Trial of the Killer of Moses Ayanwole begins

Strangely most of the comments I’ve heard attributed to Taxi drivers about this case seem to argue for the killer getting off … at least very lightly.

He killed a Taxi driver in the course of his shift, sure it was a single punch … but it should never have been thrown.

Edit: Not guilty, that’s justice, we must accept it.

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101 thoughts on “Trial of the Killer of Moses Ayanwole begins

  1. ger

    Just think lads, that could have been any one of us, is he on trial for murder or manslaughter? IF he is found GUILTY, he should get the maximum sentence. He will if its murder. If its manslaughter he will get 6 years with 2 suspended. And be out in 2yrs. This country is a joke when it comes to justice.

  2. chester

    A Dublin man has been acquitted of a taxi driver’s manslaughter in the city more than two years ago.

    William Keegan (27) of Pearse House, Pearse Street had pleaded not guilty at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court to the unlawful killing of 41-year-old Moses Ayanwole on Pearse Street, Dublin on November 23, 2011.
    A sad case but the correct outcome.

  3. chester

    He commended them for dealing with the trial within the legal principles he had outlined to them. One juror was visibly upset as she left the court room.

    Judge Hogan told Mr Keegan, who was also in tears, that he was free to go.

    Mr Keegan said in interview that he and four others had decided to get a cab from a Pearse Street pub into the city centre, but taxi driver Mr Ayanwole wouldn’t take five passengers. Mr Keegan said he was left behind in the car as the others in his group jumped out and immediately got a different cab.

    He said he thought Mr Ayanwole was pursuing him across the road after he got out of the car because he wanted money for a fare, even though the vehicle hadn’t moved.

    “If I didn’t hit him, he would have hit me. He was not getting out of the taxi for nothing,” Mr Keegan told gardai.

    Detective Garda Mark Looby told Maurice Coffey BL, prosecuting, that Mr Keegan asked about Mr Ayanwole’s age and family during interview. Det Gda Looby explained that Mr Ayanwole had still been alive when the accused was questioned.

    He said Mr Keegan told him: “I’ll say a prayer. I hope he pulls through.”

    An eyewitness, student Fionn Cooper, told Maurice Coffey BL, prosecuting that he and a friend had been walking along Pearse Street after a night out when he saw a taxi stopped outside a pub. He said a backseat passenger got out of the vehicle and the driver followed.

    Mr Cooper said he thought the driver tipped the passenger on the shoulder before the passenger immediately turned around and struck the driver, who fell back and hit his head off the ground.

    Mr Coffey read a number of statements from fire brigade paramedic crew. The crew members each described how Mr Ayanwole had a large bump on his head and was conscious but unresponsive at the scene.

    They said the deceased ripped off a cervical collar twice before vomiting.

    Mr Coffey also read out a statement of a St James’s Hospital doctor, who told gardai Mr Ayanwole’s CT scan showed he had suffered a severe and inoperable brain trauma.

    Former Deputy State Pathologist, Dr Khalid Jaber, told Mr Coffey that the cause of death was serious, significant brain damage.

    He said this was from a blunt force trauma to the head, which caused Mr Ayanwole to fall backwards from a standing position.

  4. Ben

    ok that seems a fair outcome, driver had not done any fare, so is not entitled to any money. These foreign drivers can be very arrogant sometimes , they need to learn how to deal with these situations.

  5. bohemian boy

    i was delighted to see that fukking NRC crowd making a loss, only pity is it is only 111k. this is fukk all when you consider they will make it up in no time off the backs of their EMPLOYEES/ SLAVES

  6. bohemian boy

    they got away with the bills they presented with a couple of years ago by revenue as well, just goes to show the infliunce they have over people in high places the bastards

  7. Rat Catcher

    Always nice to see a company benefit from loss relief provided the directors fees and pensions have been paid. Money kept outta the hands of the taxman is money kept in the pockets of the drivers that work for the company. Do you know how much was paid to the directors’ pension funds BB?

  8. bohemian boy

    rat they are sc,mbags who believe the drivers who employ them to find work for them are actually their EMPLOYEES . worst still some of the DRIVERS believe they are their employees also. this is what comes of being institutionalised, and needing to be told how to run your business. fds is right when he says theres a reason why we are taxi drivers some have not even got the forsight to be able to run their own business without having to be told what to do

  9. Rat Catcher

    You like like dispatch firms, I know that. However they are not scumbags, they provide a service which the public want. It’s up to drivers whether they want to work for them or not. Even if you choose not to you benefit from the work they dispatch. On Monday evening I was number 3 on the bus and in the space of 30 seconds the two in front of me got away on the wireless and I got a job to a place called Aikens Village way out in Sandyford. Happy days!

  10. bohemian boy

    rat its not a question of liking them or not. its a question of these towrags accepting that the drivers are NOT their employees and treating them as though they were. these people need to understand that the drivers employ them to provide a service of providing dare they tell drivers what to wear, how dare they they offer discounts at the drivers expense who are to fearful to challenge this, and certainly how dare they chastise drivers for giving back heavily discounted work that THEY set the price for.surely you agree that the one area they SHOULD concern themselves with it stopping work going out the back door to the base controllers cronies

  11. bohemian boy

    well if the public want their service as you claim, how come NRC lost 111k ? how come the same public you claim want them are switching over to hailo by the minute ? how come they are losing drivers hand over fist to hailo ? hopefully this is only be the start of it and the rest of them will go down the tube also. you know as well as I do some of these SCUMB,GS would not be out of place in Paul Williams column under the crime section. the world and its mother know that there was dodgy money sunk into these radio companies years ago by some very undesirable tramps,and I gaurentee you that some day the truth will come out.PTI exposed one such scumb,g,but I wonder where the money came from to sort out that particular revenue problem. you are always on about how we,post de reg drivers should keep our mouths shut,that we are only blow ins to the trade. well let me tell you a few home truths mr rat,where were you when your beloved mr Kelly sent his troups in to steal the work from one of the oldest established ranks in Dublin ? that’s right, the Burlo .I was there every single day to support the old pre de reg drivers who you keep telling us you are so fond of, but I didn’t see you there once so cop on

  12. Ben

    its hard to see how nrc could lose so much money. over 700 cars it says on the paper today, thats a lot of radio money. someone on the fiddle in there ?

  13. ger

    Ben. What was the story with the guy who jumped in the river and drowned? Says in the paper he was a taxi driver who had no insurance.

  14. Ben

    Ger he was a Scot, new enough to Galway and the taxi biz. Cops were checking tax, insurance etc, and he had no insurance on his taxi, according to reports. He got out of his taxi, and just jumped over the wall on o’briens bridge into the corrib river. Very fast flowing current there, he would have no chance. Body was taken from the water down the docks later that night. Terrible tragedy, man must have been under severe pressure.

  15. chester

    Garda stopped and fined me last night because when I left the Burlo rank one headlight bulb blew most unforgiven garda I have ever met I asked how much was the fine…he didn’t know told me I should not be driving the car and said I should not have taken the fare I should have gone home and fixed the bulb it was to lucan ffs but still he told me to carry on with the journey I await the postman and will decide whether or not to appeal it I do have spare bulbs with me at all times he wasn’t interested.

  16. ger

    Thanks ben. Chester thats a 60e fine. Bast##ds. Thats the same garda that put out appeals for taxi drivers to help them whenever something happens. They can go and fook off. He should have let you change it. And i have often seen garda cars going around with one headlight. Or in the case of the new avensis no lights on the rear. One law for us and one law for them and their mates. Makes me want to vomit.

  17. Ben

    chester you should appeal that, bulbs can blow anytime and he should know that. Often saw a cop car going around with bulbs blown, but i suppose the are exempt from the rules of the road.

  18. chester

    Will you ever fu#k off Roy sitting there winding us all up every now and then you would probably only be happy if you heard that I jumped into the river liffy well never it’s to smelly and much to cold. 🙂

  19. Red dennis

    Ben you are wrong. There was no Garda checkpoint, Dave was the drivers name. His taxi was on the rank when he went across the road for a coffee. When he came out of shop Garda was standing at his taxi . It’s also incorrect to suggest he hadn’t insurance . Dave worked extremely long hours and like a lot of us was under pressure. May he rest in peace.

  20. Ben

    Red dennis read whats reported in the media. I was not working that night, so i rely on other sources. By the way, do you work Galway yourself ?

  21. ger

    Red dennis if you read todays indo, its says what happened. And what ben said is indeed correct. There was a checkpoint, he didnt have insurance. But anyway. RIP.

  22. Red dennis

    Ben your sources are wrong. As for what’s reported in the indo….it has been known for papers to get their facts…WRONG. The gardai will get their story right as they have recently with the penalty points issue.

  23. Red dennis

    Ben yes I work in galway. Ben would you describe it as a checkpoint if your taxi was parked on rank and a Garda comes along and the only taxi he “checks” is yours as you were in a shop getting a coffee? . The newspapers got their information from the gardai and of course it’s in their interests to suggest this driver wasn’t been “targeted”.

  24. Ben

    Red you have it completely wrong, it was a checkpoint and all cars were being checked. The deceased man was not singled out, as you are suggesting. You are of the opinion that its ok to operate a taxi without insurance. If this man had everything in order, why did he respond in this manner. Seems very extreme to end your life in this manner.
    How long have you been working as a taxi driver in galway ?

  25. Rat Catcher

    Hailo provide the same service BB. The fact that they employ 6,500 drivers up above in Dublin is proof positive that clients want the facility to order a taxi to their door. NRC still made an operating profit for the period covered in the published accounts, after paying EUR1.4 Million in wages to it’s Irish staff. In fact the operating profit was only marginally down year on year so I’m not sure how you conclude that they are losing drivers hand over fist. There’s a world of difference between making money and reporting a profit.

    I joined them myself on Thursday. It’s ideal for drivers that don’t work a lot of hours like myself. There’s no way I could justify a fixed base fee for the hours I work. You have said, in the past, that taxi drivers should be able to find there own work without any dispatch firm, commercial or otherwise so I’m surprised that you seem to promote Hailo. There’s no doubt that Hailo does attract work from clients that would otherwise hail from the street or go to a rank so whatever way you look at it it’s money flowing out of drivers pockets for the benefit of the British firm. You should also be in no doubt that Hailo won’t accept poor service from it’s drivers. The man who trained me (a double jobber!) made that perfectly clear, follow the rules or you’ll be sacked. I have been with various dispatch firms over the years so I don’t have a problem with that, the rules are similar for all firms and, for the most part, just enforce common sense on drivers that have none!

    Back door work is always the subject of speculation among drivers. I have a simple observation there, if you’re not happy with what you get from any firm don’t work for the firm.

    I’m not sure that the Burlington drivers were all pre-dereg men. In fact I know a few that are post-dereg. As far as I’m aware the protests were organised by groups that exclusively represent full-time drivers. At that time I was earning more away from the cab so I doubt my support would have been welcomed. In any event it was a local protest by local drivers. I haven’t worked the Burlington with any regularity since I was with Blue Cabs and the blood bank was on Mespil Rd.

  26. bohemian boy

    wether it was a local protest or not,i still supported the drivers, and I have never worked that rank in my life.rat I am also interested to know why you continue to refer to the drivers as being the EMPLOYEES of these sc,mbags instead of what they actually are,EMPLOYERS

  27. bohemian boy

    Ben will taxi drivers EVER realize they are NOT employees, THEY employ the sc,mbag radio companies who work for them. the rat keeps saying the drivers work for these towrags,but its the other way round. I don’t think even some of the drivers themselves realize that

  28. bohemian boy

    Ben I see the swiss are now following David Cammeron in wanting to stop foreigners coming into their country, lets hope this trend continues throughout europe

  29. Rat Catcher

    I never said they are employees BB.

    verb: employ; 3rd person present: employs; past tense: employed; past participle: employed; gerund or present participle: employing

    give work to (someone) and pay them for it.
    make use of.
    “the methods they have employed to collect the data”
    synonyms: use, utilize, make use of, avail oneself of, put into service;

  30. Rat Catcher

    So become one of their buddies! I don’t know why BB thinks Hailo is any different. Drivers actually work in the base there which I woulda thought would arouse more suspicion if anything. i’m not sure what you mean by “Foreign vermin not wanted anywhere”. If you mean illegals, Hailo check all documents so it’s unlikely an illegal would be taken on regardless of nationality. If you mean all immigrants, there was a good few signing up to Hailo when I was there and I actually know someone who works for one of their main financiers and I discussed that aspect with him when they first started and there was completely unfounded rank rumours that it was going to be a white driver operation. He assured me that there’s no way racism would be tolerated in any Hailo office. The backers simply wouldn’t be associated with it. As far as other dispatch firms go there certainly are some that appear reluctant to employ immigrants but I don’t think there’s any concrete evidence of racial discrimination… not that a lack of evidence every stopped conclusions being jumped to on here!

  31. bohemian boy

    rat in nearly every post you submit in relation to radio companies you use the term[ employ] to describe the drivers who are assocated with them,yet you said you didn’t say they were always,[when making reference to drivers who work under the banner of these sc,mbags] use the term WORK FOR,to describe the position of the drivers.if that’s not describing them as employees then I don’t know what is

  32. bohemian boy

    and all this from the man who made a career out of slagging hailo because as he sees it they offer 33% discount, then he only goes and joins least I am consistant,i despise Kelly Ebbs, kearns etc etc and that wont change

  33. Rat Catcher

    I never slagged them for offering discounts. Discounts are part and parcel of wireless work these days, I can accept that and I have worked for Xpert in the discount era. What I have done is point out that Hailo’s discounts are quite heavy (up to 33%) in the scale of things, particularly where drivers say they work for Hailo because they don’t do discounts! They do. I did a job off it last night for a EUR4.85 fare (forgot about the EUR5 minimum). I have also said that if you choose to work for a dispatch firm you agree to it’s terms and conditions. If the terms and conditions don’t suit you don’t work for the firm.

  34. bohemian boy

    rat how many times do I have to say it ? drivers DO NOT WORK FOR THESE TOWRAGS, DRIOVERS HIRE THEM TO FIND WOPRK FOR THEM. THEY Work FOR THE DRIVERS, though sometimes I have to wonder

  35. bohemian boy

    there is absolutely no other form of business that I know of,where a group of people pay for a service,and suddenly that service provider thinks you are his employee. that is the case with these sc,mbag radio companies

  36. Rat Catcher

    You don’t have to work for them if you don’t want to BB but there’s no need to level such abuse at them. You have no business relationship with the men you abuse. Unlike them you are not not long in the game.

    Given that you are singing the praises of the Hailo let’s look at how the Irish firms differ. Firstly, all of the Irish firms consulted with their drivers (not you, you’re not one) about discounts and proceeded on a consensus basis. Hailo recruited thousands of drivers telling them they could charge full fare (including PUC) and then told them to drop the PUC or fukk off – without any consultation. In fact TTnH advised it’s drivers not to comply with the revised terms and conditions.

    Secondly, and far more importantly, Hailo don’t tell the customer that he’s getting a discount. Hence they have simply removed the PUC in such a way as no firm will ever be able to charge it again regardless of whether the economy recovers or not. That’s a hell of a lot of money lost from drivers pockets forever even before their commission is taken into account. Conversely, Global (which has the same discount policy – no PUC + 5mins courtesy waiting) advertises that as a discount so should the economy recover it can easily withdraw the concession… or, more accurately, it could if Hailo hadn’t trained the clients to demand it. Noel Ebbs is no idiot. He knows this game inside out and back to front.

    Now you might ask how I can criticise Hailo and still subscribe. Quite simply, I’m not like you. I don’t hate them for not consulting drivers. That’s their prerogative and probably wise. I don’t hate them for giving discounts. In the current economic climate discounts are necessary,particularly for a firm in a start up situation. I don’t hate them for not telling customers they’re getting a discount. I think it’s a mistake, one that will prove costly to drivers as time progresses but they are new to the game, mistakes are inevitable and an integral part of any learning curve. Unlike you, I’m not going to stick my tongue up their backsides and tell them they’re doing a great job. If that’s all they hear from drivers they’ll start to believe it and they won’t learn from their mistakes.

    The bottom line for me is simple enough. We don’t have any alternative to subscribing to commercial firms and I don’t do enough hours to justify a fixed fee subscription. For all the time yo spend criticising and abusing commercial dispatchers your union has done sweet fukk all to give drivers any sort of alternative.

  37. Rat Catcher

    That’s weird Ben. Now my post under the definition of the word “employ” looks mad… well even more mad than usual ‘cos it was a response to one of your posts that has disappeared!

  38. chester

    Questions I now get asked regularly
    (1) are you out long ?
    (2) are you busy ?
    (3) are you with hailo ?
    it’s strange but when I say no to the latter I get a kind of silence that I have done something wrong anyone else feel this way or am I just a little paranoid ?

  39. bohemian boy

    chester that’s exactly right,. I even get critised for not being with hailo. rat you say discounts are nessesary in todays economic climate.i totally was Ebbs, and others who introduced them AT THE DRIVERS EXPENSE when the public did not even look for them. also you say Ebbs, and the others proceeded with the discount policy in line with the drivers consent ? you ring Ebbs today and tell him you would like to work under his banner, but you are not prepared to give discounts and see what he tells you. these same radio companies also introduced the use of credit card facilities when the public did not look for them thereby putting drivers to further expense.regarding my other point. these tow rags are employed by the DRIVERS. they are a service provider and as such their only function is to provide that service to the people who pay them to do so. their function IS NOT to tell drivers what to wear [further expense] their function IS NOT to offer discounts [AT THE DRIVERS EXPENSE] their function CERTAINALY IS NOT to dicsiplian drivers by knocking them off the system [to which they have subscribed] for giving back heavily discounted work [that the company] agreed the price for,part of their function certainly IS to find ways to stop work going out the back door to base controllers cronies, another thing I would suggest is that some of the people in these bases could do with refresher courses in dealing with the public. a lot of my customers tell me the rudeness they have experienced when they USED to ring, was unbelievable

  40. bohemian boy

    Ben it looks like my prediction was right about the swiss voting to put a stop to foreigners invading their country. all the far right parties are now calling for a similar referendum. hopefully the arse holes here will do likewise

  41. Ben

    Boh you were spot on, nice to see the Swiss wake up and realise they are being abused. And thats only by people from other EU countries who are coming at a rate of 80,000 per year. Now add in the africans who love welfare and everything free, and you have an almighty mess.
    Time for our gobshites to do the same, full house sign needs to go up rapid.
    Welfare abuse in this country is at an all time high, Burton needs to do what Cameron has done. No handouts for immigrants for at least 3 months, or longer. Let them go back home, we did not invite them.

  42. bohemian boy

    all across Europe the far right are calling for a ban on immigration,and to follow the swiss lead. get the labour party out now and fukk Robinson

  43. bohemian boy

    I am fed up with so called celibrities being given a voice in politics. bono, just because he is a famous singer gets to rub shoulders with the americian president, Geldof the same, yer woman o Conner demanded to see the minister about something or other and got an immeadiate meeting with him,Eamon Coughlan, and now Kenny Egan declares for fine gael. the list is endless of political parties recruiting these people just because they are famous. the fact that they may have been top class athletes, singers, footballers,etc etc should not be a reason to bring them on board. this is sickening when you look at places like clondalkan where fine gael have just recruited Kenny Egan to run. now look at the erms potential. a man who knows the system, who is very articulate when expressing himself, who has a keen interest in politics, and above all has the interest of taxi drivers at heart. we should be asking the erm to put himself forward for election in the forthcoming elections and backing him to the hilt

  44. bohemian boy

    John I am not even going to try to read that because of the length of it,but you take the point I am making. its quite ridiculous that a person should be coerced into standing for election on foot of their celebrity status. most of these people would have no knowledge, or commitment to the political arena they sign up to. I also think its very wrong of political parties to recruit such people for that purpose. we, the people want real political representitives,not a fukking circus act. politics will go backwards unless we start to elect people who actually care. John I think you should seriously consider running yourself, and I think its up to us to support you

  45. bohemian boy

    Ben its not because of Kennys addiction that I would not vote for him, I have total respect for his commitment to the 12 step programme of recovery.however I think its very wrong for political parties to try and win seats off the backs of someone who cannot really give proper representation to the voters. this is why I think the erm should run at least he is totally committed and knows the system.

  46. john m

    BB this is the opening sentences in the Presidential Election chapter …..In a weird turn about there was a sensational result in the presidential election . Brady was past the post according to Ladbrokes who had already paid out .An interview given by Brady to Ursula Mc Ursula on her politics programme To Tell The Truth .Where Brady claimed that he had been abducted by a flying saucer and probed internally frightened the voters away and they changed their allegiances to Frank Dunlop.

    Bit like twittergate .Dosent matter how ridiculous a story sounds it can happen in Irish politics .Boh read it some night with a cup of tea and a biscuit .

  47. Ben

    Boh i agree with you. Apart from his addiction, he does not have any business experience that would make him suitable for politics. All he knows is boxing, nothing else. Fine Gael would be clowns to put him forward.
    John m what the fcuk are you on about

  48. john m

    Ben I wrote a story before the last election when every celebrity in the country thought they would stand for election and solve all the problems .Dumphy .Derek Davis ,Roddy Collins and anybody with a public profile were lining up to have a go but their egoes got in the way .I wrote a Fantasy government story about what would happen if we ever voted for these muppets .

  49. john m

    Going to be interesting to see what happens after the elections .It looks like they have gerrymandered the constituencies with 7,8 and 9 seat wards .This guarantees that a lot of Indies will be elected.The first thing a new council has to do is pass the budget .It is unlikely that the established parties will have a majority .If the budget is not passed then the Minister for the Environment appoints an administrator to run the show .This would be a disaster as he will not have to answer to any party .So increases in Property tax ,Congestion Charges ,Parking fees ,will all be introduced .Then Enda Will tell us not to be voting for independents in the general election as they are cowards when it comes to taking political decisions .

  50. john m

    Ben its obviously a set up .To increase democracy they increased the size of the constituencies for the local elections .So why did they reduce the number of 5 seat constituencies for the general elections ?In a 3 seater you would need 25% of the vote rules out the indies and favours the FG or FF makes sure SF dont grow in the country .Its all about power .

  51. Rat Catcher

    # bohemian boyon 10 Feb 2014 at 12:26 pm

    all across Europe the far right are calling for a ban on immigration,and to follow the swiss lead. get the labour party out now and fukk Robinson

    You’re a gas man BB. It was your own CTA that colluded with MABS to get them all driving cabs while on welfare.

    Of course you can’t join Global unless you agree to the terms and conditions. The same goes for Hailo and every other dispatch firms. Discounting policies in the Irish firms were developed in consultation with the drivers that work for the firms. In Hailo drivers were simply given an ultimatum. Hope you, as a drivers’ representative, can promote the latter over the former is beyond me. Other rules and regulations covering dress code and such like are necessary to enforce common sense on drivers that have none.

  52. chester

    Well I blame GSOC they were listening to everything or where they ? personally I think that they opened a can of worms just to justify their existence and carry on getting their big salaries from the government sorry tax payer.

  53. Rat Catcher

    I can’t say I’ve ever known Civil Servants to feel any need to justify their salaries. CTA, on the other hand, craved attention, and didn’t give a fukk who it colluded with to get some.

  54. Ben

    Ger that’s classified info, Rat cannot share it with you. But if you buy a few gin and tonics for Laura Shatter she might start talking. Gobshite of a Commissioner probably knows also, but he will be too thick to know that he actually knows. Callinan I mean of course, the clown that talks shit outta the side of his gob.

  55. ger

    Yeah. Just watching laura and co on the state run television. And the one thing they all have in common?? Money. They are all overpaid baboons. They wont have to worry about paying the bills in their old age. Us? We will be lucky to be able to put food on the table. Thats if we live that long.

  56. Ben

    Ger they will have their big pensions etc, while we suffer. Never saw such a bunch of gobshites anywhere in the world. They dont know if gsoc was bugged or not. Even the head of that quango, Simple Simon, does not know. He thinks he was bugged by someone. Perhaps a short break in the central mental hospital would do him the world of good. Well he is clearly a nutter who needs help.
    By the way, Laura is writing a new book. She was seen speeding through Moycullen recently, rumoured to heading for Clifden. Name of book i am informed is Sarah Jane. Its all about the exploits of a 64 year old one armed leasbian from Cleggan, who was disowned by her Catholic family when she finally came out. She was last seen living in a mud hut, adjacent to the mens shed in Renville. If you thought Laura was steamy, just wait until Sarah Jane hits the shops. All the local gossip says some American tv channel wants the rights to film it, but Laura is holding out for big bucks. More gossip to follow.

  57. ger

    Ben. I think most people who know anything about ireland, know that it is corrupt to the core. A country run by gangsters in suits who care for nobody except themselves and their corrupt buddies.senior garda on huge money going around in their nice little uniforms talking crap. Laura and his mates in kildare st bleeding us all dry with all their new taxes and charges. And what do we, the irish people do? NOTHING. We sit there and take it up the swiss roll. If this was a south american country, those filthbags in leinster house would be swinging by their necks from lamp posts on kildare st.

  58. Ben

    you described it to perfection ger, we take too much shit so the skumbag politicians will keep dishing it out. can’t understand why Irish people are such lambs

  59. chester

    Anyone who thought they were going to make a nice few quid last night (Valentine’s) were I would say bitterly disappointed because of the number of drivers that thought they were going to make a nice few quid…worst Friday night ever there’ll come a day when drivers will go around looking for ‘sick people’ just to try and get the €140 soilage charge.

  60. Rat Catcher

    I did OK Chester. The Venue was hopping, still work at the new McDonalds opposite it at 04:30. Luck of the draw I guess.

    Capital Taxi Association Ger, our own BB is one of the suits.

  61. Rat Catcher

    It was about to balance out tonight Chester. I was having a disaster ’till I got Stamullen Via Portmarmock and Balrothery off the Venue Unofficial (EUR80 after a small discount) to bring me home.

  62. chester

    Nice one ratz didn’t do to bad myself tonight couple of decent runs just goes to show the jobs we are losing out on by quing at a rank it’s every man for themselves out there now probably the beginning of the breakdown of law and order on this island of ours shame..but the authorities never listened to the cries for help.

  63. Ben

    Q at a rank is not always the policy, sometimes its better to cruise. Best jobs ever i got over the years were flagdowns. Often passed a rank and same cars there for long periods, and i would have two or three jobs done. What does Marty say…every little helps.

  64. Rat Catcher

    Still wasn’t a great night to be honest but without that bitta luck it woulda been a complete write off. I suppose luck used to balance out with a reasonably consistent result. Very hit and miss these days.

    Very rare that I use an official stand. I might occasionally hold the bus or Connolly if I get up above to Dublin but you invariably have to break the law by over-ranking to get on.

  65. Ben

    Its all about a bit of luck on the day or night. One decent job, or maybe a good tip, can send us home smiling. If the shift is going bad, just hang on and that job will come.

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