Ply For Hire Protest

Well done to the lads for pissing off the very people we depend on for a living, I thought we’d got past this useless ineffective crap and moved on to negotiating?

Not sure where some of these guys are putting in their 12 hour shifts but they need to rethink their work practices:

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125 thoughts on “Ply For Hire Protest

  1. Ben

    i click on the link, and the first driver i see is one of the foreign vermin who are the cause of a lot of the problems in the industry. bet he has a nice council house somewhere and all the trimmings.

  2. chester

    @rat catcher
    I can sell you a nice Robin Reliant at the right price…would fly through the SGS , NCT etc provided you leave large brown envelope on passenger seat .

  3. sidewinder

    ply for hire?who put this together the media says nphta,how many rentals do they have a lot i reckon,if a load of cheap wheel chair acc.taxis came on the scene id say that would eat into their market.

  4. Ben

    there is no room for anymore cars in this biz. this idea of cheapie access cars has to be stopped. we need less cars urgently, so would the wasters in nta please get out and catch all the illegal foreign vermin who are laughing at us. that would be a major step forward. then deal with the scabs on health and safety grounds.

  5. Rat Catcher

    They don’t have that many Sidewinder (as below) but it was Humphrey who took the court case that resulted in Minister Molloy opening up the trade to any unemployable waster with a ton to invest so what have they got to whinge about, they got what they wanted.



  6. sidewinder

    ply for hire,was these a case of multi licences holder creating this exercise and made it out that it was full time taxis orgaisied it,because any more cheap taxi wud bite into their market,or am i paronied.

  7. Ben

    sidewinder you have a good point about the new cheapie access cars, certain people are in a panic over them. renters could be handing back the cars, and going for the new cheapies.

  8. Rat Catcher

    I don’t think you’re being paranoid Sidewinder. Christy is a clever bloke and extremely good at manipulating others. He is the only rep who has achieved anything of note i.e. entry liberalisation. I have little doubt that he is driven by little more than self interest.

    Personally, I think TTnH made a big mistake in joining the Taxi Forum. If they are going to dance to Humphrey’s tune there is no point to their existence IMO.

  9. sidewinder

    not matter what the taxi industry sat back,while nta took our dignity ,pride,and satisfaction,like irish before ue,wat nta says nta is king,with nk together’s,the nta is boss,boss that pay taxis nowt

  10. Rat Catcher

    To be fair, Sidewinder, NTA have to work within the rules set out by Government. There are a lot of competing interests among the various lobby groups. MPOs probably have the strongest voice as their interests are generally supported by “drivers” unions. It is no coincidence that the proportion of the fleet controlled by MPOs has been substantially increasing since Minister Kelly’s 2011 review.

    Unfortunately drivers lost a friend when Kathleen Doyle was promoted. The new entrance exam and increased driving licence fees have undoubtedly proved to be the most effective reforms as far as curtailing driver numbers is concerned.

  11. ger

    Doyle promoted? To what? She was no friend of taxi drivers. Mr Rat please explain how Ms Doyle was a friend of taxi drivers.Am i missing something here? Nobody did more to destroy the industry than doyle. It would be like me getting the job of CEO at Aer Lingus. I wouldnt have a clue. And i wouldnt pretend that i did. Like doyle did. She and she alone ruined it. She will never be forgotten. The fooking queen of fitzwilliam sq with her big plush palace. And who was paying for it? Well we were of course. Of course some people will never see that.

  12. Red dennis

    The funk up that was the taxi industry has now moved on to irish water . My god this country cannot do a thing correct. Ireland is run by gombeen men be they politicians or civil servants. Geldof was right a “banana republic ” .

  13. Ben

    Doyle was/is nothing but a politically appointed amateur. She was not qualified in any way to hold the most senior post in the Irish taxi industry. Just look at her legacy. Enough said.

  14. Ben

    Ger thats some drivel the Rat came out with. Doyle never was or never will be a friend to any Irish taxi driver. She fooked up the industry and got paid 100,000 yoyos per year for doing so. Only in Ireland would this happen. We will suffer long term because of her.

  15. sidewinder

    lads if lost faith,but if this website can get varadker and sidwinder into a ring in white coller scrap,im game,dont doubt me lads im an animal,if roy can arrange it great. lets get it on,sidewinder wont lose,ps.varadkar is youngr than me,so why not take chanlange?

  16. Rat Catcher

    A lot of drivers were very happy with Kathleen Doyle’s performance. She was the only one that ever took any notice of drivers’ opinions.

    She told the public they don’t have to travel with immigrants which was beneficial to me as an Irish national.

    She intoduced, and fast-tracked, the 9 year rule when drivers’ representatives complained that the immigrants were driving clapped out shiteboxes.

    She rescinded the fast tracking of the 9 year rule when drivers’ representatives complained that drivers could only afford clapped out shiteboxes.

    She brought in the industry test for all drivers when drivers’ representatives complained that the immigrants don’t know their arses from their elbows.

    She rescinded the industry test for existing drivers when drivers’ representatives complained that their members wouldn’t be able to pass it.

    She introduced the enhanced entrance exam which has significantly reduced the number of new driving licences being issued.

    She increased the driving licence renewal fee which has resulted in a lot less driver licences being renewed.

    She introduced the one more transfer rule for plate licences which provided for a reduction in the fleet while preserving drivers’ investments.

    In fact she is the only one who has done anything for drivers. While I appreciate that Minister Kelly is all about full-time, single-income, professional owner drivers, it seems that every interest from MPOs, to the disabled, to the double jobbers, to the illegals got something from the review while the law abiding full-time single-income professional owner driver just got robbed of his plate while the regulations ensure that MPOs plates will live forever.

  17. Rat Catcher

    Too late now Ger. Like all good things, Ms. Doyle’s tenure came to an end. Now you have a worthless plate while the MPOs can pass theirs down for many generations to come. Vote Labour.

  18. Ben

    cant believe Rat is praising Doyle again. She ruined the taxi industry , the woman is totally stupid. Ger will ya bring me back a wee bit of that stuff i need something to calm me down.

  19. Rat Catcher

    Credit where credit is due Ben. I have given you numerous examples of regulatory changes implemented by Ms. Doyle at the request of taxi drivers and their appointed representatives. Can you give some examples of what you allege she done to ruin the trade?

  20. Rat Catcher

    And, while your at it, give me some (or even one) example of anything anyone else in power has done for full-time, single-income, professional owner drivers… Minister Kelly saying he is all about full-time, single-income, professional owner drivers while pandering to the MPOs doesn’t count! It’s actions I want to know about not words.

  21. Ben

    She has done nothing to stop the scabs taking our living, even worse, she is all in favour of part timers. Heard it from her own stupid gob. Also under her watch, it became very easy for illegal immigrants to operate bogey taxis, as she did not employ enough enforcers. Seems to me she was all in favour of them also. Herself and Robinson must be related, or at least good pals.

  22. Rat Catcher

    What did you want/ask her to do?

    She brought in the age rule, she made the test more difficult, etc, etc.

    She wasn’t allowed to employ more enforcers, that requires Ministerial approval. In any event, it’s up to the Gardai to enforce the law but you have to appreciate that licence fees are extremely low so there isn’t much to be gained through non-compliance. Hence there’s a limit to how much Garda time can be devoted to such trivial pursuits. Contrary to popular belief, there are very few individuals who would go to the expense of cloning a taxi when they can just buy a plate for less than two large.

    I see on Spookie’s Forum that the chap who had the plate and driver IDs seized at the checkpoint in Dublin is back driving again and he has bought his own plate now.

    Minister Kelly is also in favour of part-timers. In a recent radio interview he notes that it can be extremely difficult for a man to operate without another income. That doesn’t in any way detract from the fact that he is all about full-time, single-income, professional owner drivers. Neither does his pandering to MPOs. Vote Labour.

    Whatever way you look at it, Ms. Doyle is the only one who has done anything that drivers and/or their appointed representatives asked her to do. She, nor anyone else, can do everything every driver requests (although the implementations and subsequent reversal of regulations, some of which are noted above, do seem to do that in some cases) as there are very diverse opinions among interested parties. For example, part-timers wouldn’t be opposed to part-timers.

  23. chester

    @rat catcher
    Ms Doyle done nothing to improve the taxi industry in fact she single handedly destroyed it she couldn’t make a decision without referring to what her predecessor Ger Deering had written down nor could she implement new regulation because she was incapable of standing up against the MPO’s a weekness wouldn’t you agree ? I also noticed in your last two posts that you are plugging the ‘Labour till you die party’ but can you telll me please is it fine Gael that jumps into bed with Labour or Labour that jumps into bed with fine Gael ? Vote Sinn Fein and let Mary Lou regulate the taxi industry she will tell the MPO’s where to shove their money making machines.

  24. Rat Catcher

    I disagree Chester. As outlined above she acted on a lot of taxi drivers’ demands. Nobody else in authority has ever done any more than politely listen to taxi drivers and/or their appointed representatives.

    The management of the taxi trade will have no bearing on how I vote. I wouldn’t have any time for the Shinners as their economic policies are inoperable. However, I suggest that you read their taxi policy document before backing them blindly. They are the ones that suggested that drivers should be banned and even sacked on foot of convictions handed sown by the British courts, the same courts that convicted the Birmingham Six and the Guildford Four, while they recommend that immigrants should be given the benefit of doubt. I was also suggest you research the polaticol dunations made by MPOs. Don’t be too gullible when it comes to exercising your vote.

  25. Rat Catcher

    Neither Ben. I have given you clear and concise examples of actions taken by Ms. Doyle on foot of drivers’ demands. Some of those were extremely beneficial to the trade e.g. the enhanced entrance exam, the increased driving licence renewal fee, the one more transfer rule and the 3 year rule.

    When I ask you for examples of what she did to ruin the trade you can only say she disagrees with your position on double jobbers. Even at that, she did commission a comprehensive study of working hours which failed to provide any rational basis (e.g. on health and safety grounds) to ban the practive. Notably nobody else in authority (past and present) agrees with your opinion either and there are many part-time drivers who would strongly oppose your view.

    The trade was destroyed when Minister Molloy saw fit to open the door to any unemployable waster with a ton to invest. The only person who has done anything to close the door even a little is Ms. Doyle, fact. Interestingly the people who whinge about the state of the trade now are led by the same man that brought the court case that resulted in entry liberalisation, one Christopher Humphrey.

  26. Rat Catcher

    Indeed Chester. We didn’t know how good we had it ’till it was gone.

    There is no doubt that Ms. Doyle was naive in genuinely addressing drivers’ concerns. I doubt anyone will ever do that again. We will, once again, be viewed as neck down men who are incapable of offering any rational input to the regulation of our trade. In fact, Minister Kelly, in a recent radio interview, noted that it’s impossible to get taxi drivers to agree what they want and that throughout the review process he had to take on the role of referee.

  27. Ben

    Rat you cannot blame Bobby Molloy for the mess, but you did mention the culprit Humphrey.
    Higher fees you mention are more affordable for scabs, dublin bus money etc.
    Her age and size rules are total crap, and would be blown away if anyone took a legal challenge.
    And of course the part timers would oppose my view. Full time drivers and scabs would never agree.
    I could be here all night, but could never agree with your opinion of Doyle. I think she is an evil bitch.

  28. chester

    Rat catcher, we have an easy work load ferrying people from A-B the problem is there are too many willing to do the ferrying but that didn’t stop KD looking for ways to reduce the fleet in any shape or form instead she sat back and watched the money coming in from the ferrymen nor did she question as to the reason why so many immigrants mainly of African origin getting into the ferry’s (that is not racist) infact if I remember correctly she actually boasted about the amount of money she had in the bank it was like she was going to with our money I might add bail out the country from its demise into recession, any way getting back to my point and that is we have a easy to do job the problem is and it’s becoming more apparent that we just can’t afford to do it anymore, I am flabbergasted to say the least to hear a minister say that he cannot organise the taxi industry and had to play refferee at meetings I suppose to that he has to sit down to take a piss.

  29. Rat Catcher

    She’s just someone who tried to do her job and actually listen to the drivers and their appointed representatives. It was a novel approach and an experiment that is unlikely to be repeated IMO.

    Of course I can blame Bobby Molloy. It was up to him (as the responsible Minister) to interpret the judgment won by Mr. Humphrey. The Judge didn’t tell him what to do, only what he couldn’t do i.e. the plate for plate deal. Now, I will be fair to Minister Molloy, he did say to me (in meeting) that it mightn’t be as bad as we (drivers) thought and he was correct for 8 years. It never really got bad until the economy collapsed. In fact, if anything, trade improved both as a result of entry liberalisation and the booming economy. However, most of us knew the bubble had to burst. In the entire history of monetary economics boom has always been followed by bust. Only the halfwitted Irish politicians (blokes that get charged with running an economy ‘cos they were once good with a hurley sthick) thought they’d found the magic formula that would result in an everlasting boom!

    Higher licence fees have resulted in fewer licence holders. EUR50/year is not going to deter any full-time man but it does serve to discourage non active (potential future participants) from renewing and keeping their options open, particularly as it’s a five year renewal requiring payment of EUR250 in one transaction.

    The 3yr rule hasn’t been challenged to date and remains a very clever barrier to entry i.e. a man would require a certain profit to invest in a 3yr old car, essentially it necessitates some level of commitment.

    The one more transfer rule was another clever move that provided for fleet reduction without negating any driver investments.

    The one you don’t mention (I assume you support this one?) is the enhanced entrance exam. New licence issues have fallen to practically insignificant levels since implementation, the numbers speak for themselves.

    These are all 100% Kathleen Doyle’s solutions. They had nothing to do with Ger Deering or anyone else and they were presented within PQI following extensive consultation with the trade.

    You have to accept that yours is not the only opinion so all your ideas cannot be adopted. The part-time men have as much right as you to ply their trade. As Minister Kelly noted not everyone can make ends meet on taxi driving earnings alone.

    Don’t forget that a lot of the full-time unemployable wasters that came in after entry liberalisation have their Eircom Lump and pension in the bank. Career taxi drivers have none of that. I, for one, wouldn’t begrudge any man any income he can pick up away from his taxi. In fact, the more hours he spends at another job the less he’ll spend in his taxi.

  30. Rat Catcher

    Chester, Ms. Doyle never had any control over who was given a licence. To this day responsibility for driver licensing remains with An Garda Siochana. There are plans to transfer that responsibility to NTA.

    Similarly, quantitative regulation is not allowed under current legislation. Since entry liberalisation every Minister (including Minister Kelly) has ruled out that option. Ms Doyle remains the only person in authority to introduce artificial controls, most of which were upheld within the recent review under Minister Kelly’s direction.

  31. Ben

    Bobby Molloy was junior minister at the time, just like Alan Kelly is now. Mary Harney was his gaffer. I recall Harney boasting about taking on the taxi industry, and winning.

  32. Rat Catcher

    He was Minister with responsibility, like Minister Kelly. His “gaffer” in the Dept (Environment) was Minister Dempsey, believe it or not. However, you are correct, Taniste Harney did seem to have a bee in her bonnet about taxis.

    It’s funny really, I remember taxi drivers giving out to their union bosses for dealing with the “junior”. They really were thick enough to believe that Minister Molloy was like an office junior who did a bit of filing and made the tea!

  33. Ben

    Harney was his gaffer at the time in environment, as far as I can recall. Dempsey came in after her. Molloys hand were tied there, very difficult situation he was in.

  34. Rat Catcher

    No, Minister Dempsey was Minister for Environment. Tanaiste Harney was his party leader. Minister Molloy was a proponent of the free market in any event. He wasn’t an unwilling participant by any means.

  35. Rat Catcher

    From Wickedpedia:

    Noel Dempsey (born 6 January 1953) is a former Irish Fianna Fáil politician. He was a Teachta Dála (TD) for the Meath and Meath West constituencies from 1987 to 2011.[1] Dempsey has also served as Minister for Environment and Local Government (1997–2002), Minister for Education and Science (2002–04), Minister for Communications, Marine and Natural Resources (2004–07) and Minister for Transport (2007–11).

  36. chester

    Of course I support the new entrance exam and the immediate impact it has had on entry to the taxi industry…for Irish born citizens you cannot tell me that you haven’t noticed an increase in Indian, Pakistani and chinese over the past year could it be the case that their % of a pass rate is a lot lower than the naturally born citizens as has been the case for the people from Africa any way ratcatcher the standard of driving from a lot of taxi drivers is reckless and with no regard for the rules of the road my way to cull the herd would be to make taxi drivers take an advanced driving test fail twice and your off the road from what I have been witnessing I would say at least half would be sacked.

  37. Ben

    There has been a softly softly policy for foreign drivers for a long time, even a drivers licence can be obtained without any test here. They just show a licence from their home country, which could be forged, and they are handed a full Irish licence. No test and no questions asked. Social integration or something like that its called.
    Can never understand how foreign people who are only a short time in Ireland can pass a knowledge test for Dublin, for example. Most native Dublin people would struggle with the same test.
    The obvious question is how many of these people are properly licenced, and insured.

  38. Rat Catcher

    Well, at least we have found something that Ms. Doyle done that we all agree is good for the trade. I would argue that the 3yr rule, the one more transfer rule and the higher driving licence renewal fee are also beneficial. In any event these are all things drivers and/or their appointed representatives wanted and were given by Ms. Doyle. To that you can add the skills test for incumbents and revocation of the same and the 9 year rule, it’s fast-tracking and revocation of said fast-tracking.

    Whatever way you look at it, we have yet to identify anything anyone else in power has done at the request of drivers and/or their appointed representatives.

    There’s very few drivers of any nationality getting through the test but there is quite a bit of racial diversity among the graduates. I suppose immigrants are more likely to want to work for the sort of money a taxi driver can earn than an Irish Nationals. Of course, CTA get them fixed up with welfare payments so any profit they make is a bonus really.

    There is a far more noticeable increase in plate licence holders from the sub-continent. What’s most interesting in that regard is what’s going on under the counter so to speak. There’s a huge number of plates being restored and then let lapse immediately to allow a small number of qualifying vehicles (3yr rule) to be used to stockpile a large number of plates. Of course anyone can buy plate licences, one doesn’t even need a normal driving licence to do that.

  39. Rat Catcher

    Lots of them Ben and, interestingly, a huge proportion seem to involve at least one registration in a subcontinental sounding name. It’s something that developed from Minister Kelly’s plan to rob owner drivers of their plates. As I’m sure you are aware, the current one more transfer is to be removed from all plates in accordance with the new Act.

    What happens is one car is used to buy several plates. As the car moves from plate to plate the plates lapse (so aren’t shown on the TfI crApp or the online register) because a car can only be associated with one active plate at a time. The MPOs who are accumulating these plates will cycle them over their vehicles until such time as they decide to buy cars for them all, essentially they’ll be drip fed back into the fleet over a number of years.

    We have brought this to the attention of NTA and Minister Kelly (before and since it started) but neither have seen fit to introduce anti-avoidance measures. The end result is that the proportion of the fleet controlled by MPOs has increased very substantially since Minister Kelly’s review. In fact the only winners from that process are the MPOs.

  40. Rat Catcher

    In fact, here’s one little example… it’s amusing because the plate currently associated with the car in question is now owned by the driver that had a plate and his IDs seized by the Gardai at the recent checkpoint up above in Dublin.

    20936 TAXI LAPSED 24/12/13 11D44929 FRED OJAGE ASHU (0)
    45226 TAXI LAPSED 28/01/14 11D44929 IMTIAZ NAZIR (0)
    21608 TAXI ACTIVE 28/01/15 11D44929 SHAHRYAR JESARATI (1) (Previous owner Joseph L’Estrange)

    It’s likely that the car went through a lot more plated than shown. To get a full picture you would need to check every lapsed plate every day on the TfI crApp because they often lapse very quickly. Unfortunately the lads who do the research simply don’t have the time to to that but they have found hundreds of examples just from periodic checks.

  41. Rat Catcher

    Just before I got to work I want to clarify something here. You could look at that example and think it’s just three individuals who got together and came up with this idea. It’s not. This is a highly organised slick operation involving hundreds, if not thousands, of plates.

    It’s probably no coincidence that the “firms” plates attract the attention of An Garda Siochana.

  42. ger

    Like i said before, this so called industry is full of scammers. Id really like to know how many dublin bus drivers are driving taxis. And are the general public aware that their lives are put in danger every day by drivers who having been out driving a taxi all night and then driving a bus in the morning. I see them all the time. Id just like to know how many of them are doing this. I wonder would this information be available under the freedom of information act? After all dublin bus is a semi state company, not a private company. Mr rat, i think you might know the answer to this. Your knowledge of the taxi game seems to be excellent.

  43. Ben

    Just asking myself the same question, who is hoarding plates, and why. Someone knows something that we dont.
    Dublin bus have to take action and stop the double jobbing in taxis before innocent people die. Some clown will fall asleep in one of those busses and it will be a disaster. They know its going on, but they are probably afraid of the unions. The scabs clearly think more of money, than they do of peoples lives. Scabs should get a very simple choice, bus or taxi, but not both.

  44. sclass

    First the Banme now the Credit Unions are no longer sanctioning loans, for many taxi drivers are in a no hope of getting credit.
    So the drivers only option is the rental scum.
    That is why the rental market is on the rise.
    The 9 year rule is taking it’s toll
    But has done notting to improve the industry.

  45. Ben

    No finance house of any kind, wants to lend to the taxi industry. They know whats going on, and they wont take any risks. The owner driver taxi man, or woman is a dying breed.

  46. Rat Catcher

    I guess they are preparing for the intended ban on transfer, making sure that they have plenty of options for the next tranche of immigrant taxi drivers. MPOs plates will live forever thanks to the transfer on death provision while the majority of owner drivers will watch NTA gobble up their life’s work from their death bed while their spouse is out begging on the streets to try and get the price of a pauper’s funeral.

    There’s a lot of transfers of this nature that are extremely interesting. The same men that found Kennedy (as below) and Josh (the fleet operator featured on PTI), among others, are doing this research so I don’t want to say anything that could hamper their strategy. PTI was a big deal for the taxi trade. This is likely to be a much bigger deal with ramifications far beyond our trade and maybe even far beyond our shores.

    The Dublin Bus thing was tested with Kennedy, the bus driver featured on the PTI programme. On foot of that evidence he was suspended on full pay for a short period before being allowed return to his job while operating his taxi on the side. Dublin Bus have a number of issues to contend with. Firstly, hours spent in self-employment are not reckonable in calculating working hours for the purpose of the working time directive. Secondly, the only accepted definition of working hours in a taxi is hours engaged with a client. Hence a man could “work” for 100 hours yet only do 10 hours work. In fact it was BBs CTA that colluded with MABS to promote that definition so certain drivers can get welfare. It may be the case that CIE will need to amend it’s employment contracts before anything can be done but there is no doubt that they know what’s going on and I suspect they would like to put a stop to it.

  47. sclass

    It still cost big money to hoard plates and it’s still a gamble the more you hoard the more it cost. Something is not right.
    There is more something more sinister to this story

    Talking about primetime
    What the fuk has changed since all that shit went out on primetime.
    Fukkall in fact things has got worse.

  48. Ben

    and getting worse by the day, i have never seen things as bad as they are now. That definition of working hours has to be revisited, its crazy.

  49. Rat Catcher

    Plates go for about EUR1,200. It’s not a lot when you consider that these guys rent out cars for EUR120+ per week. If the ban on transfer proceeds as planned MPOs will effectively control entry as well as picking up drivers that simply can’t afford to replace their cars… but you are right, there is more to it than that.

    The main thing that has changed since PTI is that MPOs control an ever increasing proportion of the fleet. For whatever reason, Minister Kelly has something of a soft spot for the rental operations as is evidenced in his refusal to introduce any anti-avoidance provisions in the run up the the ban on transfer and in his providing for transfer on death for MPOs plates.

    However, most of the artificial barriers to entry created by the Doyle/Dempsey regime have been upheld by the review group and there were some other minor gains for the trade. The introduction of the TfI crApp has given the trade a valuable source of information and it, at least theoretically, enhances compliance within the rental sector. The reduction in the time allowed to restore a lapsed plate to one year from five years should result in less plate licences. The equalisation of age limits across the various classes of licence was beneficial but,unfortunately, that has since been reversed.

    The most amusing part of the whole process is that Applus Car Testing picked up a nice little earner in the form of the contract to provide additional Enforcement Officers. Of course, PTI largely focused on corruption within NCTS centres operated by none other than Applus Car Testing… It don’t get much more Irish than that!

  50. Rat Catcher

    I agree Ben. Within the submission to which I contributed we asked for a more appropriate definition and suggested how it could be constructed. Alas, all that came out of the review was that paragraph which explains that it’s extremely difficult/impossible to adequately define working hours.

  51. sidewinder

    lets not get caught up in literature,kelly is nearly 3 years in post,he said the taxi industry was a labour of love!!,wat has he done,he created partime rank space around both sides of halfpenny bridge!!

  52. Rat Catcher

    To be fair to Minister Kelly he did make a number of regulatory changes. As we have already discussed there are competing and very diverse views among interested parties. I think it’s fair to say that most got something out of the review but some got more than others.

    MPOs will control entry when the ban on plate transfer is implemented, at least until such juncture as the current temporary moratorium on the issue of saloon plates (introduced by Minister Dempsey/Kathleen Doyle) is lifted. They are also allowed accumulate plates in the run up to the ban with no anti-avoidance provisions pertaining to the assignment of vehicles to multiple plates.

    The disabled may benefit through lowering of WAT standards to accommodate relative cheap import vehicles from the UK.

    Consumers in rural areas may benefit from lower fares through the introduction of the Local Area Hackney licence.

    Unlicensed operators may be able to by-pass a lot of the licensing conditions (and artificial barriers to entry introduced by Minister Dempsey/Kathleen Doyle) by applying for Local Area Hackney licences.

    Illegals will benefit from lower fines. For example, the fine for using informal ranks (something I do habitually myself) has been reduced from EUR250 to just EUR40…. although I would be a little cautious in welcoming this as the lower fine may result in Enforcement Officers getting “trigger happy” with their ticket books. To date they have always applied common sense in policing informal ranks hence I have never got a ticket despite having engaged in the practice habitually for almost 20 years.

    Part-timers didn’t suffer any regulatory change to inhibit their participation. The requirement to inform one’s employer if one is employed as a driver seems sensible. The employer can then decide if he wants to build provisions into the contract of employment restricting the hours the employee may drive his taxi if he feels that such restrictions are appropriate.

    Immigrants didn’t suffer any regulatory change to inhibit their participation.

    Welfare recipients didn’t suffer any regulatory change to inhibit their participation or their welfare claims. Minister Kelly opted not to impose any definition of working hours that may interfere with welfare claims and noted, in a recent wireless interview, that BTWEA remains available to new entrants.

    The TfI crApp provides the trade with a valuable source of information and, at least theoretically, enhances compliance within the rental sector.

    Full-time, professional, single-income, fully compliant, owner drivers can rest assured that Minister Kelly is all about full-time, professional, single-income, fully compliant, owner drivers.

    Vote Labour.

    To be fair to Minister Dempsey there were number of artificial barriers to entry implemented by Kathleen Doyle during his tenure. The enhanced entry test, the 3 year rule, the increased driving licence renewal fee, the one more transfer rule and the temporary moratorium on the issue of saloon plates all spring to mind. Most of these initiatives will continue under the Kelly/Creegan regime.

    It was noteworthy that Minister Dempsey never claimed that Kathleen Doyle’s initiatives would make life easy for taximen/drivers. On the contrary, he warned that things will not improve to any significant extent for those reliant upon the trade until and unless the economy recovers. Not what drivers wanted to hear but, perhaps, an honest dose of reality.

    Neither Minister has seen fit to introduce quantitative regulation apart from within Dublin Airport where permits are controlled in accordance with available infrastructure.

  53. Rat Catcher

    The economy is recovering, slowly but surely. The question is do we need another term of FG prudence or is it time to let FF speculate to accumulate?

  54. Ben

    FF stupidity not forgotton either, all the corruption, big handouts, pensions that would scare you etc etc. No bankers or regulators held to account for their actions. Builders hid their assets from Nama , just skip off to America and start again. Or the UK is a lot nearer, lots of them building there again after the one year bankruptcy term. And we are paying their debts, its called austerity. I call it very unfair.

  55. Ben

    Rat you have a fair point about another maybe 5 years of FG prudence, but can we really take any more of it. Average working person is just creased.

  56. Rat Catcher

    Given that Labour are certain to lose seats ruling out FF and FG leaves us with with the lunatic left. The last man to leave may turn out the lights if that happens!

  57. Rat Catcher

    I’m a Labour man myself and I will stick with that sinking ship but don’t be too hard on FF. While what you say about the elite lining their pockets is all true, it’s also true to say that we all benefited from the stroke politics. None of us were complaining when we were taking four or five holidays a year and being offered hundreds of thousands in loans on foot of a taximan’s income! OK, it fell apart but we always knew it would.

  58. bohemian boy

    Ben it was really Tony Blair in the UK who introduced this new form of labour. he changed the face of the labour movement throughtout Europe. his party became more conservative then the covservatives themselves. he cuuld have actually been Margaret Thachers right hand man

  59. Rat Catcher

    Extremists have never really done well here. FG has been, at least theoretically, dragged towards the centre by Labour. FF was always (arguably) left of center. The PDs and the various left wing extremists flatter to deceive from time to time.

    In the UK Labour should have won the last election it contested under Neil Kinnock’s leadership. But for a handful of votes (and, arguably, the death of John Smith) New Labour need never have happened.

  60. Rat Catcher

    Ben asked BB if he got a tip in response to BBs last contribution on this thread. There were some spam comments after that, probably deleted in error?

  61. bohemian boy

    i got no tip,in fact she made a point of telling me that she got the luas in to town, but she would get a taxi home. she said she had to account for everything now,and she sought a receipt for her journey.maybe it was because i told her what i thought of her former party the labour party, and she didnt like it

  62. Rat Catcher

    Maybe she thought you were rude and wants to lodge a complaint. Irish people quite often interpret disagreement as impolite/rude/disrespectful/unmannerly/etc.

  63. bohemian boy

    we were actually talking about whistleblowing. she went on to tell me about how she was the victim of a nasty campaign by certain people within the labour party because of her part in it

  64. Rat Catcher

    Not socialists Ben. As a socialist I treat everyone as an equal regardless of wealth, race, creed, religion or anything else. It makes for a stress free existence!

  65. bohemian boy

    Ben i told her my two reasons why i dispise the labour party, she agreed with the first one, but disagreed with the second one

  66. chester

    I hear a Nigerian taxi driver was sentenced to two years this morning fined and lost his licence because after being caught plying for hire at the bottom of Grafton street he tried to run over a garda in his escape from the fine.

  67. Rat Catcher

    If they made two years the mandatory sentence for using an informal rank none of us would do it. Instead they reduced the fine from EUR250.00 to EUR40. As an Irish national I’ve never got a fine despite being an habitual offender.

  68. chester

    I would think the 2yrs was for trying to drive over the garda, not for plying for hire illegally and the fine was probably issued at the time when it was €250.

  69. Rat Catcher

    That could well be the case. Still it’s interesting that the immigrants get fined. I have spoken with several who told me they get all sorts of hassle and fines from the Gardai but ya never know if they’re just bullshitting. As I say I’ve never got a fine myself, the Gardai seem to use a degree of common sense as far as practical application of the regulations is concerned. Having said that I’d say if you were impolite or refused to move on when directed or tried to murder the attending Garda you’d get a ticket regardless of race, creed or religion.

  70. Rat Catcher

    I’m quite opinionated myself Ben but I’m not sure what you mean by dodgy. I don’t recall any Labour Minister being collared for any significant corruption or such like. There are many examples from the other mainstream parties. I’m not saying I’d be horrified to learn of such activity or anything like that, it’s all part of our culture as Irishmen.

  71. chester

    Yeah I would have to go with the ‘just bullshitting’ theory take Dawson street for example full of bullshitters who know what they are doing and that’s thieving work from honest individuals who sit there like lemmings and allow it to happen, as the saying goes do on to others as others do on to you the way I look at it now is if there is the slightest chance that I can get in in front of the lemmings then I”ll take it it’s one less foreign gnat that will get the job.

  72. Rat Catcher

    I have no idea how the rank(s) on Dawson St work. I know the street and it’s just wall to wall taxis any time I pass. The informal ranks I use work the same as official stands. The men generally queue up and leave in order. You will get the odd job going from the middle of the Wright Venue Unofficial but the middle of that rank can be a long way from the front and around the corner so it’d be unlikely that punters would follow directions to the top of the queue, they’d just get one a bit further up or flag one across the road so I wouldn’t get too excited about men taking those ones out of turn. Then there’s the odd time you get an immigrant on the rank and the punters won’t get in with him, you have no choice but to pass him by then.

  73. bohemian boy

    if any of yis are talking to John m, tell him there is 3 TDS starting a campaign to ask ordinary entustiastic people who are interested, to run for election as councilers. cant remember who they are, but he could find out easy enough

  74. bohemian boy

    i am to be found out there 5 mornings a week.i just do my daily walk along the front. the next time you see me, come and say hello.i would be delighted to meet you

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