Have Labour lived up to their promises?

Have Labour lived up to their promises?

Letter sent To Joe Costello and Eamon Gilmore, written by a concerned Taxi driver (edited for Publication)

If you would like to help Mick in his campaign just leave a comment and I’ll pass on your email address.

Hi Joe and Eamonn ,

I am writing to you for the third and final time having received no response to date., either to the mails or the phone messages left with your office.

I now wish to inform you and The Labour Party of a campaign that  I and fellow Taxi Drivers will begin in January 2014 .

As you are aware, in Dublin 7 there are a large number of Taxi drivers,  our Intention is to visit each and every Taxi Driver’s Home in the area and give them the Labour party Taxi policy document, in which you promised Taxi Drivers you would sort out all aspects of our industry making it viable for taxi drivers to make a living again. We will go through the document with them and ask them what they feel has been done.

I can assure you the answer is “nothing”,  in fact it’s now worse . We will also ask if they will ever vote labour again.

As nothing has been delivered from your pre election taxi policy document to date, I will now highlight some of the new changes that will effect taxi drivers from the Taxi Bill:

Increase of fines for trying to get on to a rank , despite there being the less then 750 taxi spaces for 11,699 Taxis in Dublin .   1 space for approx. every 19 Taxis .

Demerit Points.

Power given to the National Transport Authority to bring in regulations without consultation with the Taxi Industry.

You  may be aware that non Irish taxi  drivers face discrimination at ranks, passengers pass and get in with an Irish driver,  it seems this behaviour is been encouraged as a driver who refuses to take a passenger  will be fined .

Labour has failed to deal with the Double jobbers.

Other  issues we face are

The removal of 5 taxi ranks to facilitate luas

Rickshaws flying around every night,  uninsured, carrying passengers

Why do I and every other Taxi driver need to comply with all rules and regulations, when rickshaws charge higher prices with no regulations imposed on them .

Also there is a lack of facilities  for taxis at public events.

I now put it to you that the labour  party has done nothing to date to sort out the Taxi industry as promised.

Finally,  I assure you again, I will be visiting taxi drivers homes in January 2014  and with the help of fellow taxi drivers will try to push this campaign throughout Dublin, using social networking and a series of meetings .


  1. bohemian boy 2 years ago

    well i know the drivers wont challenge that policy,because they dont have the balls.

  2. bohemian boy 2 years ago

    the information on the forum regarding the rural hackneys is completely wrong. the situation is that,at a meeting of the taxi advisory committie which took place fairly recently,it was agreed by all attendees,that a pilot scheme would be put in place.this scheme would see a very small number of licences operating,and will be constantly reviewed. in addition anyone who will hold one of these licences will not also be the holder of a current psv licence.

  3. Ben 2 years ago

    this rural hack idea is all bullshit, just typical Alan Kelly. time for him and a lot of cronies to move on. how would anyone make a living in a rural area with a hack. few bob at the weekends if you are lucky. nothing during the week, your phone might ring twice. drive all over the parish for a fiver. Kelly needs to tidy up the taxi industry, and get all the dangerous part time scabs, and illegal scum off the road. but he does not have the will to do either. Kelly is a disgrace.

  4. Ben 2 years ago

    UK are to introduce a test for migrants before they qualify for benefits. the days of the free for all handouts are over. when will our gobshites do the same. and the UK don’t hand out keys of social houses like mars bars. David Cameron is way smarter then Enda Kenny, but we already knew that.

  5. bohemian boy 2 years ago

    the NTA have carried out absolutely no promotion of the driver check app to the public.this is bad for independents. intending passengers are less likely to use a taxi that is not aligned,or traceable because they are unaware of the availability of such an app as driver check.any time i have asked customers if they were aware of this app, their answer was always the same,oh is that the hailo app ? the one that shows you a photo of the driver ? when i tell them that the NTA have a similar app for security purposes they tell me they did not know about it.this is unfair to independent drivers,but then again the NTA have made no secret of the fact that they want us all aligned.this is also the reason any new rules they make will ALWAYS favour those towrag radio companies

  6. ger 2 years ago

    There are at LEAST 1,000 more taxis on the streets of dublin now than this time last year. This is because drivers are buying plates from all around the country and bringing them into dublin to work them. Its gone beyond a fooking joke now. And how many of them are part of the 30,000 illegal immigrants that the indo says are living and working in ireland. Do we even have an immigration policy in this country? Its seems to me anybody can come and live here no matter where they are from. The amount of indians and pakistains driving taxis in dublin is a disgrace. They are not part of the eu,so why do we have so many of them here? We all know how the other bunch of scammers got in,with their made up stories of bullshit, and a welfare system that gave them everything, while our own people leave by the planeload. This country is fast turning in a dumping ground for the trash of the world.

  7. Ben 2 years ago

    Ger the country is like a landfill site, dump all the shite you can find into it. people with no legal right to be in this country are here working illegally, and claiming welfare at the same time. politicians shouting about the bail out exit. total tossers, the grief is only starting here. all the money has to be repaid, we dont own our own country anymore.
    welfare for non irish people has to stop.end of.

  8. Ben 2 years ago

    UK will insist that migrants speak English, or no benefits. we must do the same, demand that they speak English, and Irish. its our country we can decide who comes here, and vetting system needs to be amended. country is full of foreign criminals. they walk through the airport, no one stops them.

  9. bohemian boy 2 years ago

    when we did have a reasonably good minister for foreigners,[mick mcdowell] the pink and fluffy brigade were up in arms everytime he wanted to send these dole scroungers home

  10. Ben 2 years ago

    we need someone to get tough on these scroungers right now. this country is broke, we done have any money to waste. we will be back begging from the eu/imf all over again.

  11. Ben 2 years ago

    we need someone with a pair of balls to solve this problem, i propose Mary Coughlan !!

  12. kevin 2 years ago

    as a taxi driver workin in letterkenny with about 90 taxis and 20 black drivers i asked ataxi driver workin in derry with over 800 taxis why no black guys he told me there was one indian guy but no one would get in with him so he gave it up fair play to the derry people

  13. ger 2 years ago

    They wouldnt get the welfare, free house and medical card as handy up the north as they do down south.

  14. Ben 2 years ago

    and theres not one of them in enniskillen either, local people here are very loyal to their own drivers. also council houses , benefits etc are for their own people here, not strangers who come from the other side of the world looking for handouts.

  15. bohemian boy 2 years ago

    hay Giddion i thought you hung up your key pad ?

  16. bohemian boy 2 years ago

    i cant believe Roy over on the forum.he is actually praising Ebbs for doing away with the discounts. it was that bastard that introduced them in the first place. how the fukk does Ebbs deserve credit for something the DRIVERS gave ? Ebbs gave the public nothing Roy, so could you please explain why he deserves credit when it was the DRIVERS who gave the discounts ? i am also delighted to see that global are worried enough by hailo to start making changes. it is a sure sign that these leeches Kearns, Ebbs, Kelly, etc etc are in trouble when they are making changes to their structures. they obviously cannot keep the drivers. i cant wait till the day i am reading in the sunday business post that these towrags who think they are the drivers employers go bust, and the sc,mbag base controllers are out of a job

  17. ger 2 years ago

    Well said bboy. Fooking vermin the lot of them.

  18. Author
    Roy 2 years ago

    I give credit when it’s due, I knocked him for introducing discounts, I give him credit for removing them, if drivers don’t appreciate the effort why shouldn’t he revert back to the discount model? is that what you want?

  19. bohemian boy 2 years ago

    Roy when will you ever learn, Ebbs never ever give a discount,the so called self employed drivers who work under the banner of his company did. why should that bastard be given credit for removing discounts that HE introduced,at the DRIVERS expense. its like me saying my wife is very generous, she would give you my last pound. i am completely puzzled as to how you believe that fukking dictator deserves any credit.the quicker hailo wipe the floor with ALL those sc,mbag radio companies the better.its a well known fact that years ago a lot of dodgy money was invested in these towrag radio companies,and the sc,m that made the investment is still actively involved in the running of them. i would love some investigative journilist to go digging, i would say the revelations would be front page news

  20. Ben 2 years ago

    cannot understand anyone praising radio co’s for removing discounts. they forced these cuts onto drivers, who struggle to make a living. hailo will sort them all in time, and hopefully wipe them out.
    boh get that info about dodgy funding passed to newspapers, someone will follow up on it. that could be explosive.

  21. Author
    Roy 2 years ago

    I never said he gave discounts, I said he introduced them, now he’s removing them, that deserves credit.
    Mandela once said “you don’t make peace with your friends, you make peace with your enemies”, if they make steps towards friendship that should be acknowledged, finding fault simply because you hate them gets you nowhere.
    Do you believe he should be knocked for removing the discounts or that it should go unacknowledged?
    Don’t you want other dispatchers to follow suit?

  22. Ben 2 years ago

    customers see him as the one who gave the discounts, not the drivers. but then its the drivers who suffer the hit. all radio co drivers should wise up, and refuse to give discounts, as the running costs are now too high. and too much illegal competition out there making it harder for any full time irish driver to survive. but of course they have their dole/welfare etc to rely on. sick country.

  23. bohemian boy 2 years ago

    Roy absolutely no credit is due to Ebbs,or any other sc,mbag radio company.least of all from independent drivers like myself who these bastards would love to get rid of. it is a fact that a number of years ago, one such towrag owner came on the radio and announced to the world that any taxi driver operating without a radio was probably doing so illegally. the NTA also continue to make rules to suit these sc,mbags unfairly in my opinion.is it not a fact that miss Doyle stated quite clearly [when she was regulator] that she wanted us all aligned to this sc,m ? did minister Kelly not make a similar statement ? hell would freeze over before i would ever join one of these dictators who think they are the drivers employers.Ben is also right when he says the public think it is Ebbs who gives the discount, only recently i had a customer from PWC who told she would never use Ebbs company again because she always thought it was he who gave the discount,and not the driver.come on hailo take the student market ,and corporate business from these leeches now

  24. bohemian boy 2 years ago

    its fantastic to see all the sc,m advertising. it means they are not doing well,and are fearful for the future. any company that is doing well does not advertise. there is no need to

  25. Ben 2 years ago

    savage cuts coming in the health service, and thousands of medical cards to be revoked. i wonder what nationality will suffer most here. cuts of over 600 million have to hust somewhere. bet the irish card holders will be hit first, whats new.

  26. bohemian boy 2 years ago

    i just watched the farmers on the 6 01 news. they came out in protest at their livilhoods being stolen from them by discounters. should we, independent drivers not do the same against king of the discounting sc,m Ebbs ?

  27. Ben 2 years ago

    we would have lots of reasons to protest, but farmers are a united group. and they scare politicians when they protest. they get handouts if they have a bad crop. what do we get ?? laughed at .
    we should have lots of clout, there is so many of us now, but we are not organised properly.a protest, for example, should be an all out protest, but some scabs will always work on.

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