Happy New Year?

Happy New Year?

I don’t think 2014 will be a happy year for full time taxi drivers, it could be a costly/steep learning curve as fines and new regulations take hold.

Hopefully the end result will be a better, more lucrative industry, with less fly by nights around, although I don’t think we’ll feel as “free” knowing if we don’t play by the rules we’ll be likely to be penalised.


  1. Ben 2 years ago

    red dennis the rental market attracts the vermin, who know what they can get away with. its best for us full time irish drivers that the rental market is scrapped.
    taxi rental depots might sound good, but the cost will be passed on to us.

  2. Red Dennis 2 years ago

    Ben the ” taxi depot” for taxi rentals should be a “private venture” which the NTA would issue a “licence ” to operate . It’s operator would be open to strict inspections from both the NTA and revenue. I agree the rental sector is been “hijacked” by corrupt individuals , but there are a lot of genuine renters out there that cannot survive without renting. I for one would rather pay a bit extra in my yearly “taxi licence fee” to fund ” full time inspectors” that would operate 24×7 on the ground in every city nationwide . If there was a policy of one plate per person and one driver per taxi with I.D sealed on dashboard that couldn’t be tampered with these “inspectors” would be money well spent .

  3. Ben 2 years ago

    red dennis I like the idea of one plate per person, and one driver per taxi, but will we ever see that. I don’t think Alan Kelly would have the balls to go there. I do agree that some drivers have to rent, due to finance problems etc. I feel sorry for these drivers as they are victims of a monster created by nta, but unless the rental market is cleansed completely, I will still want it abolished. I see people in my own area with prayers on the dash, instead of psv. what does that tell you.

  4. bohemian boy 2 years ago

    Frank Fahey, when he was in office called for the abolition of the rental market at the time, but members of this forum opposed it

  5. Red dennis 2 years ago

    Ben you only have one tv licence, one dog licence, the same should be done with taxi licence. Greed is the driving force behind these multiple plate holders . Also having only one driver per taxi means more rank space will be available , as when that taxi finishes shift nobody can hop into it to replace other driver. It’s these issues our reps whoever they are should be dealing with .

  6. sclass 2 years ago

    Alan kelly has now washed his hands of the taxi industry and has Notting more to do with it his quango the NTA is now your boss.
    And they every intention of letting you know that fact.

  7. chester 2 years ago

    @sclass has he given a reason as to why he has abandoned the rat infested sinking ship is it that he is incapable of organising the running of a simple to run industry that a leaving cert student would be capable of doing it’s not rocket science to tell taxi drivers that their job is to bring people from A 2 B were not the ones that complicated it were still doing it it’s ‘them’ that find it confusing and unmanageable.

  8. Ben 2 years ago

    not surprised to hear that news about kelly, he is a total failure since the day he was appointed. a total clown.

  9. bohemian boy 2 years ago

    Dennis not only should it be one man one plate, it should also be one man one area,one man one job, etc etc. but we will never get that those mpo,s have to much power in high places.they are also in colusion with the other gangsters in tae taxi industry like the radio company owners etc

  10. Ben 2 years ago

    multiple areas should be scrapped, you nominate one area, you get a psv licence for that area. end of. and transfer of plates from one county to another should be stopped. also its time for health and safety, and common sense to kick in, and ban all the scabs from the business.

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