More Double Jobbers!

Instead of looking to have double jobbers banned from taxi driving the gobshites in the rep bodies should really be encouraging taxi drivers to take up second jobs, that is if they truly want to reduce the fleet size (which I now doubt)
Taxi drivers who do leave tend to do so because they get a second job. (That’s not rocket science), some start with part time hours and most will understandably want to keep their plate until they feel secure.
So why discourage drivers from leaving?
Fair evough, try to stop new drivers entering the fleet …. All of them, not just those who already have jobs (think about it, they’re the least likely to enter the business!

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266 thoughts on “More Double Jobbers!

  1. Red dennis

    Roy the problem for us full time TAXIDRIVERS is how quiet it is on mon/ Tuesday/wed/ Thursday/sun/ . No matter how busy Friday and Saturday are it can’t make up for those poor days/nights. If there was less double jobbers we would be busier on Friday and Saturday which would allow us to take time off during the week which would mean less taxis operating during the week.Roy these double jobbers are coming into our workplace on a Friday with 400 euro approx from their other jobs…..have you made 400 euro in profit by a Friday? . Minister Kelly knows this is a major issue but he also knows legally there is fxxk all he can do about it.

  2. Rat Catcher

    According to Indecon 2011 proportionately more full-timers than part-timers work weekend nights. Hence your part-timer is at least as likely to cover the traditionally quieter shifts.

    Thankfully, the gobshites that purport to represent drivers don’t make the rules Roy.

    Arguably, the reduced lapsed period encourages double jobbers. To keep your options open you now have to keep your plate pretty much current. If you’re going to keep your plate current you’re going to require some income to cover the costs associated with the same and, possibly, the time you invest in covering said costs.

    I don’t see it as a problem. Any taxi driver can take up subsidiary employment if he can find it. Many drivers have formal or informal sidelines and in the current economic climate they’d be mad not to exploit whatever earning opportunities come their way.

  3. Ben

    Very clever Roy, full time drivers take second jobs. We are already working all the hours we can stay awake, so you are suggesting we should work more hours. Theres already enough of dublin bus type kennedy scumbags in the business.
    Rat its clear that part time scabs dont cover quiter shifts, they are at work.

  4. Rat Catcher

    Indecon 2011 suggests otherwise Ben. A lot of folk do shift work these days but I have been skimming the cream (so to speak) meself of late and I see a lot of full-time scabs on the informal ranks at those once peak times.

  5. chester

    Well then let’s make the double jobbers give something back I would suggest that full time taxi drivers be exempt from paying the SGS fee and this should be paid for by double jobbers after all it is the double jobbers that make taxi driving for a living for full time drivers almost impossible.

  6. ger

    I would suggest that double jobber scabs pay €5000 every year extra. And thIs money be used to police the industry. So all the illegal immigrants,tax cheats, welfare cheats, multiple identity people, filthbags,perverts,drug dealers,con men, etc etc are all fooked out. Might get a bit of work then.

  7. Rat Catcher

    Just make the renewal fee EUR2,500 for saloon plates and EUR250 for WA plates. It’d be less viable for part-timers then and there would actually be something to police. As things stand it’s cheaper to be compliant than non-compliant given the savings in road tax.

  8. chester

    Well ratz would have to beg to differ there because I think the only ones that could afford to raise €2,500 every year would be the double jobber.

  9. Rat Catcher

    Unlikely if he has to work two jobs to make ends meet as it is. The point, however, is that he would be a lot more difficult for him to justify EUR50/week if he’s only available to work c.20 hours. Indecon 2011 reports that part-timers, on average, work c.17 hours/week in their cabs.

    In my own case EUR2,500 would be very difficult to justify. I, for one, would be inclined to put more effort into finding alternative earning opportunities.

  10. Ben

    Part time scabs should not get the cheaper road tax, hit them for the full amount. The lower rate should only apply to full time Irish taxi drivers . Revenue should also audit these scumbags to see what they are declaring for their scab cabs. Take a look at their lifestyles also, how many foreign holidays etc. And a new car for the missus, all paid for my money fiddled from taxis. Revenue need to wake up.

  11. chester

    Ratz it is not the necessity to double job as a taxi driver it’s the greed ! most double jobbers are already employed by the state or semi state bodies teachers, firemen, army, Bus drivers etc and would in my opinion have already a steady income that we as full time taxi drivers can’t enjoy while double jobbers save for life’s luxuries holidays, house decorating etc we can only work to keep a roof over our heads and a car on the road.
    Ben I thought for a while that Roy had ‘softened your cough’ with some of your last posts glad to see I was wrong you are right double jobbers have to be hit where it hurts us all the time and that’s in the pocket.

  12. Ben

    Chester no one will ever silence me, i have always been outspoken and that will never change. Agree with your point about greed, most of them have jobs, and have the wages got before they come out to steal our wages. Evil scum.

  13. Rat Catcher

    I don’t believe anyone’s scratching around for the few shillings we get if they don’t need it but you could make the same argument against many of the full-time men. A lot of them can’t resist going on Spookie’s forum to tell us about their frequent foreign holidays and the expensive gadgets they buy and so forth. At least the double jobber is working for his money unlike the boys who have high earning spouses or the boys who came in when Harney, Molloy and Ahern opened the floodgates with their Eircom Lump and/or pensions in their bank accounts before they take a fare.

    Most double jobbers would be entitled to tax rebates in respect of losses in trade and capital allowances Ben, both of which can be written against income from any other source. I often laugh at the stupidity of reps who think the tax man will hound double jobbers, men paying 5 figure sums in income tax, to appease a shower that they might get min PRSI from if they’re lucky. If you wanted to hit double jobbers for more tax the thing to attack is the PAYE allowance. You could make a well reasoned argument that that should only be available to PAYE workers with no other income.

    I do think it would be worthwhile if the authorities tried to do something about the full-time men that Ben says are “working all the hours we can stay awake”. That’s a safety issue that ought to be dealt with. Maybe they could programme the meter to restrict hours or something like that.

  14. Ben

    Rat we have to work long hours to make a living, we have no choice. I dont have a pay cheque from anywhere, or a state pension. Reason we have to work longer hours is because of the scabs. One of these scabs dont live too far from me, i see his wife with a nice new 14 reg car. I have a 07 car with huge klms on it, and i am throwing holy water on it now, praying for another year or two out of it.

  15. C5

    As matter of interest ben how many kilometres have you now,im doing the same with the holy water i have 361,375km.i don’t idle the engine to long,it only runs when i need to move,i have a good duffle coat to keep warm.

  16. Red dennis

    Lads minister Kelly and his advisors know damn well that every taxi out there is contributing to the economy. All the vat we pay on fuel/ car parts plus the tax they make on TAXIDRIVERS smoking and going to bookies……it’s not in their interests to get ANY DRIVER OFF THE ROAD…….the tough decisions we all know and they know that need to be made will NEVER BE DONE

  17. Ben

    C5 i have another 100,000 on mine, and i do idle my car too much. Should turn off the engine, but always hoping that i wont be parked for too long.

  18. Rat Catcher

    That’s very true RD, creation of wealth through circulation of money is a very well established economic theory. In times past the semi-states were systematically overstaffed so otherwise unemployable wasters could contribute to economic growth.

    You only have to because everyone else does Ben. If all drivers’ hours were restricted the same volume of work would be covered by the same volume of drivers…. win win.

  19. Red dennis

    I see “johns taxi” is back working in galway, which means it’s either rag week or galway races. He has more badges than John Wayne. Sums up this industry when a lad can operate his taxi in 5 different counties.

  20. Rat Catcher

    Sounds like a highly qualified man. Simple solution though, require all drivers to pass the geography section of the new skills test at every renewal. That way we’d know that a man with 5 areas is what he sounds like, a highly qualified man rather than an unemployable water that got his licence from the Gardai before NTA assumed responsibility and, under Ms. Doyle’s leadership, introduces comprehensive examinations.

    Minister Kelly dis promise a review of driver competence in the context of the current skills test within his 2011 review report. Bring it on I say!

  21. Rat Catcher

    All sorts of legal problems in that. If a man can prove himself to be competent to operate in several areas on an ongoing basis fair play to him. Jealousy will get you nowhere.

  22. Red dennis

    Rat my issue with the likes of “johns taxi” is that there are more than enough galway TAXIDRIVERS operating in this city all year round without “foreigners” coming in for 2 weeks of the year. If there was a shortage of taxis operating for these so called busy weeks il have no problem with taxis coming in from other areas.

  23. Ben

    With the volume of taxis operating in Galway now, we dont need scum like Johns Taxi coming in stealing our living. He used to appear for the races, or the volvo ocean race, wonder what brings him in now.And speaking of foreigners, we still have lots of illegal vermin operating also. So much for enforcement.

  24. Ben

    Theres another piece of shit that comes in from the midlands, and ex eircom worker. Got the lump to retire, and has a big pension also. Another hungry fooker, he would take the sugar out of your tea.

  25. chester

    I was the proud owner of ’97 Toyota Camry 2.2 diesel auto jap import it had 774,456 kilometers on it when the gear box fell out of it had it replaced a couple of times but it was never the same sent it to through the crusher and I am not lying when I tell you I felt like a traitor to my best friend…I still miss her
    Ps do you think I need counselling ?

  26. Rat Catcher

    I do Chester but that has nothing to do with the emotional attachment to a car!

    Don’t be bitter RD. Traditionally Galway/Roscommon was one area anyway. Maybe you could learn from him and get a few more areas yourself. If you don’t fancy that,live and let live. Ifthe man’s adequately qualified (or deemed to be such) so be it, there’s nothing you can do about it.

  27. Rat Catcher

    Just curious Ben… why do these guys operate illegally in Galway? Do they not know that it’s cheaper to comply with the licensing requirements given the reduced rate of motor tax or what? I know we’re talking about big thick boggers and all but still…

  28. Red dennis

    First you say I’m jealous and now in your eyes rat I’m bitter, get this rat I’m neither ……I believe in fairness and all drivers getting an equal share. But in this country run by the likes of ” johns taxis” who want more than just their one slice of the pie. Rat it’s simple……pure greed ….I’m happy with what I have outside this game . Rat I’ve said from the very first post that I did here that it should be one plate per person one driver per taxi and one county nominated. How more simple can that be?

  29. Ben

    Rat Galway/Roscommon was not one area until either Deering or Doyle fooked up. We now have people from the other side of the world who got a lucky bag psv licence when they arrived here many years ago courtesy of Noddy Robinson. These idiots never heard of Roscommon, and they are legal to work it. What a joke.
    Regarding the illegals, its not the thick Irish boggers, its the same illegal vermin who dont really exist in Ireland. They have rented cars, borrowed cars, all sorts of bogeys.
    That perk of cheaper road tax should be taken away from scabs, and only allowed for full time taxi drivers.

  30. Rat Catcher

    Legally, pretty much impossible. However, given that the same opportunity is afforded to all drivers, the system is fair. I’d imaging a lot of Galway/Roscommon men would like to hold on to both their areas but if they were required to pass both area tests at every renewal that would change to a very significant degree. Maybe you are vexatious because you only qualified for one or two areas?

  31. Rat Catcher

    The two county system had nothing to do with TRD Ben. It stems from Garda Districts, in this case the Garda District of Roscommon-East Galway.

  32. Ben

    I accept that ok, but i think its a mistake to hand a psv licence to any driver for an area that they dont know, and were never tested on. Small wonder we are in such a mess. By the way, i am legal in 4 areas, and yes i know them.

  33. Rat Catcher

    Just to clarify, it was RD I was suggesting may be vexatious ‘cos he ruled out jealous and bitter, not you Ben. I know you’re just nuts! Anyway, I agree with you, the licence should serve as proof that the holder knows the area(s) in question. Hence I suggest that all drivers should be required to pass the new (Kathleen Doyle) skills test (both sections) at every renewal. There would be a lot less men with multiple areas if that was done and Minister Kelly did promise a review of driver skills in the context of the current skills test.

  34. Ben

    Rat I thought that was meant for me ok, sure I know im nuts. But those who know will tell you I am nuts in a nice way. Skills test at every renewal ? No way will I do that, they will be told to fook off. I know my patch, don’t need any exam. Kelly could ban the multiple area craic, and tell us to nominate one area. I would be happy with that. Would keep johns taxi out on race week, student rag week etc.

  35. Rat Catcher

    I meant it in the nicest possible way. Legally Minister Kelly can’t just take licences back from men. Requiring them (and all of us) to demonstrate that we are competent at regular intervals is one (perhaps the only) legal way to do it. The geography of cities (in particular) evolves over time. I reckon a comprehensive test every 5 years would be about right.

  36. Ben

    Repeat i will not do a test to renew my licence. Its more bullshit. What about all the vermin from the other side of the world that have no psv at all. What test will they be asked to do ?

  37. Rat Catcher

    I can tell you’re not keen Ben but what if I was to tell you that there’s thousands of immigrants who got their licences just like you and I, i.e. by passing the mickey mouse Garda examination? A lot of then might fail a real test.

  38. sclass

    So Rat what If
    After 10 ..20 or 30 years driving A driver fails the test ,so fails to get the PSV renewed so he’s off the road. Livelihood gone no way of paying bills.
    Can he claim welfare. You know that will never happen.
    Thaw game is grossly over supplied as kelly and NTA is well aware
    All PAYE DJs pay full road Tax
    NTA ringfence our money and use it for a buyback
    Lets stop talking shite .we need the NTA to take immediate action.They know only to well what has to be done.
    After listening to Kellys waffle for four years and fukall has improved since the RTE primtime.

  39. ger

    Hi najat welcome to ireland and the taxi business. This month is a very,very quiet month. But next month it will pick up and you will make many thousands of euro. And by april there will be a shortage of taxis, with people spending hours in the q at ranks. If any of ur friends or cousins or uncles or grandfathers want to drive taxi in ireland,get them over here asap. Come the summer you will be lucky to get one hours sleep per day, its soooo busy.. After 5 years you will be able to retire with many millions of euro in the bank. You might even have a penthouse apartment in sunny ballymun. At the moment its dead in dublin, but a little birdie tells me theres endless work in the county of galway, so u might want to head down there,dont worry about the area sticker, u can buy them in parnell st for a tenner. We have a nice ol driver thats comes on here now and again called ben, when he not on holiday (roy sends him on a little holiday every so often) im sure he would be delighted to take you under his wing. He has taken many a poor africian taxi driver into his own house and looked after them. Hes a gentle old soul who embraces people from all walks of life. He would be only to happy to show you the ROPES.. just dont mention the following people. Mary robinson,joan bruton, vatman. Anybody from the NTA. Nearly forgot, the oneand onlyMISS K Doyle. And if u want to be around for paddys day, do not,i repeat do not mention these two letters,the letter A and the letter C. He will explain all when he is showing you the,ahem,ROPES. best of luck our new found friend and fellow taxi driver.

  40. Ben

    Ger send that man down here to make some decent money. How would any man survive on 300 euro a day. We don’t work for less than 500 down here, all supermodels I tell ya. Taylors Hill is where we all live now, we bought out all the little people, bankers etc. Tell that man to be sure and stop at the pound shop in Kinnegad, its near the new Tesco. Stickers for windows, bogus psv for dash, anything you need is there. The password is MUPPET, guy in the shop will know what that means. We promise to show him the ROPES when he gets here, hope he brings all the family.
    Actually thinking of giving up the taxi driving now, and devoting myself to looking after the new guys and gals. Well its important to give something back. Najat if you think I am joking, just ask johns taxi about the welcome we gave him. WOW he was gobsmacked. See you soon Bud.

  41. Rat Catcher

    Well, we’re getting somewhere Ben. I certainly agree that the test should be available as Gaelige.

    The suggestion that double jobbers should pay full road tax isn’t a good one IMO. It’d be more likely to lead to us all paying full road tax as a full timer is more likely to make private use of his taxi than a part timer. In any event, with the low emissions cars that are becoming common for taxi use we’re talking about pennies.

    The tax man isn’t going to persecute men who are paying 5 figure sums in income tax to appease a shower that might make the minimum PRSI payment. Get that stupid notion out of your heads once and for all. As I said before, it may be possible to compose a reasoned argument in favour of removing the PAYE allowance from workers with other incomes. Obviously that would have consequences beyond our trade.

    Now forget about the money we give to NTA. We pay less than private motorists when road tax savings are taken into account and NTAs take is insufficient to cover administration of the trade. There was a surplus that accrued from licence issue fees when licences were being issued for EUR6,300. That is required to finance the operating deficit going forward.

    There will be no buyback and neither should there be. The vast majority of current drivers bought their plates for EUR6,300 or less. FFS, I’ve lost more on the turn of a card. Anyone who bought a business for that amount expecting a middle class salary type figure as an annual return wants their fukking head examined. In any event, whatever paltry amount was deemed appropriate to buy back plates (no way it could be more than the last issue fee i.e. EUR6,300) simply isn’t enough to convince anyone to pack it in. Those who would take it will pack it in anyway and the plates will expire at no cost to the exchequer.

    SC, I understand that it would be difficult (and perhaps immoral) to immediately exclude men who haven’t a clue where they are going. I would suggest granting men who fail the test a “provisional” licence valid for 3 months to allow them time to try and try again. The 3 month licence should cost the same as the 5 year licence costs the men who know what they’re at, currently EUR250 but I’d double that … at least!

  42. Ben

    It makes me laugh to see people that can barely speak English going into housing estates and apartment blocks etc with Irish names. When a passenger gives them an Irish address, how can they possibly know where it is, or what the person is even saying. Wonder if you can tap an Irish nameplace into a tomtom or garmin.

  43. Rat Catcher

    Google maps/nav isn’t bad as Gaelige.

    I don’t work for either of those Ger, sorry if the introduction of facts to the discussion upsets you.

  44. ger

    Rats. Im not upset. But id hardly call them “facts”. And im sorry if i upset you. Double jobber maybe? You dont seem to care to much about full time taxi drivers.

  45. Rat Catcher

    They get all that back in a different way SC… read RDs post up the page which touches on stimulating growth through the circulation of money.

    They are facts Ger. If you care to debate any of them I’m more than willing to participate. Yes, I get other work from time to time and I don’t distinguish between full-time or part-time taxi drivers. We’re a very diverse group. What’s good for one set of taxi drivers is generally good for all taxi drivers.

  46. Rat Catcher

    I’m glad you recognise that and I’m not all about serving my own interests either. For what I have in my pocket from skimming the cream, so to speak, is hardly worth earning. If my suggestion that the licence renewal fee be increased to EUR2500 for saloon cars and EUR250 for WAs were implemented it’d put me out of business!

  47. Rat Catcher

    There’s a perceived shortage of WA taxis and the initial investment is higher. Based on current vehicle standards running costs are also significantly higher. That’s an attempt to level the playing field.

    I don’t believe it would put full-time men out of business. When I go out at the weekend (I’ll start my taxi driving this week with a short shift after the darts tonight) I’m competing with men who have already done 3 days work and already have a couple of hundred notes (at least) in their pockets. I would find it very hard to justify another EUR50/week in exes for what I’m going to take in between now and Sunday. The full-time men may suffer initially but within a year most of the part-time men will have called it a day so the extra EUR50/week would be easy to cover and would pay dividends. If you want the part-timers out this is the way to do it, price them out of business.

    Now, after handing over 2 and a half large you have something to whinge about, you’ve paid money, you’re entitled to a return. Local PSV offices nationwide to allow the Gardai get to grips with whatever illegal activity there is. New technology to transform the fleet into smart taxis i.e. a tablet to replace the meter with a 10″ screen showing the drivers licence details and photo, maps and satnav built in, an e-Hail facility for customers built in, car diagnostics built in and whatever other apps that may be considered useful… all included in the licence fee.

  48. Ben

    Rat you know that new wa taxis are crazy money that no one will invest in this game. And no bank would lend it anyway. I will never pay 2,500 to NTA to renew a taxi licence when i have to compete with vermin who have nothing in order. No full time driver could afford that fee. Maybe if we had dublin bus paycheck, or an army or garda pension, we might be able to afford it.

  49. Rat Catcher

    Catch 22 Ben. You won’t pay for enforcement because there’s no enforcement!

    You get nothing for nothing in this world. For EUR50/week you’d be part of the most technologically advanced and the best regulated taxi service in the world… and you’d have no Hailo bill!

  50. Ben

    Rat i pay income tax and prsi etc. That helps to pay the wages of gardai, who are supposed to enforce the rules of the road, and deal with unlicenced and uninsured taxis. They should catch the vermin driving them, prosecute them, and jail them. If they are foreign vermin, then deport them. Save us the cost of keeping them in jail.
    Here is a question for you, how many taxis working in Ireland right now are worth 2,500 yoyos.

  51. Rat Catcher

    If you earn enough from your cab to pay income tax you have little to complain about. I help a lot of lads with their tax returns and ya can take it from me, there’s a lot worse off than you Ben.

    Deployment of Garda resources needs to be prioritised. Unfortunately, as there’s no loss of revenue to the State or no significant threat of injury, etc to anyone, operating an unlicensed cab can’t be viewed as a serious crime. The men that do it (very few and far between outside of Galway) could operate legally and save themselves a few quid into the bargain if they wanted to. They are most likely doing it as a form of protest I guess. In any event there are a lot more serious crimes that Gardai don’t have the resources to detect… there must be dozens of unlicensed televisions and scores of unlicensed dogs, for example.

    The only way Garda resource could be directed at the trade is if the trade covers the cost. A realistic licence renewal fee could be used (at least in part) to that end.

  52. Red dennis

    Rat we have little to complain about?….are you for real?….what other workplace would you earn at most €300 for a 70 hour week? . I’m repeating myself when I say the petrol station/ cab company/ insurance company/ car parts/ mechanic/ NTA fees/ accountant/ revenue etc etc all get their pound of flesh from us and we are left with crumbs…’s no wonder this industry attractes scum….all we hear from the powers that be is that they want STANDARDS……we’ll guess what ….. WE FULL TIME TAXIDRIVERS HAVE NO STANDARD OF LIFE !!!

  53. Ben

    Rat i have lots to complain about, my takings are way down because of scabs and illegal foreign vermin. I am entitled to be protected by the Garda if required, being an Irish citizen and taxpayer.
    Dont agree with your opinion on unlicenced cabs, of course their is loss of revenue to the State as no tax is being paid. Likewise if that driver crashes and seriously injures his passengers, where do they stand. What if one of them was unable to ever work again, maybe a married man with a big family and mortgage etc.
    Are you really serious about an unlicenced tv or dog being more important than an unlicenced taxi. Rat you have to be winding us all up now.

  54. frankey

    sum showir o monin upde step runnin kutnz on heer
    hey ratty why ya evin argin wit dem
    wey haff o deez fukkirz iz gibberin on abute der
    gonna end uip fase doon ina kanil
    befoire nex yar


  55. sclass

    Rat your you are talking bollox now. You’ve got the same attitude as them over paid wasters of so called gards.
    The game is Fukked because they are the ones issued the psv,s to over 6000 criminals..brown paper bags come to mind.
    I see them every night turning a blind eye.
    Gards are lazy ,dont give a fukk. I have no respect for them what so ever.

  56. Rat Catcher

    If you’re only getting 3 ton a week for 70 hours RD you’re doing something wrong. There are PAYE taxi driving jobs advertised at rates in excess of EUR11.00 per hour. Might I suggest that you seriously consider that option. You’ll take home more money and have a much better work/life balance.

    The insurance companies operate an uninsured drivers fund to cover situations such as those to which you allude Ben.

    SC, I appreciate your frustration with An Garda Siochana. However, they were acting on the legal advice given to them. In any event,I think you’re being a little over dramatic. Our criminal justice system provides for imprisonment of criminals. Once released they have paid their debt to society and are entitled to a second or third or fourth or fifth or sixth or seventh or eight or ninth… chance. How many of these 6,000 present any more of a danger driving a cab than they would stacking the shelves in Tesco?

    Be realistic men, we’re in a low skills trade which requires virtually zero investment. These aren’t the ingredients that attract professionalism. What I’m suggesting is that increased fees would redress the balance to some extent.

  57. Rat Catcher

    I am trying my best. Is there anything in my post that you feel I could explain better? It’s a largely factual post but I appreciate that you may dislike the facts as presented.

  58. Red dennis

    Rat most of us full time drivers that are operating legally are trying to do our best but it’s getting harder to do so. Rat I work days in galway and am private ( I’ve been with companies but the back door feeding that goes on down here has to be seen)….. Rat in galway there are 100s of taxis in hackney companies paying between €100-€140 per week radio rent and charging fixed fares to customers???…they are taking in 4 people into town for €2 each….if they put on the meter it would read €9+ before they moved. Rat it’s called ” the race to the bottom”…..the economist Dave McWilliams has talked about it.

  59. Rat Catcher

    I understand that. I’m sure if any of the Galway firms would hire you on a PAYE basis,the one’s that I know pay over EUR11.00/hr are based up above in Dublin.

    The race to the bottom is interesting. In any market competition lowers prices and ours is no exception. I work for Hailo myself so I’m no stranger to doing discounted fares. All the work I get from Hailo is NPU. I even gave a discount to a street hire last night. I was on the McDonalds Unofficial in Swords for nearly an hour without a bite and a couple of lads asked me to do Dublin for a score. Knowing that it’s about EUR23 on the clock I just thought to myself would I take a Hailo job and pay 12% for it right now, the answer was yes so I agreed and took them. As it happens it was just the kick start I needed, went on to take about EUR60 (inc that 20) in the next hour and a half… then it went dead again, stuck it out for another 2 hours for a fukking score!

  60. Ben

    20 quid for a 23quid job is fine on a quiet night, we all do that. RD is right about discounts in Galway and BIG BACK DOORS. These assholes offered these discounts, no one put them under pressure. Those fools of drivers would be out of business if they got a punture even, they would not have the money to fix it. Just kinda busy fools. Had people offer me a really bad price last weekend, so told them to fook off and ring the Samaritans. The discounters are ruining the business. RD would you bring 4 people into town from corrib village for two quid each ? One radio company is doing it, you know who it is. The owner is always very busy, but the lambs of drivers are parked up a lot.

  61. Red dennis

    Rat I can understand giving €3 discount on a €23 call ….. But imagine charging €8 to 4 people ……bus eireann charge nearly that and pick you up at a pole and drop you at another pole in the pissing rain. These tackneys that are doing fixed fares need their heads examined AND THEY ARE PAYING RADIO RENT FOR THE PRIVALAGE OF TAKING IT UP THE ARS..

  62. Red dennis

    Your right Ben if these owners are busy the jobs go to their generals who are the owners eyes and ears in the company and report back to them daily. The last company is was with gave me a job to pick up going to Shannon I hadn’t car started job cancelled ….. Drove to house and there is one of the elite picking up .

  63. Ben

    Red D that sounds very like a radio co who are based near the hole in the wall pub ? You know the owner think he still drives a black fiat scudo, or maybe that’s gone.

  64. Red dennis

    Ya Ben he rents minibuses to a group of drivers charging them for minibus + radio rent and guess which drivers get priority? Meanwhile drivers with their own minibus are scratching their balls wondering why it’s so quiet? And when they do get a call it’s heavily discounted by been fixed fares….unbelievable what drivers take .

  65. Red dennis

    Rat over on the forum you say you work 25 hours a week driving your taxi? How in gods name can you make a living at this game doing only 25 hours. The fares in Dublin must be big? . No wonder so many TAXIDRIVERS head up there …..the streets are paved in gold.

  66. Ben

    About 75 hours is more like it in Galway with the volume of taxis. Come Thursday afternoon the city is a total joke with scab cabs all out of the factories with their weeks work done and wages got. They are then free to steal our wages from us. Evil bastards.

  67. ger

    Same in dublin ben. I gave up doing thursdays, every filthy vermin part timer is out. Worst day of the week. They should be all fooked out, they are not needed. They already have a wage. We dont. Do ya hear me kelly,ya spanner.

  68. Ben

    Kelly is an total tosser, 3 years in his nice cushy overpaid job, and what do we get. Door stickers and sweet fook all else. All the scabs and illegal foreign vermin are still out there, more of them than ever as far as I can see.

  69. Rat Catcher

    I’m not looking to become a millionaire out of it Ben but I’m covering my expenses with a little left over for myself. As also explained within the relevant thread on Spookie’s forum I get other work from time to time so I stretch that income as best I can and Mrs. Catch has a full-time job with reasonable remuneration.

  70. Ben

    Rat that’s the problem with part timers, too many of ye looking to cover something out of it. Things like a nice foreign holiday, or a new car for the wife etc. We full time drivers worry about food on the table, or our gas, or esb bill. My missus has a 06 car, and it wont be changed, she lost her job because of cutbacks almost two years ago. Money being wasted by our incompetent politicians on housing and medical care etc for foreign vermin.
    Irish people need to do what the people of Ukraine did, and get results.

  71. Rat Catcher

    I’m one of the nice part-timers though. As I said, my other work is irregular so I need the security of the taxi. The new renewal regulations determined that I had to renew the plate or it would expire. I could, and would, have taken another 6-12 months off otherwise. However, money spent on a car and all that goes with it is money I need to get back. Doing that takes time, time in respect of which I feel entitled to some (not a lot) remuneration. I could rent the taxi out but I don’t really want someone clocking up thousands of miles given that rental rates are extremely low in the current economic climate. If I did rent it,obviously there would be more money being taken from the pockets of full-time professional single-income drivers that need thejob to feed their families and all.

    Of course, had Ahern, Harney and Molloy not opened up the game to any unemployable waster with a ton to invest I would probably still be operating a taxi full-time and earning a reasonable income from it i.e. I wouldn’t have had to look elsewhere for earning opportunities. In that context it’s difficult to feel sorry for said unemployable wasters… essentially they forced me out of business!

  72. Ben

    I need to earn more too, but I cannot because of part timers like Mr Rat. And all the illegal foreign vermin who have no fear of being caught. Really sad little country we live in.

  73. Red dennis

    Rat my issue with you is that last week you said ” we should stop complaining”….so let me get this straight …. A man that does 25hours a week at a job is having a pop at DRIVERS THAT HAVE TO WORK 3 TIMES HIS WORKING WEEK !!!. Ben we should be good little boys and shut up because in the eyes of “25 hour rat ” we are moaners. So Ben as we sit around mon to Thursday with all the other full timers we should be glad of the 25hour rats that will come in over the weekend to give us a hand. Thank god for the part timers.

  74. Rat Catcher

    You’re correct RD. There’s far too much negativity on this blog. If you can’t make ends meet get on to BB and get him to fix you up with a bit of welfare or do what I done and get up off your moaning arse and find another income.

    Ben, I have a 09 car that I have to operate as a taxi to maintain. Your wife is doing very well to be driving a nice 06 car while unemployed. You’re lucky you weren’t around in the 80s if you think two car families are hard up. Wake up and realise how well off you are man!

  75. Ben

    Rat my missus bought and paid for her car when she had a job. But now she is unemployed and cannot even get an interview. I was around in the 80,s and remember it well. Very tough times indeed. And I don’t need advice from any scab on how to live my life. You and thousands like you are the real problem in the Irish taxi industry. Add in all the illegal foreign vermin, and that’s some cocktail.
    You did not find another income, as you said. You are a hungry fooking scab who wants both incomes. And I bet if you could find a third one you would go for it.
    Red maybe we should vacate the ranks by 4.00pm every Thursday from now on. That’s roughly the time all the Medtronic, Boston Sci, Army, etc all appear to “HELP US OUT FOR THE WEEKEND”.

  76. Red dennis

    That’s the answer Ben to everything in this corrupt bogland you have to become one of them. These people don’t see anything wrong in what they are doing….. It’s every man for himself . The politicians , the gardai and joe public all in it for themselves . The difference with the politicians and the gardai is numbers are limited but our game can take in more and more scams and illegals because nobody gives a fxxk for us full time drivers. It’s the likes of rat that complains about the politicians and what they are doing to this country and given the chance their heads would be in the through .

  77. Ben

    We are very much on our own RD, no one in authority cares about full time taxi drivers. We are a dying breed. In another few years it will be all part timers, as it will be impossible for a full time driver to survive. I have to go now and check oil/water etc in the queens luxury 06 fiesta, the car rat says she is lucky to have while unemployed. Such an ignorant comment for him to make.
    My queen gets a lousy jobseekers payment , a far cry from the good salary she had. Government cutbacks so they can pay for houses for foreign vermin and medical cards etc. You go up to UCH anytime you will think you are in Africa. And its all free to them. My queen wont get a medical card, she is Irish. And that’s a big disadvantage in this country now.

  78. Rat Catcher

    I don’t whinge about the politicians. I’m a Labour man but I enjoyed the excesses of FF as much as the next man and I have no problem in congratulating Minister Noonan on the vast improvement in the economy under his stewardship.

    I don’t start ’till after the darts on a Thursday night these days Ben so as you were ’till 11pm is fine with me. It is tough to have to compete with hungry fukkers who won’t go home, most of them collecting the dole as well. However, I’m not going to whinge about it. The game is what it is.

    What I do is suit myself, that’s what attracted me to the game in the first place and, to be fair, the game has been good to me and mine over the years. I was full-time for 14 years but, in the current economic climate, I can’t afford to refuse more lucrative work when it’s offered and I’m available to do it. Funny thing is, if I don’t get other work in the summer (and I’m not expecting any) I’ll be full-time again ‘cos I’ll switch to 5 days instead of my current 2 and 2 half nights but I’ll actually be taking in less money. I’m beginning to understand how Indecon 2011 drew some of it’s conclusions now.

    If you can’t make ends meet Ben, you do need advice. If you won’t let BB or I help you then go to MABS or someone like that.

  79. Red dennis

    Ben stand outside a primary school at 2.30 and see what’s happening, go to a maternity ward and see what’s things for sure the children of the non nationals won’t be TAXIDRIVERS . The top table brigade in this country are to stupid to see what’s coming straight at them down the tracks. Their children will be competing against these people for university places and thereafter the top jobs but they’re so corrupt all they are thinking about are their own positions.

  80. Red dennis

    Ah a labour man rat….would that be ” larkins labour or gilmores labour”? . Gilmore the ex teacher would owns a farm of land in galway and whose wife got a nice cosy number . See what I mean Ben …. The elite with their heads in the through and telling us ” we mustn’t complain”

  81. Rat Catcher

    Elite RD? You have me all wrong. May I respectfully suggest you read my previous contributions. I’m a socialist and far from elite. If you can afford to turn down work I can assure you that your finances are in a lot better shape than mine. In an ideal world Harney, Ahern and Molloy wouldn’t have opened the floodgates to every unemployable waster with a ton to invest and then, maybe, I could afford to refuse work when it’s offered…. but we don’t live in an ideal world.

  82. Red dennis

    A socialist rat with two incomes?…. I thought ye were into sharing? ….or is it that ye want everyone else to share what we have and ye keep what ye have. God rat you are a Gilmore man.

  83. Rat Catcher

    I don’t have two incomes at the same time. When I’m doing the other work I generally don’t drive my cab. I’m not sure that I’d count what I get from the cab as an “income” anyway… comparatively speaking it’s a pittance.

  84. Rat Catcher

    Sorry, I missed yet another excellent observation on your part RD. You are 100% right to conclude that immigrants’ kids won’t wind up as taxi drivers. Immigrants generally take their kids’ education very seriously and make sure they do well enough to get the best university courses and, ultimately, the top jobs.

  85. Rat Catcher

    To be fair, the exchequer will ultimately benefit as they’ll be earning very high salaries and paying significant income tax in due course.

  86. Red dennis

    “I don’t have 2 incomes at the same time”…..brilliant piece of diversion rat … could get a 3rd income as a political advisor with that sort of comment.

  87. Rat Catcher

    It’s fact, not diversion. Much of the other work I get is carried out in London. Do you think I can afford to fly back four nights a week to do a bit in my cab? Be sensible man! Futhermore, do you think I give a flying fukk what you think of what I have to do to I earn a crust? Be sensible man! It’ll take more that you, Ben and the rest of your Johnny come lately unemployable waster buddies to hound me out of my trade, and don’t you forget it!

    … and I do support redistribution of wealth. Only a couple of posts back I advised both you and Ben to get BB to fix you up with welfare. He’s done it for god knows how many immigrants.

  88. Red dennis

    Now now “socialist rat” take a chill pill … obviously don’t like it when your provoked but you expect me/Ben/ ger and any other full timer to shut up….. Guess what rat I know you don’t give a fxxk what I think but you ain’t ever going to shut me up.

  89. Rat Catcher

    I’m afraid you’re not. The difficulty we have here is that I don’t care what you or any other Johnny come lately thinks of how I earn a crust. If you’re incapable of earning a living and you refuse to claim welfare there’s little I, or anyone else, can do to help you so there’s not a whole lot of point to your constant whinging.

  90. Ben

    Rat you would be well advised to watch the comments you are making here. I am not an umemployable waster, I have never been out of work a day in my life, and have been a full time taxi driver for 30 years. I have never asked this State for one cent in my life, and have paid my taxes every year and have the paper trail to prove that. I don’t need to go to Mabs, as you suggested. We live a quiet humble life and that wont change. I will always get by without support from any outside source.
    Redistribution of wealth sounds like the type of crap your friends in the Labour party would come out with, and we all know how they have failed miserably to make any impact in power. We also know where they are going at the next election. I expect a few of them will seek your advice on becoming taxi drivers, to support their big pensions.

  91. Rat Catcher

    Do us all a favour and live your quiet humble life in a quieter and more humble manner. Why do you feel the need to whinge on here 24/7 if you’re happy with your lot?

    I don’t believe that you’ve paid any significant income tax so I’d like to see that paper trail if I may?

    You do, however, need to reduce your working hours. Putting yourself, me and the general public at risk by driving your taxi for 75 hours a week ins unacceptable and you have to try to grasp that before it’s too late.

  92. Red dennis

    Insignificant tax????? Because I’m a full time TAXIDRIVER that works long hours I use €180 to €200 per week on fuel as a accountant you will know how much per year the government gets in tax of that. Yes we don’t pay much income tax but we can’t claim vat back so don’t attempt to suggest we full time TAXIDRIVERS don’t pay our way regarding taxes.

  93. Rat Catcher

    “income tax” is what I said. I was a full time taxi driver for many years so I’m well aware of the expenses involved and, as a socialist, I fully appreciate the economic benefits of circulation of money.

    Look before you leap, my friend!

  94. Rat Catcher

    Now, with my accountant’s hat on I can tell you that, with a diesel bill of €200 per week, you are taking in around €1,176.47 per week. What do you expect from an unskilled trade which requires no significant investment?

  95. Red dennis

    At last an admittance that working 70+ hours a week at this job is unacceptable. Now rat why are drivers working these hours????…. Take a look in your rear view mirror rat and there’s part of the answer.

  96. Rat Catcher

    The guts of a grand after juice, a ton for car/maintenance, another ton for Hailo, phone, etc and you’ve still got 8 ton in your phoca. Even if you cut your hours by 1/3 you wouldn’t be far off clearing a monkey and paying fukkall income tax on it… nowt wrong with that in the current economic climate.

    The reason drivers do those hours is simple enough, there’s no regulation of working hours.

  97. Ben

    What do you call the hours that kennedy from dublin bus works then. Perfectly safe because some crap from Indecon says so. Did that report come from your beloved Labour party.
    Full time drivers have to work longer hours because of SCABS like you Rat.
    Alan Kelly needs to clean up the business, and get rid of all vermin.

  98. Red dennis

    Rat I’ve been on since one o clock and I’ve done 3 jobs total lying €19 . With my hat on that’s €19 divided by 6 and half hours= €2.92 per hour before I take expenses out? At your calculating I’m on €17 per hour? Rat you weren’t the accountant with Anglo irish bank were ya?

  99. Rat Catcher

    You may try to laugh it off RD but we both know that one of two things applies here. Either you’re lying about your diesel spend or that’s what you’re earning, all hidden from the tax man. Don’t forget RD, I’ve forgotten more about this game than you’ll ever know!

    Indecon never made any determination on any individual case but I’m sure you have seen the full report of Kennedy’s hours and you know about the weeks that were far less sensational than the week reported on the TV show.

    The reason you work dangerous hours is simple enough Ben. Your greed takes precedence over your own and our customers’ safety.

  100. Red dennis

    €800 a week profit ????? Ben where’s me coat I’m off to the big smoke there’s gold in them streets. Amazing what a Croke park/ aviva or a 02 will do for a TAXIDRIVERS takings.

  101. Ben

    Rat is now defending Kennedy, just what I expected. One scab defending another. Oh and by the way Rat, I am not working 75 hours per week. I am 60 years of age, and those hours are not for me. But I do know some younger drivers, with big overheads who have to work crazy hours to get by. Their task is made all the more difficult by the amount of scabs working Galway. And as I may have mentioned before, all the illegal foreign vermin.
    800 yoyos per week in the pocket sounds good Red d, lets head up there for a few weeks. We would know the city as well as some of the gobshites working it.

  102. Rat Catcher

    They’re your figures RD but I dare say you could achieve similar in Dublin if you worked the right 75 hours. It’s a little over a tenner an hour.

  103. Rat Catcher

    So you’re on here whinging on behalf of the post dereg unemployable wasters Ahern, Harney and Molloy let in to destroy your business… just how thick are you Ben?

    I’m not defending Kennedy by any means but I suspect you know the full facts as well as I do… don’t take media reports too literally is all I’m saying. I have to say a lot of my customers were quite impressed by the man’s work ethic though, kinda killed the perception that immigrants are lazy freeloaders I guess.

  104. Ben

    Rat I am not whinging on behalf of anyone, just making a point about how hard it is for full time taxi drivers to make a living. How could anyone defend his work ethic, as you call it. He will kill lots of people some day, when he crashes that bus. If that happens, he should be charged with mass murder.

  105. Red dennis

    No rat down here you can’t get on the ranks you drive around in circles burning fuel to get onto ranks. Last Friday rat out of first 7 jobs 5 were for less than €5 and it took me a longtime to get them. It’s obvious fares in Dublin are bigger than galway. Here people are leaving their cars at home because it’s cheaper to gat taxi home that pay for fuel and parking.

  106. Rat Catcher

    I’ve helped a few Galway drivers with their tax returns RD and their fuel stats don’t differ significantly from Dublin drivers. In context of a blog post I can readily accept that you were exaggerating for effect but try to take me for an idiot man, I’m not a tax inspector!

    They weren’t only defending it, they clearly admired it Ben. Anyway you know how difficult it is to make a living so if one of these drivers you’re so concerned about gets a chance to earn a few quid on the side I’m sure you can understand his rationale should he take it… then you’ll be on here like a little schoolgirl calling him a scab. Grow up you fool!

  107. Gerry

    Where am I? What are yiz talking about lads?

    Oh Fukk!!!

    I’ve only gone and landed in a conversation about fukn double jobbers! Please, somebody, kill me, quick, do it now! do it noooow!!!

  108. Rat Catcher

    Hey Gerry… These boys are completely nuts… working 75 hours a week and whinging relentlessly about other dangerous drivers… ya’ll do well with the ropes and stools if ya hang about.

  109. Rat Catcher

    Ben, he’s driving around in circles for 75 hours a week. It’s your customers he’s going to kill. Ya never know he might even put you out of your misery if you’re in the wrong place at the right time.

  110. Red dennis

    Today Gerry we have talked about double jobbers/ socialism rat style/ danger of working long hours/ the unemployed/ tax returns/ Dublin bus drivers… What would you like to converse about?

  111. Red dennis

    Sclass I’ve been aware of that weeks ago when posting for the first time. Believe me when you have driven a taxi for 15+ years you get to meet plenty of rats.

  112. Rat Catcher

    I’m not winding them up SC. I call a spade a spade. I’m currently a part-timer and I don’t pretend otherwise. I know we’re not dealing with the sharpest tools in the box here by any means but how they can conclude that taxi drivers would collectively be better off if turned down other work and worked 75 hours in my cab like RD is beyond me.

  113. Red dennis

    Not the sharpest tools rat? We all know whose the spanner on here !!! The modern day socialist that is the rat. As for you been capable of winding me up……you missed your calling rat a stand up comic you are (not a very good one)

  114. Ben

    Of course he is not winding anyone up, he is just showing his true colours. An evil scab. He would take the bit off your plate, just like them all. Hungry vermin.

  115. Rat Catcher

    Now ya have it Ben… pure evil I am… ‘cos I don’t take money outta your pockets for 75 hours per week and put myself, my customers and other drivers in danger!

  116. Red dennis

    Yes rat your forgetting I may work 70+ hours per week but I could at times be waiting 2 hours between jobs. Unfortunately down here we get plenty of opportunity to take breaks. To compare my 70 hour week with a lad who drives a taxi and than hop into a bus is idiotic.

  117. Rat Catcher

    Nonsense RD. You’re a hungry kunt, there’s no two ways about it… 8 ton in your pocket, hardly a cent in income tax and ya don’t give a flying fuk about anyone’s safety, including your own. Kennedy would get the same breaks as you in his taxi and, for the most part, works a much shorter week.

  118. Red dennis

    Ha rat you said yesterday I couldn’t get a reaction out of ya? It’s obvious by your posts I’m touching a raw nerve. Is it the “socialist rat” comments that putting ya in bad form? You haven’t a clue what I pay in tax yet yesterday you could tell what I earn by my diesel bill? You can calculate that without knowing what size engine my taxi is and without knowing what distance I have to drive to get to work . Take a bow rat you are the ” clown of the week” .

  119. Rat Catcher

    I’m right though, you’re trousering about 8 ton and you told us yesterday that you don’t pay any significant income tax suggesting the duty you pay on diesel as being in some way compensatory. You also told us that you drive around in circles trying to get on a rank between jobs, today you “rest” between jobs. I can assure you that you haven’t touched any nerve. We had hungry kunts like you back when there was real money in the game and we still have them today. Aside from the health and safety aspect that doesn’t bother. In any event, it’s a regulatory matter and, as such,up to the suits to address or not as they see fit. in the slightest. Like I said the game is what it is. I’m happy enough with what I get out of it so hey ho!

  120. Red dennis

    The only hungry kannts in this job are the ex gardai ex army factory workers etc who have such sad lives instead of having weekends off and enjoying life they hop into their taxis and join us full timers who are ranked up during the week with poor business . I would work wed to sun and a max of 50 hours per week if there wasn’t so many 25hour weekend merchants around. The €800 a week profit as any driver on here would vouch for is a joke. Your obviously living in Bertie’s dreamworld.

  121. Rat Catcher

    8 ton is a little over a tenner an hour for the hours you work. We all know that’s achievable, even Indecon 2011 found that out. Up above in Dublin PAYE taxi drivers get over EUR11/hour. Common sense dictates that men aren’t opting for self-employment to earn less! Even Ben, who started the replies in this thread by telling us that he works every waking hour, now admits that he gets by on far fewer hours and his wife’s on the dole. I’d say you’re married to a burd who’s earning EUR5k/month+ and you feel inadequate if you can’t chip in EUR3k.

    If you are honestly earning less than a tenner an hour you are a complete idiot. 35 hours in a min wage job would put 300 notes in your pocket, then you could cut your taxi driving hours back to reasonable level.

  122. Red dennis

    Is there any other TAXIDRIVER from galway other than Ben and I on here that can inform rat of what we take in down here? . As an accountant he is mixing up gross and nett profit. As for been married to a burd earning 5k a month pass me on her details . No wonder this bogland is in the state it’s in when you rat are doing people’s accounts.

  123. Rat Catcher

    I’m not mixing up gross and nett RD, and neither did Indecon. I’m not “doing peoples’ accounts” either, I help some taxi drivers with their returns, generally men who simply don’t like paperwork.

    Don’t forget, Indecon was published in 2011. There are a lot less active taxis now so if you’re not getting a tenner an hour you are doing something wrong, that’s minimum wage and less than PAYE taxi drivers earn up above in Dublin. Are you on the radio?

  124. Rat Catcher

    Things haven’t got worse RD, there’s less taxis and less taxi drivers on the roads now. The economy is showing signs of recovery. We’ll never get back to 2008 earnings but it is getting better and ought to continue to recover.

  125. Rat Catcher

    If anything that’d be the other way round Ben. Proportionately, the reduction in SPSV driver licences is far less in Dublin and a lot of plates are being sold to Dublin based fleet operators. There’s still too many taxis. That’s a consequence of the free for all introduced by Harney, Molloy and Ahern. However, I don’t believe a hungry kuntt like RD isn’t clearing a tenner an hour. That just doesn’t make any sense. His fuel spend tells me he’s getting more, Indecon tells me he’s getting more, the fact that you can get by on significantly less hours tells me he’s getting more and common sense dictates that he would get a minimum wage job instead if he wasn’t getting more.

    I’m not much of an artist but I done a skinny burd for ya.

    x x
    x x
    x x
    x x
    x x

  126. Red dennis

    Rat you are a labour supporter , your comment that things are getting better smells of gilmores bullshit. I live in the real world and the electorate will send labour down the same hole as the greens.

  127. Rat Catcher

    I am a Labour man but that’s irrelevant. The economy is improving as is clearly evidenced in the end of the State’s three-year troika bailout. That’s indisputable but most of the credit is due to Michael Noonan and Fine Gael, much as I hate to admit it!

  128. Ben

    Nothing has changed in Galway, we don’t have Croker, or Aviva, or O2 or any such major crowd pullers. Galway Races for last few years has two busy days/nights, and the rest is crap. We also have to suffer looking at johns taxi, and many more like him. Some of them don’t even know where Salthill is, so what does that tell you about them.

  129. Rat Catcher

    That tells me that we drivers knowledge should be tested at every licence renewal. Geography changes over time, particularly in cities. Kathleen Doyle introduced an excellent testing regime for new entrants. That should be extended to incumbents on a compulsory basis, no doubt about it.

  130. Rat Catcher

    I would expect the party to lose seats. Some tough decisions have been taken in recent times but I won’t be changing my spots! I think FG without Labour’s input could have been a lot harder on the working man, the PAYE taxpayers that carry the rest of us on their backs.

  131. Ben

    FG on their own, single party government sounds scarey. Noonan would hammer us all. Its ok for him with all his pensions. He don’t look like he ever had a hungry day, unlike lots of people .

  132. Rat Catcher

    Well, I have a lot of respect for Minister Noonan. As a socialist I don’t agree with all of his policies by any means but he effectively came out of retirement to take on toughest and most thankless job in the country. He clearly didn’t do it for the money, he did it because he believed (or was convinced) that he was the best man for the job … and, to be honest, that confidence (unusually in respect of a politician) wasn’t misplaced.

  133. Ben

    Just think the cuts were too severe and the people who gained the least from the boom years were left to clean up the mess for bankers, builders, regulators, politicians etc. Lots of guilty wealthy people still live in trophy homes.
    Not sure about Noonan coming out of retirement, he has confirmed he will run in next general election. Seems to be having fun.

  134. sclass

    How ungrateful taxi drivers are .
    After Minister Alan Kelly stated that he devoted two years of his life to make the Irish taxi industry world class.
    Minister Kelly stated that he was all for the small man and we taxi drivers would see big change with in months
    That we would see gards on the ranks and streets enforcing the regulations within weeks
    That there was 6000 criminals driving taxis and people out there driving taxis that should in no way be driving.
    Two years ago he was making lots of promises to us.
    Now he doesnt want to know us or answer any questions .If you want answers ask the NTA.
    His so called taxi bill that he devoted more than two years of his life.
    Is a total crock of shit and has made not one scrap of difference to our livelihoods.
    Im calling on all taxi drivers make it your business to inform yourself
    as to what minister Kelly has achived to improve your livelihood.
    And remember it the next time the Labour party call to your door.

  135. Ben

    We got lovely useless door stickers that vandals can tear off our cars, just for fun.
    Only 6000 criminals ? Jaysus I thought there was /is way more. We better import some more urgently, just in case we run out.
    I think his taxi bill is in the incinerator already, exactly where it belongs.

  136. Rat Catcher

    When I say effectively came out of retirement I mean he was at a stage in life where he could quite easily have done without the hassle and left it to the younger men but he probably realised that the problem required a little more than youthful enthusiasm to solve.

    Talking of youthful enthusiasm, I’m sure we all remember Minister Kelly’s enthusiasm for the taxi trade when he commenced his review. The contrast between the interviews he gave at that time and the interviews in recent times is remarkable. The eloquent, confident go-getter transformed into to a thick as shit bogger, stuttering and stammering through replies in a constant struggle to string sentences together. We learnt him!

    However, to be fair to Minister Kelly, without undertaking the kind of radical reform that would have made the civil servants squirm, there wasn’t a lot he could do that hadn’t already been done. Minister Dempsey and Kathleen Doyle had already:
    – introduced the current temporary moratorium on the issue of saloon plates.
    – increased the driving licence renewal fee to a vaguely realistic level.
    – introduced the new skills test for new entrants.
    – introduced the 3 year rule.

    However, we did get new stickers and we have to appreciate that it’s not all about compliant drivers and it’s not all about full-time drivers. Non-compliant drivers got reduced fines, notably EUR250 for informal ranking reduced to EUR40. Part-time drivers got our entitlement to participate confirmed. Customers in rural areas are promised Local Area Hackneys. Fleet operators got everything they could possibly and some. The proportion of the fleet controlled by fleet operators is increasing at a very healthy rate as exploit loopholes in the 3yr rule to expand their fleets. Should the no transfer provision be implemented, fleet operators plates will live forever (thanks to transfer on death) while owner-drivers fade away. As long as the Doyle/Dempsey moratorium remains fleet operators will control entry.

    Vote Labour!

  137. Red dennis

    Rat like you Kelly is a labour man. He had his chance to make a real difference but
    Like a lot of past politicians found the going to hard and has pulled in his horns. He went on the media bandwagon to state he wanted to help the full time TAXIDRIVERS but it was just playing political football . Labour is going the same way as man utds David moyles . Labour made the same mistake as the greens……they both tried to mix it with the big boys( Fianna Fáil/ Fine Gael) and will pay the price.

  138. Rat Catcher

    As the junior party to Govt I doubt he had a free hand. In any event the civil servants would have talked him out of doing anything too courageous. I can understand him not wanting to take too many risks at this relatively early stage of his career.

    For the most part, interested parties were singing his praises on publication of the report so he did achieve a lot personally by doing very little. In politics that’s a very useful skill to have. On one radio interview I heard him claim the credit for introducing the new skills testing regime, the one introduced and implemented by Kathleen Doyle under Minister Dempsey’s tenure before he was even elected to Dail Eireann. Ya gotta admire that!

    The MPOs were clearly the only winners as far as the review goes but it is noteworthy that us owner drivers should have lower expenses that drivers who rent their taxis. Therefore we gain a little consequentially. It is also noteworthy that the two of the biggest driver unions, NPHTA and TTnH, dance to Christopher Humphrey’s tune. Perhaps it is no co-incidence that Mr.Humphrey was a member of the review group given his interest in fleet operation.

    Vote Labour!

  139. sclass

    Rat please get the facts right.. Ttnh is a totally independent Association made up and owned by its members.who are all full time taxi drivers.
    I can assure you TTNH do not dance to anyones tune.

  140. sclass

    Ttnh has met with some Labour TDs who are very disappointed with Alan Kelly by his poor performance and broken promises he made to the taxi industry.
    Hopefully the labour party will end up on the same road as the Greens. ..I hope they call to my door.

  141. Rat Catcher

    Have you asked these TDs if they intend resigning from the party and withdrawing their support for the Govt? The thing about politicians is that they’ll make sure you hear what they believe you want to hear regardless of what they say, that’s their job! You’re long enough in the tooth to know that the only time Govt give a flying fuk about taxis is when the electorate have difficulty hiring them.

    As far as TTnH is concerned I’m just calling it as I see it. At all recent protests and at the DCC Transport Committee meeting the TTnH boys were clearly playing second fiddle to the men from NPHTA. The reason for their existence is simple enough. The existing associations weren’t doing their jobs as far as representing drivers’ interests goes. They were (and still are) self-serving profit oriented outfits. TTnH serves no purpose while it is being manipulated by Mr. Humphrey et al.

  142. Red dennis

    Rat your description of minister Kelly would have us believe he is just like those nodding dogs you see in the back of cars. Kelly is on the inside where real change can only happen but he has chosen the path of many politicians that tow the line and because of that he will be remembered as another politician that failed the people .

  143. Rat Catcher

    Is that sponsored bullshit or do you believe the public give a fukk about taxis or taxi drivers. Once we’re informally ranked outside the bar at closing time our customers are happy. In any event,his review report was widely welcomed when published and, as such, will be remembered as a success by the few voters that might have listened to the coverage.

  144. Red dennis

    Who was the one rat on Matt cooper and George hooks show saying and is quote ” I want to look after the full time TAXIDRIVER” yes rat that was “labours poster boy” Kelly.after the next general election he may as we’ll buy a taxi plate because that’s all he will be good for.

  145. Rat Catcher

    One vehicle being used to accumulate many plates. I believe TTnH brought it to the attention of TAC recently but it has been covered on this blog with many examples posted.

  146. Rat Catcher

    I suspect he’ll retain his seat RD… he was back on those shows within a couple of years with his review report which was widely welcomed by the trade… job done as promised.

  147. Rat Catcher

    Not quite. NCT is good for 3 months. SGS is part of the plate transfer procedure where the vehicle is being changed regardless. The meter doesn’t have to be sealed for SGS but once sealed it’s sealed, it doesn’t have to be unsealed to put a different plate on the car.

  148. Rat Catcher

    Word on the street is that Minister Kelly was none too pleased to learn about this practice (or, maybe none to pleased to learn that gobshite taxi drivers had copped on that it’s being done). Rumour suggests that he wasn’t particularly pleased to learn that any driver can knock any other driver off the Driver Check clever phone application either (again brought to TACs attention by TTnH).

  149. chester

    What’s with all the taxis going around without area stickers seems to be an awlul lot of them lately ? How are they getting through the SGS test or have they been done away with altogether ?

  150. Rat Catcher

    You don’t need any area stickers for SGS, the area stickers are specific to the driver(s). A driver does not have to be assigned to licence the vehicle. In fact, a driver cannot be assigned if the vehicle is unlicensed at the time of licensing. I don’t think they have officially been done away with but I suspect, in the case of rental vehicles in particular, a blind eye is turned. It’d be difficult for NTA or An Garda Siochana to justify investing in enforcement in respect of stickers that cost EUR20 from NTA or, according to Minister Kelly, can be picked up from any hardware store for little or nothing.

  151. Red dennis

    The tourist season is about to start in galway and we have a situation were taxis cannot pick up at either the train station or the go bus/ citylink bus station. Galway likes to market itself as a tourist city and yet tourists/ visitors are treated in this manner. What would happen in Dublin if taxis weren’t allowed to pick up at the airport?

  152. Ben

    That’s correct, we take to much crap. But the train station problem was caused by foreign vermin illegally parking. I even saw two of the vermin punch each other in there one day. Pissed myself laughing at them. One of them was parked at the station door, as usual, completely illegal. Another one comes in and pulls in front of him. They started shouting about playing by the rules. Very funny to hear vermin talk about rules. They just stopped short of hurling the N word at each other, and then the punches started to fly. Cops were called it got that bad.

  153. Red dennis

    For once rat I agree with you down here drivers are sheep. Down here we wait in eyre square for customers to drag their luggage 200 yards+ in all kinds of weather . Galway train station must be the only station in the world that doesn’t have a taxi rank working along side by it. A simple system would be 3 taxis allowed into station yard and customers MUST TAKE FIRST TAXI. But down here with all the different agendas the gobshites (TAXIDRIVERS) wouldn’t accept that. This is why this industry is in the state it’s in…. To many agendas .

  154. Rat Catcher

    I don’t think you could force customers to take the first car. Even in cities there’s some customers who won’t travel with an immigrant. Out in the stichks where I work an immigrant could be left in number one all night!

  155. Ben

    Red D you cannot force any customer to take the first taxi, or any taxi. Consumers rights, they can choose which one they want, and rightly so. The vermin fooked up the station , and no one else is to blame. I saw them refusing to move to allow the expressway coaches into the yard. Telling coach drivers to fook off, and calling them racist. Saw them refusing to move from right outside the station door, where it is illegal to park. And then they talk about rules ??

  156. Red dennis

    Rat I’ve used taxis in other countries from airports and stations and YOU MUST TAKE FIRST TAXI . I don’t care what rules are in place on other ranks but if a ranking system is to work in airports/ train or bus stations than it has to be first car . It’s the luck of the draw where you get. Ben look at it now we can’t even rank up at these places and 7 months these are going to be the busy spots . Ben it’s up to drivers to police ranks in these places. To much of this waiting for the gardai to do it for us.

  157. Ben

    I don’t go near that station, or the new bus depot anymore. Its the pits what goes on at both of them. I like Salthill rank, nice people out there, never any rows about rank jumping. Customers are really nice, from the office bar and a few more.
    Gardaí don’t want to know about taxis, we are on our own. But I will never co-operate in any system that includes the vermin. Would quit taxi biz before I would get involved with them.

  158. Red dennis

    Ben not all non nationals are scum just like not all irish drivers are perfect. If it was possible to organise proper working ranks in train station and at go bus it would mean less taxis ranking in other ranks including salt hill rank. If customers getting off trains or buses didn’t want to take first taxi than let them pull their luggage up to eyre square.

  159. Rat Catcher

    I dunno RD, would you sit behind a part-timer and watch him take the bread out of your childers mouths and all? Anywaysanall, ya got one thing right… ewes Galway drivers is like the internet warriors, big girl’s blouses the lot of yis!

  160. Red dennis

    Rat I am sitting behind part timers every weekend that’s a different issue as well you know. The ” internet warrior” we all including yourself can be accused of been.

  161. Ben

    If you try to force people to take the first, or any taxi against their wishes, it will literally blow up in your face. They will phone a taxi to collect them at station or bus depot.
    Too many local people have been mistreated by vermin. Stories of overcharging, deliberate wrong routes, refusing to give receipts. And calling people racist for asking for receipts.

  162. Rat Catcher

    That’s the problem RD. Ya’ll sit there and watch them. Back when I was a full-time professional single-income taximan I was on every protest going. In fact, if you look at the footage of the Great Blockade of O’Connell St you will see one of your countymen acting the role of a homeless person and my roof sign being held above his head!

    What yis need in Galway is unity. You need every man and woman (and the like) that drives a taxi united under one banner. You need to stand united:
    – united against immigrant taxi drivers
    – united against pensioner taxi drivers
    – united against dole scrounging taxi drivers
    – united against double jobbing taxi drivers
    – united against any taxi drivers that received redundancy payments within the last 56 years
    – united against any other group of taxi drivers you decide to unite against

    100 taxis is all it would take to block up Air Square and bring the whole village to a complete standstill. The rest of yis could be out and about making sure that none of the drivers you are united against can work. Crack some pensioners’ skulls, burn some immigrants cars and houses, string up some double jobbers from lampposts. The time for talking has passed. Now is the time for action!

  163. Red dennis

    Ben there is no place for these ” local companies” to pick up from in these areas. Anyway most of the people getting off trains and buses are visitors that don’t have phone numbers of local taxi companies.

  164. Rat Catcher

    My days of protesting are past and gone RD. I accept the game for what it is now and I’m happy with my lot. The visitors coulduse Hailo… but they stillmight get immigrants, pensioners, dole scroungers, double jobbers, etc.

    Anywaysanall time to have a shower, shave and shit and get out in me taxi.

  165. sclass

    Speaking of protest.On Wed 5 march Minister Kelly is appearing in front of the transsport committee.
    So we intend to have a ply for hire on kildare st just to let him know that we believe that his taxi bill is a crock of shit.

  166. Ben

    I dont think the word Minister should be used when talking about Kelly. Perhaps Verukas messenger boy would be appropriate.
    Kildare St should be blocked, and surrounding streets also. Make a stand against this asshole.

  167. Rat Catcher

    To be fair to Minister Kelly, all of the reforms introduced by Kathleen Doyle under Minister Dempsey’s stewardship are retained within the new Act.

    It is noteworthy that Christy Humphrey was a member of the review group and was a signatory to it’s report which forms the basis for the Act – strange that he is organising protests against it now, don’t you think SC?

  168. Ben

    Kelly is a total failure, almost 3 years in his cushy overpaid job, and what have we . Door stickers that no one wants. And nothing else. Irish taxi drivers are struggling to make a living while the part timers and illegal vermin continue to operate. Wake up Kelly, you asshole.

  169. chester

    We provide a 24/7 transport service to the public, we are the only public service that are profitable to the NTA & government but yet we are treated like low life scum who are under paid and over worked the decision to close all ranks on one of the busiest streets in Dublin at weekends could have only been made by a fu#king cabbage one individual was heard to say on radio the other day that the two ranks on Dawson st were only of minor importance and would not cause any major problems well perhaps he should try to get out more especially at night time, traffic was at a snail’s pace all night as cabs were stopped at 37 or cafe ensein the garda had a field day issuing fines but even that became boring for them after a while it didn’t matter if the passenger had a leg inside the car or a hand on the handle of the cab he was still told to keep moving I feel like a modern day Jew following all instructions to the letter and never protesting or complaining to the authorities sad to see st Stephens green rank empty of taxis this morning as the unofficial rank has taken over and leaving no work for those that comply with the law…shame.

  170. Rat Catcher

    We’re not profitable to Govt or NTA Chester. Our licence fees and motor tax combined amounts to less than private motor tax.

    That’s a little unfair Ben. Full-time drivers ought to like the door stickers as they serve to discommode us part-times, in theory. Kathleen Doyle and Minister Dempsey had already done quite a lot for drivers so the scope for further reform in that regard was somewhat limited given that a first term Minister can’t realistically be expected to do anything too courageous.

    However, it is not all about full-time professional single-income compliant owner drivers. As Minister Kelly noted, not all drivers can get by on their taxi earnings and not all drivers can afford to own their own cars and plates.

    Us non-compliant drivers benefit (at least theoretically) from lower fines, notably informal ranking now attracts a fine of EUR40 down from EUR250.

    MPOs control an ever increasing proportion of the fleet and effectively control entry. Given that renting drivers ought to have higher expenses, us owner drivers benefit consequentially.

    Customers in rural areas are promised Local Area Hackneys.

    Disabled customers are promised an improved level of service.

  171. Red dennis

    Rat ” we are not profitable to government “??????……multiply the amount of taxis by the amount of fuel we use …… Throw in the vat on car parts…. Ask any car wash/ bookies/ mechanics/ petrol station/ and you can be damn sure we are a major part of the irish economy. The problem for us TAXIDRIVERS is that not much of our takings are ours to keep.

  172. Ben

    Rat what I said is totally correct, and your opinion is very much a part timers one. You cannot deny that. Not all drivers can get by on taxi earnings because of people like you stealing our living. And lets not forget all the illegal foreign vermin. They will all be out tonight.
    Local hack idea is bullshit, there is no work for them. Door stickers would be grand wrapped around Kellys head. He is a useless fool. Stickers wont get rid of scabs, and they illegals are getting them from some dodgy source. Its all bullshit.

  173. Rat Catcher

    Anyone who spends money contributes indirect taxation and, indeed, to economic growth through circulation of money so there’s nothing in that to make us special. Unfortunately, according to Minister Kelly, up to 50% of taxi drivers legitimately claim welfare so taxation on spending is largely negated. Furthermore taxi drivers, unlike PAYE workers, don’t contribute any significant income tax.

    The problem we have is that the State effectively pay car owners to operate taxis. If taxi owners/drivers had to pay licence fees instead of being paid there would be a lot less part-timers as participation would require financial commitment.

  174. Rat Catcher

    To be fair, Ben, your opinion is somewhat biased. As noted it’s not all about full-time, professional, single-income, compliant, owner drivers. The trade is a broad church and no one group can possibly expect to get everything it wants. All things considered, Minister Kelly and his review group done as good a job as could be expected.

    My opinion is not based on self-interest, at least not as a part-timer. I would like to be able to return to full-time taxi driving at some point. In any event, I try to be objective in my analysis and, unlike your good self, I am not consumed by irrational hatred.

  175. sclass

    In all the years ,Not as much as a yoyo put back into the taxi industry .
    Where are all the enforcers we were promised by that Muppet Kelly.
    Kathleen accumulated €20,000000 from taxi drivers,no small change. Which ended up in the NTA pocket .The facts of the matter is .The taxi industry was dumped into the NTA and they dont us so treat us with contempt.thats the way its looking.

  176. Red dennis

    This business should only be a full time position. All meters roof signs programmed to operate for a maximum of a 50 hour week. One plate per person , one driver per taxi and than rat you like I would be able to be a full time driver and get a wage that we could live on but far more important have a life outside of this present day bullshit.

  177. Ben

    Agree with you Red D , make it a full time industry where we can work reasonable hours, and have a wage and a home life. But it wont happen with a fool like Kelly. Rats comments are self serving, typical part timer. They all try to justify stealing our living on us. Rat you mention hatred. Yes I have hatred for scabs like you, and all the illegal foreign scum. You are the reason we have no life outside work. But I am sure you will reply some nice big words, and again try to justify your greed. Hop into your scab cab now, and take some calls off a full time driver. Please don’t get four punctures. Safe driving, and try to park legally for a change.

  178. Rat Catcher

    EUR20M isn’t a lot in the scale of things. However, TRD had an operating deficit for the last few years of it’s autonomous operation. The surplus held on account was transferred to NTA along with the requirement to finance the operating deficit going forward. In the long term, that’s a good deal for drivers that don’t want to pay licensing fees.

    A 50 hour limit would be an excellent idea RD. Drivers with longer working weeks are extremely irresponsible. They are a danger to themselves, our customers and other road users. Furthermore, if such a limit were enforced, the hungry kunts that work every waking hour wouldn’t lose that much as the same volume of work would be distributed among the same volume of drivers.

    Had a fantastic night as it goes Ben, two and a half off the streets/unofficial ranks and one and a half off Hailo. I’m not greedy, I make ends meet on my 25 hour week. You obviously don’t know Dublin or Fingal very well. In Fingal we don’t have many official stands to speak of and up above in Dublin the illegals have the official stands boxed off. You won’t get on without queuing illegally, inconveniencing and/or endangering other motorists.

    Please explain how my comments/suggestions are self-serving. I have suggested the introduction of the Smart Taxi in return for a licence fee of EUR2,500/year (EUR250 for WATs). The fee would include an e-Hail facility which would effectively mean drivers wouldn’t have Hailo bills to pay. As a part-timer my Hailo bill rarely exceeds EUR20/week. Full-time men must be paying EUR50+ at this stage. Hence if my suggestion were actioned I would be out of pocket while full-time men would gain.

  179. Red dennis

    Rat the 50 hour week is great however full time drivers are working the first 3 to 4 days to pay their taxi expenses. I hope your taking the piss regarding your Saturday night takings. Down here €200 is what most drivers are getting on a Saturday.the taxi game in Dublin must be like the property bubble that’s been created up there either that or ye dubs are full of hot air ??????

  180. Rat Catcher

    I’m not taking the piss. I’ll have the Hailo bill to prove it on Wednesday or Thursday. Anyone who doesn’t believe me is more than welcome to examine it… but I don’t lie. It was busier than normal Saturday though as is evidenced by the volume of Hailo work. Hailo is very much indicative of street work i.e. when it’s busy you get as much as you want but when it’s quiet (75% of time, even skimming the cream) you get little or nothing.

    I can cover my expenses, with similar fixed costs to any other driver, and earn a bit in 25 hours. Ben, even with his burd on the dole, can get by on considerably less than the 70 hours you do. Don’t bullshit us man, we know what we’re talking about. You’re a hungry kunt, simple as.

  181. Ben

    A licence fee of 2,500 would see the country flooded with illegals. No one would pay that crazy fee. Only a man with two incomes would come up with such crap.
    And who are you calling a hungry kunt ?

  182. chester

    Your full of shite rats…a lonely individual that dreams of a lifestyle that has passed you by.
    I see hailo has gone NATIONWIDE yeah all 26 counties now covered…eh hello the last time I looked at the atlas NATIONWIDE would be 32 counties and on another gripe how come all the IT work is going to England ?

  183. Rat Catcher

    I’m calling RD a hungry kunt, not for the first time… he is.

    I’m very happy with my lifestyle Chester but I appreciate your concern. If you are taking issue with my takings last night, like I said anyone who wishes to examine the Hailo Statement is welcome to do so, including your good self. I don’t tell lies or exaggerate.

    26/32 counties is a matter of opinion/semantics. It’s up to Hailo to decide where to locate various functions within it’s organisation. From a driver’s perspective it’s largely irrelevant but I do dislike the way BB and Co delight at the potential for Irish men and women being put out of jobs as they speculate that Hailo will put firms like NRC (1.4 Million payroll) out of business.

  184. Rat Catcher

    Ben, a licence fee of EUR2,500 would eliminate anyone who is not prepared to make a financial commitment to the trade. That would include a lot of part-times and, I dare say, a lot of the unemployable waters attracted since entry liberalisation.

    What I propose is that an e-Hail infrastructure be provided in return. As noted above, it’s the full-time men that would save most on their Hailo bills. In fact, I’d hazard a guess that it’d be cost-neutral for the majority of full-timers, if not now certainly in the future.

  185. Ben

    Rat i am dependent on my taxi for my crust, but will not pay 2,500 licence fee. Its not in the business down here. You dublin drivers might be making it, but we are not. I would rather see Health and Safety put those part timers out, and thats what should happen. But only in Ireland would this shit be tolerated.
    Dont understand this e hail bit that you talk about.

  186. Rat Catcher

    e-Hail is essentially what Hailo provides. I agree that Health and Safety is a concern. Drivers hours should be restricted and such restrictions should be enforceable in a fool-proof manner. Logging in and out via a Smart Taxi terminal (in vehicle system comprising of meter, electronic ID display, e-Hail facility, satnav, etc, etc all on one tablet type device). Drivers who work in other jobs as well could have their permitted hours reduced accordingly. What’s your average weekly Hailo bill, Ben?

  187. Ben

    Just one further point, taxi plates are selling for about 1,500 yoyos at present, so to pay 2,500 to renew would be crazy. It will never happen.

  188. Rat Catcher

    I know it will never happen. Drivers invariably oppose any sort of investment… then complain that nobody gives a shit about enforcing licences that we effectively paid to keep!

    I’d strongly suggest that you give Hailo a try. Then you will appreciate what e-Hailing is all about. Before I tried it I just thought of it as another way to order a taxi but, really, it’s a lot more than that. IMO, it’s unwise to have what is going to become an essential infrastructural requirement within the trade controlled by commercial interests.

    Whether individual drivers benefit or not from subscribing is questionable. Obviously drivers who don’t subscribe benefit indirectly as aligned drivers are tied up on e-Hails so given the commission and the no PUC it’s probably quite marginal. It does, however, promote wider use of taxis and as such is definitely beneficial to drivers as a collective. For that reason I guess drivers ought to embrace it. In a couple of years Hailo has, arguably, done more for drivers than the authorities have done in the last decade.

  189. Ben

    Ya will try it, but dont like the look of some of the vermin driving taxis in Galway with Hailo stickers. Dont want to be associated with them in any way. You know the old saying about what happens when you lie down with mangey dogs.

  190. Rat Catcher

    If they’re on Hailo they are properly licensed, Hailo are quite diligent in that regard. Given that various others have tried and failed as far as e-Hailing goes, I think it’s reasonable to conclude that Hailo’s blank page approach (i.e. the service is open to all licensed drivers) is probably quite a significant factor in it’s success. I’m not sure that I was wise is suggesting that you try it. Please tell me that you don’t force your opinions on your clients!

  191. Ben

    I dont mind the suggestion at all, in fact a friend of mine joined up some months ago, and he is very happy with Hailo. He used to work a lot of late nights, just like myself, and now he dont need to. Says his day takings are way up, and he is home by about 11 any night. I suppose its time i tried it myself.

  192. Ben

    Sorry regarding peoples opinions, i learned a long time ago that its best if we listen to theirs, just let them talk away. We just be good listeners, and it sometimes helps the tip !!

  193. sclass

    Thank fuk Rat your not on that Advisory talking shop with that airhead idea. €2,500 a year, So what if no one exits the fleet Notting would surprise me in this game.

  194. chester

    Don’t know what all the hype is about hailo when it first came out in Dublin it seemed the way forward, people were standing at the side of the street with a phone that is obviously smarter than them waving at a taxi that was driving towards them then staring at the driver before letting him pass wrong cab now they don’t seem to give a shit and things are getting back to normal any cab will do why should I wait for two or three minutes when I can jump into one now just as I’ve always done.

  195. Paddy

    FFS.Has the penny not dropped yet? It’s every man for himself in the taxi game. Dog eat dog and no one cares. That’s the way it is.

  196. Ben

    I agree with you there Paddy, its never been as bad before. And not likely to change or improve with Alan Kelly at the wheel.

  197. Rat Catcher

    As you know I’m concentrating on the peak hours myself these days Ben so I don’t really know how beneficial Hailo is on the day shifts. At night it doesn’t differ a lot from the streets/unofficial ranks i.e. ya’ll get work when it’s busy but ya’ll get little or nothing when the streets are dead. As there’s no queuing system a lot of it is down to luck I guess… anywaysanall, as Tesco say every little helps!

    It’s more than hype at this stage Chester. Customers love it. Much of the work I have done from it is similar to radio work i.e. pick ups from addresses. I haven’t really noticed anyone using it on the street where they can easily snail-hail or from bars that are served by (informal) ranks. I did get one from T2 last night but the lady was saying there was a queue at the taxi stand.

    Your safe enough SC, TAC doesn’t appeal to me in the slightest, horses built by committee and all that. The thing is, we have seen what we get for nothing i.e. nothing! To answer your question, if no drivers vacated on account of the fee full-timers would still be better off (if not immediately, in the not too distant future) as they’d save at least as much on their Hailo bills. With hours properly regulated for all drivers, drivers wouldn’t have to work the kind of hours RD does. Electronic ID displays would be a lot more secure than the current cards we display. Enforcement Officers would know, not only what driver is supposed be on any given car, but where that car should be at any given time. This information would greatly improve their productivity as a simple scan of the windscreen sticker could automatically check everything and alert them if anything is out of order. Furthermore, as we would be paying fees (as opposed to the current system under which we are effectively paid to operate our cars as taxis) the regulatory authorities would have something of substance to enforce and could, therefore, justify expenditure on relevant activities.

    We are part of the public transport system. As such it makes complete sense that taxis should be an integral part of the public transport app. Such integration is only possible if an e-Hail facility is provided.

  198. sclass

    Would you do us a favor Rat , email the NTA and let them know that taxis are a integral part of the public transsport in our cities.
    Seriously I’m not convinced they are aware of it.

  199. Rat Catcher

    You can’t expect them to take us seriously when we consistently oppose any sort of fees or financial commitment to our trade. To them, we’re just a bunch of freeloaders who want everything for nothing. They give us what we deserve i.e. nothing!

  200. Ben

    Rat that fee you are talking about is a total no no.
    Nothing is what the NTA have given us, and all the quangos before that. Even when they had milked over 20,000,000 from licence fees. Thats until someone convinced Doyle that there was more taxis than private cars on the road. What we currently pay them is more than enough for the return we get.

  201. Rat Catcher

    We don’t pay anything Ben. That’s the problem. The Govt effectively paid me to renew my taxi plate when I didn’t really want to. Having said that, I’m glad they did because I’m enjoying driving my cab again now, at least while I’m not under pressure to earn a great deal from it.

    The EUR20M (actually closer to 17M when TRD was subsumed into NTA) is history Ben. Forget about it. NTA got that and in return it has to finance the operating deficit going forward, we done well enough there.

    I’m not winding you up SC. A full-time man is going to pay the money to Hailo anyway. I accept that it’s a non-runner because yours and Bens’ mentality is typical of the trade. Given the choice you prefer to pay out more money to finance the profits of a British discount dispatch firm!

  202. Red dennis

    Lads it’s in the governments interests to have as many taxis operating as possible . To them it doesn’t matter who is full time or part time or who is legal or illegal . Every taxi out working is a ” cashcow” to them. We pay vat on fuel and on car parts that we can’t claim back. We keep the workers in the NTA in their cosy jobs by the fees we pay. We keep petrol stations/ car washes/ bookies/ coffee shops etc etc going. It doesn’t matter what parties form a government WE DONT MATTER….. And as paddy said …. It’s every dog for himself.

  203. Rat Catcher

    You’re correct there RD. It is advantageous to Govt (and all of us as Citizens) to have as many people as possible contributing to economic growth through circulation of money, regardless of what trade, profession or vocation they choose. Hence Govt is happy enough to make welfare payments to up to 50% of full-time taxi drivers.

    No, I don’t drink in the day time Ben. My licence renewal fee plus PSV road tax was less than I would otherwise have had to pay in motor tax.

  204. Red dennis

    I think wariq wants to know our opinion on the Russia/ Ukraine situation but doesn’t know that on here we deal with life’s real issues like how many winners will willie Mullins have next week at Cheltenham .

  205. chester

    Looking for a little advice here, I want to change my car and am looking at the Dacia Logan MCV 1.6 diesel great price for a brand new car 12 / 16 grand with affordable monthly repayments very tempting but does anyone know anything about the Dacia range ? I have looked at similar cars that where 6/7 years older for the same price.

  206. Misanthrope

    Lot of repressed and latent anger here guys. The taxi game is awash with moaners and fools. To complain about not being able to get by is akin to a fat guy sitting on a couch, chewing a dime bar, while bitching with his wife over his obesity problem. Get off your ass and start exercising or in taxi-man terminology, get out of the game if you can’t eke out a wage!

  207. Rat Catcher

    I reckon your first mistake is to ask taximen anything about cars Chester. The ones that buy shite are generally in denial and will tell ya it’s the best thing since sliced bread ’till ya buy one and your troubles begin. Then they’ll dismiss the vast array of problems they’ve had with phrases like aah sure that goes on them alright and sure ya’d expect the wheels to fall off once in a while, etc, etc. However, given that is your approach, the few Logan’s (actually 1.5 diesel) that we know of in the fleet to date are 28945, 29057 and 35342, all owner driven. It’s the smaller of the Dacias that qualify for use as taxis so I guess it’s like choosing a Focus over a Mondeo. They do seem like exceptionally good value and one would expect the 1.5 unit to deliver good fuel economy. I guess it’s essentially a Renault so the question might be would you buy a reno at that price, I suspect most taximen would respond “not with your money”. Personally, I’d like to see a few more of them in the fleet before buying one but, with the 9year rule, ya’d have to be tempted I guess. Ifn ya take the plunge ya might do us the favour of keeping us informed of any trouble it gives you.

    You’re right MT. The lads on this site, in particular, are eternal pessimists but it is very difficult to adjust to the collapse in income the trade suffered. Up to 2008 men could readily finance middle class lifestyles from our working class trade. I know you will say everyone was in the same boat, the economy collapsed, get over it, etc but that’s easier said than done, particularly for men that borrowed heavily during the boom years. I was lucky myself in that I fell into some other work and was able to take 18 months away from the cab, coming back with totally different expectations/requirements and, for the time being at least, I’m completely relaxed and enjoying driving my cab again now.

    The other point I’d make is that it’s not as easy to get away from as you might think. If you let your licence lapse you must renew it within one year of it lapsing so if you want to keep your options open you essentially have to maintain a working taxi. Once you are doing that you are going to have some income requirement from it, whether you opt to rent it out or drive it part-time or whatever. On a related note, if you have a taxi plate you also save a few quid on motor tax by keeping it active so it makes sense, even from that perspective, to maintain your taxi if you have any requirement/desire to drive a motor car. In my case I could manage without a car (Mrs C has one anyway) but my taxi has been very good to me and mine over the years and, for that reason alone, I’d be reluctant to let it go.

  208. C5

    Chester, dacia are owned by Renault it is a Romanian car company they use Renaults last generation running gear and technology so there’s no R and D costs that’s why the price is cheaper,Renault have a five year unlimited mileage warranty on all vans and car,not sure if they continue it to the dacia gear put one through it paces it survived,James may from the the same program swears by them,there cheap and cheerful and do the job,i would go for it if i were you,good look

  209. Rat Catcher

    You can buy the 5 year warranty as an extra for the Dacia but I’m not sure about the T&Cs. In particular, for the standard manufacturers warranty they’re not allowed to require that the car be serviced by a main dealer. I don’t know if they can or not in respect of an extended warranty.

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