Roof Signs: Lip service paid to these rules?

Roof Signs: Lip service paid to these rules?

From theNTA web site:

Names of representative bodies may be displayed on taxi roof signs; phone numbers of such bodies, however, are not permitted.

For wheelchair accessible taxi roof signs, the accessibility symbol must not be obscured.

Additional lights must not be attached to the regulation roof sign.

Credit card logos must not be displayed on the regulation roof sign.

New “Shift Shots”

Granite Pillar:

Bruxelles Clock:

Horse and Carriage:


  1. johnm 2 years ago

    The roof sign is my property why should I not be allowed to use it to advertise my business .If I want to put my name and number or any other name or number on it why should I not be allowed .

  2. Ben 2 years ago

    its just more nta quango bullshit, put what you like on your sign. ask them what are they doing about the illegals.

  3. bohemian boy 2 years ago

    i wonder is my double jobbers out sign illegal now

  4. Ben 2 years ago

    boh you could be fined 250 yoyos for that

  5. bohemian boy 2 years ago

    are you serious Ben i really have one on my back window which says double jobbers out

  6. Ben 2 years ago

    only joking boh, leave that sign where it is i totally agree with it

  7. Author
    Roy 2 years ago

    Don’t you think its very irresponsible of cab companies and so called rep bodies subjecting drivers to possible fines?

  8. wolfound 2 years ago

    lads can anybody clear up. When did brsnding on taxi door commencene and wen does it xpire?? and can sombody tell me wat anan area sticker meansand with all the brains?can anybody tell me who is in charage tell me wats going on:::;but of course we are ane industry,sheep i know now that.

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