Have Labour lived up to their promises?

Have Labour lived up to their promises?

Letter sent To Joe Costello and Eamon Gilmore, written by a concerned Taxi driver (edited for Publication)

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Hi Joe and Eamonn ,

I am writing to you for the third and final time having received no response to date., either to the mails or the phone messages left with your office.

I now wish to inform you and The Labour Party of a campaign that  I and fellow Taxi Drivers will begin in January 2014 .

As you are aware, in Dublin 7 there are a large number of Taxi drivers,  our Intention is to visit each and every Taxi Driver’s Home in the area and give them the Labour party Taxi policy document, in which you promised Taxi Drivers you would sort out all aspects of our industry making it viable for taxi drivers to make a living again. We will go through the document with them and ask them what they feel has been done.

I can assure you the answer is “nothing”,  in fact it’s now worse . We will also ask if they will ever vote labour again.

As nothing has been delivered from your pre election taxi policy document to date, I will now highlight some of the new changes that will effect taxi drivers from the Taxi Bill:

Increase of fines for trying to get on to a rank , despite there being the less then 750 taxi spaces for 11,699 Taxis in Dublin .   1 space for approx. every 19 Taxis .

Demerit Points.

Power given to the National Transport Authority to bring in regulations without consultation with the Taxi Industry.

You  may be aware that non Irish taxi  drivers face discrimination at ranks, passengers pass and get in with an Irish driver,  it seems this behaviour is been encouraged as a driver who refuses to take a passenger  will be fined .

Labour has failed to deal with the Double jobbers.

Other  issues we face are

The removal of 5 taxi ranks to facilitate luas

Rickshaws flying around every night,  uninsured, carrying passengers

Why do I and every other Taxi driver need to comply with all rules and regulations, when rickshaws charge higher prices with no regulations imposed on them .

Also there is a lack of facilities  for taxis at public events.

I now put it to you that the labour  party has done nothing to date to sort out the Taxi industry as promised.

Finally,  I assure you again, I will be visiting taxi drivers homes in January 2014  and with the help of fellow taxi drivers will try to push this campaign throughout Dublin, using social networking and a series of meetings .