Uber Launches in Dublin

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Just when we thought things were bad ….. it’s about to get a lot worse.

Uber does for Hacks and Limos what Hailo does for Taxis, backed by Googles billions, it’s already a huge success around the world, with many of the well heeled Americans and British that visit and do business on our little island already familiar with and fans of, the quality driven service.

Pity we cried wolf when we were offered the nine year rule back in 2008, we might have been better able to compete.

Dublin Fare Structure: (click to enlarge)

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104 thoughts on “Uber Launches in Dublin

  1. Odin

    I don’t think this is going to take away much business from the taxi community right now because there are never that many uber cars available outside the city center and the fares are significant higher than a taxi fare.

    It might take away overseas visitors that are used to the service in the US for example because they like to take a limo rather than a taxi (and giving the “service” that airport taxi’s are providing who can blame them) but those would have pre-booked their limo ride mostly anyhow.

    Once the 20€ initial uber credit that this thrown around right now is gone I can’t see this getting very many customers with those prices and availability.

    I’m a big uber users on my business travel but I would not use uber in Ireland because I live outside the city centre and can’t wait 30 minutes for a car, I use Hailo and get my cab in 3 minutes.

    Now if they would get more cars, have availability also outside city centre than I would shift my 600€ weekly taxi budget over to get their service, but until that Hailo’s drivers will get it. Usually I get the same good drivers anyhow.

  2. Odin

    Yeah, I use taxi as my main transport method (I just can’t stand driving myself), so when I’m in Ireland I spend about 600€ on taxi’s in a mix of local runs (10€), airport runs (18€) and around 6-8 long distance (around 60-70€ plus toll) trips early morning/early evening. Plus my hailo tip setting is 6% (to split the 12% fee) that increases it slightly. Hell I can’t remember the last time I did drive myself.

    And would you believe some drivers don’t like it when I have the long distance, but most of them are very happy as it sets them up for a nice morning, sure it’s a 40 minute trip one way, but it’s real money.

    So I’m the ideal candidate for uber but not with that availability.

  3. Odin

    Some has been to the cinema recently I see.

    You might not believe me giving your “clever” reference but I assure you I spend what I spend my local hailo crowd likes it.

    I rather spend money on good things than to have it waisted by the useless government. I work hard so I earn good and choose to take taxi rather than road rage.

  4. true dub

    Hey Odin, are you from the states and if so what part, you are very up on Hailo charges to irish drivers, that only applied 6 days ago.

  5. Odin

    @true dub, I get my taxi information from this board, I find it very good to get information about taxi’s in Ireland where I spend several weeks a month. It’s a good board and gives good information.

    @sclass, well before hailo I used to use a local cab company but that one only recently made the jump from the year 2000 to 2014 and has now an app and credit card facility (chip/pin), so before they made the jump hailo was just better (I hated the the cab is 15 minutes away story and to carry always enough cash). Hailo just made it better and beside cabapp (which never seams to have cars available) it was the only alternative to order cars easy (beside the NRC web interface) if you want to pay by card (after all it gives airline miles if I pay with airline miles card). So sure I’m an add for hailo but unfortunately they don’t have a windows phone version which would be even better.

  6. true dub

    Odin I guess you work in tech given you know so much about app’s and all that, and given the airport fare you pay, its reasonable to guess you work for Google.
    Anyway my other nickname is Yosser so the next time you are in Dublin “Giz a Job, I can do that”, especially those 60/70/ euro jobs, I can even offer you significant discounts, before any of the other wafflers put their oar in.

  7. ger

    Bboy. Hailo do take 12% of fare and 12% of tip. It was 10%. Thats the way its been since day 1. Nobody makes drivers sign up to hailo or any other company. Its the drivers choice. If drivers want to sit on ranks watching the tumble weed blowing by, thats their choice. If ud rather have a fare in ur taxi, i would sat hailo are the best . At least your not sticking 90 euro a week or more into an envolope. If for example you do 200 euro a week with hailo u pay them 24 euro. 88% of a fare is a lot better than 100% of nothing.

  8. ger

    And theres 7000 drivers signed up for hailo in dublin alone. Cant be allgobshites. You should give them a try. You might be surprised.

  9. Red Dennis

    Lads it about choice , some drivers could sit on a rank for 3 hours without getting a job and it wouldn’t bother them. Others are chewing the steering wheel if they are more than 20 mins on it. The reason offices work is down to service . Offices can provide taxis 24×7 and in general provide a faster service than a one man operation . Some of the public like the personal service of a regular TAXIDRIVER others wouldn’t notice if our lord was driving the taxi .

  10. ger

    Offices,bases etc are becoming a thing of the past. A lot of them closed down since hailo arrived. There not needed. Most people who use hailo are amazed how quick their taxi arrives, under 5 mins in most cases. Ive often had people in the car in under 2 minutes.A few in under 1minute. Who wants to phone a base to order a taxi and be told its on the way? How long? 10-15 minutes maybe. 30 minutes later ur still waiting. That carry on is history. Get with it people, or get left behind. Simples.

  11. Nidge

    A newly acquired customer told me Hailo have the temerity to charge a €5.00 cancellation fee if they can’t travel after ordering.

    I told him the best way to deal with that is, contact the driver, or when he arrives, ask him will he do let’s say Clarehall to Castleknock for €3.50?

    If the driver refuses,as any normal driver would, say “OK I didn’t cancel, we just couldn’t come to an agreement”, I’ll try elsewhere,

    Should work.

  12. ger

    The 5 euro charge is to stop idiots ordering a taxi. Watching the taxi on the map coming to their house and then just when you get there, they cancelled. That was happening a lot. Funny is does’nt happen too often now. Thats what thats all about. A great idea.

  13. Odin

    But as a customer I still have 1 minute to cancel a Hailo job after a driver’s “mugshot” and rating is displayed to me (just in case I don’t like the driver for example) for free.

    The 5€ cancellation fee was there from the beginning, they just have pointed it out more clearly now and are enforcing it. Does not matter to me as I only order when I want but I still like the option to cancel a car in case I know the driver and don’t like him/her.

  14. Odin

    We’ll for example I had that driver before and did not like him/her, so I like to have the option of declining/cancelling. And why should I pay a fee for declining someone I don’t want? So when I go on my mystical long distance run tomorrow I don’t need to spend 40 minutes next to a guy I don’t like.

    There are some nice applications for taxi hailing available on the continent that store your favourite or unwanted drivers, that would be great for hailo.

  15. Roy Post author

    Strange how some cannot accept that a poster might just be who they say they are, if it’s someone they disagree with they try to suggest it has to be a con, instead of making a cognitive reply ,,,, probably because they are incapable of doing so

  16. bohemian boy

    lads the big problem for me with hailo is, you are allowing them to go the same way as the radio companies by thinking they are your EMPLOYERS. do you not feel you need to nib this in the bud now before it gets out of hand ? there is one driver over on the forum [i cant remember who ] who said last week that he told that they work for him and not the other way round. their response was to knock him off the system for a week. dont allow them to treat you this way or you will regret it.besides all that a good taximan does not need ANYONE to find work for him ,he should be able to find his own work

  17. Odin

    So this morning (encouraged by Ben) I tried to use uber, however there was not a single car available in Dublin, never mind the near to the area I needed one. Now that can’t be healthy for their reputation.

    Hailo had a car over to me in 3 minutes, so I can’t see uber working for people until they increase the amount of cars they have signed up and make them available in more than the city centre.

    I’m obviously going to try again this evening on the way back but I am not to hopeful.

    And Ben I don’t care if you think I’m making this up or not, you might need to understand that there are people out there that rather have someone driving them than driving themselves and that are willing to pay money for it or get their boss to pay for parts of it.

    Purchasing (or hire purchase) of a car, insurance, parking fees (airport etc.) would be more for me never mind that in a taxi I can work when I feel like it (or need). Never mind that driving on the wrong side of the street would be leading to major issues.

    Uber is great but not with this availability and against a strong competition from hailo, yes in principle they are after different target groups (uber for those who are willing to pay extra for a comfortable car with a chauffeur standard) while hailo goes after those who just want a taxi and don’t mind who shows up.

    And as to me choosing a driver with hailo, how is this different from me going to a rank and choosing the car I would like rather than the first car? I have the right to choose the car I want and as a customer I do that if I use a rank, I pick the car I like not the first one. Why would I choose a dirty car if I can choose a newer one that appears clean?

  18. bohemian boy

    lads the only people responsible for the arrogant,overbearing additude that is displayed by both radio companies, and hailo, are you yourselves. you actually allow them to think they are your employers. in fact i believe there are some drivers who secretly get a buzz out of being told how to operate and disiplined for not towing the party line. some of you are institutionalised , and can only operate by having a boss. its a bit like someone who has been taken away by a cult. you need to be de programmed and told Kearns .kELLY.Ebbs are NOT your owners

  19. bohemian boy

    i think they know alright Ben, they just dont have the balls to stand up to these towrags who think they EMPLOY the drivers. when one driver stood up to hailo by telling them they work for him not the other way round, they knocked him off the system for a week, and instead of supporting him, his colleagues just carried on working. no wonder people laugh at us, they know we could not unite if our fukking lives depended on it.sometimes i really have to wonder about drivers. can they not see if we united we can achieve just about anything we need to make our industry viable ? TTNH, as far as i can see are the only rep body trying to do something constructive for for drivers,but will they get the support they deserve on Wednesday ? i would be surprised but i live in hope

  20. bohemian boy

    Ben i know you are totally opposed to the rental section, but i dont see the day coming when it will ever be scrapped.however i also think it would be a good idea if the government,through the NTA set up,and became the sole agency for taxi rentals. that way we could be sure the whole thing was run legally at least

  21. Ben

    boh i am against the rentals in the present form, because its abused and thats where illegal foreign vermin get cars. but the point you make about nta being an agency of sorts for rentals, would change all that. drivers would have to produce a current valid psv licence, insurance, tax cert etc. no loopholes.

  22. bohemian boy

    maybe this is something we should be pressing for, that the NTA themselves take over the rental section to the exclusion of all others, that they alone are the sole agents with responsibility for taxi rental

  23. bohemian boy

    Ben i have just had a phone call from the NTA in relation to my complaint regarding the 6 taxis who are operating in Dublin without door decals. their explanation is that the 6 in question [who all their licences are in date] availed of the 3 month early renewal and their actual licences do not expire till Feb this year when they will be obliged to have the decals fitted

  24. Ben

    boh i would be ok with nta or similar operating a taxi rental scheme, tightly controlled. no cars to be rented to anyone without all papers checked, and in order. and cars to be rented to full time taxi drivers only, that is car and plate owners. no factory/army/dublin bus scabs to be given cars.
    those six plates you mention are in order ok, all out in feb, except one out on march. they will have to decal-up for next sgs.

  25. ger

    Wheres the marketing guy from uber gone? U know,wats his face, oddbin? Wonder how much he paid the gaffer to advertise on this site. A pretty penny im sure. Is that roy just gone down the road in a 141 merc?

  26. bohemian boy

    lads two bits of info you may be interested in. firstly it will NOT become mandatory for taxis to facilitate the payment of fares through the provision of a credit card machine, and secondly, with regard to the issue,or renewal of licences in relation to health matters, the NTA have made it clear that this is NOT a matter for them, but it is a matter for the RSA. as regards the first item,i understand that any additional cost to the drivers who provide credit card facilities for the payment of fares,will be taken into account in proposed fare review to be carried out this year. this info came to me through a contact on the TAC,who continues to do fantastic work in the background on behalf of all full time taxi drivers.

  27. sclass

    It’s in black and white that there will be no additionally charges shall be added to a taxi fare when a passenger is using a credid or debit card. Now they released a statement to say that is not true. So now are the NTA going to send out more glossy updates saying the first one is not true .
    NTA Fukked up again

  28. bohemian boy

    Ben the part i am most happy about is the fact that the use of these machines are NOT going to be mandatory in taxis. that may be their long term aim,but for now we dont have to have them.these machines were introduced into the industry in this country by the likes of NRC,and Ebbs etc etc all these radio companies. they were never asked for by the traveling public, no more then discounts were. another measure introduced by the likes of Ebbs both things at the expense of the drivers. this further proves the point that these sc,mbag radio company owners have a huge amount of influince with the people that matter, and also proves the point that independents need to unite against any attempt to force us to join these towrags who think they employ the drivers

  29. bohemian boy

    Ben this is the response from the NTA regarding the report i sent about the 6 taxis operating without decals
    Dear Paul,

    Thank you for your contact and query received.

    With respect to Taxi Branding, a number of vehicles operate without the necessary Branding at this time as they would have renewed their vehicle licenses and booked suitability inspection in 2012, thus availing of the ninety day early renewal period.

    As a result, these vehicles renewed their Vehicle Licences prior to the Branding regulations coming into force however, at their subsequent Vehicle Licence Renewal these vehicles will need to be fully compliant with Branding Regulations.

    We trust this information is sufficient.

    Kind Regards,

    The National Transport Authority.

    Note: This is an automated email, please do not reply.

  30. sclass

    It’s now 2014 six years since a fare increase on the meter we were due a increase regardless.
    But the NTA are trying to make you believe they are compansating you for excepting credit cards.
    Do you remember the last increase they told us the same story over the luggage charge.
    Now they want you to drag a case 15 or25 kilo up to the door not to mention the steps with no luggage charge.well they can fuk off

  31. Red Dennis

    Sclass we need less taxis operating NOT FARE INCREASE. We all know how this can be achieved but because we’re as organised as Bertie’s bank account it ain’t going to happen. You think things are quiet now ? Get the NTA to give us a fare increase and watch this game get even worse !!!

  32. Red Dennis

    Sclass it doesn’t matter what you or I think . What matters is what the public (our customers) think . The public think taxi fares are expensive . Who are among the most successful companies operating in Ireland today? Aldi-lidl-penny’s ….why?……VALUE FOR MONEY….to operate a taxi is costly but the reason we are struggling is down to number of taxis operating. I for one would rather fleet was cut by a 1/3 minimum than a fare increase .

  33. Ben

    get the scabs out of the business and all the illegal foreign vermin off the road. thats better then any price increase, we would have far more business then.

  34. sclass

    The powers that be are not and have no intention of dealing with the oversupply of which they are well aware of. Their hopeing demerits will reduce the fleet while they clean up.

  35. ger

    Had to get meter sealed today.€92.25 i was charged. How the hell can they justify this amount? Sorry i forgot, they have us by the balls. And if we dont like it we can fook off. And i just worked out i spent €7000 on diesel last year. Id be better off sitting on my hole drinking beer and watching tv. When you take out all our overheads, we must be on about €4 an hour. If even that. Fooking joke.

  36. Rat Catcher

    17% of turnover into the tank would be fairly average. At that rate you shoulda took in about EUR40,000 or maybe you cruise a lot or have an uneconomical or faulty vehicle?

  37. ger

    That fuel bill was one of many bills. All told, about 15 grand in bills. Just to run a taxi.. And what im left with is LESS than minimum wage for the hours i put in. You can spin it any way you want. Its a pile of shite.

  38. Ben

    every occupation in this kip of a country now pays more then the taxi industry.
    people making most from the taxi biz are the illegal vermin with the lowest overheads. and they wont get caught because there is no one to catch them. simples.

  39. Odin

    And all of that despite the best efforts of our local block ward Ben chasing them down.

    Now if i remember right this topic is uber so back to that.

    In the meantime uber becomes more popular, I used them Monday/Tuesday in the evening this week to see how they are and I was very happy with the speed of pickup, the cars and the service provided.

    By the looks of it, the car availability is getting better with drivers getting an ipad mini (with mobile network sim) to run the software (no need to BYOD as with hailo).

    The price for my long office trip is slightly higher as they charge the 0.44€ minutes price for the full duration of the trip (not just if the speed drops under 21 km/h) plus the 1.76€ per mile (now none of the drivers could explain that).

    There are still several 20€ promotions going on so loads of people are “testing them” but it looks like the drivers I had were happy with getting moving instead of waiting between pre-booked rides, especially outside periods when the American flights and Etihad flights coming in.

    Once they have signed up more drivers and start parking cars at the airport it could be an alternative, however the flat rate they charge to city centre (65€) is not really good value for money, in effect that is just way to high.

    Than again yesterday I had taxi driver who at 50€ decided to turn off the meter as “This traffic is unusual and this is enough money for this ride”, nice of him. Thanks Peng for that gesture.

    I always maintain there are great taxi drivers out there.

  40. Odin

    Uber does not do taxi in Dublin (yet) they only do “uber x” so limo only. Maybe uber will launch their other variants like taxi or Ecco also in Dublin but right now it’s uber x only.

    Taxis I do via Hailo and that was how I got that driver.

    Than again since my local company now has an app plus chip/pin I might go back to them as they have more drivers than hailo in the early morning and I’m sure driver would love a long distance job to cope with the 100 € base fee. They charge a small amount extra on card fares but it’s reasonable.

  41. Rat Catcher

    I like to support my local firm myself so I would encourage you to do that. Is it up to the driver to add the card fee or is that added by the base? As a driver I wouldn’t bother adding it, I’d leave it up to the client to give me a gratuity if he wants to. On balance I reckon I’d end up with more than drivers who apply the fee.

  42. Odin

    My understanding is that the driver processes the card in his car with one of those chip/pin terminals, the additional cost for that is why they hiked the base fee (well and their new dispatch system).

    The driver enters the amount on the terminal, so he is supposed to add the fee, but as you say, he could not do it.

    Now it’s more complicated than hailo and unfortunate the owner did not have the wisdom of getting terminals that can do visa wave/MasterCard pay pass for those smaller amounts.

    But it’s a step in the right direction.

  43. Taximan372

    Hi all,
    It appears some people do not understand some of what is currently going on. The CARD idea from nta is a PROPOSAL! Not regulation. All drivers are entitled to make submissions on this. If enough drivers say NO, then NO it will be. Same applies to helping people with luggage. Ultimately, people on this website who are not members of a rep body are arm chair whingers.,get involved and fix your own industry!! Im in ttnh who, while i dont agree with everything, are at least trying to fight our cause. Was a member of nphta for a year….useless. Didnt receive a single piece of info/updates from them all year and humphreys was on the TAC/forum during that time.

  44. Odin

    Taximan372, when you say enough drivers say NO, do you mean to accepting cashless payments in general in to include the cost into the basefare instead of an additional cost based fee?

    While I agree that it comes down to the industry how to ensure that the cost of cashless payment system is charged, don’t you think that the question if cashless payment should be done at all is down to the customer and standards in other cities which also live from tourism?

    There are several cities where cab drivers don’t like cash for reason of security (means they and passenger do not need to carry loads of money) and ease of processing payment (i.e. no need to log cash into an account). In Sweden for example cash is now the least frequent payment type, in effect 10 years ago all taxi’s already accepted plastic payments. In NY all cabs must take cards, in fact they have a great simple passenger bill of rights that I would like to see in Ireland.

    As to uber and airport, as I said, their 65€ flat rate for airport runs is just too high to damage taxi business too much, but I still think as I said originally it might take away some business from pre-booked services as people used to uber will just uber it at the airport.

  45. Taximan372


    Regarding your contention that hailo only take 12% i would like to point out, using €200 as a reference, the following;
    Lets say the €200 is made up of 20x€10 fares….further discounts via hailo are as follows,
    1) €2 call out fee x 20 = €40 discount
    2) 5 min free waiting time = €1.80 – €2.40 x 20 = €36-€48

    So, worst case scenario….for €276-288 worth of service, your getting €176 which equals approx 60-65% of 100%. Out of that 60-65 come all of your costs too. Hailo are not as good a deal as they seem.

    In my experience, and i provide a world class service ie top quality vehicle etc, the vast mojority of hailo passengers are ungrateful and deeply unappreciative of the service available thru hailo. And most fares are less than €10!

  46. ger

    I still rather get €176 in my pocket than nothing. Drivers are sitting on ranks for hours and getting nothing. People are not walking to ranks anymore. They just hailo a taxi, even if they are a 2minute walk from the rank.

  47. Taximan372


    Yep agree with you. Any driver working days is wasting his/her time depending on streets alone. Will always believe that if we came together to set up our co-op, one driver,one vote,one share etc there would be no discounts, freight would be €25 pw or so and the public would have a better service hailo on acid if you will. Happy drivers make good drivers makes high quality service.

  48. ger

    372. Just saw a post u left this morning. 68 euro to the airport from merrion sq. When on the meter it would be 20euro MAX. Thats nearly a 300% mark up on a regular taxi. Do fares get some female company for that price? Or a few pints and breakfast? I just did a fare from airport to parnell street. The fare came to 16.50.. uber my arse.

  49. Taximan372

    I am fully in favour of taxis having card payment facilities. I have two options myself. However, all cosumers, incl taxi drivers, are obliged to,pay for the products/services that they want. Companies and individuals need to make profits in order to provide same, in order to innovate develop and invest in quality etc. the cost of paying by card should be nominal but when do banks do nominal charges? The costs associated with providing a taxi service are substantial and i, for one, cannot bear any more costs. As it is i am just about keeping my head above water and thats after re-structuring my mortgage. I also find that people who get discounts in taxis are also the meanest and most unappreciative people in society at large. Discount have not increased or even maintained demand over the last four years. Ultimately, people use taxis when it suits them.

  50. Stephen

    This is interesting – very expensive (this is Uber Black) but they have a cheaper product that’s coming later (called Uber X) which in San Francisco is 20% cheaper than city taxis. So possibly cause for concern.

    If anyone’s interested in trying it out you get free €20 if you sign up at: http://www.uber.com/invite/uber-dublin

    (i.e. you can take a free trip if the fare is under €20)

  51. Taximan372

    Unfortunately you are right regarding setting up a co-op. But that makes me think that hi profile enforcement might remove up to 40% of drivers from the business. I believe there are a lot of people in the business who only do cash fares for tax reasons. Re Uber, also checked hatch st to merrion rd….fare quoted…€12-13. But vehicle lead in time was 30 mins!!! I dont believe dublin has a market anywhere near big enough for uber. I imagine limo guys are hopeful though.

  52. Odin

    @Taximan372, as a customer I have nothing against paying extra for the advantage of paying cashless as long as the fee charged is relative to the cost (there are some companies who add 10% which is a joke), a transaction does not cost more than 0,60€ plus 1.9% if you have a good merchant provider (and once the market opens in February EU wide it’s even better) and with accepting contact less payments for smaller fares it’s even lower. Once the majority of transactions is cashless (like in Sweden) than that charge needs to go away and be calculated into the base fare.

    Look at cabapp that charges the fee for processing the card to the customer, while hailo charges it to the cab driver (or has it included in 12% fee for hails). The advantage of hailo for a customer is that it’s a better application than cabapp plus hailo actually is an ordering system with cars available (most of the time) while cabapp.. well it’s cabapp more a processing facility than a hailing system.

    @stephen, and once you used that 20€ you can use another voucher flying around on twitter/web. there are massive amount of vouchers / promotional discounts out there.

  53. bohemian boy

    as i said before,these fukking radio companies are responsible for the introduction of this method of payment. this is something the customers never asked for,nor did they ever ask for discounts till that bastard Ebbs introduced it . the result is ALL drivers are now under pressure to offer both credit card facilities, and discounts because of Ebbs who does not give his drivers a 20% discount on the their base fees. the fact that the NTA are even considering mandatory widespread use of these machines is further proof of the infliunce these sc,mbag radio companies have in high places

  54. Rat Catcher

    To be fair BB, dispatchers do represent a lot of drivers. I think Hailo, for example, have something like 6,000 drivers working for them up above in Dublin. The biggest rep body (TTnH?) probably has a few hundred? paid up members.

  55. Rat Catcher

    Hard to know what Odin’s deal is but the subject of this particular blog is Uber so hard to criticise him for staying on topic. Might be just me but it seems odd that a person with an apparently executive jet set lifestyle has so much time for trivial discussion.

  56. ger

    Oh yeah like the subject (uber) and oddbin just fell out of the sky together and landed here on the same day. He is the marketing guy for uber and he is here to sell it to us. What does it even stand for? Best ans on the back of a cheque to royston.

  57. Rat Catcher

    It’s working. I got my voucher!

    To be fair to Roy, it doesn’t really matter what he blogs about. Whatever the subject the discussion proceeds along the same lines over and over and over and over again. BB doesn’t like dispatch firms. The other couple of contributors don’t like immigrants.

  58. ger

    I see UBER are charging up to 8 times the regular fare in the states. Jerry seinfelds wife got charged $415 for a $50 fare. And to think i got him and his wife from dublin airport to the conrad hotel for €25. We really are working for peanuts. Ive often had people in the taxi from denmark who have told me our €20 fare over here would be €80 over there.

  59. ger

    Wonder what the marketing guy oddbin has to say about that? 8 fooking times the regular fare. Sounds like its really going to take off over here. NOT.

  60. Rat Catcher

    Uber offer a variety of options in accordance with regulations applicable within the various markets it serves. At the moment it is merely piloting in Dublin. One would imagine the full range of vehicles will become available in due course i.e. taxi, hackney, limo and, the big one, driverless cars.

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