Ply For Hire Protest

Ply For Hire Protest

Well done to the lads for pissing off the very people we depend on for a living, I thought we’d got past this useless ineffective crap and moved on to negotiating?

Not sure where some of these guys are putting in their 12 hour shifts but they need to rethink their work practices:


  1. bohemian boy 2 years ago

    Ben i told her my two reasons why i dispise the labour party, she agreed with the first one, but disagreed with the second one

  2. chester 2 years ago

    I hear a Nigerian taxi driver was sentenced to two years this morning fined and lost his licence because after being caught plying for hire at the bottom of Grafton street he tried to run over a garda in his escape from the fine.

  3. Rat Catcher 2 years ago

    If they made two years the mandatory sentence for using an informal rank none of us would do it. Instead they reduced the fine from EUR250.00 to EUR40. As an Irish national I’ve never got a fine despite being an habitual offender.

  4. chester 2 years ago

    I would think the 2yrs was for trying to drive over the garda, not for plying for hire illegally and the fine was probably issued at the time when it was €250.

  5. Ben 2 years ago

    bet u are right there chester

  6. Ben 2 years ago

    Rat you socialists sound a bit dodgy, wont be joining that party. I am too outspoken.

  7. Rat Catcher 2 years ago

    That could well be the case. Still it’s interesting that the immigrants get fined. I have spoken with several who told me they get all sorts of hassle and fines from the Gardai but ya never know if they’re just bullshitting. As I say I’ve never got a fine myself, the Gardai seem to use a degree of common sense as far as practical application of the regulations is concerned. Having said that I’d say if you were impolite or refused to move on when directed or tried to murder the attending Garda you’d get a ticket regardless of race, creed or religion.

  8. Rat Catcher 2 years ago

    I’m quite opinionated myself Ben but I’m not sure what you mean by dodgy. I don’t recall any Labour Minister being collared for any significant corruption or such like. There are many examples from the other mainstream parties. I’m not saying I’d be horrified to learn of such activity or anything like that, it’s all part of our culture as Irishmen.

  9. Ben 2 years ago

    they just pull the race card, usual shit. they are always right.

  10. Rat Catcher 2 years ago

    Maybe that’s what gets them tickets!

  11. chester 2 years ago

    Yeah I would have to go with the ‘just bullshitting’ theory take Dawson street for example full of bullshitters who know what they are doing and that’s thieving work from honest individuals who sit there like lemmings and allow it to happen, as the saying goes do on to others as others do on to you the way I look at it now is if there is the slightest chance that I can get in in front of the lemmings then I”ll take it it’s one less foreign gnat that will get the job.

  12. Rat Catcher 2 years ago

    I have no idea how the rank(s) on Dawson St work. I know the street and it’s just wall to wall taxis any time I pass. The informal ranks I use work the same as official stands. The men generally queue up and leave in order. You will get the odd job going from the middle of the Wright Venue Unofficial but the middle of that rank can be a long way from the front and around the corner so it’d be unlikely that punters would follow directions to the top of the queue, they’d just get one a bit further up or flag one across the road so I wouldn’t get too excited about men taking those ones out of turn. Then there’s the odd time you get an immigrant on the rank and the punters won’t get in with him, you have no choice but to pass him by then.

  13. bohemian boy 2 years ago

    if any of yis are talking to John m, tell him there is 3 TDS starting a campaign to ask ordinary entustiastic people who are interested, to run for election as councilers. cant remember who they are, but he could find out easy enough

  14. Rat Catcher 2 years ago

    The erm on the Council, ya must have a death wish man.

  15. bohemian boy 2 years ago

    ah sure it would give him summit to do dont you think ?

  16. bohemian boy 2 years ago

    here ratser, just like you, i thought Roy was talking bout me when he said on the forum ranking with POB.

  17. bohemian boy 2 years ago

    i am to be found out there 5 mornings a week.i just do my daily walk along the front. the next time you see me, come and say hello.i would be delighted to meet you

  18. Ben 2 years ago

    boh you have someone watching your movements

  19. bohemian boy 2 years ago

    ah sure he can join the club Ben

  20. Wariq 2 years ago

    Lot of skirt around for Queen B ….Beyoncé?

  21. ger 2 years ago

    Lots of skirt driving taxis too. And they have big beards.

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