,by arrangement with the management, of the hotel. this practice was deemed to be illegal by the national transport authority compliance officers some two years ago following a dispute with the burlingdon hotel in dublin.its particularli nappropriate that a government agency such as nama, would help to facilitate such illegal act. i have now brought the matter to your attention,along with all other relivent bodies the nta, the hotels federation, the competition authority various government ministers, etc etc.i would be very interested to know if you propose to take any action to remedy this situation
    regards paul o beirne
    capital taxi association

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  3. bohemian boy 2 years ago

    so can you lot help to compile a list of hotels to which nama would have an interest ?

  4. Rat Catcher 2 years ago

    My name is… is a terrible way to start written communication BB. You sign/type your name at the bottom of the correspondence. It reflects very poorly on taxi drivers in general and your rep body in particular.

    If you do a Hailo job for less than a tenner erm you are giving a discount in excess of 20%. Presumably you still have to pay Hailo 10 of the fare. Then, of course, you have your normal running costs to cover. Is it viable for drivers to work for Hailo at those rates?

    A wireless was always required to work the outskirts. Swords is well served with two radio firms, a walk in base, a council rank, a rank at the shopping centre and an array of illegal ranks. The provision of further official stands would only serve to attract more legal drivers so the current scenario suits all concerned.

  5. john m 2 years ago

    You pointed out the obvious Rodent .What passes for a taxi service in Fingal and South Dublin works for all concerned.The Hailo conundrum is just that a conundrum. Are Hailo generating new users or are they just taking from the traditional users .As cruising for fares costs about 10c per kilometer I feel the commission to Hailo is offset by the time and distance saved.

  6. Rat Catcher 2 years ago

    It’s interesting that you can afford such heavy discounts on small fares. I wonder what the hell Creegan was thinking when he tried to impose a fare increase last year. He must know nothing about the trade at all at all.

  7. bohemian boy 2 years ago

    rat i accept you are right,it was a terrible way to start a communication. i duly note your comments,and will make the appropriate changes to any further correspondance

  8. Rat Catcher 2 years ago

    Might I be so bold as to suggest starting sentences with capital letters. 😀

  9. bohemian boy 2 years ago

    anyone hear anything about dublin bus it all seems to have been forgotten ?

  10. john m 2 years ago

    BB I have a man on the inside .The fact that there was not unanimous agreement among all the unions in DB for action ,The strategy is to wait for DB to implement the cuts without agreement and then the big two will use their mandate from the members for a withdraw of their labour and a picket will be placed .It is assumed that workers who voted in favour of the deal will not pass the official picket .The next move lies with DB .

  11. bohemian boy 2 years ago

    there does not appear to be any sign of management implementing the cuts,maybe they have climbed down

  12. chester 2 years ago

    Does anyone know if the new stricter rules and regulations that are due in shortly for cyclists
    will also apply to the tricycles that are plaguing the city center and if so will this mean an end to them or will it be a case that if they are forced onto the roads will we have to wait behind them as they travel from club to club with three or four passengers that are sucked into handing over a fiver each to the cyclist it seems they are making more money than the taxi drivers, I sometimes think I am living in Calcutta.

  13. Frank 2 years ago
  14. bohemian boy 2 years ago

    roy is there nothing can be done to stop all these idiots posting things that have nothing to do with the taxi industry ?

  15. Rat Catcher 2 years ago

    Ya mean the erm don’t ya?

    Further to the Ebbs/Intercity plate report posted earlier in this thead all the Noel Ebbs Plates are now lapsed bar 3 that have been transferred to Intercity bringing the Intercity total to a round 100. Interestingly if ya search the following 5 on the TfI crApp by driver badge number the drivers are still shown associated with the lapsed plates but if ya search the plate numbers on either the app or the online register no result is returned as ought to be the case for lapsed plates.


    Obviously correct at the time of posting, it may be the case that the drivers will be reassigned to different vehicles on the fleet and/or the plates transferred to Intercity in due course.

  16. Frank 2 years ago

    Any relation:
    A man appeared before a special sitting of Carlow District Court last night in connection with a major drugs haul on Thursday evening.
    Thirty seven year old Jason Ebbs with an address at Slate Row in Hackettstown, was arrested on Thursday following a garda raid.
    Crystal Meth with a value of around 90 thousand euro worth and Cannibis worth around 20 thousand euro was seized at a property in Hackettstown.
    He was charged at Carlow District Court last night under sections 3 and 15 of the Misuse of Drugs Act.
    He’ll appear before the court again on September 25th after he was remanded on bail.
    It’s believed to be one of the biggest crystal meth drug seizures made by Gardai.

  17. Rat Catcher 2 years ago

    One of the above plates has been restored. Another EUR375 in NTAs phoca.

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