I’ve Applied for the ESB Electric Vehicle trial

I’ve Applied for the ESB Electric Vehicle trial

The ESB are rolling out a free 4 month trial on a variety of fantastic electric vehicles, including BMW, Renault, Mitsubishi, Citroen and Nissan for 24 lucky applicants.

I reckon I’d be a good trialist if they chose me, given that I could write and inform the readers of this site (over 1000 individuals daily) about the benefits of driving one of these vehicles as a Taxi.

I  could write about the changes I make to my daily routine, for example;

  • Cruising more to benefit from Hailo,
  • The virtually free running costs,
  • Ranking more at the four seasons in order to recharge the vehicle mid shift
  • and of course the odd mistake and mishap I have.
  • Most of all though I could comment on the reaction of my passengers to the vehicle in terms of comfort, ride and overall experience.

I hope I am successful with my application, although I am sure there will be lots of competition for the trials and a Taxi trial has already been undertaken, albeit very quietly, that is apart from the initial splash.

Here’s hoping!

Applications for the trial can be made HERE