NTA at the Transport Committee 5th/5th/2014

NTA at the Transport Committee 5th/5th/2014

Part one: Hugh Creggans Opening Speech and some of Deputy Dooleys questions (sorry about all the legal gibberish at the start)

Part two: Dooley completes his list of queries and surprisingly Hugh Creggan answers them fairly candidly, topics include new spec WAT, the TAC, new ranks, transfer rule, six year rule, advertising, knowledge test and more. He also answers questions from more deputies including the inimitable Dessie Ellis

Part three, further questioning and answers from Mr Creggan.


  1. sclass 2 years ago

    Well rat if you admire Hailos so called business acumen. It sums you up.
    They waited till they got three thousand drivers signed and then decided to scrap the PUC. Underhanded scum.

  2. Rat Catcher 2 years ago

    Clients can reject any driver they don’t want to travel with. It was obvious that the PUC was going to be scrapped, SC. Drivers are free to come and go as they wish. To be fair they could charge a lot higher freight, customers love it, as do part-time drivers who couldn’t otherwise afford to subscribe to a dispatch firm. Close the door gently behind you!

  3. Ben 2 years ago

    Scabs love it, thats brillo. Students on stamp 2 visas love it too, the ones who should not be working as self employed taxi drivers. Scumbags renting out taxis to them without asking for any ID.

  4. Wariq 2 years ago

    Well that’s it, I’m now an official Hailo driver. I dealt with that nice guy Bill in their offices. It only took about an hour for Bill to show me how the App’ works, well really 10 minutes, the poor man was run ragged ,answering calls from driver’s who had been deleted for one reason or another

    It’s weird really, hiring me, and firing someone else almost in the same breath.

    From a driver’s perspective, I think they’re only interest in the commission, but at least I can move away from parking on Camden Street.

    Fortunately I keep a low profile in UCD as my department is quite small, so I doubt I’ll be recognised by any of the students who use Halio, let’s hope I don’t tread on anyone’s toes, …especially Bill’s, haha.


  5. Rat Catcher 2 years ago

    Nice one, Wariq. As we’re working for the same dispatch firm now I will acknowledge you next time you wave as our paths cross.

  6. sclass 2 years ago

    Ye nice one Wariq ,Now nip around to Lombard street and fill in the form for a passport for Treasure Island.

  7. sclass 2 years ago

    Lombard street for birth certificates
    Molesworth street for passports.

  8. Wariq 2 years ago

    Thanks for the advice Sclass, but my UK passport is sufficient for Ireland as they are a Eurozone country.


  9. Rat Catcher 2 years ago

    If you hold a British passport you are not subject to Visa restrictions, Wariq. A lot of your countrymen are entitled to British passports, dating back to the days of the Empire.

  10. Ben 2 years ago

    one rat trying to cover for another. Small wonder the biz is fukked.

  11. sclass 2 years ago

    Wariq has a J2 as well as a Brit passport.
    Would you fuk off your a wind up , tripping yourself up with your porky pies.

  12. Wariq 2 years ago

    Mr Sclass, FYI, I am currently on International student placement, as and when circumstances change regarding my status- I can invoke my UK passport. Up until now I haven’t need to.

    I have Three and a half years to run on my SPSV licence, therefore I will have graduated and returned home- before- there are any revenue requirements.

    In the meantime my earnings from the convenience store are quite enough to keep the GNBI happy,

    I hope this answers your question, until next week,


  13. sclass 2 years ago

    Why don’t you drive a London cab or a mini cab .It just proves the stupidity of this country allowing you to obtain a psv.

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