NTA at the Transport Committee 5th/5th/2014

Part one: Hugh Creggans Opening Speech and some of Deputy Dooleys questions (sorry about all the legal gibberish at the start)

Part two: Dooley completes his list of queries and surprisingly Hugh Creggan answers them fairly candidly, topics include new spec WAT, the TAC, new ranks, transfer rule, six year rule, advertising, knowledge test and more. He also answers questions from more deputies including the inimitable Dessie Ellis

Part three, further questioning and answers from Mr Creggan.

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266 thoughts on “NTA at the Transport Committee 5th/5th/2014

  1. Ben

    Wonder how many of these so called experts actually drove a taxi for a few years, to see what its really all about. Bet most of them never held a psv licence. TOSSPOTS the whole lot of them.

  2. Rat Catcher

    That’s a little unfair lads. NTA has to work within the legal framework established by Govt. Kathleen Doyle introduced an array of artificial barriers to entry which has seen a significant reduction in numbers.

  3. Ben

    NTA can do as they please, total bunch of tossers. One stroke of a pen from Veruka can make whatever changes they require. Doyle did nothing for full time Irish taxi drivers. She sold too many taxi plates and left the industry in an almighty mess where no one can make a decent living. She officially allowed all sorts of part time scabs to come out and take the few bob thats around at the weekends, after they have their full time pay got. Not much of a level playing field there. Thieves i call ye all, stealing our wages from us. And then lets not forget all the foreign vermin who can operate their bogey taxis, because there is no enforcment to catch them. I watched Creegan for a few mins last night. What a gobshite, God help us. The man does not have a clue what he is at. O Mahoney was stuttering like Kenny during the introduction, another asshole. There is no hope for this industry.

  4. Rat Catcher

    There is a level playing field. Any of us can take whatever other work we can find. Ms.Doyle introduced a wide range of artificial barriers to entry. The number of active licences has reduced quite substantially as a result. To be fair, very few plates were issued once the economy collapsed but that was because they could be purchased on the open market for less than the issue fee. Prior to said collapse we were doing alright. We’re not the only ones to suffer, that’s what happens in a recession.

    I don’t understand why the immigrants would operate “bogey” taxis. It’s cheaper to comply with the licensing requirements and they can get very generous welfare payments on top of their taxi earnings if they are compliant, thanks to CTAs collusion with MABS.

  5. Ben

    There is no level playing field, you scabs have a big advantage over us fill time Irish taxi drivers. Doyle should have put up a big barrier for all scabs, but she was useless fool. And yes the vermin are operating openly, and yes they claim lots of welfare/dole etc. And yes they have their free houses and medical cards etc. But they also want to drive taxis illegally and make more cash. Just like the scabs. Pure greed.
    The fact that taxi plates are only worth about 1,500 , shows how Doyle fukked up the business.

  6. ger

    Ben. The plates are worth around a grand,if even that,couple of months time they are going to be worth nothing. To late,its destroyed, the vermin took over. A fooking disgrace to see a great country turned into a cesspit of filthbags. And thats just the double jobbers. Dont get me started on the other sewer rats.

  7. Rat Catcher

    Of course there is a level playing field. Anyone can do what I done. Get yourself a decent summer job Ben and take the pressure off the rest of the year in the cab. It doesn’t make sense to operate illegally, particularly for immigrants. It is cheaper to be compliant.

  8. ger

    U keep saying its cheaper to be compliant, would you like to explain to stupid people like me how its cheaper. Explain when ur on ur break,i dont want to get you into trouble.. cheers mr RAT.

  9. Ben

    Rat will you explain that to me also, i am from the country and a bit stupid. And watch out for the gaffer, dont get sacked, you would never survive on one income. Plus the missus of course.
    Ger heard a whisper that Skoda are running a promotion on a new taxi spec Octavia and Superb next month, with a free taxi plate for the first 50 buyers. Proves your point about the decline in value, thanks to certain people.
    Must go now and dig a few spuds and a couple of turnips for the dinner.

  10. Rat Catcher

    The licence fees plus the motor tax is lower than private motor tax i.e. the Govt effectively pay car owners to operate taxi services.

    I don’t have a gaffer. I do contract work and a few other bits and pieces from time to time. As my personal circumstances dictate that I can only do Mon-Fri 9-5 when Mrs. Catcher is off school, that work tends to be concentrated in the summer months. When I have other work I generally don’t drive my taxi (it’d be difficult as for the last couple of summers I was based in London) anyway. At the moment I’m on easy street, c.25 hours/week in the cab and, despite my reluctance to renew my plate. I’m loving it… and keeping the head above water.

  11. Rat Catcher

    Oh, with Mrs. Catcher’s income I would survive quite easily on my cab driving income. In fact,if I don’t get other work this summer (and I’m not expecting any but then I never am) that’s what I’ll be doing… and I’ll be earning less as a full-time taximan than I currently earn as a part-time taximan because I’ll switch to a 5 day/ 40 hour week for the summer months.

  12. chester

    Seems to me that what we have here is typical of the taxi industry, an awful lot of questions an awful lot of answers but fook all solutions.

  13. Red dennis

    Chester you want solutions. Here we go (1) one plate per person (2) one driver per taxi (3) any taxi operating illegally to be seized and crushed (4) plates can only be bought from the NTA (5) driver/taxi can only operate in one nominated area . We can argue all day long about full time/ part time but what’s needed are the above 5 points to make this job tolerable into the future. Are any of the above going to be implemented ….I doubt it !!!!!

  14. Ben

    Red D those suggestions would be brilliant, if only we had a transport minister with a brain. Bud sadly its been one clown after another for the last few years.
    Rat i dont get the bit where you say you are doing well working 25 hours per week, but you will make less money if you switch to full time 40 hour week. That does not add up.

  15. Paddy

    Mr. Damian Usher, appointed December 2009 by Minister Noel Dempsey;
    ‘TRANSPORT minister Noel Dempsey has declined to comment after appointing one of his personal friends to a €12,600-a-year post with a newly-established quango. Damian Usher, a former bank manager from Co Meath, was appointed to the board of the National Transport Authority late last year. Fianna Fáil sources said Usher had canvassed for Noel Dempsey in previous elections. They said he was a close personal friend of the minister. A spokeswoman for the minister’s department said Dempsey would not be commenting on any of the people who had been appointed to the National Transport Authority. Usher, when contacted by the Sunday Tribune, confirmed he had applied and was appointed as part of the process. He said: “I would prefer not to make any comment at all”

  16. Paddy

    Rat, What do you mean when you say the Govt. pay car owners to supply a taxi service? Motor tax lower, sure. But what about private car insurance of about 200 or 300 Euro as against two thousand Euro and upwards for a taxi? How much insurance do you pay in relation to your neighbour who drives a private car?

  17. Ben

    Rat has the scabs mentality, he is trying to justify stealing the wages off full time Irish taxi drivers. As i said before scabs like Rat should not get the cheaper road tax, make them pay the full rate.

  18. Ben

    Paddy that kind of carry on was typical Fianna Fail, jobs for the boys culture. All you had to do was canvass for some asshole, and you were home and dry. Noel Dempsey was really bad minister, just looked after his own area, rest of Ireland did not exist with him. And he did not have the balls to face the electorate at the last general election, just took the big gratuitity and pension.
    Not sure if things are any different under our new dictator Kim Jong Kenny, more corrupt assholes. Irish politics will never change.

  19. Rat Catcher

    I’m haveno need to justify anything Ben. I’m perfectly entitled to do what I do, as is anyone else. I don’t make any private use of my taxi so there’s no reason that I should have to pay private motor tax. That’s just silly.

    Motor insurance varies from person to person Paddy. I pay nothing like EUR2,000 but I have 20 years experience driving a cab. Believe it or not the difference between private and PSV insurance was negligible in my case. I think once you give your occupation as taximan you’re kinda pigeon holed. In any event, I was talking about what Govt get from us, not what other overheads we have. Govt charge us less to operate taxis than they would charge us to operate private motor cars. That makes no sense given our extensive use of roads, parking facilities and such like.

    Interesting suggestions RD:
    (1) one plate per person – MPOS would disagree with that. There are various participants in our trade. It’s not all about full-time, single-income, professional, compliant owner-drivers.
    (2) one driver per taxi – Doen’t make sense. For example, if our own S Class couldn’t share his taxi with his good lady wife they’d need a taxi each. That would mean that they’d each need to work longer hours to cover the additional expense. If they work longer hours they take more money out of the pockes of the part-time, amateur taximen that needs to take the money out of the pockets of the full-time, single-income, professional, compliant drivers that needs the job to feed their families and all.
    (3) any taxi operating illegally to be seized and crushed – That’s just silly. There’d be no taxis left in Fingal or Dublin. The lack of infrastructure forces drivers to operate illegally. The reduction in the fine for informal ranking from EUR250 to EUR40 is welcome and serves to demonstrate that the authorities appreciate the constraints within which we operate.
    (4) plates can only be bought from the NTA – The trade is suffering from oversupply so the last thing we need is NTA issuing more plates. However, there is provision for a ban on transfer within Taxi Regulation Act 2013.
    (5) driver/taxi can only operate in one nominated area – Pure lunacy. If a driver wants to operate in any area he should have to sit the Kathleen Doyle geography test, not just nominate the area he wants. In fact, all drivers should be required to sith the Kathleen Doyle geography test at every renewal in respect of each area for which they wish to remain licensed.

  20. Red dennis

    The one word that sums up the modern ireland ….. Entitled. Fianna Fáil/ bankers/ developers / gardai/ CEO of charities/irish water etc etc and you rat …..ya yer all entitled. Another thing ye all have in commen????? . Greed

  21. Rat Catcher

    Greed… says the hungry kuntt that works 75 hours per week without any consideration for his own safety or the safety of his customers or other motorists. I get by nicely on c.25 hours per week RD.

  22. Rat Catcher

    None RD, I generally don’t drive the cab when I have other work on. It’d be dangerous to do so and, for the last couple of summers, nigh on impossible as I was based in London…. unless you are counting my housewifery, carer and handyman duties as another job?

  23. Ben

    Rat you are a big fan of Doyle, and why not. She allowed scabs like you to steal our living. Maybe she is a member of the labour party, the other bunch of losers that you admire.
    Only person in Ireland that can make a living from a taxi in 25 hours is Mr RAT.
    Rat you seem to forget that full time drivers have to work extra hours to compensate for thieves/scabs like you stealing our wages. And of course hundreds of vermin/sewer rats from the other side of the world operating totally illegal. Sick country.
    Oh and by the way, i sent an email to Revenue today asking them to look at the road tax issue for scabs, and the loss of revenue as a result. Lower road tax was only intended for full time taxi drivers, not scabs. People like you should be made pay the full rate, and hopefully you will very soon.
    You have some brass neck talking about oversupply in the trade. Look in the mirror.

  24. Rat Catcher

    The trade lost a friend when Ms.Doyle was promoted, there’sno doubt about that. She’s the only person in authority who ever took any notice of drivers and/or their appointed representatives. As a result of that she introduced several artificial barriers to entry, many of which remain in place.

    I said I get by on 25 hours Ben. I couldn’t support a family on it but I don’t have to as Mrs. Catcher has a job with a reasonable salary and I have been fortunate enough to pick up other more lucrative work from time to time. If I don’t get any other work this summer (and I’m not expecting any but then I never am) I will probably return to full-time taxi driving, doing five 8 hour day shifts per week, for a couple ofmonths. In that case I’ll be earning less than I currently earn as a part-time taximan but I’ll get by.

    Oversupply is a direct result of Molloy, Harney and Ahern opening the trade to any unemployable waster with a ton to invest. I have campaigned for quantitative regulation in accordance with available infrastructure for many years and I will continue to do so.

    If I am full-time in the summer will I qualify for the reduced rate if I renew my motor tax during that period, under the amended regulations you anticipate?

  25. Rat Catcher

    Incidentally Ben, I think you are mistaken in your assessment of the conditionsapplicable to the reduced rate of motor tax. The relevant statute suggests that the vehicle should be used solely as a taxi (save incidental use). I make no private use of my taxi so my taxi qualifies under said criteria.

  26. Ben

    Vehicle used solely as a taxi, means full time taxi driver, not scab. All scabs use their taxis to go to work, hence you should not have reduced tax.
    Doyle being promoted makes me feel sick. She never was, or never will be any friend of mine.
    Oversupply might have more to do with a fool of a hackney driver taking a case to the high court.

  27. Rat Catcher

    It means what it says Ben. You may be confusing it with the regime applicable to accelerated depreciation. Just out of interest, how would you stop me from claiming the reduced rate i.e. what would the eligibility criteria be? It strikes me that you could be shooting yourself in the foot as the most likely reaction, in the highly unlikely event that Govt took you seriously, would be to eliminate the concession altogether.

    Your attitude to Ms. Doyle is not uncommon within the trade and, to some extent, is understandable as she was at the helm when the economy collapsed. Most drivers don’t follow regulatory reform so they generally don’t understand how much Ms. Doyle done for them. The reaction of drivers ensures that nobody in authority will ever pay attention to us again.

    In Humphrey -vs- Minister for the Environment (2000) it was held that the proposal to issue an additional plate to each existing plateholder was unlawful. The subsequent action taken by Minister Molloy was not directly attributable to said judgment. He had many options but, as a proponent of laissez-faire economics, chose to effectively deregulate the trade.

  28. ger

    Its was doyle who said that radios were “freely” available to drivers. She was laughed out of the place. She didnt know anything about the taxi industry. NOTHING.

  29. Ben

    No just eliminate cheap tax for scabs who use the car for work, and maybe the missus on the school run. Total abuse of the system.
    Let me repeat for you Mr Rat, Doyle is/was a fool. Not a friend of any full time Irish taxi driver. Foreign vermin/sewer rats love her, as she failed to put them off the road. Thet still operate illegally to this day, and that all started under Doyle. Millions in the bank, and no enforcement.
    Rat you tell us now about your good friend Doyle, what did she do before she was appointed to top job in CTR. Apart from her poxy little shop in Tallaght.

  30. Rat Catcher

    When you say use the car for work I assume you mean in commuting to another job. I’d be OK on that score as, for the last two summers I commuted by bus/lift and airplane so I’d dodge that bullet.

    The school run bit may disqualify full-time drivers. I brought my kid(s) to school in my taxi for over 10 years while I was a full-time taximan. Funny story there actually, smart arsed copper gave me a ticket for using the bus lane (I lived up above in Dublin at the time) on a school run. I got the young lad to sign a statement saying he pays me EUR1.00 per week to bring him to and from school and brought it down to the Inspector. He broke his bollicks lauging and said the copper concerned was a bit on the ambitious side and not to worry about it. Needless to say I never paid the ticket or heard any more about it! Anyway,it’d surely penalise full-time men who can’t afford another car for the little lady, would it not?

    I don’t understand why anyone would operate illegally. It’s really cheap to be compliant so that just doesn’t make any sense to me.

  31. ger

    Rat you say numbers have dropped driving taxis. How do you make that out? Wheres the figures to back that up? And what about the all the new drivers who spend 20 hrs a day in their taxi to top up their welfare so they can contuine to send 426 million euro back to nigeria every year. Numbers driving taxis in dublin has doubled. If you worked dublin city,you would know that. But you hang out in swords. These people put in long,long hours. And they like to carry around meat clevers.

  32. Paddy

    Rumour has it that April 2 will see the pre-dereg drivers, who took the court case, are expected to receive 50 grand. I heard that, between deaths and people who left the biz, there is only about 700 pre-dereg drivers still working their taxis.

  33. Rat Catcher

    The figures are all in the public domain Ger. Both driving licences and plate licences have dropped considerably in all counties. I agree that drivers working excessive hours is a problem but it’s not restricted to Dublin City. Even as far afield as Galway there are hungry kuntts like RD doing 75 hours per week. I do work the city on occasion but, as you know, the illegals have all the official stands boxed off so you can’t get on without illegally queuing, inconveniencing and/or endangering other mororists but I frequently work the northside suburbs as well as Fingal.

    A proper definition of working hours is required and limits need to be devised and enforced. I’m not sure that a lot can be done about welfare recipients driving cabs. It was BB’s CTA that teamed up with MABS to fix that up. I suspect that their primary objective is to encourage greater racial diversity on the ranks.

  34. ger

    Plates were sold all over the country and brought to dublin or galway to work. There might be less cars in the fleet but they are to be found in greater numbers in the cities than even a couple of years ago.. i wont even go into dublin city centre anymore at the weekend, you just cant get around.

  35. Ben

    Galway is choked with taxis at the weekend when all the factory/army scabs come out. Then the foreign vermin/sewer rats appear after dark to make a few illegal euros to boost their dole money. And all this shit is Doyles fault as she failed to stamp out illegal activity when in charge of that taxi quango. Several enforcement officers could and should have been hired, lots of money in the bank at the time to pay them.
    Rat where is Doyles CV, you seem to know her well. Presume she held a psv licence and had her own taxi plate. And drove her taxi for many years to learn all about the trade before being appointed head of the taxi quango.

  36. Rat Catcher

    There is an element of that Ger, approx 67% of licensed taxis work in Dublin. However, the numbers are still significantly down. Having said that, Dublin based MPOs are stockpiling plates so more will drip feed into the Dublin fleet as time progresses.

    I prefer to work the outskirts at the weekend myself. Speculating a bit on diesel by cruising before the pub/club informal ranks pick up works for me. The traffic in the city is worse at night than in the day at weekends!

    I don’t understand why the immigrants in Galway opt to “make a few illegal euros to boost their dole money” Ben. They are perfectly entitled to drive taxis and keep their welfare payments. As frequently mentioned on here, our own BBs CTA teamed up with MABS to sort that out for them. Could it be the case that they simply don’t know that? The fact that Minister Kelly reported that up to 50% of full-time taxi drivers legitimately claim welfare suggests that they do know!

    I don’t know Ms. Doyle at all well Ben but I do know she never drove a taxi. A taxi driver would be a very poor choice for Regulator as a knowledge of the trade from all the various perspectives is necessary, as is an impartial approach. I know Ms. Doyle served her time as Mr. Deering’s deputy but what is more important than that is that she welcomed, and acted upon, input from all interested parties including drivers and/or their appointed representatives. Obviously that process delivered such reforms as the enhanced entry exam, the cap on saloon plates, the increased driver licence fee and the three year rule, all of which have contributed to the significant drop in licences.

  37. Ben

    Rat you are missing my point again. These vermin are totally illegal, no psv licence, no insurance, nothing. Driving a rented or borrowed car, that they should not be driving.
    I know that Doyle never drove a taxi, or held a psv licence. Neither did she ever own a taxi plate. She was a very poor choice to replace Deering, who himself was a total gobshite. She knew nothing about the taxi industry when she was appointed to head that quango. How could she learn anything from a fool like Deering, who knew nothing. He was a civil servant from Carlow, the town council I think. No experience of the taxi industry either.
    Only scabs and vermin got anything from Doyle, so stop singing her praise. She is a fool.

  38. Rat Catcher

    That’s a little unfair Ben. Ms. Doyle is the only person in authority who ever took any notice of drivers. As a result of that we got several artificial barriers to entry which combined to produce a significant reduction in numbers.

    I’m not missing you point Ben. I just don’t understand why men would operate illegally when it costs so little to be compliant. I guess it’s a Galway thing, not always easy to make sense of big thick boggers!

  39. Red dennis

    Rat you keep missing the point. I will try once more . I work 70+ hours per week. Do I want to work these long hours? NO !!!! I have to work those hours because this is my only income . My expenses before making a cent for myself is in the region of €400 per week. This covers car finance/ fuel/ insurance/ car maintenance etc etc . Now rat here in galway it’s a struggle to take in €800 for a full week. Ben will tell you that. This week is woeful down here and the place will be flooded at the weekend with double jobbers and illegals. THAT IS A FACT.

  40. Rat Catcher

    G’way outta dat… you’re taking in 1150+ on the diesel you’re using. You’re trousering about 8… It’s minimum wage but it’s an unskilled job and we’re still in recession…. it’ll recover a bit over the next 4 years or so.

    I’m not missing the point. I just don’t understand why the illegals don’t comply with the regulations. It’s not expensive. Is a protest against Minister Kelly or are they just big thick boggers?

  41. sclass

    Rat your parroting so much you can’t think straight
    Operating illegally could be many reasons why.
    The driver has not passed a psv test
    The driver has a criminal conviction
    He doesn’t want to rent or pay a MPO.
    He might have a shitheep sitting outside his door and think.
    Hey ill stick a bogy roofi on this shitheep and happy days.
    No one out there to bother me and who gives a fukk
    Now you of all people Rat.

  42. Rat Catcher

    I only passed the Mickey Mouse Garda test meself and, like yourself SC, they gave me Wicklow just for the craic of it! I don’t see what difference a criminal conviction would make. It seems that any time the Gardai refuse a driving licence application the courts overturn their decision. You can rent for as little as EUR110/week so I don’t see anyone getting out on much less, even with an unlicensed shitebox.

    What I really don’t understand is why the Galway drivers let them do it. There’s no way they’d get away with it in Fingal and I very much doubt the Dublin men would tolerate it. They’d be run off the (informal) ranks and they’d be losing a lot of fares if they had to rely on cruising. They wouldn’t get on Hailo…. It just makes no sense SC, unless it’s a protest and the other lads let them on the (informal) ranks?

  43. Ben

    Red D its very hard to make 800 yoyos in Galway, too many taxis, and too few people. Wait till the weekend comes and all the army, factory, esb, truck drivers, etc etc appear with their scab cabs. Then late at night, all the illegal vermin/sewer rats appear. These are the ones with nothing legal. Absolute scum. Walk to the rank with a high vis vest on, and see them go. Its like the start of a grand prix.

  44. Rat Catcher

    How are the illegals making money then, Ben? Do yis let them on the (informal) ranks or what? You said you do considerably less hours than RD so are we to conclude that you earn 50p/hour and live off your burd’s dole? The one positive we can take from RDs contribution is that he was able to get car finance despite claiming to earn less than a Foxconn worker!

  45. Rat Catcher

    … and what’s the attraction for all the double jobbers? They’re obviously not doing it for the money if a man as dedicated as RD can’t make a shilling…

  46. Ben

    Rat they are making as much as any of us at night. They are on all ranks, formal or informal. And they are brillo at shouting racism if any one says a word to them. Experts at forging all the gear. And where are the enforcers or the cops ?

  47. Red dennis

    Ben that is my point. It’s one thing to take in €800 in this game but rat believes we are clearing €800 after expenses down here. You and I know that’s crap talk. That’s some ability rat has to be able to operate a taxi over 100 miles away and be able to tell what I make. Ben do you know what Dublin taxis make? I wouldn’t have a clue but obviously it’s on a different level to what we do down here. A lot of our day custom is one person going a short distance . A lot of my fares during the day are €5 to €7 fares. Last Friday 5 out of my first 7 fares were less than €5 .

  48. Ben

    Red D I know all about the short day time ones, leave Eyre SQ after an hour wait, or more, and go to Bohermore. Meter barely turns on that one.

  49. Ben

    Red D I know all about the short day time ones, leave Eyre SQ after an hour wait, or more, and go to Bohermore. Meter barely turns on that one. Back and Q all over again. Takes a lot of those to make 800. You need the late night really busy few hours to make a living out of a taxi in Galway.
    Dublin has more attractions than Galway, has to be easier up there, even though I know theres a crazy amount of taxis. A major concert, or a big game in Croker must make a difference.
    Its a long time since I cleared 800 after me costs, apart from race week we done make it here anymore.

  50. Rat Catcher

    I’m just drawing logical conclusions RD. I’ve helped a few Galway drivers with their tax returns and based on their figures I don’t believe there’s any significant difference in takings:diesel ratios between Galway and Dublin. To be honest, what you claim doesn’t add up on many other levels, including:

    – You rest on ranks between jobs = better return to mileage than I deduced.
    – Ben gets by on considerably less hours and his burd is on the dole.
    – You qualified for car finance.
    – Indecon concluded that you earn c.EUR10/hr.
    – You tell us the trade in Galway is flooded with double jobbers. Men used to earning EUR20+/hour simply wouldn’t be interested in scratching around for 50c/hour (given that they’d have the same fixed costs to cover in half the time)
    – You can read and write hence I don’t believe that you are thick enough to do those hours for the profit you claim. If it was true you would have the sense to work in McDonalds or a DIY store for 40 hours and drive your cab at the weekends if necessary.

  51. Red dennis

    The indecon report????? Published in 2011 and based on pre 2010 figures. Galway today is a different place than pre 2010. In Dublin you rat may be seeing a upturn but beleive me rat retail in galway city is on it’s knees. The only business be done during the week is carrying students and they demand to be charged €2 per head into and out of city. Your choice rat is to charge these fares or else sit and wait even longer to get a customer who will pay what’s on the meter. Rat you cannot compare a city with over a million in it with a city of 60000.

  52. Ben

    Wish i had me 2010 takings all over again, things were not too bad back then. But theres a lot more taxis in Galway now versus then. And a lot less people using them. Dublin is seeing an upturn, even the property market is booming up there. But not down here, its just the same old story. More and more customers looking for discount, radio companies offering big discounts. That clown near hole in the wall pub is a prime example. He is ruining the business, and drivers paying him 100 yoyos per week, to work off those silly prices. Students i dont like, had grief with a few of them over the years. Had one of my car doors kicked in Corrib Village by a little pup. And then he ran.

  53. Rat Catcher

    The only deduction I’m making is based on figures from Galway taximen (maybe they’re lying but they are consistent with Dublin ratios which encourages me to believe them). I don’t know many (if any) Dublin taxi drivers that’d get enough work to go through a deuce in diesel per week…. there undoubtedly is a few hungry kunts that do but they wouldn’t admit it.

    Even ignoring Indecon… what about the rest of the evidence? How does Ben get by on considerably less hours? Why are the double jobbers flooding the city? Why don’t you get another job? How did you get car finance?

  54. Ben

    I have a 07 car, bought new Feb 07, paid for over 5 years. Lots of klms on it now, but am not changing it. No intention of putting any money into taxi biz the way things are at present. Will get another 2 or 3 years out of it, and maybe pack in the taxi biz then. Am 60 now in case you are wondering.
    The double jobbers are pure greedy hungry kunnts, as you call them. Out of army barracks, or maybe factories and straight onto ranks. Even the ones who finish at midnight are on a rank a few mins later. Pure greed and dangerous.
    Will never look for another job while I have my taxi, you know my opinion on that.

  55. C5

    I heard that company has the lowest rent out of the 6 main companys in galway,pro cabs is over 140 or 150 pw, caras is about the same. galway taxis and big o have dropped call outs and extras and the rent is over 150pw.

  56. Red dennis

    Ben they pay €140 radio rent but what’s really crazy is they agree to do “fixed fares”???? Picking 4 people up and dropping call out charge and extra passenger charges??? What’s next if you ring us to take you into city we will give you a free taxi home??? MUPPETS…..sometimes I think we deserve what we are getting. These tackneys are this businesses biggest problem. There are so many of these drivers willing to do these fares . Bus eireann pick you up at a red pole and throw you out at another one but we have drivers willing to drive out and pick 4 people up and charge €2 each????? And than pay €140 radio rent for been given that work…… Only in Ireland.

  57. Rat Catcher

    It can’t be greed Ben. If we are to believe RDs figures there’s no way a double jobber could make it pay. There must be something else going on in Galway that makes Citizens feel that they have to provide a taxi service at their own expense.

    Personally, I don’t believe RDs figures for several reasons, the main reason being that I don’t believe that he’s thick enough to work those hours for that money while immigrants who aren’t a wet day in the country can command minimum wage across various sectors. If it was you, Ben, who said you were doing those hours for that money it would be more plausible IMO.

    how could any driver pay 150 rent ?
    A good question, Ben. The answer seems obvious though. They’re working long dangerous shifts to get value from the subscription.

  58. dano

    Jesus lads ye can go on ad on until the Elephants come home and it will all b the same,we Irish r very gud at talking were as we should b taking this further?like on2 the Streets 2 the Wankers Paradise DAIL and let ourselves b heard.There r some if not a lot of Irish doing the same as ye say Vermim and Illegals?we have 1 kunnt working here in Athlone he comes over from Banagher and works just nights and when the Regulator comes 2 town he’s gone with a lot of others,we have reported him hundreds of times and i was even talking to 1 of the Regulators at the Station here on this kunnt and as we know it goes on deaf ears,so its up 2 the drivers 2 sort these kunnts out.

  59. Ben

    Dano go to welfare and tell them your Granny was from Lagos, and you will be ok. Don’t tell them you are Irish, or you get nothing.
    Does that guy from Banagher have any area stickers on his sign.

  60. Wariq

    Dano, in my country Elephants are revered, they also have long memories, a bit like civil servants chewing pencils all day.

  61. Ben

    If you are not happy in Ireland, with lovely Irish people, then go back to your home country and your elephants. Did any Irish person invite you here, or bring you here against your wishes.

  62. sclass

    Area stickers are a load of mebollix. Another airbrain idea by Kathleen after she Fukked up giving us naare nal numbers so we could work 26 county’s until her mentor vinny surggested the area stickers to her. And you could be subject to a 2000 yoyo fine if you didn’t display them on your roofi. How much did the kunnt make out of that scam.
    Now all the renting scum have their roofi covered in area stickers.
    Can someone please tell what the fuk area stickers done for the game
    other than scam our hard earned.

  63. Rat Catcher

    Drivers generally like stickers. While the area stickers are pretty, certainly prettier than the sun-visor stickers, they’re not as pretty as the windscreen stickers which, in turn aren’t as pretty as the door stickers. Bring back the passenger window stickers I say!

  64. Ben

    Area stickers and door stickers all a load of crap. Old system was better where you had D for example on your roofie plate number. And one area only should be the norm. Some guys don’t have enough room on the sign for all the stickers, some of which are bought in a diy shop.
    Deering and Doyle, our very own Beavis and Butthead.

  65. Ben

    Forgot to mention the renal racket, that has to go. Fuk these mpo’s let them go drive a taxi and work for a living. Rental racket is septic. That’s where the illegal vermin/sewer rats are getting the cars.

  66. Rat Catcher

    There was no D on the roof sign before the stickers were introduced. Prior to introduction of the national taximeter area, some counties distinguished their plates with letters, others (like Dublin) didn’t. Baile Atha Cliath was written in tiny lettering under “Licence Number”.

    If the illegals are renting, at least their taxis are likely to be legal so it’s not such a big deal as it’s not putting additional taxis on the road.

  67. Red dennis

    The roofsign should just have your taxi licence number , your cab company name / number and your area should be put where taxi is wrote. There is no need for taxi to be wrote on roofsign when it’s already on our doors. That’s why it should be one place nominated by driver to work.

  68. Rat Catcher

    Drivers nominating where they want to work is pure lunacy. All the immigrants would nominate Dublin and other cities where they are less likely to encounter discriminatory customers. Drivers should have to pass the Kathleen Doyle geography test for every area they wish to work at every licence renewal. There’s no need for the licence number on the roof sign as it’s on the windscreen, rear window and the doors.

  69. sclass

    My old roofi had Baile Atha Cliath under the number.Kathleen removed it.but if you were driving before 2000 you can apply to work in any of the 26 county’s without doing a test. So put that in your pipe and smoke it.

  70. Rat Catcher

    You can apply for any county SC but you won’t get any of them unless you pass the test save a few exceptions such e.g. pre ’96 Dublin licensees are allowed Wicklow.

  71. Ben

    373 million euros has been spent on paying for private rental properties over the last three years. How much of that was spent on houses for Irish people who deserve some help, and how much was wasted on foreign vermin who come here just for that reason. HANDOUTS. Put all the other handouts they get with the free social house, and we quickly realise the true cost of having them here. They are costing us billions, and always will. They wont work here, no chance of that. Too much easy money to be got from the welfare. They will sponge off the welfare for the rest of their lives. Absolute disgrace.

  72. Ben

    Good question SC. Will any party give a guarantee that all this waste will stop. Money should be spent on homes and services for native Irish people, not the ones who come from the other side of the world to abuse our welfare system. Same with Irish Water, and the Poolbeg project. So many examples of awful waste, while Irish people suffer cuts. And what party will promise to tidy up the taxi industry.
    Certainly will not be voting for either Fine Gael or Labour, they have mad a right balls of the country. Just as bad as what was there before them.

  73. Rat Catcher

    Some counties had letters, some didn’t Ben.

    You seem to whinge about the immigrants no matter what they do…. they work all the hours under the sun, you whinge. They don’t work and rely solely on welfare, you whinge! Anywaysanall, I was expecting a huge list of illegals working Galway to get stuck into on Tuesday. Are ya not working the weekend or what?

  74. Wariq

    Ben, Namaste to you, in India our elephants have smaller ears than the African ones, some say it’s because they have heard it all before, whereas the Africans are still learning.

    Also my country has a Nuclear capability, unlike Ireland, which has an Army only fit to do security work for the UN and the Israelis.

    I will stay in Ireland only until I finish my Masters, my rentacab will help pay my fees, I’m hoping you don’t find this offensive, and again,


  75. ger

    Ur country gets billions of dollars in aid every year from the u.s. and u.k.. ur country spends billion on arms and weapons, you even have a space pro

  76. ger

    Space programme. Ur people live on the streets in dire poverty. Says a lot about ur country. Dont let the door hit ya on the arse on the way out.

  77. ger

    Speaking of AC, i see one of his buddies got hit with a nice little tax bill of 52 THOUSAND EURO the other day. Must be some money to be made driving a taxi in navan. Revenue have 2 chances of getting paid that, none and fook all.

  78. Wariq

    I’m only here until my masters in Astrophysics is complete: https://myucd.ucd.ie/course.do?programID=76…in the meantime, I will stay in the taxi brotherhood and Spar to fund my education.

    This planet as you pointed out, or was it Stephen Hawking? is fast running out of resources, colonisation of our nearest neighbour -the RED planet- should be possble within the next 20-50 years, I want to be part of that,


  79. Ben

    a student who probably should not be working at all, depending on visa. most are not allowed to work, here to study only. but easy to rent off a gangster, its all about money. no psv licence means no insurance, you should be deported ya piece of shit.

  80. Ben

    Another of those foreign vermin makes the paper to day over a bogus claim against Aldi over a fall. It probably never happened, she just wanted more money to supplement her genorous welfare handouts. Costs were awarded against her, hope Aldi follow her for every cent. The solicitor that took that case should be struck off.

  81. Rat Catcher

    I’m sure the man is properly licensed and insured. The Gardai have always issued SPSV driving licences to student visa holders.

  82. Ben

    Total joke giving an spsv licence to a foreign student. They here to study, not to drive illegally in a rented shitheap. How many of them are insured properly. FUKK ALL I bet.
    What chance has the full time Irish taxi driver with students and scabs taking our living.

  83. Rat Catcher

    It’s difficult to achieve much more than minimum wage from a cab these days so it’s not a full-time gig anymore unless you maintain a very low standard of living. There’s no reason to suspect that rented taxis aren’t properly insured. In fact, they are more likely to be insured as the owner won’t want to risk losing his vehicle with no comeback.

  84. Ben

    Rat the earnings for full time deivers is at an all time low because of scabs and foreign vermin. Face facts for once in your life.
    Rented taxis are usually insured for the person that rents it, with some exceptions with rogue traders. But how many more unlicenced and uninsured drivers work that car when its out on hire. Thats where the problem lies. And theres no fear of them being caught.

  85. Rat Catcher

    Nah, the global economic crises depleted earnings. We’ve always had part-time drivers and throughout much of the boom we had immigrants. In any event, it can only get better!

  86. Ben

    Bit more to go round during the so called boom. All changed now. Too many illegal vermin and scabs. Time for that clown Alan Kelly to wake up.

  87. Rat Catcher

    You keep saying there’s illegals working Galway but it makes no sense as it costs less to be legal than illegal… and you won’t tell us who any of them are. I’m beginning to think that you’re imagining it.

  88. Wariq

    Gentlemen, I am only doing 20 hours a week (technically) ,as per my visa conditions, for what I take in, you would hardly notice I was even here.

    I will admit there are an awful lot of my Asian neighbours- Pakistanis- here, you must have close cultural ties,


  89. sclass

    Warinq If that little low cast ghandi hadn’t convinced the poor uneducated peasants to kick the Brits out of Inda .Big mistake.You wouldn’t has little children as slaves.Abandoned by the poor parents.
    Different cast WHF is that all about.
    You could have stayed in your own country to get your education
    The 1.27 billion of yiz and rising.
    At that rate it won’t be long before you will need your own planet.
    But there is still lots of space in Australia. Lots of Asians taking over the taxi game there. Similar to whats happening here .

  90. Ben

    He only does 20 hours per week, that means about 80 hours, just like all vermin. Students should not get a visa to come here to drive a taxi.

  91. Wariq

    Aah Mr Ratcatcher, would that I had the time to hear the crack of Leather on Willow, unfortunately my studies take up most of my time.

    Maybe you might enjoy this:

    MISSED P G Wodehouse

    The sun in the heavens was eaming,

    The breeze bore an odour of hay,

    My flannels were spotless and gleaming,

    My heart was unclouded and gay;

    The ladies, all gaily apparelled,

    Sat round looking on at the match,

    In the tree-tops the dicky-birds carolled,

    All was peace – till I bungled that catch.

  92. ger

    Ah yes, how charming. Mr ratcatcher is too busy doing two jobs to be reading ur chat up lines.. come back on monday . Thats his day off.

  93. Rat Catcher

    20 hours is 20 hours Ben, within the terms of his Visa restrictions.

    Enjoyed that Wariq.

    I’m not busy doing two jobs Ger. I was driving my cab, skimming the cream so to speak but, for the time being, I’m on easy street… just the 25 hour weeks cab driving on top of my housewife/carer duties… hoping to pick up something more lucrative in the summer for a couple of months but I’ve nothing concrete lined up as yet.

  94. Ben

    Students Scum Sewer Rats Scabs all taking the living off full time Irish drivers. One lies about 20 hours, the other muppet says 25 hours. All bullshit. All stealing the living off full time drivers. And sadly no one in NTA cares what happens. The biz is fukked.

  95. sclass

    Ben calm down you’ll damage your health.Our NN problem it’s not going to go away soon.In fact it’s become a European problem.
    We need a Marie Le Pen over here. A new National Front Party that will put the interest of Irish people first.
    Not the rectum lickers thats in charge of our little country protecting their big fat immoral pensions if or when they get kicked out.
    We are little men resign yourself to it.

  96. Ben

    Have to agree with you SC, that’s exactly what we are. Little people, and no one listens and no one cares about us. Those assholes who govern us take good care of themselves. Gilmore is like a rock star touring the world in the Gov jet. And Laura Shatter gets his knuckles rapped for using it with out Kim Jung Kennys permission. Total tossers.Any sign of an election.

  97. Rat Catcher

    I don’t tell lies Ben. You are more than welcome to examine the shift reports from my meter if you doubt the hours I work. If I done much more than 25 hours per week I would be full-time. I’m not full-time at present, I am part-time. Just to be perfectly clear, I measure my hours from the time I leave my house to the time I return.

    What evidence have you got to support your alleging that Wariq is lying? I don’t know how he measures his hours but he is entitled to use the definition established by MABS in consultation with BB/CTA if he so chooses i.e. working hours only includes time engaged with a client. By that definition, he’d probably need to be on duty for 60+ hours to “work” 20 hours.

    The trade is what it is. Most of us came into the game so we could suit ourselves as to when and how much we choose to work. That hasn’t changed and it’s up to each man to make the best of it for himself. It’s funny how you whinge about full-time, single-income, professional, compliant drivers now that your burd is on the dole. You were happy to steal the bread out of the mouths of single-income drivers while yours was a two income household, you hypocritical moron!

  98. Ben

    Rat you are a very brave wimp hiding behind your computer. My partners income, or lack of it, is not the issue here. I whinge about scabs like you having two or maybe three jobs. Pure greed. And you always try to defend what you do. You even defend the scab foreign student.
    I have not complained about full time, single income, professional compliant drivers at any time, Thats your take on what i say. Its your guilty scab mentality.
    I never stole the bread out of anyones mouth. I have always been a single income taxi driver. I am talking about my own income here, not anyone else.
    You are so dense that you come on here and admit that you are a scab, and then you try to defend what you do, and those who allow you to do it.
    Now hop into your scab cab and steal some full time drivers food money. You septic bastard.

  99. sclass

    Now Ben mind your ticker Your taking the Baited hook.
    But i do have a problem with sharing the pickings with part time students .where in the EU is that tolerated.Only in our little jungle.

  100. Rat Catcher

    Now Listen Shit for Brains (Ben)… I don’t have two or three jobs. Like I’ve told you millions of times I have half a job. I’m a part-time taxi driver! I have picked up other more lucrative work over the last couple of summers and may do so again this year but I’ve nothing concrete lined up as yet.

    I’ve never referred to myself as a scab. In fact you’re the only halfwitted moron who has called me that and I’m perfectly willing to make allowances on account of the fact that you are brain dead.

    Within the last couple of weeks you have criticised drivers who (like S Class) hold several area licences and owners who (like S Class) have several drivers on their cars. You constantly criticise immigrants. Immigrants (including students) drive cabs the world over. In fact many Irish immigrants to other countries have done so, former NTDU boss Tommy Gorman being one example. You constantly whinge about the existence of countless illegals in Galway but can’t post details of even one!

    You’re a bitter and twisted old fart, Ben. You can’t take responsibility for your own choices so you seek to blame everyone around you for your shortcomings, simple as that.

  101. Ben

    Good morning Mr Sewer Rat, hope you had a very lucrative night stealing work and food money off full time Irish taxi drivers. Its because of shit and scabs like you that taxi drivers wives/partners have you make some tough choices when they go shopping. The few bob has to be stretched to the limit, and some items have to be omitted. Even some bills have to be put off for another week or two, because the money is not there. And why ? Its all because of scabs, just like you and the likes of that foreign student that you seem to approve of. Full time drivers earnings have been reduced so much that it is now very difficult to survive on taxi earnings alone. All around us we see scabs like you, and lots of foreign vermin with rented shiteheaps and God only knows whether or not they are insured. Problem is that no one checks on them, so they get away with it. Person responsible for this mess is the fool you constantly praise. Doyle. I describe her as the ultimate fool, she ruined the Irish taxi industry. Under her watch, every breed of a scumbag quickly realised that you wont be stopped by any of her staff, because with only nine of them to cover 26 counties, the risk is very low. But you praise her because she allowed sewer rats like you to operate in the business, and steal our money.
    Me brain dead ? No way Rat, me wide awake, and very alert to whats happening around me.
    Bitter and twisted old fart ? Wrong again Rat. I am very happy with life, I made a good living over the years from the taxi industry. That’s before the foreign vermin and home grown scabs like you ruined the business.
    And I have always taken responsibility for my own actions, and my own choices. Like any person,i have made mistakes in my life, but nothing major. And I have never tried to blame anyone else for those mistakes I made. I just learn from them and move on.
    Rat I really feel sorry for you, as you are such a gobshite. You even admit in your first few lines above that you are a part time taxi driver. But yet you are not a scab?
    You even describe other work as being more lucrative. And why ? Simples again. Too many people like you operating in the business. Only doing 20 or maybe 25 hours is what you all say.
    But how many thousand scabs are doing these hours. And just how much earnings are you stealing on full time drivers. Rat would it ever bother you that some taxi drivers child had to go to school without any lunch, because of money problems. Or maybe that new pair of shoes that are so badly need cannot be bought. Or some driver off the road with a breakdown and no money to repair the car. That’s the reality of whats going on now in the taxi industry. And its all because of scabs like you. Don’t try to blame the economy,as you have done before. Blame yourself.
    You are no where as clever as you think you are Rat, and you will never be on Dragons Den. But you might make Dempseys Den.
    Sleep well now and be ready for tonight. You can do your usual petty thief bit.

  102. sclass

    Rat what’s with the several drivers ,theres only me and me loveIy little wife.And she has almost packed it in. Sure there is fukkall out there
    There is no work to do.
    Rat you do have this cavalier attitude towards the taxi game.
    You give the impression that everything is hunky dory, just jump in to the motor and turn the key and skim the cream.
    That it’s ok for half of Africa to jump in and do the same.
    The game is fukked. Flushed down the toilet by the powers that never gave a fukk about us and still dont
    Now i hope Rat your winding us up
    Or you are the biggest clown i have ever come across

  103. Rat Catcher

    If everything was “hunky dory”, SC, I wouldn’t have had to practically emigrate for a couple of months for each of the last couple of years but, anyway, the change proved to be as good as a rest for me. The economy seems to have turned the corner now (although the recovery is still at a very tentative stage) so it’s not all doom and gloom. You can’t expect to maintain a middle class lifestyle on income from a working class trade in the depths of a recession.

    Ben, you blame:-
    – Me and S Class’s good lady wife for not doing many hours, somehow you figure that full-time men would be better off if we worked longer hours and took more money out of their pockets!
    – S Class for having a multi-driver taxi.
    – S Class for being qualified to work loads of areas.
    – BB/CTA for teaming up with MABS to encourage immigrants to drive cabs and claim welfare.
    – Immigrants for trying to earn an honest living.
    – the existence of illegals in the trade yet you can’t post details of even one illegal driver that you have encountered!
    – Kathleen Doyle for introducing countless barriers to entry/participation, somehow you figure that full-time men would be better off if we had thousands of more drivers!

    Essentially you blame everyone but yourself. The world doesn’t owe you a living simply because you can drive a car. What, in your mind, make me a “scab”? Do you think I should give up my taxi because I might get more lucrative work for 8-10 weeks of the year or am I a “scab” simply because Mrs. Catcher works full-time and my personal circumstances dictate that I cannot (and don’t need to) work a 40-80 hour week?

    You claim to be whinging on behalf of men who can’t afford to feed/cloth their children from their taxi income, yet you constantly refer to many who may fall into that category as “foreign vermin”. Most of the men who would have school-going children would be post-dereg drivers. They knew they were entering a deregulated trade, they took a risk. To be perfectly honest, investing less than EUR10k in any unskilled trade in the expectation of earning EUR1,000+ per week for the rest of their lives was somewhat unrealistic. In any event, they are all entitled to claim generous welfare payments on top of whatever they get out of their cabs. Minister Kelly noted that up to 50% of full-time taxi drivers legitimately claim welfare so there is no reason that their children should be going to school hungry and naked. It is noteworthy that hundreds of thousands of families have to cope on welfare alone i.e. with no cab driving income.

    It’s funny that we don’t hear them whinging on their own behalf. In fact, most of the full-time, post-dereg men that contribute to fora say they are doing OK from the trade, they often tell us about their foreign holidays, expensive hobbies, etc. Of course, they’d like to be doing better than OK but OK ain’t a bad place to be in a recession.

    It wasn’t a great weekend by any stretch of the imagination, thanks for asking Ben. However, I still got a little profit out of it after setting aside the usual for car maintenance/replacement/insurance. Given that it’s the weekend before pay day for most salaried workers and the excesses of last weekend, a quiet one was easily predicted. Anyway, I have tonight off due to other commitments so I’ll do the 4-4.5 hours I usually do on a Sunday tomorrow instead.

  104. Ben

    Feel sick reading the drivel that Rat the Scab has printed here. 4 or 4.5 hours a day now. Jaysus whats next. Frances Black song comes to mind, All the lies that you told me .
    Had a good day, made a few bob, wont let rat shite spoil it on me. Will study his crap after a good nights sleep.
    Just wonder if other commitments means he has a nixer in a pub also. That would be income number 3 or 4. Hungry fukker.

  105. Rat Catcher

    It’s no wonder you’re constantly suicidal listening to that rubbish Ben. You have to start sending me wages for all these jobs you’re giving me as the only income I have at present is from my part-time taxi driving. Anyway, there was a change of plan yesterday and I ended up working the cab from 8:30p.m. until 0:50 this morning. That’s a late finish for me on a Sunday ‘cos I get up at 7:00ish Mon-Fri to cook breakfast for the troops before they head off to school/college and get most of the housework done before elevenses… but I got Hailo’d around midnight, crowd of students going into the city. On the plus side it brought the night’s takings up to reasonable level on an otherwise quiet weekend. Just sorting out the bank lodgement a few minutes ago I noticed I didn’t take in one 50 Euro note over the weekend. That’s very rare… shows how quiet it was in Fingal and up above in Dublin after the excesses of Paddy’s weekend.

  106. sclass

    The country picking up .I don’t think so, It perplexes me how the number of taxis are still surviving . There are taxis everywhere ,every road you drive on there is taxis.How are they all making a buck I don’t know.

  107. Rat Catcher

    It’s definitely picking up SC but it’s a slow process. Exiting the bailout seems to have restored consumer confidence to some extent and I guess we can expect the next couple of budgets to put some more money (back) in taxpayers’ pockets as Govt prepare for the next general election. I was talking with a publican over the weekend and he told me business is up more than 20% over the last year.

    Like you say there are a lot of taxis and they’re all obviously making a shilling. I know you read/contribute to Spookie’s forum so you will be aware that several drivers couldn’t believe that there’s full-time men that aren’t earning enough profit to pay USC. Even back at the height of the boom one ex-SIPTU TB committee member declared income under EUR10k, including income from sources other than his taxi driving. As you probably know that wasn’t exceptionally low even at that time, so if men are declaring more than that in the current economic climate they’re doing OK. In fact most of the post-dereg contributors to fora give the impression that they’re doing alright. They’re certainly not whinging relentlessly as was the case a few years back. Even one or two of the men who were out protesting recently have said they’re doing alright!

    Maybe it’s just the old farts like us that can’t make it pay… but, having said that, even doing c.25 hours per week (admittedly skimming the cream) I get a little profit, even on very slow weeks such as last week. It might just be a case of lowering your expectations for the next four or five years. It’s certainly better than it was a couple of years ago. Back then I was struggling to cover my overheads, even when I worked the “peak” hours.

  108. sclass

    I heard on the news this morning of a bad road crash involving two cars,one car was a taxi . Sadly a woman lost her life .
    Interesting to know if the taxi driver was starting or finishing the shift.

  109. Rat Catcher

    It would. It’s amazing that Minister Kelly’s review group completely dodged the issue of drivers working unsafe hours. RTE put considerable effort into sensationalising the issue for us but it fell on deaf ears. Our excellent safety record does us no favours I guess. I don’t want to sound selfish but, in a way, it’s a shame that Kennedy didn’t have a crash (even a little one) in all the weeks that the investigators tailed him.

  110. ger

    The nigerians are doing well. The can send €426 million back home every year. I wonder how they manage that? Ans on a postcard to Ms j brunton.

  111. Rat Catcher

    I’d say that’s for all Nigerian immigrants, many of whom would have well paid jobs, not just those that drive taxis for a living. Some clients won’t travel with immigrants (even in the cities) so they must be earning less than their Irish born colleagues, or working longer hours. Of course, they can claim welfare to supplement their taxi driving profits thanks to BB/CTA.

  112. Ben

    they can send huge sums of money home thanks to out gobshites of politicians who hand it to them. Nothing to do with BB as you keep saying.

  113. Ben

    Its amazing that you admit how Kelly failed to deal with drivers working unsafe hours. Scabs is what you really mean, people like you and kennedy and many more vermin.
    Rat you also made a false claim about something i am supposed to have said about SC. This is totally untrue, i never mentioned the man, or his wife. Wake up you asshole. Nothing more dangerous that a cornered rat. Full of poison.

  114. Ben

    Nice to hear that Mr Disgusting Callinan has resigned. The man was a disgrace to the force, and Kim Jong Kenny should have sacked him.
    Laura Shatter has to go next, and arrogant little fukker with a brass neck. I learn on the news today that he took the Gov jet after being refused the use of it. Shatter should be billed for the use of this jet. Dock it from his pay.

  115. Rat Catcher

    I don’t think working 25 hours per week could be construed as dangerous by any stretch of the imagination so I’d be OK regardless. In any event, the review group concluded that working hours are too difficult to define. Of course, BBs CTA were signatories to the report and they did team up with MABS to define working hours as time engaged with clients so it’s not all that surprising that nothing was done to stop men working unsafe hours. Let’s be perfectly clear here, it was CTA that teamed up with MABS to encourage the immigrants to drive cabs and claim welfare, nobody else.

    Mrs. Class, like myself, is a part-time taxi driver so, presumably in your retarded mind Ben, she is also a scab. You have whinged about drivers with multiple areas working Galway and suggested that they shouldn’t be allowed work any more than one area. S Class does the same thing with all the areas he holds, taking the bread out of the mouths of the childers of Dublin taxi drivers. In fact you agreed with RDs 5 point plan that would see S Class being forced to nominate one area to work, regardless of whether he’s competent for that area or not.

    Minister Kelly, nor anyone else, can draw up legislation that applies only to certain individuals. The same rules must apply to all. For example, if Minister Kelly had determined that I must work 35+ hours per week I would have complied with that but Mrs. Class would also have to comply or give up her taxi driving. However, the review is over and done now and no such provisions are to be enacted so we’ll all have to get on with it and make the best of it as it is!

  116. Ben

    More lies and bullshit from Rat the Scab. 25 hours per week is a joke, you idiot. Not worh the hassle and well you know that. Scabs are working close to 20 hours per day, and you know that. I see them here in Galway, out the back door of factories, and sign up on car. Onto the rank then for another 10 hours. Where is the sleep ? Pure dangerous greedy fukkers.

  117. Rat Catcher

    I don’t tell lies Ben. If I worked much more than 25 hours I wouldn’t class myself as part-time. My personal circumstances dictate that I can’t do a whole lot more than I do. I cover my expenses and earn a little profit. That’s all I need to do as Mrs. Catcher has a reasonably well paid job and, from time to time, I get other more lucrative work at times that I am able to do it which is generally only for 8-10 weeks of the year.

    As I have told you before, you are more than welcome to examine the shift reports from my meter so there is no need for you to jump to conclusions or make false allegations. Similarly, if you have evidence of other men working unsafe hours without sleep, post it up here and, ya never know, it might find it’s way onto the national airwaves. However, as you are clearly deluded in your assumption that I am a full-time,professional taxi driver, I suspect that most of your contributions are based on similar delusions. Notably, you have yet to post details of even one of the countless illegals you believe to be working Galway!

  118. Ben

    I never considered you a full time taxi driver, you admit yourself you are part time. Which of us is deluded ?
    These illegals are here in Galway ok, just like they are in every other city and town. The are the foreign vermin from the other side of the world. They are the ones that have dragged the business into the gutter. One of them rents a shiteheap, and lots of them drive. One might have a psv, the rest dont. So no insurance cover. If anyone walks to a rank here with a high vis vest, its like the start of a grand prix, with lads screaming away from the rank. What does that tell you ? Best they can come up with is to call everyone racist. But even thats played out now.
    The national airwaves know all about guys working dangerous hours. Alan Kelly knows it too. but does nothing about it. No balls, that the problem. Scared to tackle the issue. He is out of his depth in that job, time for him to go.

  119. Rat Catcher

    If these illegals exist why can’t you give us even one example to pursue?

    Of course I admit I’m part-time. I don’t tell lies. I work my cab for about 25 hours per week. You have accused me of lying, suggesting that I work longer hours. You can’t have any evidence to support that because it simply isn’t true. I have agreed to make my shift reports available to you so can we arrange to meet up and clarify the matter once and for all?

  120. Ben

    No one will pursue it, as no one cares anymore. Its only the taxi industry. We are very much second class citizens now. And heading for third class. Even some of the passengers treat us like shit.
    I would get out of the business today, right now, if i could find something else to do.

  121. Rat Catcher

    I know lads that will pursue it. They’ve done it before, that’s how Kennedy became famous. There’s no point to whinging on about them if you have no evidence of their existence.

    The public have always hated us, some of them resented queuing for cabs back in the good old days regardless of the fact that they had great craic in the queues. I have found them more sympathetic in recent times but, ya know yourself, Irish folk generally just like to have an agreeable conversation, once they get out of the cab they don’t give a fukk about us or whatever we were whinging about.

    Nobody would blame you getting out. It’s a minimum wage trade now and it’ll be 4-5 years before it gets much better. I took a year off myself and it done me the world of good. Coming back with renewed enthusiasm (and lower expectations) has got me back to enjoying driving my cab again. Stick it out for a while anyway. There’s all sorts of rumours surrounding the court case with men suggesting that pre-dereg owner-drivers are going to get anything from 20k-200k compo if they’re still driving. More than likely bullshit but ya’d be pissed off if ya packed it in and it turned out to be true!

  122. Ben

    Ya i had a plate back then, but dont think the Gov will part with easy money. I i got a few bob, i would definitely take time out. But at the moment, i cant afford to do that.

  123. Red dennis

    Rat this is why you can be so annoying. One post your saying ” this job is what it is ….. Low skilled and paying minimum wage” . Yet in another post you say ” I’m taking in €1200 and have a clear profit of €800 “. Earning €800 per week driving a taxi is long gone. Drivers May will be taking in €800 per week but unless you have well paying corporate work your not earning €800 per week.whats happening now is drivers that use to work 6 shifts are now doing 7. Day drivers Are staying on longer and night drivers are coming in earlier and all it’s doing is blocking up ranks for longer.

  124. Wariq

    Well Mr Ratcatcher,

    It looks like our beautiful game has been besmirched by one who has to be “asked” by the supreme court to resign:


    It almost makes our Irish taxi business look honest.

    I might add, that was one of the slowest weeks since I landed on these shores.

    We can only hope that the Mother’s Day will bring a little financial bonanza, to compensate for the dearth of economic activity,


  125. ger

    Send me ur bank account number and i will transfer a few euro over to you. You poor little student. It must be very hard for you,being so far away from home. Namaste.

  126. Rat Catcher

    These things happen from time to time in all sports where betting is a factor Wariq. I’m still not convinced that our famous world cup triumph over your great nation was entirely above board.

    RD, it is… and… you are. 8 ton is minimum wage for a 75 hour week. As the yanks might say, do the math!

  127. C5

    The taxi inspectors in the square this evening,i was when i could drive right up to eyre square chemist at 5pm in the evening,im usually fighting to get on the rank at garveys. It just goes to show a lot of drivers have something to hide.

  128. Red dennis

    As for wariq working a 20 hour week. Theses individuals know the busy times for example all ireland football/ hurling weekends and you would have to be a fool to think that wariq would finish his 20 hour shift just because he has reached his quote of work hours. These individuals are doing more like 40 hours over a weekend . Rat explain to me how wariq 20 hour working allowance can be monitored? ??????

  129. C5

    That second line was meant to read,i was thinking something was going on when i could drive right up to the Eyre chemist, my phone is being a dick today.

  130. Red dennis

    C5 I was talking to one of those officers last week, as of April 1st they will have new powers of enforcement. He said ” expect to see far more of us in galway ” . He also said 40 drivers were caught in the Connaught region in the past week with as he called it ” dole issues ” .

  131. Ben

    All the tax dodging double jobbers are hiding, whats new. And the illegal foreign vermin with no psv or insurance will be hiding tonight. Scum.

  132. Rat Catcher

    I know a lot of drivers who never bothered getting their meters sealed after their meters had to be reprogrammed even though we got no fare increase. Obviously they have to dodge the TEOs.

    If the man says he works 20 hours per week, that’s good enough for me RD. I certainly wouldn’t accuse him of lying without any evidence. In any event, he could be on duty for as long as you and not clock up 20 hours under the definition of working hours agreed between MABS and BB’s CTA – he is only deemed to be working while he has a fare on board. IMO, we need a more realistic definition of working hours and a foolproof method of enforcing limits for all drivers. That would involve drivers logging in and out via smart meters.

    Double jobbers are generally entitled to tax rebates Ben as they usually pay 5 figure sums under the PAYE system and claim loss relief and wear and tear allowance on foot of their taxi driving.

  133. Rat Catcher

    If we had full time inspectors the men would get their meters sealed and sort out whatever other compliance issues they have. Nobody would pack it in for the sake of 100 notes. For enforcement to be cost effective, illegals need to have a reasonable expectation of getting away with breaking the law. For example, if I got a speeding ticket and penalty points every time I broke the speed limit, I’d stop breaking the speed limit.

  134. Ben

    Illegals are breaking the law, and they are getting away with it. That’s why they continue to break it.
    Total joke that double jobbers can claim tax relief. Going to email revenue right now and ask why that’s allowed. Another slap in the face for full time drivers.

  135. Rat Catcher

    er… ‘cos, unlike the majority of full-time taximen, they pay income tax and lots of it! Losses in trade and capital allowances can be offset against income from any other source.

  136. Rat Catcher

    Why? Lots of businesses lose money in recessionary times. Drivers with other income are likely to be able to ride the storm so to speak. In any event, there is no legal requirement for any business to be profitable. Given the incomes returned by full-time men it seems unlikely that a part-time man could achieve much profit in the current economic climate. Even at the height of the boom one ex-SIPTU TB committee member returned income of less than EUR10k, including income from sources other than his taxi driving!

    The fact is, taximen (like many self-employed individuals) don’t (and never have) contribute(d) a whole lot in the form of income tax so it is silly to think that Revenue would be particularly eager to persecute men who do contribute significant sums to appease us. It’d be like biting the hand that feeds them.

    It is noteworthy that Indecon concluded that it is very difficult to ascertain how much taximen/drivers earn, opting to use data gleaned from surveys in preference to Revenue’s figures. Arguably, what is really required is a smart meter that automatically submits earnings to NTA/Revenue. Interestingly, the Swedish taxation authority concluded (within a report lodged with the EC for universal reference) that tax compliance is far greater among drivers that subscribe to dispatch firms that employ high-tech IT systems.

  137. Rat Catcher

    I don’t run this site for Roy SC, I just amuse meself here, same as the rest of yis. I only have the one income Ben, from my part-time taxi driving.

  138. ger

    Ok boys break over. Back to work. As in bitching at one and other. Very dull round here today. Rat ur first. Ben ur second. Come on lads, im even starting to miss ac and vat man. How sad is that?

  139. Wariq

    Good evening,

    I suppose it’s lucky for me in one way. Although I don’t derive a great deal of profit from the taxi business, after paying the rent to the owner of the taxi, fuel and expenses, I don’t have to declare any tax returns, or haven’t yet.

    According to Mr Singh from whom I have the vehicle, if I own the vehicle I would have to get a tax clearance certificate, TC2, I believe, every year.

    When I rent I only have to make returns every five years, by which time I hope to be gainfully employed back in my country at a facility like these: http://www.iiap.res.in/.

    A job lecturing would, I believe, be a lot less stressful than spending countless hours cruising around the streets of Dublin hoping against hope that I may make enough to pay my house rent, college fees, and cab rent.

    I really understand how difficult it must be for full-time drivers. Trying to provide food, shelter, and warmth, on the meagre income one gets from Ireland’s taxi business must become very trying indeed,


  140. sclass

    Well warig I’m so touched by your sympathy for us full time Irish taxi drivers,I don’t think.
    I suggest you keep your sympathy for the unfortunate little children in India that get thrown out on the street by their poor parents because they cannot afford to feed them so they end up as slave sex workers in that dirty kip that that you came from.So hopefully you will be back there soon to preach about contraception to the low cast that live on the streets all their life and nobody gives a fukk.
    Yet India can afford millions to buy nuclear weapons and fighter jets while their chidren dig on the garbage dump for food.
    What a fukking hell hole .

    By the way Namaste your a paddy haven a Laff.

  141. Rat Catcher

    It’s hard to imagine that you’d be earning enough to pay any income tax Wariq. I know Mr. Singh, he’s a good man, likes his cricket.

  142. Wariq

    Mr Sclass,

    I don’t know the reason for your animosity. I was merely pointing out that, as a student trying to get by, I find it difficult in these economic times, so I can’t begin to understand the hardship a married man with children is going through, but I fully sympathise.

    You must remember, your Government made it quite easy for people like me to drive a cab in Ireland with little or no experience, but must have assumed we are fast learners.

    It should also be taken into account that my fees are in the region of €9,000 per annum, of which, the Government are only too glad to accept.

    I might add that your Colleges travel the world looking for students, and as we all know Universities are, first and foremost, businesses .

    Why we as human beings can’t work in tandem is unfathomable,

    Until next week, I leave you with a thought from Mohandas Gandhi

    “You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty”


  143. Red dennis

    Wariq if this industry was short on drivers than by all means it would be somewhat acceptable that our government would accept foreign drivers. You can see with your own eyes this business is completely oversupplied . You are here to study not to drive a taxi and I don’t beleive that you limit your working week to 20 hours. You have to pay rent on taxi , you have to pay for fuel/ insurance and now you say €9000 student fees??????? And you can do all that on 20 hours taxi work……. BULLSHIT

  144. Rat Catcher

    I’ll give you a laugh Wariq. However easy you think the test was for you, back before the previous regulator, Kathleen Doyle, assumed responsibility for the entrance exam it was controlled and conducted by the Gardai. I did mine back in the early 90s and at the beginning of the “exam” the invigilator (a Garda) told us that we should put up our hands and ask if we needed any help. Having been used to exams conducted by professional bodies I assumed he was referring to procedural matters but no, lads just asked him for the answers ranging from street names to adding up extras on fares… and he answered them all! That was for Dublin which was the most difficult exam. In rural areas, the test was just a few questions at a Garda Station, complex things like what’s your name and where do you live! In those days the entrance exam boasted a pass rate in excess of 95%. Since Ms. Doyle’s intervention it dropped to c.20%.

    Last night was alright up above in Dublin SC. I went out after the darts as usual for me on a Thursday night nowadays. Obviously, I knew the darts was on in Dublin this week so I shot in to the Point and pulled a nice EUR55 job to kick off, finished about 3ish with a nice bitta loot to kick off what should be a reasonable weekend what with pay day for salaried workers and Mother’s Day and all.

  145. Ben

    Rat has just explained why so many foreign vermin operate without any psv licence or insurance. They dont know Ireland, plain and simple. Scum. They just know their local welfare office.

  146. Rat Catcher

    A lot of immigrants hold licences. In recent times a significant proportion of the new licences issued goes to the immigrant community. They are as capable of learning any area as you or I, none of us were born knowing it! Sometimes I think that you just assume that every immigrant you see is unlicenced, Ben. That’d explain why you can’t post details of even one illegal driver operating in Galway.

  147. Rat Catcher

    If Wariq is skimming the cream, like myself, he might clear 9k on a logically defined 20 hour week but there wouldn’t be a whole lot left to feed and clothe himself. However, CTA teamed up with MABS to ensure that drivers like Wariq can work a lot longer than 20 hours as you or I might define 20 hours work RD. I count my hours logically i.e. from the time I leave home to the time I return. In accordance with the MABS/CTA definition (which is obviously the one accepted by NTA/DoT) hours worked only includes time engaged with clients.

  148. Ben

    Rat you are talking immigrant shit as usual. Where were all the vermin this week when inspectors were in Galway. And where were all the part timers like you, dole cheats etc.
    Wariq and all students should be banned from driving taxis. Give full time Irish drivers a chance to make a living.

  149. Red dennis

    Rat as your aware I do 70 hours a week. If i was to count my working week as the amount of time I’ve customers on board it wouldn’t come to 20 . So this just proves my point that wariq and others like him can and do work longer than they’re entitled to. Another example of the bullshit that is this industry.

  150. Red dennis

    Ben like you I’ve worked all this week and it’s just our imagination that the ranks in galway were smaller than usual? The enforcement team themselves can’t wait until April 1 st when they will be allowed to start issuing on the spot fines. Will it make a difference???? . These enforcers know their stuff so hopefully they hit the scum that snatch customers yards away from official ranks.

  151. Rat Catcher

    It’s not longer than they’re entitled to though,RD. That’s why CTA teamed up with MABS to establish the definition i.e. so they would be entitled to… and to claim welfare on top where appropriate.

    I don’t think it’s against the law/regulations to pick up close to an official stand but I’m delighted to hear that you have had a good week in Galway. Let’s hope the illegals don’t/can’t sort out whatever compliance issues they have so your good fortune may continue.

  152. Red dennis

    Ger you know as well as I know there’s a difference between a taxi driving into a spot to pick up a customer than a taxi parked up trying to get a fare to hop into him before getting to a taxi rank.

  153. Red dennis

    Rat a good week in galway? . I worked Monday (10 hours) €100/ Tuesday (10 hours) €110/ Wednesday (9 hours) €55/ Thursday (9 hours) €50 …… The reason Wednesday and Thursday are so bad is because some drivers take Monday and Tuesday off but the place is flooded from Wednesday on. It’s come to the stage I have to bit the bullet and join a company . One things for sure it won’t be a company that puts the cream to the elite drivers and the crumbs to others.

  154. Ben

    Red D be wary of the radio companies, they are all sweethearts clubs. Unless you buy the fags etc for the dispatcher, you will be ignored until they are busy and need your car.
    Also look forward to the new enforcers, might get rid of some vermin and dole cheats.

  155. ger

    Red. Try hailo. Works very well in dublin. 7000 drivers signed up in dublin. Killing the radio companies. They even had a draw over paddys weekend for prizes worth 5grand in cash. Never heard of any of the radio scabs doing that. You have nothing to lose by trying it.

  156. Red dennis

    Ger I’ve been in contact with hailo and they have sent me emails informing me of the areas they are revisiting to take on cars. These local dispatch companies are coming to an end…… Drivers are well aware what’s going on with the “back door calls “. In the future companies will not be able to afford office rent/ dispatchers wages / electricity etc etc . I for one would rather take my chance with a computer system rather than ” 15 stone Mary would is been fed chocolate biscuits and 20 fags by the cute hoor in the minibus”

  157. Rat Catcher

    Nice one RD, you see what I’m up against now… you full-time boys have EUR300+ in your pockets before I even start my week’s work. How can I compete with that?

    I’m not aware of Hailo killing any Dublin dispatch firms but I subscribe myself. It gives us part-timers who couldn’t justify a fixed fee subscription a little bit of wireless work. At 12% commission it is expensive though and you can’t charge the PUC so don’t get too excited! I worked out that if I was paying Hailo rates of commission and dropping the PUC on every fare back when I was full-time and working for a base I would have taken home EUR310/week less on average than with the fixed fee and full fares that applied in the firm I was with.

  158. Ben

    Rat is an expert on the business, he has all the answers and all the figures. Amazing really for a part timer. But that gives him more time to play cricket with his student/scab buddie Wariq .

  159. Rat Catcher

    That was back in 2008, I was full-time then and working for a good base. That’d be about 120 jobs/week off the depot/wireless Ger i.e. EUR240 in PUCs.

    I was a full-timer for 15 years Ben… I’ve forgotten more that most of the unemployable wasters Molloy, Ahern and Harney let in will ever know!

  160. Red dennis

    Rat your missing my point. I took in €315 for a total of 38 hours = €8.28 per hour BEFORE I TAKE EXPENSES OUT. Yet your beloved indecon report that you like to quote says we are making a profit of €10 per hour. To make €10 per hour we would have to be taking in €15 per hour.

  161. Red dennis

    My god rat you and I will have to swap areas. Take in €800 in galway for fri/ sat/ sun ????. Those times are long gone down here. I’m in 2 hours and I’ve done one job for €7. As every hour passes more and more cars will be coming on. Rat Saturday night shift down here you will take in €200 for a 12 hour shift. The big difference between Dublin and galway is the fares. A lot of our fares are €7 or less.

  162. Rat Catcher

    G’way outta that… the salaried workers are nigga rich, mother’s day tomorrow, don’t tell me ya can’t get a score an hour skimming the cream off that lot, I didn’t come down with the last shower!

  163. Ben

    Laura Shatter welcomes another batch of plastic paddies to Ireland. That means more welfare claims, and more social houses for these fukkers. And start printing medical cards, lots of them.

  164. ger

    59 thousand in the last 3 years. Scroungers from all over the world would give their right arm to get to live in treasure ireland. The land of the free FOOKING EVERYTHING. Our own people leave by the planeload and are replaced by these mutts who want everything handed to them,dont spend anything here,milk the system and send all their (taxpayers money) back to the cesspit they came from. Eg. 426 million sent to nigeria every year from this country. No wonder weare fooking broke and STILL borrowing 50MILLION EURO every DAY just to run this dump of a country. This country is gone beyond repair. I look around my city and it makes me want to vomit. We need a politcal party along the lines of the UKIP,to put a stop to this madness. Soon we will be outnumbered in our own country, we already are in the taxi industry.

  165. Red dennis

    Ger you would want to see galway at 11 pm on a sat nite. It’s like the United Nations on the streets . What we have to put up with now is the Indian restaurant workers who finish their shift at 11 and hop into their taxis to do 11 to 5 shift. One thing about these scum is they don’t beleive in queuing up on a rank. No they beleve in snatching customers feet away from official ranks. This is a time bomb ready to explode here. You have full time irish drivers queuing up and we are expected to just take this …… I for one won’t.

  166. Rat Catcher

    To be fair they’re not all scroungers. As RD notes the Injuns working their restaurants and drive cabs to make ends meet. A lot of the Africans do security and/or drive cab/buses. More are doctors, etc…

  167. Red dennis

    Rat these scum are only in our workplace for only 5 hours on a Friday and Saturday . They don’t beleive in joining a rank . I’d love to go into their restaurants and take their tips and see how they react.

  168. Ben

    Rat always defends imported scum, sewer rats, scabs, welfare scammers, social house grabbers, medical card grabbers etc. You need to wake up Rat.

  169. Red dennis

    One thing you can be sure of Ben is next sat nite I ain’t going to be queuing on a legal rank while feet away these scum drive along side and snatch custom from me. I’m sure you know the area I’m on about just outside the ” dew drop inn” . 20 taxis are parked up on a legal rank feet away and what do they do????? Blow their horns at the scum…..

  170. ger

    Those filthbags dont care. Never have and they never will. Global knackers is all they are. Or a nicer way to describe them, dirty,filthy VERMIN..

  171. ger

    Red. I was down in galway the first weekend in jan. The weekend of the BIG storm. I saw what its like there. I walked (staggered) back to the hotel rather than get a taxi with one of those filthbags. It wasnt far,but the point is,i will NEVER get into one of their taxis. Along the way all i could see was taxis with them driving. I was ringing wet when i got back to the hotel. There was only one thing to do. Have more drink,to calm me down. Hell will freeze over……

  172. Red dennis

    Exactly ger you have to see it with your own eyes to pass judgement on it yet rat judges it from Dublin. I had 2 girls down from Dublin for the weekend they couldn’t beleive how quiet the pubs were in galway for Mother’s Day. They said pubs in Dublin would be jammed with women for that day????. It’s like the remaking of the carlsberg ad with all the taxis crawling beside people trying to get them to get into their taxis. I had an Nigerian TAXIDRIVER telling me he is under pressure from ” the elders ” to do things for them here in galway the the doesn’t want to get involved with.

  173. Ben

    I can just imagine what these things are that going on with the vermin. Selling little packets of baking powder from the bogus taxis. Very lucrative indeed.
    Red I don’t believe in the taxi Q if I am going to be there for an hour on more. I tend to cruise and take a chance on a hail. Nearly always get something. Hate to be in a Q with sewer rats.

  174. ger

    We are up to 68,000 now.88 ceremonies. Shatter,who should have fallen on his sword last week, is at it again. This little idiot even got a standing ovation yesterday. And sure why would’nt he? Any other country would have deported these scroungers. And what do we do? Give them all irish passports. A complete joke. This fool needs to step down,he has done untold damage to this country. A disgrace. I will never vote fine gael. In fact i will never vote for any of them. Its ironic that the very poeple who are supposed to protect our borders .ie the garda are down at the convention centre in large numbers,the garda fooking band no less. If they had have doing their job insted of playing with their flutes, we might not be in the mess we are in. We have had no border controls in this country for years. Thats why we were targeted by all these scammers. That and the fact that once you scam your way in here,everything is handed to you and the louder you scream the more you get. Im fooking sick of the whole fooking lot of it.

  175. Ben

    Ger you are 100 % correct, they will take over our country and we will always be broke as a nation because of handouts to them. Borrowing millions every week to house and feed these vermin and then they laugh at us.

  176. Rat Catcher

    Immigrants aren’t confined to Galway Ger. A lot of them drive cabs in Dublin. CTA teamed up with MABS to encourage them to drive cabs and claim welfare but not all are scroungers. As noted, some have second jobs. We live in a multicultural society. Our trade requires no significant investment or skills so is going to attract immigrants who have no qualifications that are recognised within the State.

  177. ger

    You dont say rat. Im from dublin rat, i work dublin rat,im well aware of whats going on in dublin rat. Thanks for your helpful insight rat.

  178. Ben

    Rat is off again about mabs and cta blah blah. You forgot to blame boh boy this time. Where is boh, he is very quiet lately.
    Rat the problem with the Irish taxi industry is too many illegal unskilled vermin welfare fiddlers. And too many home grown scabs.

  179. Rat Catcher

    Why did you have to travel to Galway to appreciate the problem then, Ger? Any time I’m up above in Dublin there are a lot of immigrants driving cabs.

    BB is one of the CTA executives so, of course, he must shoulder blame.

  180. ger

    Rat i went to galway for a weekend. As in a short break. You wouldnt have time, with all your jobs. I dont go out in dublin, its a dirty cesspit.

  181. Rat Catcher

    All what jobs? The only job I have at the moment is as a part-time taxi driver and on the income I get from that I couldn’t afford a holiday. It’s clear that you full-time boys are doing alright, living the high life in the depths of a recession.

  182. Rat Catcher

    Anwaysanall…if you don’t go into Dublin how do you know it’s a cesspit?… and what do you doif a client wants to go up to Dublin? It’s men like you refusing to drive the customers where they want to go that give the whole trade a bad reputation but, what can we do. Molloy, Harney and Ahern saw fit to let the unemployable wasters in, we just have to put up with you and your ilk I guess.

  183. sclass

    Depths of recession Rat ,Last week you said it was picking up.
    Changing the story again.
    From midnight Friday you cannot transfer your plate.
    All agreed by the TAC.

  184. Rat Catcher

    It is picking up, SC, but there’s a long way to go. As previously noted, the recovery is still a tentative process and it’ll take another 4-5 years before we’ll see any real improvement in remuneration… The full-timers are obviously doing alright though if they can take weekends off and go on holidays. A couple of years ago Minister Kelly noted that up to 50% of them were reliant on welfare.

  185. Rat Catcher

    Vegas in January… You must have a fairly lucrative sideline on the go, Ger. Even at the height of the boom an ex-SIPTU TB committee member returned income of less than EUR10k, including income from sources other than his taxi driving.

  186. Wariq

    Hello Comrades,

    Well, if it were not for the Mothers day, I think this weekend would have been a washout.

    I think I might join Hailo, as far as I can gather even someone working a taxi for less than a year is deemed “Professional” according to their literature.

    The reason I say this is, I spotted a Pakistani guy who I know only has an M licence, Shahid Farooq, he works from a takeaway on Dorset Street, now if he can get Hailo work I’m sure I can. We could all do with the extra money.

  187. Rat Catcher

    1200 is all I was offered for my plate a few months back.

    If you don’t mind doing the discounts and doing what you’re told you should join Hailo Wariq. They only require you to be licensed by NTA. If you’re a full-time, professional, single-income, fully-compliant driver (or,if your name is Lar Kelly) you can join cab:app as well. It’s cheaper than Hailo but, AFAIK, it has fukkall work.

  188. Rat Catcher

    They can press cancel if an immigrant is allocated and e-Hail again in a few minutes. I’ve had a couple of clients tell me that’s one of the reasons they use it up above in Dublin i.e. they can be covertly xenophobic.

  189. sclass

    I heard Kelly on Newstalk waffling the same old mantra, 23 in total enforcers for 26 county’s all taxi drivers must have tax clearance certs.
    No mention of ending transfer of taxi license on Friday 4 April
    One of the most important issues that has happened the taxi trade ever.Can you imagine that happening 15 years ago.The times have changed for the worse.By getting away with this the NTA now know for sure that taxi drivers can be repeatedly fukked over.
    Only themselves to blame.

  190. Rat Catcher

    Tax clearance certs cost nothing when ya earn nothing. Personally, I think Hailo’s policy of not getting involved in divisions within the trade has been key to it’s success. It’s up to the Gardai to licence drivers, not Hailo. cab:app, which is very selective in what drivers it hires, has fukall work. Hailo even got the full-timers’ reps to endorse it at the start, ya can’t fault it’s business acumen.

  191. sclass

    Well rat if you admire Hailos so called business acumen. It sums you up.
    They waited till they got three thousand drivers signed and then decided to scrap the PUC. Underhanded scum.

  192. Rat Catcher

    Clients can reject any driver they don’t want to travel with. It was obvious that the PUC was going to be scrapped, SC. Drivers are free to come and go as they wish. To be fair they could charge a lot higher freight, customers love it, as do part-time drivers who couldn’t otherwise afford to subscribe to a dispatch firm. Close the door gently behind you!

  193. Ben

    Scabs love it, thats brillo. Students on stamp 2 visas love it too, the ones who should not be working as self employed taxi drivers. Scumbags renting out taxis to them without asking for any ID.

  194. Wariq

    Well that’s it, I’m now an official Hailo driver. I dealt with that nice guy Bill in their offices. It only took about an hour for Bill to show me how the App’ works, well really 10 minutes, the poor man was run ragged ,answering calls from driver’s who had been deleted for one reason or another

    It’s weird really, hiring me, and firing someone else almost in the same breath.

    From a driver’s perspective, I think they’re only interest in the commission, but at least I can move away from parking on Camden Street.

    Fortunately I keep a low profile in UCD as my department is quite small, so I doubt I’ll be recognised by any of the students who use Halio, let’s hope I don’t tread on anyone’s toes, …especially Bill’s, haha.


  195. Rat Catcher

    If you hold a British passport you are not subject to Visa restrictions, Wariq. A lot of your countrymen are entitled to British passports, dating back to the days of the Empire.

  196. Wariq

    Mr Sclass, FYI, I am currently on International student placement, as and when circumstances change regarding my status- I can invoke my UK passport. Up until now I haven’t need to.

    I have Three and a half years to run on my SPSV licence, therefore I will have graduated and returned home- before- there are any revenue requirements.

    In the meantime my earnings from the convenience store are quite enough to keep the GNBI happy,

    I hope this answers your question, until next week,


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