Kelly Elaborates on the Inheritance rule

From the Dail record:

Alan Kelly (Tipperary North, Labour)
The National Transport Authority (NTA) has responsibility for the regulation of the small public service vehicle (SPSV) industry under the provisions of the Public Transport Regulation Act, 2009. Section 15 of the Taxi Regulation Act, 2013 provides for an applicant or holder of a SPSV licence to nominate a representative who may apply to the NTA as the licensing authority, to continue to operate the licence in the event of his or her death. The nominated representative can, within 3 months of the death of the licence holder, make an application to the NTA to continue to operate the licence until expiry and to apply for its renewal upon its expiry.

I don’t see the point in having an inheritance rule when it doesn’t look as though there will ever be a no transfer rule

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45 thoughts on “Kelly Elaborates on the Inheritance rule

  1. Red dennis

    It simple your plate should be yours and yours only. A plate should only be purchased from the NTA after they do a full background check on you. Every taxi should have the photo of its plate owner sealed onto dashboard for the gardai and enforcement officers to check on. You can’t rent a tv licence or a dog licence the same should be done about taxis. The only place a taxi should be rented due to breakdowns is from an NTA approved ” taxi depot” where the revenue could do checks on.

  2. sclass

    One of the Labour party promises before the election was one man one plate.
    But they broke promise.
    The dirty lieing Rats. I’m waiting for them to call to my door.

  3. Wariq

    But surely anyone with the licence fee should be allowed purchase one, Mr Singh said if it were not for the Free market rules he wouldn’t be as successful as he is?

    While I agree I should not be allowed to own a plate, there’s nothing there to say I can’t be “employed” by Mr Singh, say, on a casual basis, making a nonsense of the utterances of your Junior Minister-Mr Alan Kelly.

    I believe Mr Varadkar is keeping this potential hot potato at arms length lest it come back to bite him.

    I think though, he would make a good Prime Minister and would also be a credit to his and mine, ancestral home of India:

    You might even grow to like him:

  4. Ben

    Enjoy your last week or two stealing our living Wariq, your visa restrictions are about to catch up with you and all scabs like you.
    Hopefully the ragbag that rents you the shiteheap with get hammered too.

  5. ger

    varadkar is a gobshite. Kelly is a gobshite. Shatter is a gobshite. And kenny is the king of the gobshites. These filthbag students will just go and rent a shitheap off some filthbag renter. Its like moving the deck chairs on the titanic. Its too fooking late. Its invested. Time to call in rentokill.

  6. ger

    Infested that is. Invested is what i did when i purchesed a taxi licence. That didnt end well. RIP TAXIPLATE. lol. Go away rat. I dont want to know.

  7. Ben

    Rental market has to go, thats a septic tank. Alan Kelly has to go, totally braindead. Varadkar has no interest in the taxi industry. He just wants Kim Jong Kennys job.

  8. Red dennis

    Your right rat rental market ain’t going anywhere. But labour are going the same place as the pds and the greens and that’s the ” graveyard of irish politics” .irish people are sick of their own leaving to get work while they see non nationals receiving medical cards/ housing/ dole/ driving taxis etc etc. the main political parties know this but haven’t the balls to deal with it.

  9. Ben

    Correct Red D we will have a long laugh at Gilmores Gobshites after the next general election. The broken promises party, even the bunny rabbit admits thats what you do to get elected. Some brass necks.
    Immigrants handouts will be an issue at the next election also, Irish people suffer austerity, while the vermin get the cream. Medical cards being taken off genuine sick Irish people, and handed to foreign sewer rats.

  10. Ben

    Scabs, vermin, sewer rats etc wont want to see the rental market banned. Thats how they operate illegally, and pay no tax. Rent for cash, and deal in cash, no receipts, unlikely to be caught. From what i heard today, thats all about to change.

  11. Rat Catcher

    Not my alter ego, if that’s what you’re suggesting. I never type to meself! He seems like a genuine enough fellow to me though, trying to pay his way through college and all.

  12. Paudie

    That fella Wariq is no decent fella, he is another foreign thief. Working as a self employed taxi driver on a student visa, stamp2 i think, is illegal.
    No doubt a rented taxi, like most of them.
    If the renting of taxis was banned completely, people like him would be off the road, where they belong.
    NTA need to take a long hard look at rental market, and accept that its where the illegal people are operating. We had a few try this crap in our area, but we sorted them very quickly. Why dont you Dublin lads do the same, or are ye just a bunch of ould women.

  13. Rat Catcher

    Steady on, Paudie old chap! Illegal is a bit strong. In any event, he is entitled to a British passport if that’s required. Nobody would get away with operating an illegal taxi in Dublin for very long. The lads use the TfI crApp to verify that vehicles are properly licensed and I’m told the Gardai are very diligent in checking immigrants for compliance. I often check the vehicle in front of me on an (unofficial) rank if I don’t know/recognise the driver and I’ve yet to find one unlicensed vehicle. Given that the cost of compliance is so low (in fact we make a few quid by operating our cars as licensed taxis) that doesn’t surprise me in the least. In Galway, Ben reports that there are a lot of illegals but he has yet to post details of even one despite my repeatedly requesting that he do so.

    NTA and Minister Kelly’s review group looked at the rental market and identified a range of measures to enhance compliance and enforcement thereof.

  14. Paudie

    Illegal is the only word to describe that fella, and what you talking about a British passport for. How would that entitle him to drive a taxi as a self employed person in Ireland. Do you want every foreign student in Ireland going out renting a taxi off some gangster.
    Let them not come down here scaring our few tourists away.

  15. Rat Catcher

    The restrictions only apply to non-EEA Citizens. As a British Citizen or with dual citizenship he can work away. A lot of Indians can get British passports.

    It’s not up to you or I to decide who should and shouldn’t drive taxis. That responsibility rests with An Garda Siochana and they have already licensed Wariq and a lot more immigrants.

  16. sclass

    And 6,000 Drivers with criminal conviction. So rat professional compliant driver shouldn’t have any say in who drives a taxi.So why do you use the taxi check.
    Stamp 2 visa holders cannot be self employed.
    The regulations are continually being ignored and broken ,Kelly said it himself, There are drivers out there that should not be driving.
    But he cannot take the license from them.

  17. Rat Catcher

    No,it’s up to the Gardai to make those decisions. Our criminal justice system imprisons criminals who are deemed to be a danger so I wouldn’t be too bothered about the 6,000. They’ve done their time so they’re entitles to a second or third or forth or fifth or sixth or seventh or eighth, ect chance.

  18. Paudie

    Would this be the same corrupt gardai that cancel penalty points for their friends. And the same scumbags that pass information from the pulse system to insurance investigators. All for a nice little cash fee, of course.

  19. Rat Catcher

    Now now, Paudie. It’s easy to criticise but none of us come on to complain when we’re getting tickets,etc fixed ourselves. Corruption is part of our culture.

  20. Paudie

    I have never asked anyone to fix a ticket for me, as you say. Even better, i never got a ticket to fix. Clean slate Rat.
    But i do agree with you that corruption is part of Irish culture.

  21. Rat Catcher

    What I do with my property in the privacy of my own home is my own business, Paudie. I am merely commenting on cultural traits that are common to the Irish and the Nigerians.

  22. Paudie

    Rat is now calling his missus a piece of property. God you are a very strange man. I am sure you are familiar with the term street angel…house devil. Does the cap fit nicely, or do you need a bigger size.

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