Raft of new regulations to be swiftly applied

Raft of new regulations to be swiftly applied

Unusually for the NTA they have announced a suite of new regulations to be applied next month.
(normally they allow at least a 12 month lead in and have a few change of hearts)
Among them the much anticipated no transfer rule as well as:
The removal of self employed student visa holders from their taxis.
15 new enforcers.
Retests for drivers that lack geographical knowledge.
Maximum charge for Credit card transactions (Taxipay to be made illegal?)
Removal of LED displays from rear windows
More requirements to produce/prove tax clearance in place
And many more!

It seems the roof signs of those that don’t play by the rules will be thrown in the Liffey?

Alan and Gerry


  1. Rat Catcher 2 years ago

    Easter weekend is always good for me. Thurs will be busy till 01:30, Friday is usually a day for the wireless work so I’ll be trusting to Hailo this year, Sat will be average and Sunday will be good.

    I’ll probably have the rental for a while, I either have to get mine repaired (it’s a pretty big job) or go through the nonsense of buying another motor and getting it passed out and all that. I’m legally obliged to take all reasonable steps to mitigate loss of earnings so renting is the obvious way to do that. If I didn’t they could dispute any relevant claim, I guess. In any event, I’ve been enjoying driving the cab again and I don’t want to break the habit… and it gets me out of the house without spending any cash!

  2. Rat Catcher 2 years ago

    …. added to that I’ve to visit me doctor and me solicitor tomorrow and Mrs. Catcher needs her car. Funny as it may seem, It costs more to rent a private car than a taxi!

  3. Ben 2 years ago

    Thats because private cars are rented by legit companies, while taxi shit heaps are rented by gangsters. Ever wonder why they can rent cars so cheap ?? Ask where does the money come from to buy them. CAB need to take a long hard look at the rental market.

  4. Rat Catcher 2 years ago

    I have wondered. I considered renting my own out but concluded that it wasn’t worth having some hungry kunnt clocking up millions of miles for the rent I could charge. I guess the economies of scale achieved by large fleets makes it viable. Rates weren’t always so low though, they’ve fallen by 25% since I last rented.

  5. ger 2 years ago

    Ding,Ding Round 72.

  6. sclass 2 years ago

    The enforcers are staying well away from that jungle Harcourt street.
    Not one Gard on it last night .A Gard told me a month ago that they are sick of it. They dont give a fukk..

  7. ger 2 years ago

    Yis must be all busy stuffing ur faces with easter eggs. I need my daily fix of ding dongs. Ben,is it true that you have adopted an african family and their goat? I always knew you had a good heart.

  8. Ben 2 years ago

    Ger who told you my little secret

  9. ger 2 years ago

    Ur man up above in dublin in the rental. He told me.

  10. sclass 2 years ago

    Rat is busy out skimming the cream .
    He has to get the freight for the renting scum .
    And then skim some cream for himself.

  11. Ben 2 years ago

    oh yeah rent a reck

  12. Rat Catcher 2 years ago

    Not only skimming the cream, SC. I didn’t watch the darts last night, started at 7ish ‘cos of the midnight pub closing time. Anyway the rent is more or less covered so pure profit for rest of the weekend!

    I think my solicitor will be agreeing the settlement figures for me own yoke on Tuesday. Looking at the numbers I reckon I’ll get her repaired and save all the hassle of shopping for another one and all the tests and shite that goes with that so if ya hear of the back half of an MK II Octy up for grabs let me know!

  13. sclass 2 years ago

    That’s a popular car ,get on the lappy for car dismantling,

  14. Rat Catcher 2 years ago

    I was joking really. There might be some scope for using second hand parts (e.g. bumper, tailgate) but the quarter panels and boot floor have to be new, so I’m told. The other thing I’m told is that Skoda parts aren’t particularly expensive anyway so there doesn’t seem to be much scope for savings, all told.

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