Happy New Year?

I don’t think 2014 will be a happy year for full time taxi drivers, it could be a costly/steep learning curve as fines and new regulations take hold.

Hopefully the end result will be a better, more lucrative industry, with less fly by nights around, although I don’t think we’ll feel as “free” knowing if we don’t play by the rules we’ll be likely to be penalised.

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132 thoughts on “Happy New Year?

  1. Ben

    Nothing like a bit of optimism to start the year Roy, just typical you.
    When you say fly by nights, you surely mean the foreign vermin that i openly refer to. Difference is that i say it as it is. You seem scared to call it, as we all know how fond of the vermin you are. Buy Irish.

  2. Ben

    those fivers were earned, not scammed from the welfare in some foreign country. and not stolen from people in a bogus/cloned taxi. you need to wake up roy, its because of muppets/doo-gooders like you that this country is broke.

  3. ger

    How can 20,000 nigerians (and thats including kids) send 426 million out of ireland to nigeria?. I will tell you how. Welfare scams, including multiple claims. Drifferent jobs under multiple identies. Non payment of tax. Non payment of property tax. ( u dont pay if you live in a council house) free medical care. Send big momma down welfare officer every day of the week begging for more handouts and getting the welfare to pay their bills. I could go on and on and on. But you get the picture. Im am going to make it my mission in life to uncover the scams this lot are at. And the first one im looking into is how they even got a drivers licence. They cant drive, they cant even do a basic turnabout. They pull out on to main roads without even looking. They are the worst drivers on the road. And they are driving blledin double decker buses full of people. We all know they cant even drive the fooking luas without crashing that and thats on fooking tracks. So how and where are they getting the licence from? Were they given it as part of their refugee package? Along with the house and passport. Ive had to install a dashcam in my car over these idiots. There is no way any of these scammers have done the irish driving test.

  4. ger

    Im heading to galway city today. I will have my little notepad out and i will be taking roofsign numbers and then checking them when i get back to dublin. Last time i was down there i wanted to vomit, the rank on eyre sq was a sight to behold. Nearly as bad as dublin (nearly). 3 words. FAILED IMMIGRATION POLICY.

  5. Ben

    ger nothing has changed in galway, little lagos. if anything its got worse. eyre sq is a dump, full of scammers, bridge st is the same. if i could meet you i would take you around and show you the housing estates they have taken over. all irish white people have moved out, shocked at what they see going on around them. could also show you where one of these scammers lives in a coucil house in knocknacarra, on the dole of course, and renting out taxis, and plates. his wife drives a mercedes taxi, real big arrogant momma.
    your point about the numbers sending home so much money is very valid. its all scammed from welfare. and we stand by and allow it to happen. time for action.

  6. chester

    Well Roy I’m afraid it is different the mammies that received the envelopes from their sons in England knew it was well earned and by that I mean through hard work building roads and houses in all sorts of weather not for them any welfare handouts or easy access to drive a taxi their money was hard earned not easily gotten so dont compare like with like.

  7. chester

    Ps once again I wish to inform you that England is not our ‘mainland’ that term belongs to the subjects of HM of which we are not.

  8. ger

    Ben. You work in galway city? Im down here now. Its very quite. Might be the weather. Not a sinner out tonight. Im here til sun morn.

  9. Red dennis

    I’ve seen lads working in petrol stations and after finishing shifts getting into their taxis to work. These same stations are been supported by full time taxi drivers on a daily basis. I’ve took my business elsewhere and won’t be helping to pay a par timers wages .

  10. Ben

    Ger just saw your messages now. not working this weekend myself, sorry about that. Came up to Enniskillen for a few days, brilliant wee town. Will move up here for good very soon, have enough of the shite and vermin in Galway. Galway will be quiet this weekend with the floods, Jurys area a wash out, also Salthill very bad. Bet you got a shock when you saw all the foreign vermin working taxis in Galway, and a lot of them illegal. If you could go to Parkmore Ind Est, for example, and see them coming out of the factories at midnight, change of shift. Roofies up on the cars, and straight down to Eyre Sq. Same down the road in Ballybrit, Boston Sci. Scab cabs all over the car park there. Next time you are coming down will meet you and show you all the areas they have almost taken over. Ghettos galore. If you get a chance, go out to Doughiska Road, where the nct centre is. Its just off the motorway, very easy to find. That place will shock you, absolute ghetto.

  11. Ben

    Ger while you are out there you will see their new church. It used to be the racing lodge hotel. but was kindly donated to them by some gobshite. Praise the Lord.

  12. sidewinder

    nta gobshite waz in my car over xmas,he waz laughing,he loiked like a weazel,he laughed and said u think u have problins wait till the romanis and bulgairs arive and he laughed

  13. ger

    The NTA Headtheballs have been pretty active over christmas. They are going around in an unmarked garda car(with a guard) and pulling cars.

  14. Ben

    lots more Romanian and Bulgarian coming here. after UK tells them to fook off, and wont give them benefits for at least 3 months, they will head for soft touch Ireland. Start printing medical cards, lots of them. Why cant the Irish Gov tell them the same as UK. We owe them nothing, same as the Africans that are here already,
    All welfare claims for foreign people should be refused, we don’t have the money. Better again, don’t let them into the country at all.

  15. Ben

    UK Independence Party has proposed that the 3 month ban on immigrants getting benefits, should be increased to 5 years. Brillo idea, and we need to do the same urgently. Treasure Ireland does not have money to give any of these people.

  16. bohemian boy

    there are many more then this, but here is just a half dozen plates operating in dublin last with NO door decals . 21672, 18756,35866, 25724, 27479, 35152.there were loads more, but whats the point in reporting it,they wont do anything about it .its a waste of fukking time

  17. Ben

    hard to get any info on these vermin, they are not in any database. maybe you could get a name from car registration details. its a tricky one boh.

  18. bohemian boy

    i believe now,as i have said in the past. the industry is crying out for a group of drivers to get together and challenge these sc,mbags. they should be challenged at every opertunity. they should be challenged for standing for hire near official ranks, they should be challenged for operating without area stickers, they should be challenged for no door decals, they should be challenged for every illegal activity they engage in that steals from legitimate drivers. its appeerent now, that the NTa enforcement team either cant, or wont take them on, so its now up to us ourselves to do it. i invite any driver on this forum who thinks the same way, to contact me Roy will give you my contact details if your up for it

  19. Ben

    boh we need to put pressure on Alan Kelly to hire more enforcement staff, its the only way forward. we can take these vermin on ourselves, but that can lead to confrontation, and who knows what might happen. we could end up losing our licence if things get out of hand. Garda and nta staff should be doing this job, we should not have to do it for them.

  20. bohemian boy

    Ben on saturday night i stopped at the lights on westmorland st just before o connell st. there were a number of gardai there, they were on a special assignment. i cal;l;ed one over to where the towrags illegally stand for hire, pointing out to him that one had no door decals. this taxi was no more then 10 yards from where i was speaking to the cop. his response was to tell me he would report it to the traffic core. what a fukking joke

  21. Ben

    boh thats our problem, cops dont give a fuk about the taxi industry. kelly needs to hire lots of staff to do the job, otherwwise there is no hope for us. the illegal vermin know that too.

  22. Ben

    boh i checked those 6 plate numbers that you quoted, and all are in date. only question mark is the decals. i reckon there are lots of drivers without these stupid decals, for various reasons.

  23. Red dennis

    The NTA are giving drivers until the 1st of February to have decals on doors. After that €250 fines will be issued to any taxi without decals.

  24. Taximan372

    Hi all,
    To suggest that the only illegal behaviour in taxis is carried out by foreigners is pure ignorant nonsense. There plenty of white irish doing it too. Been past the bottom of grafton a few times today, each time taxis plying for hire illegally, all irish drivers! Irish people are and where scamming social welfare in the uk for years and there are thousands in new york etc scamming over there. Constantly talking about black drivers gives an impression of racism… COP ON! This site is monitered. Report ALL illegal activity REGARDLESS OF SKIN COLOUR,NATIONALITY ETC.

  25. Red dennis

    Taximan372 you are correct but these individuals are fighting the war against the wrong enemy. It’s the government , minister Kelly, advisors and our so called reps that are our true enemy. We as a group are like sheep heading in different directions with no true leader to guide. What’s needed is likeminded thinking taxi drivers to form groups in their own cities/towns and than UNITE NATIONWIDE as a group.

  26. bohemian boy

    Dennis you are correct in your assertion.i have called for taxi drivers to group together in the areas they work for the purpose of monitoring each area. they could approach wrongdoers in a group and tell them in a nice way to fukk off and not to illegally stand for hire stealing their work. bottom of Grafton st,Londis shop dame st being 2 prime examples

  27. Red dennis

    bohemian boy what you describe is happening in every city/town. I’ve yet to hear a taxi organisation stand up and say ” HERE THIS IS WHAT WE STAND FOR AND WE WANT TAXIDRIVERS SUPPORT” . What’s needed is groups to form that want the same thing. What I would support is a group that would have a 5 point plan for the taxi industry. (1) one plate per person (2) one driver per taxi. (3) overhaul of the rental market (4) tougher enforcement / fines . (5) full time drivers only . It’s my opinion that only when/if these points are brought in will we see an industry that we could make a living from without having to work 80 hours per week.

  28. Ben

    Red dennis scrap the rental market completely, its septic. that’s where the vermin get the cars. total ban is only answer. I agree with your other points, very good actually.

  29. Red dennis

    Ben the rental market is needed because of breakdowns and also because some drivers are unable to get finance. What I think should happen is every city to have a “taxi depot” where you could go and rent out a taxi on a short term basis.The NTA would have the authority to inspect these “taxi depot companies”. It would make things easier for NTA to be able to inspect a large amount of rental taxis than trying to keep up individual renters.

  30. bohemian boy

    Dennis i agree with everything you say, if you happen to work in Dublin and would be interested in establishing such groups, i would be delighted to meet with you. Roy has my contact details. i have advocated such a move for a long time now on this forum, but each time i proposed it, it fell on deaf ears. nobody wanted to know. its incredible to see every night the drivers on the fosters rank for instence,standing around talking, while the towrags just 10 yards away steal their work outside the fosters shop. we would need to go to the drivers on the fosters, and other ranks ie molly molone, and talk to the drivers to see if they are interested in protecting their own rank from these leeches

  31. Ben

    dennis scrap the rental market, reduce the number of taxis out there, and full time drivers will then find it easier to get finance to change their cars. rental market always was, and will be abused. to many gangsters renting to vermin.

  32. bohemian boy

    the radio company owners are also among the gangster elite Ben, most of them should be on the front pages of the sunday world, and hopefully when it all comes to light they will be. this is where the dodgy money was laundered years ago in the taxi radio companies

  33. Red dennis

    Bohemian boy and Ben these issues won’t be solved in just Dublin. What’s required is Dublin , cork, Waterford,Limerick ,galway and athlone to form groups of TAXIDRIVERS that have the vision of a “clean industry” that WANT TO WORK WITH THE PEOPLE IN AUTHORITY to give us a future in this industry. First you have to become organised in your own area before you join the groups up to become a force nationwide .

  34. bohemian boy

    Denis the group i mentioned are not militant in their approach to things. they take the view that talking to the powers that be is the best way forward. they are made up of very experienced people who have been around the industry for a long time. people like Gerry Brennen, Andy Mcmahon, Gerry Macken, and others.they meet fairly regularly to discuss what,if any progress has been made as a result of their talks with the various people who have responsibility for the industry

  35. Red dennis

    bohemian boy I’ve heard of that group, but and this is my point , I’ve never heard what they stand for or what they want the taxi industry to be . TAXIDRIVERS HAVE TO GET THE MESSAGE TO THE POWERS TO BE THAT WE ARE UNITED AND THIS IS WHAT WE WANT. Of course rank jumping and plying for hire illegally is wrong but we must look at the bigger picture . A lot of these illegal operators are part timers/ renters and when/if this industry is cleaned up they will be out of it as quick as they got in.

  36. sclass

    There is no evidence that the NTA dimwits listen to anyome in the taxi industry But we must keep trying.You need to get a copy of the NTA new proposal you can download it off their website.
    There is a lot of new regulations fines demerits on the way
    Before you say bring it on.
    Have a read of it first then give your opinion. It’s important that as many taxi drivers as possible get your submission in before the 31 jan
    By the way uniting taxi drivers is not going to happen get it out of your head.

  37. sidewinder

    am about to stap,i think about the junction of dame st and georges st,get out about 2am and burn my tsxi,if i had the soldiers behind me, well who knows?well we grab attentiin ,it will catch attention ,and it will grow viral.

  38. Taximan372


    In reply to your deeply set ignorance and racist attitude…..i’m from drimnagh, dublin 12. Irish parents, irish passport and …A FULLY FUNCTIONING BRAIN!!!!

  39. Ben

    taximan372 you sound like someone from drimnagh in lagos the way you use the racist word. are you another one of Robinsons doo-gooders.
    its nice to see that red dennis finally woke up and admits that the illegal operators are renters.

  40. Ben

    and sclass is right when he says uniting taxi drivers is not going to happen, its dog eat dog now. way past time for happy families in this game. Doyle ruined it completely. it will never recover.

  41. bohemian boy

    Dennis as i said already, i agree with everything you say, but i am ready to take action are you ? i dont know how many times on this forum i have offered to meet drivers who think the same,but instead of taking up my offer it fell on deaf ears. drivers only want to let off steam on here, they dont seem to want to take constructive action against it

  42. ger

    Saw 7 dublin bus drivers this morning that also drive taxis. Just how many dublin bus drivers are also driving taxis???. They hate when you stare at them. Three of them were yawning? I wonder fooking why.

  43. Ben

    those dublin bus drivers are a danger on the road, its only a matter on time before there will be a major accident caused by one of these scabs. why cant dublin bus stop the double jobbing on health and safety grounds. you need to be very alert driving one of those vehicles.

  44. bohemian boy

    Ger i spoke to a driver from Clontarf garage 3 weeks ago. he told me that all staff were issued with letters preventing them from engaging in any other employment that involves driving by the company. this is obviously not true if you say you saw a load of them doing it

  45. Ben

    anybody read the medical card info released today. we have 1,853,877 of them in circulation as of November 2013. thats 700,000 more then in 2003.between 2011 and 2012 150,000 more were issued. i wonder how many of these went to foreign vermin that never worked or paid a cent tax in this country. probably the same ones that get priority when it comes to council or afforable homes. the country is gone stone mad, small wonder we are broke.

  46. bohemian boy

    Ben i know you said you checked the six plate numbers i listed yesterday and they were all in date,,but what i am confused about is, they would have had to renew their vechicle licences on one day during 2013. they would not have passed the SGS test to get their licences renewed without having the decals installed on their doors , so how could their vechicle licences be in date ? they would have been refused at the SGS centre without door decals

  47. sclass

    Now if you want to enter the taxi industry for the first time the NTA have made it easier by changing the age of new entry cars from three to six years old

  48. Ben

    good point boh, one of them is out this month, 4 are out next month, and one in march. maybe they got their sgs just before decals time. but they wont get passed again.

  49. bohemian boy

    i think overall whats really lacking from the drivers point of view is proper leadership. there are many capable people in the industry who are in a position to give such leadership,but you must ask yourself have they performed well on your behalf ? these people were elected as the heads of the various rep bodies, and collectively they have been silent,but on their own they have been useless. i say that with the exception of TTNH who have at least tried. i believe TTNH realize there is a real need for sustained industrial action, but i also believe the reason they have not called for it is because they are not sure they can count on the support of their members. i am not a member of TTNH, but would certainly support any action they would call for. this is the winning formula the government have over all taxi rep bodies, devide and conquer. the government know well that drivers will not unite in support of a common policy,if fact some drivers see this as a chance to get in and milk it thereby causing further division. i think its time to employ professional trade union people to represent us. people who have experience at the level required.

  50. sclass

    Taxi ranks are being removed and pushed into side streets away from footfalI and not a dickybird from taxi drivers that work the those ranks.
    A small protest on Monday morning and the same drivers never turned up. So i don’t know what to make of it ,

  51. bohemian boy

    i cant post on the forum.i thought john m hung up his plate ? huh just when i thought it was safe to go back in the water. i will say this though, john says on the forum that the prevention of employment for people is against trade union doctrin ? John the policy of one man one job is also very much part of trade union doctrin, but i dont hear them condemning the sc,mbags that engage in it

  52. Red dennis

    Sclass I’m to long at this game to know ALL TAXIDRIVERS CANNOT BE UNITED. What can and must happen is those that think alike come together nationwide . Our problems will not be solved by Dublin alone. No matter where you operate your taxi it’s the same issues nationwide .If the right people get involved in each city it CAN be joined up to become a force to represent us drivers that want real change.

  53. bohemian boy

    by the way John, i am not a dangerous individual at all. i am just passionate. i have had enough of seeing towrags skipping on ranks, stealing work from official ranks, keeping spaces for their mates on ranks, getting away with murder. the reason for this is, nobody will challenge them. when someone like myself dares to raise my voice in anger, people like you, and ratcatcher cannot wait to have a go at me. well im sorry John, i will continue to try and drum up support for protest action weather you like it or not

  54. bohemian boy

    John if i am a dangerous individual as you say over on the forum, could you please explain why some of my ideas have at least been agreed with by other posters, where as you, on the other hand have been trying to get yourself elected to council with the support of others on here since the day you first started posting, and you are STILL trying to do so. people on here have actually started laughing at the prospect of you being elected

  55. Nidge

    Almost eleven years now since the Taxi regulation office was opened, I’ve yet to be checked in Dublin, and I’m legal, how easy is it for the scammers to operate without fear of ever being caught?

    NTA employed a further 5 so called enforecment officers last June, bringing numbers up to thirteen…and still invisible, those five are direct employees of the company that were responsible for passing dangerous taxis , APPLUS+, as featured on Primetime Investigates, the NTA are up to their necks in it.

  56. Ben

    Nidge I have been checked once in Galway, and legal always. Have all papers in a folder, and hand it to them. But I think the scabs and scammers are making more euros from the taxi biz, than full time drivers. Whats the point of going to all the expense and hassle of being legal, when people all around us are totally illegal. And will they get caught ? Very unlikely, and they know that.
    Applus is all about money, pure greed. Pressure on staff to turn cars over quickly, and cram as many as possible every day.

  57. Roy Post author

    John is having a problem posting he posted some replies herehttp://irishtaxi.org/forum/index.php/topic,25963.msg286329.html#msg286329

  58. sclass

    Chester ttnh are drafting up a submission at this moment .Are you in Dublin Chester .The NTA proposed regulations are 90 pages It is on the NTA site.

  59. true dub

    Any individual can make a submission, and I hope you do chester, why not join either Ttnh or one of the other rep bodies if you want an input to their submissions.

  60. chester

    @sclass and true dub not in Dublin at the mo down here in Kinnagad and can’t get up until later, I am already a member have been for the past 18mths and will continue to be.

  61. Red Dennis

    Lads it’s crazy that TAXIDRIVERS can buy plates off each other . Taxi plates should only be allowed purchased off the NTA and only than after they do a background check on ALL INDIVIDUALS that apply for a plate. Taxi plates should also be issued for one area only and drivers should be allowed to operate in that area only.

  62. true dub

    Glad to hear you are intending to make a submission chester, and I would presume the rep bodies will canvas their members opinion before making a formal submission

  63. bohemian boy

    Dennis everything you say since you started posting here i agree with, but when i expressed those views, i am heavily critised by the likes of John m, and ratcatcher. i believe there should be zero tollerance for wrongdoing in the industry. John m for instince thinks we should talk nicely to the towrags who pull in and steal work from the official ranks,and the drivers who try to play by the rules.the rat accuses me of what he calls playing to the gallery by making populist remarks. which is the complete opposite to what John m says. according to him i want everyone crusified. he is actually right i want all sc,mbags who think its ok to steal from legally operated taxis done

  64. Red Dennis

    B/B and Ben a lot of it is commonscense but as John Giles once said ” the problem with commonscense is that it ain’t that common” ….lads I disagree that there’s no place for a “rental market” in our industry. We have all at times been out of work due to car breaking down, that’s where “taxi rentals” are required. That’s where the NTA should have approved “taxi rental depots” nationwide for when a driver is left in this position.

  65. Ben

    red dennis the rental market attracts the vermin, who know what they can get away with. its best for us full time irish drivers that the rental market is scrapped.
    taxi rental depots might sound good, but the cost will be passed on to us.

  66. Red Dennis

    Ben the ” taxi depot” for taxi rentals should be a “private venture” which the NTA would issue a “licence ” to operate . It’s operator would be open to strict inspections from both the NTA and revenue. I agree the rental sector is been “hijacked” by corrupt individuals , but there are a lot of genuine renters out there that cannot survive without renting. I for one would rather pay a bit extra in my yearly “taxi licence fee” to fund ” full time inspectors” that would operate 24×7 on the ground in every city nationwide . If there was a policy of one plate per person and one driver per taxi with I.D sealed on dashboard that couldn’t be tampered with these “inspectors” would be money well spent .

  67. Ben

    red dennis I like the idea of one plate per person, and one driver per taxi, but will we ever see that. I don’t think Alan Kelly would have the balls to go there. I do agree that some drivers have to rent, due to finance problems etc. I feel sorry for these drivers as they are victims of a monster created by nta, but unless the rental market is cleansed completely, I will still want it abolished. I see people in my own area with prayers on the dash, instead of psv. what does that tell you.

  68. Red dennis

    Ben you only have one tv licence, one dog licence, the same should be done with taxi licence. Greed is the driving force behind these multiple plate holders . Also having only one driver per taxi means more rank space will be available , as when that taxi finishes shift nobody can hop into it to replace other driver. It’s these issues our reps whoever they are should be dealing with .

  69. sclass

    Alan kelly has now washed his hands of the taxi industry and has Notting more to do with it his quango the NTA is now your boss.
    And they every intention of letting you know that fact.

  70. chester

    @sclass has he given a reason as to why he has abandoned the rat infested sinking ship is it that he is incapable of organising the running of a simple to run industry that a leaving cert student would be capable of doing it’s not rocket science to tell taxi drivers that their job is to bring people from A 2 B were not the ones that complicated it were still doing it it’s ‘them’ that find it confusing and unmanageable.

  71. bohemian boy

    Dennis not only should it be one man one plate, it should also be one man one area,one man one job, etc etc. but we will never get that those mpo,s have to much power in high places.they are also in colusion with the other gangsters in tae taxi industry like the radio company owners etc

  72. Ben

    multiple areas should be scrapped, you nominate one area, you get a psv licence for that area. end of. and transfer of plates from one county to another should be stopped. also its time for health and safety, and common sense to kick in, and ban all the scabs from the business.

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