Raft of new regulations to be swiftly applied

Unusually for the NTA they have announced a suite of new regulations to be applied next month.
(normally they allow at least a 12 month lead in and have a few change of hearts)
Among them the much anticipated no transfer rule as well as:
The removal of self employed student visa holders from their taxis.
15 new enforcers.
Retests for drivers that lack geographical knowledge.
Maximum charge for Credit card transactions (Taxipay to be made illegal?)
Removal of LED displays from rear windows
More requirements to produce/prove tax clearance in place
And many more!

It seems the roof signs of those that don’t play by the rules will be thrown in the Liffey?

Alan and Gerry

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268 thoughts on “Raft of new regulations to be swiftly applied

  1. Roy Post author

    Creggan said They hope to incentivise NEW drivers to enter the WAT fleet, but no indication of how/when and how much that will be

  2. Rat Catcher

    I’d say Jerry’s fukking that sign in the Liffey ‘cos Macken can’t keep his mouth shut. Since he was put on TAC the lads on the ranks know what’s going down before the ink is dry!

    Taxipay will just have to alter it’s fee structure, passing the balance it requires on to the driver. However, there’s a lot of cheaper and more technologically options available to drivers these days.

  3. Paudie

    Barry bless your self that you got out. Now be very clever and stay out. Its a mugs game. More access cars coming on, where is the work for them.

  4. Ben

    No not morbid, just realistic. How can there be any hope for this business with all the crap thats going on. Already too many taxis everywhere, and now Mr Shit For Brains Kelly is going to flood the country with cheapie access cars.
    If you know any reason why we should be optimistic, kindly share it with us.

  5. Rat Catcher

    Not morbid… yis are bleedin’ suicidal… Aren’t ya alive and earning a few notes. Sure Ger’s even taking holidays and all. Yis are lucky yis weren’t around in the 80s, yis wouldn’t have survived!

  6. ger

    Rat old chap, i need a holiday or two every year . Im not a slave. I expect and deserve a decent weeks pay for a decent weeks work. Everybody does. I dont get to go on the long haul holidays anymore, but when this turnaround in the economy that you keep harping on about happens, then i think i might go on a world tour. Cant wait. Gilmore might even be running the country then. lol.

  7. ger

    And before you go off on a rant about the slave word, im not saying you called me a slave. I seem to remember the slave word caused murder here for weeks on end not to long ago.

  8. Ben

    I was around in the 80’s, and yes I did survive . They were tough times. Look forward to this pick up in the economy to talk about.

  9. Red dennis

    Roy this is about our working conditions as full time TAXIDRIVERS. In the year 2014 drivers shouldn’t have to be working 70 hours plus per week . Minister Kelly said ” I want to help full time TAXIDRIVERS” ….. He said this because he knew drivers personally who worked those hours and he found it unacceptable. We all know what could be done to improve our situation but all we are getting is talk. It’s ok for the likes of rat who can do 25 hours per week and make a wage from this but not all of us can. All we have asked for is a level playing field but we have been let down by politicians from all parties.

  10. Rat Catcher

    Ger, much as I hate to use obscenities might I suggest that you get a job if you want a wage. Expecting a middle class income from a trade that requires no investment or skills is a tad optimistic, old bean! However, men (including myself) are achieving minimum wage or thereabouts even in these tough economic times. Arguably, that’s commensurate with the skills/capital we invest.

    Give it 4-5 years, Ger. I would hope that we will see more money being put into taxpayers’ pockets over the next couple of budgets as Govt seeks to maximise the feelgood factor in the run up to the next general election. There is, however, the danger that NTA will seek to increase fares before that. Such a move could amount to quite a severe setback, as proved to be the case in 2008.

  11. Rat Catcher

    RD, I don’t make much of a wage but I’m resigned to accepting the trade for what it is. Mrs. Catcher earns a reasonable salary and I pickup other bits of work from time to time so I can get by without earning a whole lot from my cab. Full-time, single-income, fully-compliant, professional taxi drivers are entitled to quite generous welfare payments on a means tested basis. Minister Kelly noted that up to 50% of such drivers receive such payments. It is noteworthy that hundreds of thousand of families have to make ends meet on welfare alone i.e. with no taxi driving income.

  12. Red dennis

    Rat it’s one thing doing a job for 25 hours per week and accepting the industry for what it is compared to having to work 70 hours in the same industry . Your well aware of the situation but your one of the ” I’m all right jack fxxk the rest of ye” …. A bit like your friends at the top table of labour that look down at the frontline gobshites that canvass for them to get their heads in the troughs.

  13. Ben

    Its a sad situation when so many full time taxi drivers have to rely on welfare top ups to make ends meet. If that does not tell Kelly the business is septic, then he is even more stupid than i thought previously. Yes its way past time for him to go.

  14. Rat Catcher

    Not according to me, SC. I’ve never ventured a guess at how many have other jobs/income streams (not all double jobbers are PAYE) but I’d say it’s a lot more than 50%. It was Minister Kelly that said up to 50% of full-time, single-income, fully-compliant, professional taxi drivers claim welfare legitimately. BBs CTA teamed up with MABS to advertise the trade as a source of extra pocket money for welfare recipients so I guess he’d be best positioned to put a number on it.

  15. Rat Catcher

    RD, ya come on here with bullshit facts and figures like spending EUR200 on diesel, resting on ranks between jobs and not earning anything… I appreciate the perceived need for propaganda but try to make sense man.

    We’ve just had a review and got another set of stickers. That’s it for the next decade. You can either accept it for what it is and make it work for you, or not. As Minister Dempsey told us a few years back things aren’t going to get better for taximen/drivers until/unless the economy recovers. No amount of whinging on blogsis gonna change that.

  16. Red dennis

    Accept it rat irish style ???? Like the Garda whistleblowers were told to accept it???? Like the CEO of rehab on €234000 per year told us to accept it???? Of course rat we should sit back and accept it .

  17. sclass

    I agree with Rat that whinging blogging will / has changed nothing
    We now know for sure that taxi drivers are prepared to take it up the swiss roll without any protest what so ever. The NTA have put the final nail in the coffin by the prohibition of transfer of license.
    I know the plates had no value. And never ever will again.
    I have my plate since 1984 and now it’s gone,
    All respect has been removed from the taxi trade.
    Flushed down the toilet never to return.

  18. Rat Catcher

    Let’s hope the ongoing court case sees you adequately compensated for the loss in value your plate suffered on entry liberalisation, SC.

  19. Red dennis

    Like all traders rat ???? What hours do these traders work rat ??? By law 40 hours per week rat. Their working conditions are protected and in the year 2014 so should ours. I thought you were a labour man rat and a socialist. But the Labour Party that was founded on the backs of the working class is nothing. Like gilmores labour.

  20. Rat Catcher

    They no laws covering self-employed. Plenty of small shop keepers work 12 hours a day 7 days a week with no holidays. Did they find any need/time to whinge on tinternet about it, do they fukk!

  21. Red dennis

    Do those small traders have ” foreign students” that are here to study opening up stores for 20 hours a week like in our industry???? . It was your man Kelly who was on the media trial waffling his bullshit about going to change this industry.

  22. Red dennis

    As for been self employed??? Government policy has created this environment that makes us full time drivers work these hours. I’m sure Ben/ ger / Sclass and others don’t want to work extremely long hours but this has been forced on us by Fianna Fáil and the pds and now by the coalition .

  23. Rat Catcher

    I’d rather have a foreign student doing 20 hours on a car than a full-time, single-income, fully-compliant, professional taxi driver doing 75 hours on the same car. Ahern, Harney and Molloy saw fit to open up the trade to any unemployable waster with a ton to invest. They also privatised the semi-States so the options for said unempolyable wasters are somewhat limited. We got away with it for 8 years courtesy of the Celtic Tiger but the writing was on the wall for a long time. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, you can’t expect a middle class income from a trade that requires no significant investment or skill. Anyone who’s thick enough to think you can needs to look in the mirror for someone to blame.

  24. Red dennis

    Rat what’s a middle class income in your eyes??? And while your at it what would you expect to earn for 50 hours driving a taxi …… AFTER YOU TAKE OUT TAXI EXPENSES?.

  25. Rat Catcher

    I guess EUR500 would be reasonable for 50 hours in the current economic climate given the lack of skills/investment required. That’s a little over minimum wage. Ger’s annual January trips to Vegas are certainly indicative of the kind of middle class lifestyle that we could all aspire to during the Tiger years. But I don’t see why you’re bothered about what I think or what others earn. If you can’t make it pay for you it’s time to move on, simple as. By hanging on you’re only depressing Roy with your constant tales of woe.

  26. Red dennis

    So to make €500 wages a driver would have to take in a minimum of €800 . Therein lies the problem . Rat that’s why drivers in galway have to do the 70 hours a week. As for depressing Roy …. Let’s just say he ain’t on my radar.

  27. sclass

    Just reading on the journal dozens of retired civil servants receiving pensions worth over €100,000.
    So how can they justify giving €220 to a pensioner that has paid stamps all their life. FFS.
    That is not right. When are we going to reck the kip.
    The Irish people are sheep.

  28. Ben

    Agree with SC, its time to wreck the kip. Too much watse by politicians. That scumbag Laura Shatter brought 2 cops to Mexico for his junket, plus his wife, and private secretary. How much did that cost ?
    Those pensions made my blood boil when i read it earlier today. All we get is austerity. And then foreign vermin get free houses and medical cards.
    Its time for action peoples. And Roy can apply for a medical card, and get free meds like all the vermin.

  29. Red dennis

    Ben don’t get angry ….. As rat says ” we should just take it”. I’m in since 2 and I’ve 3 fares done €4.50 / €4.70/ €4.90 = €14 for 4 hours= €3.50 per hour before expenses. Rat says we should earn €10 per hour after expenses????? We both know what’s going to happen on Friday….. Ya the scum come out to take the cream.

  30. Rat Catcher

    I don’t think there’s even enough full-timers left in the game to block Air Square and bring Galway Village to a standstill. Even the Great blockade of O’Connell St only attracted a handful of drivers and they were drawn from allover the country.

  31. Ben

    Air Square ?? Oh Jaysus now he is insulting our city as well as us.
    Even though he has a point about full time drivers. Its all scabs like Rat, and foreign vermin with rented and borrowed shiteheaps.
    We might even have a few ragbags like Wariq on the stamp 2 visa illegal taxi business. And no tax being paid. Absolute fithbags.
    RD you are right, i wont get angry but i will get even at election time. And thats much sweeter.

  32. Rat Catcher

    Christ, RDs off again… your meter must be running backwards if your using a deuce in juice and resting on the rank between jobs. If ya can’t clear a tenner an hour you’re doing something wrong. Get a better wireless or up your bribes to the base staff… and come back with some happy news for a change!

  33. Red dennis

    Rat I’m my own man I don’t depend on my wife to carry me tru life. It’s a wonder you get a chance to post so often with those apron strings on ya. Your a modern man alrite …. At home on the internet while the missus does the work.

  34. Ben

    Nice one RD poor Rat is depressed house husband. But she allows him out for a game of darts one night a week. Pure wimp.
    Rat you just repeat the same shite over and over again. That story about the 10k tax is played out.
    Ask your hard working missus to think up something new for you.

  35. Rat Catcher

    We all do that, Ben. Sure ya can leave the blog alone for a couple of years and rejoin the conversation where you left off. BB doesn’t like dispatchers, you don’t lime immigrants, RD can’t earn a shilling… or, maybe he can? Going by your whinging on here, RD, I contribute more to my household than you to yours, financially and personally. I haven’t played darts competitively for years, Ben. I watch it on TV on Thursday evenings.

  36. Red dennis

    At last Ben we now know why Rat works 25 hours a week driving a taxi…… He has to wait til the boss comes home to unlock the chains. What’s that smell rat??????? I think you have burnt the queens dinner?????

  37. Ben

    No dinner ready, she will kill him. Rat you talked several times here about playing your darts on thurs night, and off you go in your scab cab to steal full time drivers wages. What a fool and a liar. Put your apron on and wash the dishes.

  38. Rat Catcher

    No, I watch the darts on Sky Sports on a Thursday evening and start my weeks cab driving when it’s finished, usually between 22:30 and 23:00. Fool I will take as a compliment from a moron like you but a liar I am not.

  39. barry

    #sclass I was posting tongue in cheek.

    As for lads receiving “help” from welfare while still working, dont make me laugh. I can speak with some authority on that matter and I’ll say it again. Dont make me laugh.

  40. Rat Catcher

    BB reported that CTA were very successful in getting welfare for taxi drivers. When Minister Kelly talks of 50% of full-time taxi drivers legitimately claiming welfare I don’t think you need a lot of imagination to know which 50% he’s talking about.

  41. Rat Catcher

    Only ‘cos the full-time, single-income, fully-compliant, professional taxi drivers’ rep asked them too… and yisser wonder why yisser will always be at the ed of the food chain. Gun… Unemployable wasters… foot!

  42. Roy

    The death transfer is a separate issue rat and applies to us all only fair it should apply to company owners too, we have the muppet rep bodies to thank for that

  43. john m


    The taxi industry is a sponge for mopping up unemployable workers .Most taxi drivers have other qualifications and since the collapse of the Building industry a lot of people have migrated into it there is no great demand for 40+ building workers .It also attracted migrants just like it does the world over.Previously the ultra left wing political party the PDs (you might be surprised to see them refereed to as ultra left and not right wing) deregulated the industry to allow access for the unemployable worker .This required the minimum amount of knowledge to pass the test .If you read all the questions first before starting to answer the paper contained all the answers eg question 7 how do you get from Dail Eireann on Kildare Street to Arus an Uchtarain on Chesterfield Avenue .Then questions 30 and 47 are on what street is Dail Eireann and on what road is the Arus .

    Previously Charlie Mc Creevie wanted to decentralise some public service offices throughout the country .This was to allow for the employment of the unemployable in the public service .local councils were a great source of employment for the unemployable .Sean and Pat were brothers who were employed in Urlingford as road sweepers Sean Swept one side of the town and Pat did the other When I say town I mean Main Street.The job required great skill and dexterity .Starting at 8 oc you had to hide your cart up a side street as you would be blocking the footpath of the kids on their way to school .At about half nine after slipping home for the breakfast you would sweep a bit of the road .Lunchtime the kids were out and you had to once again hide the cart up a side street and head off into the bookies shop to put on your bet .Then head home for the dinner back to work at about two .Do a bit of picking up chip wrappers and Coke bottles then start to head back to the Depot .Now Pat ans Sean were employed and getting just about the same as they would on the Dole if you include rent subsidies ,Medical Cards and free education .

    Taxi driving has absorbed the unemployable all over the country

    So your assumption that the taxi industry is oversupplied has no merit .Let me explain from a socio economic perspective about 60% of workers contribute nothing to society they have to be absorbed into the Public and Civil Services or local councils but with cutbacks to funding this has become harder .Take for instance young Dillice O Keeffe she works down the dole her skill set is to collect signatures her mantra is sign there .She has no role in fraud detection or finding work for people that task is covered by the people on the next floor If she looses her job all she can do is try to collect celebrity signatures and sell them on e bay .So from the prospective of the Economist the Taxi industry has not yet reached saturation point as long as there are unemployable workers seeking jobs .

  44. Rat Catcher

    The smi-states have been privatised so the options are limited for unemployable wasters these days. As the free marketeers like to remind us, it’l lfind it’s own level i.e. if men can’t make a few notes driving a cab they won’t do it. Of course, that is distorted to some extent by the do-gooders like BB and his so called rep body who won’t be happy ’till every immigrant in the country is driving a cab and claiming welfare.

  45. john m

    Its strange Rodent the amount of drivers who complain that they have a job. Before dereg they would of been immigrants themself in England and never thought anything of it .

  46. Rat Catcher

    There’s not that many whinging these days, only the handful that come on here really. Over on Spookies Forum the mood is generally a lot more upbeat. Most drivers (including men with families to feed) seem content with their lot and some have even suggested that they are earning more than they did in their previous employments with the added benefits of being their own boss.

  47. john m

    You have to admire Minister Kelly and the way he is looking after the country residents .Lads that were let go from their hedge cutting or road sweeping jobs with the council can now get the dole and run their own motor as a rural hack .They can even save on the road tax .

  48. Rat Catcher

    Minister Kelly’s perfomance has been good across the board really. OK, he didn’t do a whole lot for the taxi trade but, realistically, there wasn’t a lot left to do after the reforms implemented by Kathleen Doyle on Minister Dempsey’s watch and he didn’t remove any of the artificial barriers to entry/participation implemented within that process… well, apart from lowering the WAV standard and creating the Local Area Hackney licence.

    Outside of the taxi trade we have seen progression of projects that will greatly enhance public transport as a whole. The bicycle rental scheme is being expanded, quality bus corridors are being enhanced and the LUAS is being extended… to mention but a few. It is extremely encouraging that these things can be done despite the economic crises inherited from the previous Administration.

    Vote Labour!

  49. john m

    Did Minister Kelly do anything about integrating taxies into the transport infrastructure .Simple things like taxi ranks .I know he gave out bundles of different stickers but in real terms what new rules regulations added to our earnings ?

  50. Rat Catcher

    No he didn’t erm. I think it would be good if the public transport app could include a facility to to e-Hailo taxis. Obviously, we’d have to pay a little bit more in licence fees but the technology could greatly enhance compliance/enforcement of the same and full-timers would save money that they currently pay to commercial firms that provide the infrastructure.

  51. john m

    Ben it depends how you look at it .kelly done a lot for the taxi drivers .He made sure nobody lost their job and at the same time opened up the door for new entry with dirt cheap second hand WATs and rural hacks for the lads down the country who cant scrape togeather the price of a reasonable motor.You all voted Labour so what did you expect.That a Labour Minister was going to force men out of work?

  52. Ben

    I have never voted for Labour in my life, and never will. If we think the business is in a mess now, just wait until all these cheapie wat,s arrive.
    And the fools that buy the rural hacks will quickly realise that their is no work in the sticks, so they will come into towns moonlighting at busy times.
    Well done Stickers.

  53. john m

    Got it in one Ben the whole thing was a bottle of smoke .The ban on new saloon licences was just to promote WATs A WAT is cheaper than a saloon car and has a longer shelf life .You will probably see the WAT fleet grow by about 200 vehicles a year year on year .Depending on the standard set for WATs the renters will invest in them as they will command good rental at weekends especially outside Dublin .

  54. Red dennis

    Ben picture galway races when you have the rural hacks in ” sure I’m only in to pick up Johnjoe coming home to the sticks”…..ya right. I’m sure the enforcement team will be in to police it….. Will they fxxk when the gardai will just want the city emptied ASAP .

  55. Rat Catcher

    To be fair, there hasn’t been any applications for Local Area Hackney licences to date. The application procedure is quite cumbersome and WAVs are relatively expensive so I’d say most new entrants will just rent a taxi/plate.

  56. john m

    Second hand WATs are cheap enough .You start with a 6200 yoyo credit as you dont need a saloon licence .You could be on the road for about 8 large .

  57. Rat Catcher

    You can rent for EUR120/week with no commitment and no need to pay while on holiday or when you don’t want a week or two off. At EUR8k you’d need to be saving the guts of EUR120/week to cover vehicle replacement/maintenance/licence fees/taxi equipment/etc and you’d be putting a lot more in the tank than you would with a saloon car.

  58. sclass

    For a European capital city Dublin is grossly over suppliMuppetshead of population.
    Rat you are besotted with that lieing weasel Kelly and his power before people party.
    You are also delusional if you belive he has done anything for the taxi trade.did he fukk.
    The so called taxi bill is a crock of shit.
    Notting has changed since the RTE Primetime scandal.
    Stop talking shit about fulltime drivers making a living. They are if they work totally illegal unnatural hours.
    Why would a PAYE part timer complain
    Why would a driver in receipt of welfare complain FFS.
    Until the oversupply is tackled seriously by the quango muppets
    And not waiting for years for drivers to die.
    It will NOT change .The taxi game is down the shit hole.
    Where the Labour will end up shortly.

  59. Ben

    You are right john m its just more bullshit from Mr Stickers.
    Red D wait til you see the bus park at ballybrit this year. All the hacks will be there, all pre booked of course. But they might just fit you in at a price !!
    And then down to supermacs in the square for more bookings.

  60. john m

    S class nothing will happen as drivers die off .It then once again becomes profitable to invest in a cheap WAT.As I said “.kelly done a lot for the taxi drivers .He made sure nobody lost their job and at the same time opened up the door for new entry with dirt cheap second hand WATs and rural hacks for the lads down the country who cant scrape togeather the price of a reasonable motor.You all voted Labour so what did you expect.That a Labour Minister was going to force men out of work? Remember that the taxi troika of unelected entities can release saloon plates again any time they like .

  61. Ben

    That was always Dolyes excuse for doing nothing. Not her REMIT. In other words fukk off and dont bother me.Saloon plates will be released again in time. Whenever they need a few bob, they will start selling. And nothing we can do about it.

  62. Rat Catcher

    To be fair, Ms. Doyle introduced a range of artificial barriers to entry/participation, Ben. As a result of the same numbers have reduced very significantly.

    What I said in relation to Minister Kelly’s contribution was:

    “Minister Kelly’s perfomance has been good across the board really. OK, he didn’t do a whole lot for the taxi trade but, realistically, there wasn’t a lot left to do after the reforms implemented by Kathleen Doyle on Minister Dempsey’s watch and he didn’t remove any of the artificial barriers to entry/participation implemented within that process… well, apart from lowering the WAV standard and creating the Local Area Hackney licence.”

    I’m at a loss in figuring out how you equate that to me saying he has done anything for the trade?

    I also said:
    ” Over on Spookies Forum the mood is generally a lot more upbeat. Most drivers (including men with families to feed) seem content with their lot and some have even suggested that they are earning more than they did in their previous employments with the added benefits of being their own boss.”

    You read Spookie’s forum so you know that is accurate.

  63. Rat Catcher

    Oh, sorry SC… no full-time men works illegal hours. There are no relevant restrictions on self-employed men. Some hungry kuntts, like RD, do work dangerous hours.

  64. Red dennis

    Rat you think I work dangerous hours by doing 10 hours a day 7 days a week????? You would want to see the lads who work 16+ hours 7 days a week down here. I work the 1st four days to cover my taxi expenses. Maybe I should just work one more shift and have a wage of €150 to cover my household bills???. This business is in the gutter because of part timers/ pension holders/ visa holders / illegals and poor enforcement .

  65. Ben

    Rat is off again,same old storey. Artificial barriers blah blah. puke. And you are a scab, don’t talk shit about drivers hours. You and your type are the real problem.
    Stickers Kelly did nothing for taxi drivers ya moron.

  66. Ben

    Red D what about all the scabs coming out of boston sci, medtronic, army barracks etc, roof signs onto scab cabs and straight to job number 2. They sleep in the cars on the rank, total disgrace to the business. Rat wont accept that happens of course.

  67. Red dennis

    Ben when things were good pre 2008 I only worked 5 shifts. It wasn’t about the money ,but you could take time off and be the other side of the counter ,but today day drivers are staying on longer, and night drivers are coming in earlier , to try to hit targets but all it means is longer waiting time between jobs. A perfect example of why Dublin and galway differ is …… Expert taxis in Dublin don’t do ” fixed fares” yet in galway they have taken over a company and do “fixed fares”….. Why?????? Because the marketplace is different…

  68. Red dennis

    But Ben we have to give a chance for ” da stickers” to work . There must be a built in device in ” da stickers” that Kelly is able to activate from the Dáil bar to stop these lads double jobbing.

  69. Rat Catcher

    I don’t understand why you have double jobbers in Galway. By your figures they couldn’t possibly make any profit, RD. We need to figure out why the Citizens of Galway don’t trust the full-time men. Working 70 hours per week is extremely dangerous. It’s only a matter of time before you or your ilk kill someone and I, for one, hope you/they get charged with murder when it happens.

    To be fair, Ms. Doyle introduced a range of artificial barriers to entry/participation, Ben. As a result of the same numbers have reduced very significantly.

    What I said in relation to Minister Kelly’s contribution was:

    “Minister Kelly’s perfomance has been good across the board really. OK, he didn’t do a whole lot for the taxi trade but, realistically, there wasn’t a lot left to do after the reforms implemented by Kathleen Doyle on Minister Dempsey’s watch and he didn’t remove any of the artificial barriers to entry/participation implemented within that process… well, apart from lowering the WAV standard and creating the Local Area Hackney licence.”

    I’m at a loss in figuring out how you equate that to me saying he has done anything for the trade?

    It’s funny that you think things would get better if I worked longer hours, you halfwitted moron.

  70. sclass

    Rat your winding me up just mentioning that ignorant Kunnt Doyle.
    She refused to listen or talk to anyone because she believed she knew it all.when in fact she knew fukkall.
    A dopamine junkie fed by the power Dempsey irresponsibly gave her.

    I’ll hate that kunntt till the day I die.

  71. Ben

    Thats it Red Kelly is in the dail bar skullin cheap or free pints of porter and monitoring us culchies.
    Rat is off again, broken record. Artificial barriers, i can hear it in my sleep now.
    Now if working 7 days, 10 hours max per day, is dangerous, what do you call what that foreign scumbag scab kennedy of dublin bus fame does.
    10 hours in the bus, followed by 10 hours in the scab cab. Time to drive home after work, get a good nights sleep (2 hours maybe) and be fresh as a daisy in the morning to greet his dublin bus passengers.
    Good morning peoples, i feel a little tired today baby was crying all night. If you see me dozing off and heading for a lapmpost, please shout stop.
    Otherwise bus will cruise on auto pilot while i eat my jumbo breakfast roll.

  72. Rat Catcher

    Surely bus drivers don’t do 10 hour shifts. As you are aware that was the most sensational week from all the weeks RTEs investigators tailed Kennedy but he shouldn’t be allowed work those hours either. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

    I don’t know how you can think that, SC. Ms Doyle is the only person in authority that ever listened to taxi drivers. During the review that resulted in publication of progressing quality improvement she met with every taxi driver that requested a meeting. That review resulted in the introduction of a number of artificial barriers to entry/participation, including:-

    – the new Skills test for new entrants
    – the temporary moratorium on the issue of saloon plates
    – the three year rule
    – significant increase in driver licence renewal fees

    All of these measures have helped reduce numbers and they have all been retained by Minister Kelly.

    I don’t believe anyone in authority will ever listen to drivers again. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, as drivers we are neck down men.

  73. john m

    Its Wednesday night stick your hand in your pocket and count how much you have .My mate Martin is going home now that the match is over .He borrowed a tenner for two pints .He works 37 hours a week and comes out with 373 yoyo a week .Anybody want to swap jobs?

  74. Ben

    Rat will you shove your artificial barriers and 3 year rule up your arse SIDEWAYS.
    That prime time show summed up the taxi industry to perfection. Scabs putting peoples lives at risk.
    I am a full time driver, i did a long run early today, 394 klms to be exact. But i am not greedy or a potential killer, like Kennedy.
    I am going to bed for a good sleep now, and wont fall asleep on a rank tomorrow. Like some people.

  75. Red dennis

    In the pub on a Wednesday for 2 pints and watch utd????? I haven’t been in a pub since Xmas. Can’t afford the pub. God ye dubs are cleaning up. No wonder the pubs in Dublin are jammed every weekend with the 02 aviva Croke park etc etc.

  76. Rat Catcher

    To be fair, you couldn’t make a shilling in a mint, RD.

    Nice one, Ben. However, we can’t count on long runs on a regular basis so the artificial barriers to entry/participation are definitely required and, to be fair to Ms. Doyle, they have proved to be very effective in reducing the size of the fleet and the number of licensed drivers. To Minister Kelly’s credit, he left all of the artificial barriers in place.

  77. sclass

    The fleet reduced by 6000 for the 26 county’s since 2008 . Get a grip Rat.
    The fleet needs to be reduced by 50% to make it viable.
    You’ve got a hard on for that Doyle kunnt Rat.

  78. Rat Catcher

    I guess it depends what you consider viable. I can make a small profit from doing c.25 hours per week. As you know, men on Spookie’s forum found it incredible that some full-time men claim not to earn enough to pay USC and others report that they get more from cab driving than they earned in their previous jobs. I don’t think we will ever return to the days when we could support middle class lifestyles but minimum wage is certainly attainable, even in the current economic climate, if you work the right hours and it will improve in the next 4-5 years…. Lower your expectations for the time being is probably the best advice.

    Of course I am grateful to Ms. Doyle for the efforts she made. I was lucky enough to get away from the trade completely for over a year and things had improved considerably on my return on Feb 1st last. That improvement is entirely down to the artificial barriers to entry introduced by Ms. Doyle. Minister Kelly is to be congratulated for leaving those barriers in place despite the obvious right wing influence FG bring to Govt.

  79. Ben

    Varadkar and Kelly are at war, i knew it would happen. Railways are the problem, especially all the waste in Kellys area. Kelly wants them kept open and running at all costs, even though some are only carring about 70 people a day. But they are in Kellys patch, and good for votes. Tipperary and Limerick have too many rural trains says Varadkar, costing to much.Close them down he says. This storey will rumble on for a while. Chooo…chooo…

  80. Red dennis

    Wait Ben until Phil hogan gets shafted for the European Commissioner job and Kenny has to give it to a labour td in payback for labours support of shatter in recent vote. Cracks will widen after local/ euro elections and that’s why varadkar is up on his high horse as he knows what’s coming down the line.

  81. Rat Catcher

    Let’s hope they sort their differences out and get back on track soon. Public transport has been one of the success stories of the coalition, to date.

  82. Ben

    Public transport apart from taxis, thats is what you mean Mr Rat.
    Red you are sharp that spotted that coming. Well said and very likely. Big Phil will be rippin up our septic tanks in temper.

  83. Rat Catcher

    To be fair, there wasn’t a lot he could do for taxi drivers that Kathleen Doyle hadn’t already done and he did retain all of the artificial barriers to entry that Ms. Doyle gave us. MPOs can’t complain, having been given effective control of entry and illegals will benefit from significantly reduced fines. Double jobbers, pensioners and other part-time amateur drivers will be happy that no reforms hamper their participation to any significant extent and the immigrants will be happy that they are allowed to continue in the trade. Men that are qualified to work several areas were allowed keep that privilege. It’s not all about full-time, professional, single-income, single-area, fully-compliant owner drivers. We are a diverse lot with competing ideas and interests.

    From the consumer perspective, for the most part taxis are still readily available and Minister Kelly has done all he can to encourage increased supply where unsatisfied demand is apparent, particularly through the cheaper WAT scheme and the Local area Hackney scheme.

  84. Red dennis

    Phil ” the enforcer” hogan will be livid. The ” dublinites” in Fianna Gael will be loving it and that’s why their poster boy Leo is on the media trial. The dubs hate the thoughts of a west of Ireland Taoiseach . As the cutest of politicians said ” it ain’t the opposition you have to keep an eye on it’s your own in the party” .

  85. Rat Catcher

    He’s half Irish by parentage and wholly Irish by accident of birth so no worries on that score, he could even drive a cab part-time if he wanted to. I’ve noticed an increasing number of mixed race couples exiting nightclubs such as the Wright Venue in recent times. It seems inevitable that some of these encounters will produce offspring.

  86. Ben

    Veruka will shaft Kenny first chance he gets. Obvious he wants the top job. But he is not Irish, so no vote here. Buy Irish. Don’t want any mixed bag running my country.

  87. john m

    Hey Rodent according to the papers . Ireland’s economy will expand by 3.5 per cent this year, its fastest rate of growth in seven years, on the back of a resurgence in domestic demand and another strong performance in exports, the ESRI has said. Do you think its time that drivers got a fare increase or should we wait for another 5 or 6 years .Im sure the x lounge boy on the TAC will be waiting on you to advise him

  88. Rat Catcher

    I’d say Minister Varadkar’s seat is safe enough anyway, Ben.

    I’d say we will get a fare increase this year, erm. In fact I’m not going to bother getting my meter sealed ’till after the fare review, if at all. However, the prudent course of action would be to hold off for another couple of years. The economic indicators are good, none more so than our exiting the bailout, but we still have a huge national debt so recovery is a tentative process. What we need to see before increasing fares is money being put back into taxpayers’ pockets. One would expect the couple of budgets in the run up to the next general election to do that to some extent as Govt seek to maximise the feelgood factor and consumer confidence.

  89. john m

    So possibly maybee kinda sorta would be your recommendation.If the loungeboy is offered a few extra notes for his members then he should consider taking it or not .

  90. Rat Catcher

    No, absolutely not would be my recommendation. The vast majority of drivers, including myself, are happy to offer substantial discounts to attract clients in the current economic climate.

  91. sclass

    Well if last night was anything to go by ,There is just no money out there it was absolutely dirt, Even the nightlinks were empty, Not a sinner around,
    The shiti center was jammers with yellow roofys going nowhere.
    How drivers can afford to pay the renters I really dont know.
    My rig is paid for.
    There is no way i could afford to pay a renter.

  92. Rat Catcher

    I invested five figures in getting back on the road between buying a newish car and a TC2 and paying the insurance and licence restoration fees and all that. I take a ton and a quarter a week out of my contribution figure to recoup that and ensure I have the means to replace/maintain/licence/insure my car going forward. I can cover that and a small profit by skimming the cream for c.25 hours per week. Men can rent for as little as EUR120 so there’s not a whole lot of difference, in the current economic climate.

  93. Red dennis

    With the hours we put in for the return we get to keep for ourselves it’s no wonder we are described as ” small minded men dealing in small amounts of money”. The maximum any driver should have to work is 50 hours per week and especially in a country that prides itself on ” working conditions and health and safety” . That’s the road our reps should have gone down…… The publics safety and the drivers health .

  94. john m

    Dennis you would then be complaining that you were restricted in the hours you could work .The reality is even if you dont like it that 1 We won the right to a licence in court .2 The supreme court upheld that .There was never any restriction on the amount of plasterers or brickies who could work or if they could have a second job so why should there be a restriction on taxi drivers .3 Taxi driving is a very low skilled low investment occupation most taxi drivers only hold a licence for the area they know best.Since the new entry test it has become a little harder to get a psv but not much .The real reason your industry is in a mess is simply because of ignorant drivers supporting ignorant leadership. After dereg your leadership who were taking your hard earned should of looked for a proper entry test something akin to the knowledge but then the ignorant children of their ignorant members might not be able to follow daddy into the business and it might become to hard to gain entry and then who would rent the big fleets that your leaders saw the opportunity to invest in .Dennis the twenty quid that drivers threw into the bucket was well invested by your leaders on their own behalf .Emmmmmmmm sorry I thought I called your leadership ignorant I think I should retract that based on how well most of them have done out of the industry.PS if you like me came into the job after dereg or gained a first licence because of dereg .What did you expect in the free for all?

  95. john m

    S the Judge said that the taxi troika of unelected muppets can set standards for vehicles and they did.Here is the problem that exists and would cost them millions to fix .In 08 they announced the fast tracking of the 9 year rule.ITC took a case and the taxithingey conceded and the fast tracking was abandoned but the 9 year rule still stood .So this is how they dealt with it and why .

    They introduced it from this year so to make sure that drivers who responded to the original suggestion 5 years ago were not out of pocked or treated unfairly they added 5 years to the 9 and came up with the 14 year rule this simply means that any car that was 9 years old at the original suggested implementation date for the 9 year rule is off the road and if you invested in a 4 year old car back then you have gotten 5 years out of it and you still have 5 more years to go .So you are a winner .What ITC won for everybody was an extra 5 years of use from their car .What the unelected taxi troika with the help of your representatives got in return was a better standard of taxi vehicle in the future .There are exceptions of course with quality motors but the unelected troika decided that age would be the primary deciding factor .I dont think any legal challenge would succeed as the original dereg judgement clearly allows for restrictions on a quality basis although when the judge made that ruling he probably was legislating for a 100%WAT fleet and not a discretionary age bias .

  96. Rat Catcher

    I don’t do excessive hours, RD. Please don’t tar everyone with your brush. You should not be allowed to work those hours. It is unsafe, simple as.

  97. john m

    S unfortunately pre dereg taxi owners dug their own grave by not getting proper leadership and advice .The hacks saw the opportunity to challenge and did but what they won wasent what they wanted.You still insist on using the word Full time .There is no such thing only spsv licence holders .If you truly believe in the concept of full time driver will you be giving up when you reach pensionable age ……Why would you …..you are a taxi business owner how and when you decide to work is exactly the same as any other business owner .

  98. Rat Catcher

    I don’t think there’s many full-timers left, erm. It’s a term that’s only materialised since the collapse of the economy. Back in the 80s most taximen were part-time, the work just wasn’t there all the time. Anyway, whenever the full-time boys have a protest only a handful show up so I think we’ve come full circle.

  99. john m

    Rodent the True Socialists of the PDs opened up the industry to allow every man the opportunity to have a go and if he didnt like it he could get one of the other jobs they created in the civil and public services anybody that remained must like the job even though they moan .I sometime wonder if taxidrivers moan and complain just to make the passengers feel better by thinking to them self Jesus I thought my life was messed up Id hate to be a taxi driver .Great strategy makes the passenger feel sorry for you bigger tip and at the same time warns off new entrants .The only failure was the immigrant who didnt speak English never understood the brush off.

  100. Red dennis

    ” you should not be allowed to work those hours”…..rat please take this in…… ” I DONT WANT TO WORK 70 HOURS per week”. Because of past and present government policy ….I HAVE TO. Your not stupid and you know exactly my point but you don’t want your 25 hour a week operation effected.

  101. Rat Catcher

    Of course I don’t, what I do works well for me. To be frank, I didn’t want you in the game at all but Molloy, Ahern and Harney opened it up to any unemployable waster with a ton to invest regardless of what I wanted. Ben gets by doing considerably less hours. If you can’t do that get up off your backside and get a job.

  102. john m

    Rodent there is a line and you crossed it .Never tell anybody to get a job .Just ask have you ever considered alternative employment that fits in with your skill set that would yield you an ample living for more sociable hours .

  103. Rat Catcher

    I get other work from time to time, erm. Again, that works for me but all RD needs is a minimum wage job that’ll put 4 ton a week in his pocket. If he wants/needs more on top he can drive his cab for 20 hours and he’ll be working less than he is now. I’m trying to help him here, he hasn’t even been for a pint since Christmas FFS.

  104. john m

    Shouting at a deaf man .You try to tell people that FIS is available all they need is certified returns .Possibly even rent subsidies and medical cards and RTS grants but they are to busy earning nothing to take the time to modify their behaviour to qualify .

  105. Ben

    Ben just scrapes by on the hours he does. There is nothing to spare in our house. The missus is still out of work on a lousy job seekers allowance, far cry from the good salary she had. Looking at all the part timers makes me angry, very angry.

  106. Rat Catcher

    Laffin erm. I don’t think the immigrants are backward about coming forward to claim all the welfare they can get. BBs so called rep body teamed up with MABS to make sure they can all drive cabs ad claim welfare.

    Lucky you weren’t in the game in the 80s, Ben. Most taximen were part-time in those days. The work just wasn’t there for very long periods.

  107. Rat Catcher

    Every problem has a solution, Ben. Between yourself and meself, RD is about as much use as a chocolate fireguard driving a cab. Things might be tight in your house but this poor bloke hasn’t been able to afford a pint since Christmas and he spends every waking hour working. If he carrys on like that he’ll kill himself,no doubt about it. A handy little job in a garage or a hotel would give him a new lease of life and make the streets of Galway a lot safer for everyone.

  108. Red dennis

    So rat you want me to become like you????? NEVER RAT….. I’ve always been self employed . I will never find another job and continue to drive a taxi ….. That rat would make me a hypocrite . What I say is what I beleive. If I was to get another job , that day I would take stickers down and sell my plate. I’m not in this job to make money( that can’t be done ) but in a modern society it’s wrong to have drivers working extreme hours.

  109. Rat Catcher

    I never found another job. I get other work from time to time, 8-10 weeks per year for the last couple of years. If you’re not in the job to make money stop working dangerous hours and stop whinging relentlessly about not making any money. Of course there is money to be made. All those double jobbers aren’t doing it because they like driving! I make a modest profit myself from just 25 hours work per week.

  110. Red dennis

    You never got another job ????? You just found work for 8 to 10 weeks???? Now I know why you talk so much about politicians …. Your just like them…. Never a straight answer. You must have given Bertie the famous quote ” I won the money in the bookies”.

  111. Rat Catcher

    I have never told a single lie on this blog. I tell it as it is. I got work for the last couple of summers, that’s it. 2012 was linked to the London Olympics and was very lucrative, last year was less lucrative but I still earned more than I would driving my cab full-time for the full year.

    Ben you are a complete and utter moron and you have no right to pass judgment on anyone and certainly no right to accuse me of lying. The fact that you resort to spreading wholly unsubstantiated and false allegations about me (or anyone else) serves to prove what a pathetic little scumbag you are.

  112. Red dennis

    You keep digging a hole rat. So you say last year wasn’t as good for you in your ” other job”? Yet you could earn MORE AT IT THAN IF YOU DROVE A TAXI???????. That’s why you should keep to doing your ” other job” and leave the bit of work that’s left in the taxi game to those that need it. Unlike real socialists rat you want both slices jam and all !!!!!!!!

  113. Rat Catcher

    Digging a whole with who or what? Lying little scumbags like Ben making up rumours about me doesn’t bother me in the slightest.

    It’s not for you to decide what I should or shouldn’t do but my personal circumstances dictate that I cannot emigrate permanently, at least not for the time being. I have responsibilities at home that I can’t just walk away from for the sake of a few quid. The way I do it at the moment works very well for me, whether you like it or not. I may get similar contracts in the future on terms that suit me but it’s not guaranteed so I need the security of my cab. In any event, the taxi game has been good to me and mine over the years so I’ll always hold on to the plate, if only for sentimental reasons.

  114. Rat Catcher

    Incidentally, RD, given that you’re not in the “job” for the money, why don’t you leave it to those that need it? 70 hours seems extremely greedy for a man that isn’t in it for the money, not to mention dangerous.

  115. Red dennis

    You keep missing the point rat….. I don’t want to work these hours. My bills dictate that I have to work 70 hours. I go from liking doing this job for 50 hours to hating doing it for next 20 ….. That’s all down government policy . I don’t want to work 40 hours in another job and 25 at this for a total of 65 hours ….. At least the 70 I’m doing at the moment I’m my own boss.

  116. Ben

    Now i am a scumbag all because i speak the truth, and thats something rat the scab dont like.
    Sentimental reasons now he says, what a joke, just like all the other drivel he comes out with here.
    If you talk half as much shite in your scab cab, your passengers would jump out while the car is moving, just to get away from you.
    Suppose you are on your illegal stand, as you call it, right now. Stealing full time drivers food money. Full time drivers are suffering great financial hardship because of shit like you. Sewer Rat. Just like that pice of shit Wariq who steals while operating illegally. This business stinks.

  117. Rat Catcher

    You might be your own boss, RD but you can’t afford a pint for where’s the value in that?

    You don’t tell the truth, Ben. When you lack the intellect to argue you case (which is pretty much all of the time) you resort to spreading rumours. The rumours you are spreading about me me are completely unsubstantiated and are bare faced lies. You are a complete and utter moron and a lying scumbag.

  118. sclass

    SGS told a driver today to remove the Hailo stickers if he wanted to get
    Passed out.
    And also remove the Auto dealers add on the reg plate.
    So what do you think of that.

  119. Rat Catcher

    He should have refused. He’s entitled to work for Hailo if he wants and it’s none of their business where he buys his cars.

    Ben, you’re a lying little scumbag.

  120. Rat Catcher

    If Hailo tell us we have to have the sticker, fair enough. The regulations allow dispatch firm names on the roof sign so NTA can go fukk themselves!

  121. ger

    Hmmmmm. Things are getting nasty between the rat and ben. Mr rat, what did the bold ben do to you to get you so upset. And ben, are you and Mr rat not best mates anymore? I could be reading this wrong, but is there a bit of bad blood between you pair? Just wondering.

  122. Ben

    Ger I don’t like scabs, pure evil fukkers who steal our living. Even worse when likes of rat and wariq try to tell us they only do 25 and 20 hours. What a joke. And wariq on his stamp 2 and rented shite heap.
    That driver who was refused by sgs because of hailo needs to go to a solicitor rapid, and challenge that decision. They will be telling us what to wear to work next.
    Its time to wreck the kip.

  123. sclass

    Ben..Rat is not PAYE or welfare scum , They are the people that are greedy double jobbers..Bus drivers ,truck drivers,ect,….people who already have a good steady wage every week.
    And then are allowed to come out and steel our livlihood.
    Its to late for me to get away from this misery.

  124. Rat Catcher

    Ben, you’re a lying fukking scumbag. You come on here spreading rumours which are complete and utter lies lies.

    I’ve been perfectly up front about what I do and why I do it. I’m a part-time cab driver. I drive my cab for c.25 hours per week and make a small profit. I didn’t drive my cab at all between May 2012 and Feb 2014 (and my plate was lapsed from Aug 2012 to Feb 2014) because I got other more lucrative work during the summers of 2013 and 2013. I had to renew my plate in Jan or it would have been expired. Having done that, I need to recoup the relevant expenditure (5 figures) and earn a little for my time in doing that. I may or may not get other work in the future. If it’s available when I’m available, I’ll take it.

  125. Rat Catcher

    Good for taxis but Minister Varadkar is opposed to the idea so unlikely, at least for the time being, I guess. As the economic recover progresses traffic volumes will increase so one would imagine it’ll have to happen at some time in the future.

  126. Ben

    No person should be allowed to hold/work a taxi plate, and have a second income. Very easy for revenue to pass the info to nta, and let them revoke the taxi plate. That’s if the person declares their second income, of course.

  127. Rat Catcher

    You’ve said that I am lying about the other work I do when I have been completely up front.
    You’ve accused me of being a full-time cab driver when I am part time.

    You’re a lying scumbag. You come on here thinking you can bully people. You won’t bully me you pathetic little moron.

  128. Roy Post author

    What would represent a second income Ben, a pension? the old age pension? widow/widowers pension? how about children’s allowance?
    Should everyone in receipt of those secondary incomes have their licence revoked?

  129. Ben

    No way Roy, that’s a bit extreme even by my attitude. I call second income a job, where you get paid a wage. There are some retired cops though working taxis here in Galway with massive pensions. And one retired banker that I know of, with a massive pension also.
    But whats the use in asking for a level playing field, it will never happen. Full time drivers will always struggle to make a living.

  130. Rat Catcher

    Go away outta dat Ger. Every time I log on here Ben is calling me or SCs wife a scab or foreign nationals vermin… it’s about time the lying little scumbag got a taste of his own medicine. He might get away with bullying immigrants on the ranks in Galway, he won’t get away with it on here with me.

    It’s no wonder the citizens of Galway won’t travel the full-time drivers when they’re led by a piece of shit by Ben.

  131. Ben

    Never made any comment about SC,s wife, don’t know anything about the man. I am not a bully, I just speak my mind, and am not afraid to to so. And I don’t lead anybody. You are talking shit as usual.

  132. Rat Catcher

    You constantly call part-timers (of which SCs wif is one) scabs. You are a bully and it’s only a matter of time before someone kicks the living shit out of you, you lying little scumbag.

  133. sclass

    So what’s the story with the new law .From the first of may.
    The way I read it, if you touch the PH even it is in a cradle , you can receive a 1000 K fine.
    So it’s becoming to risky to accept Hailo jobs

  134. Ben

    SC that’s to stop people from texting while driving. Its ok to take a handsfree call still. They cannot block us from taking calls.

  135. john m

    Ben you are wrong go on to the main site and read the research which I posted it will become illegal to recieve information.Taxi drivers are not exempt but I am in contact with the ministers private secretary requesting an exemption.The great pity is that the x garda commissioner with tape recording experience and your x loungeboy rep have failed to inform drivers .The TAC is about as useful to drivers as a foreskin in a Synagogue

  136. Ben

    john m how can they stop us recieving info, thats how we operate. I need my phone for the few clients that keep me going. Otherwise i am out of business. Same with drivers on radio systems, or even hailo. This is daft. Will it be also illegal for a cop to drive a patrol car with a phone up to his lug.

  137. john m

    Ben the Road Traffic Act allows the emergency services exemption from using phones or devices .If you need to use your phone for work then according to The minister for motoring you should get a voice activated phone one when it rings you answer by saying hello but even then Im not sure where we stand .If you read the research on the main site .The proposed changes are to prevent drivers from receiving information while driving.

  138. Ben

    john m its the greatest load of bullshit ever. I agree with a ban on receiving texts ,and opening/reading them while driving. Some muppets even reply. But to tip the accept button on your phone is no different than turning on indicators, wipers, lights etc. Veruka got this one wrong,nothing new for a jerk like him.

  139. Red dennis

    Great to see the ” taxi enforcers” in galway again. Last week they issued warnings to the scum illegally ranking around the city and than started banging out the fines.after talking to one of them it’s obvious these lads are well clued up to the ” tricks of the trade” and now they have power it means the scum are going to have to play by the rules.

  140. Red dennis

    Ben as with everything there should be different levels of fines for different offences. Illegal ranking – fine. Not able to produce meter receipt- fine. No insurance – seize taxi. No licence- seize taxi. I know a few irish lads that got fines for illegal ranking over the weekend and I beleive it’s only the start of ” tougher and proper enforcement .

  141. Rat Catcher

    RDs happy, well not suicidal anyway, the wonders will never cease. I trust you made a decent wedge with all the illegals being harassed, RD?

  142. Red dennis

    we all know your views as a part time illegal ranker yourself rat . I couldn’t give a flying fxxk what happens on your patch but down here I want taxis to que up on legal ranks and let customer decide which taxi to take. As you like saying yourself rat ….. It’s simples .

  143. Rat Catcher

    I wouldn’t mind seeing them tackle the illegals that box off the official stands up above in Dublin by illegally queuing to get on. If there’s no space they should keep moving or find somewhere safe to park.

    Anywaysanall, I think you owe Minister Kelly a big thank you. Before you know it you’ll be able to reduce your hours to 40/week.

    Vote Labour!

  144. sclass

    Kathleen told the world the enforcers were doing a great job.
    Kelly told the world he would do a even greater job,He had his chance to sort out the taxi industry
    I for one under no sercomestanses will be thanking kelly.
    I’ll repeat it again.
    Until the oversupply is tackled responsibly
    Nothing will change.

  145. Ben

    Agree with you on the fines Red D , serious offence seize and crush car. Time for all the bullshit to stop.
    We don’t owe that ragbag Kelly anything. He is a clown.

  146. Ben

    Kelly has yet to deal with the problem of illegal renting to stamp 2 visa scum. And hammer the scum that rent the cars to them. Let me say it again, rental market has to go. Its septic. That would help the oversupply problem.

  147. Rat Catcher

    You’ve no evidence of any Stamp 2 Visa holders renting, Ben. The rental market isn’t going anywhere. As Minister Kelly noted many drivers can’t afford cars.

  148. Red dennis

    The ” rental market” should be operated by only NTA approved ” taxi depots”. Enforcement team / gardai and revenue should have the power to call unannounced to these premises. No student here to study should be allowed to drive a taxi. It’s time for Kelly to deal with the real issue…. The oversupply of taxis .

  149. Rat Catcher

    To be fair, numbers have fallen quite considerably in recent years. The review group examined all those options for the rental market and decided against… ours is not to reason why…

  150. Red dennis

    No rat we are to behave like sheep. That’s why this game is what it is. Sheep lead by muppets. Take a look around 90% of the drivers couldn’t do anything else.

  151. Ben

    Lots of students on stamp 2 visas renting off gangsters who will rent to anyone. Money is all they want, no ID needed. Scumbags.
    Numbers have not fallen here in Galway, its an almighty mess.
    Full time drivers cannot afford to change cars because banks know this game is fukkked. They wont lend money to the taxi trade. Full time job scabs, and big pension holders are ok. How many retired cops have we driving taxis in Galway.
    Red D is right about standards. Some of the muppets driving taxis now are total gobshites.

  152. ger

    Rat. You work dublin right? How can you say numbers have fallen. Plates that have been sold all over the country have ended up in dublin,cork,galway. Dublin city centre is stuffed with taxis,so much that i will not go near the city unless i get a fare heading that way,and then im left sitting in a big pile of taxis going nowhere.i know 5 drivers who got on the road in the last year. They all got their plates from drivers from small towns who left the industry. And all these plates are now in dublin. As for the rental market. Take a trip to any place that rents taxis on a friday afternoon and see for yourself all the scabs picking up their cars for the weekend. And then we have the sub renters. The filthbag who rents a car and the sub rents it to his illegal mates. Think this is not happening. Think again my friend.

  153. Rat Catcher

    The numbers don’t lie. There certainly is some evidence of plates moving from rural to urban areas but most of the contributors to Spookie’s forum are Dublin drivers and they seem reasonably content with their lot. Some tell us of their holidays. Only today, one man that commutes from Laois to work the city mentioned his plans for an Easter break. Over the last couple of days we’ve heard from men who recently visited Barcelona. These aren’t desperate men struggling to put bread on the table. FFS, Ben’s idea of hardship is the second car being a few of years old! None of yis woulda stood a chance in the 80s.

    Rental plates only working weekends ought to be good for the full-time men who have a few hundred notes head start. Sub-letting might happen from time to time but it’s an ill-advised practice. I know I wouldn’t let someone else play with my NCB for the sake of the price of half a rental.

    I don’t think 90% is an accurate guess, RD. A huge number of drivers have other jobs or do nixers at other trades. My Chinese arrived by taxi last night, my roofer drives a cab when the roofing is slow. In fact I could find a cab driver for any job I needed done about the house if I wasn’t a DIY enthusiast.

  154. Ben

    Rat is a total dreamer, he wont accept whats going on in the rental septic tank. Sub renters, as Ger says, is a huge problem. People with no psv, or insurance can easily get their dirty hands on a taxi. And no Garda vetting, so God help the passengers.
    Rat I was here in the 80’s, as I told you before. And yes I survived, you will be sad to hear. You have a full time roofer, that’s amazing. The Chinese that arrived last night, would that be your new Butler ? God its hard to get good staff these times.

  155. Rat Catcher

    I don’t employ my roofer on a full-time basis, just when the roof needs repair or the gutters need cleaning as I don’t like heights. The taximan that delivered the Chinese works for the takeaway, not for me.

    I doubt there’s much sub-letting as it’s pretty dodgy and you’d end up with a driving ban if caught. It’s not expensive to rent a full taxi so it doesn’t really make sense to me. It’d be no harm if renting drivers could share cars though, at least they’d only be able to work 12 hours a day each. Back in the good old days most taximen had cosies.

  156. Ben

    You are missing the point, as usual. The vermin sub renting are from other side of the world. No vetting, psv, or insurance. Claiming dole/welfare, medical card, free house. The list is endless.
    They could work 12 hours a day each, you say. Only 12 hours. WOW. Working hours being reduced. Is that before they engage in some other sort of illegal activity for another 12 hours.

  157. Red dennis

    Here you go again rat contradicting yourself. In above post you say renters should share taxis in order to work 12 hour days yet you say ” I’m a danger to my customers driving 10 hours a day 7 days a week” . Your like the lad down the pub that sits at the bar talking so much shit he forgets what he says by the minute. Won’t be long now rat til the missus comes home and unlocks your chains. You need to get out and exercise your starting to become forgetful .

  158. Rat Catcher

    Where they come from is irrelevant. They’re allowed drive cabs and claim welfare. BBs so-called rep body teamed up with MABS to fix that up for them. What they do in their own time is their own business but they are obliged to obey the law.

  159. Rat Catcher

    There’s no contradiction there, RD. Having two drivers would mean they can’t work more than 12 hours per day on average. I’ve heard it said that immigrants drive their cabs for up to 23 hours per day so restricting them to 12 is an improvement. However, I’d rather see much tougher restrictions for all drivers. A lot of these immigrants might be well able for the work but it’s a health and safety issue. What we need is a log in facility built in to our meters so the authorities can monitor our taxis 24/7 and control the hours each driver works. That’d put an end to sub-letting as well.

  160. Red dennis

    Your well aware there is a contradiction . You see in ” rats world” it’s ok for a part timer to do a 12 hour shift. It’s ok for a foreign student to work a 12 hour shift. But rat has a problem with a full time driver doing as he calls them ” dangerous hours”. You see what Rat wants is to be able to do his ” other job” and than …..NOT HAVE TO DEAL WITH AS many full timers when he comes in to take the cream.

  161. Rat Catcher

    I don’t have another job, you lying little scumbag but, obviously, I would get more from my little part-time job if hungry kunnts like RD weren’t allowed work those crazy hours. Like I said, we should have to log in and out in real time with proper, enforceable limits on working hours. If I was to set the limit it’d be 27 hours per week but, realistically, 50 hours would be reasonable.

    Immigrants doing 12 hour shifts isn’t any more acceptable than RD doing 10 hour shifts but it’s better to have two immigrants doing 12 hour shifts than having both out doing 16 or 17 hour shifts. Also, only one can be working the peak hours that I work if they have to share a car. If they had a car each they’d both be clogging informal ranks on my shifts.

    I can’t put it any plainer… we need restrictions on working hours for all drivers. It’s a health and safety issue.

  162. Rat Catcher

    Sorry, RD… I thought Ben wrote your last contribution. I didn’t mean to call you a scumbag but I his lies are rubbing off on you.

  163. Ben

    The only way to solve the sub letting problem is to ban the rental market. Its a breeding ground for vermin/sewer rats. These scum have done a days work before they get into an illegal cab to drive for 12 hours. If you dont realise its going on Rat, your head is way up your arse. No wonder you talk buckets of shit.

  164. Rat Catcher

    I don’t see why they would do it. I’d rather pay the full rent and be able to work the peak hours if I was renting. It just doesn’t make any sense to risk getting a driving ban and all that goes with that to save half the price of a rental. It’s not expensive to rent. You’d cover the freight very easily on a short Saturday night, which is why I don’t rent my taxi out, it’s easier to work it to cover the expenses and that way I make a few quid as well.

    If they are doing it, it’s no harm though. It’s better than having both drivers working my shifts.

    The rental market isn’t going to be banned. Minister Kelly made that perfectly clear and, as SC notes, many full-time drivers can’t afford cars of their own. The solution lies in using technology. Every driver should have to log in and out on his meter and no driver should be allowed work more than 50 hours in any week… Simples.

  165. Rat Catcher

    I have no problem offering an apology when I get something wrong. I didn’t mean to call him a scumbag. I thought I was replying to you, Ben.

  166. Ben

    Kennedy from Dublin bus would have a problem with that idea. He is a mega scab. Call me all the names you can think of, but I have nothing to be ashamed of. I am an honest full time Irish taxi driver, no other job. Unlike some scabs mouthing out of them here.
    Many full time drivers cannot afford to change their cars because of the illegal rental market. Too many vermin stealing full time drivers income. All renting should be banned, but Kelly is too stupid to see that.

  167. Rat Catcher

    I don’t really care who has a problem with it. We have a duty of care to our clients and regulation is necessary to force drivers to take that seriously. Renting won’t be banned. Sure it’s the only way for some of the full-timers to stay afloat. You’re not honest. You’re a lying scumbag. It’s no wonder the citizens of Galway won’t use taxis with the likes of you behind the wheel.

  168. Red dennis

    Rat the man that has a duty of care is minister Kelly. The buck stops/ starts with him. No man should have to work more than 50 hours at any job in a modern society. For any full time taxi driver whose sole income is his taxi earnings to make enough to work those hours would require Kelly to bring in the following. 1/ one plate per person 2/ one driver per taxi 3/ one area per driver. Is your man Kelly going to finally take a sledgehammer to this industry and stop trying to break it with a feather. …or in his case stickers.

  169. Rat Catcher

    All of that was considered by the review group and they decided that none of it is going to happen. One plate per person would put a lot of full-time taxi drivers out of work. No Govt is going to put men that want to work out of work. One driver per taxi is neither here nor there. If SC and his good lady wife had to maintain a taxi each they’d each have to earn more money at the expense of their colleagues. Requiring all drivers to pass the Kathleen Doyle Geography test at every renewal for each of their licensed areas would be a better way of restricting areas IMO.

    In any event, it doesn’t matter what you or I think. The review board was comprised of far cleverer men than us, including several distinguished taxi drivers. They decided to continue with the barriers to entry implemented by Ms. Doyle and, to be fair, excepting a handful of whingers on here the mood among taximen/drivers is a lot more upbeat than it has been for several years.

  170. Ben

    No lies and no scumbag, that applies to scabs like you. Just how many incomes have you, and who do you rent your shiteheap scab cab from.
    A scab talking about a duty of care. Jaysus I feel sick. Back down to your sewer rat. Its where you belong.

  171. sclass

    Rat just because drivers don’t complain ,it doesn’t mean their happy with their lot, We all have different finnancil sercomestanses.
    So if we take a holiday times must be good,were doing well,the taxi game is thriving.That’s NTA logic.
    So do we root in bins for food before things are bad.
    PAYE dont/won’t complain, they are very happy with their lot.

  172. Rat Catcher

    I’ve no income at the moment, Ben, as my taxi is off the road and I’m off injured. I don’t rent my taxi, you illiterate moron. You are a scumbag and you are a liar. You are the reason customers won’t use taxis in Galway, they don’t want to travel with scum and I don’t blame them. Of course we have a duty of care to our clients and the sooner the likes of you and RD realise that, the better.

    PAYE workers have a lot more to complain about, SC. Paying five figures in income tax while trying to raise a family can’t be easy, I certainly wouldn’t fancy it. Most of the lads on Spookie’s forum say they’re happy with their lot so it’s not for you or I to contradict them. Being able to take foreign holidays and bank holiday weekends off certainly doesn’t amount to hardship. In fact, in the current economic climate, that’s a pretty good standard of living. The only ones whinging are the handful on here and, let’s face it, Ben’s a complete and utter scumbag so nobody’s ever going to want to get into his cab and RD just isn’t cut out for taxi driving.

  173. Red dennis

    Rat talk to the full time 70 hour plus a week TAXIDRIVER and see are they happy? The ones that are happy are the foreign students / the ex gardai/ the ex army/ the factory worker that puts his plate on fri and sat nite/ the restaurant worker who works 11pm to 5 pm/ the petrol station worker that works fri and sat nite in his taxi…….ya they’re the happy ones. Us full timers are in all week when there’s fxxk all business been done mon to Thursday . This weekend is another of ” scum taxis” favourite time of year. The sad kannts will finish one job and than work day and night sat/ sun and Monday.

  174. Rat Catcher

    No, the men on Spookie’s forum are full-time taximen/drivers, in the main. SC is the only one that whinges these days. Some chat about their holidays, others say they are earning more than they did in their previous occupations with the benefits of being their own boss, others laugh at the idea that full-time taxi drivers don’t earn enough to pay USC. I think you are copying Ben, spreading malicious rumours.

  175. sclass

    Rat I am in a much better place than most fulltimers I know ,.I’m telling as it is, Stop quoteing and comparing spookies forum no one has being on it for weeks it’s dead and so is Roys,it’s quite obvious only a small handfull
    of taxi drivers read the fourms so they dont represent the industry.
    There is approximately 26,000 drivers out who never read a taxi fourm
    or blog or give fukk.

  176. Ben

    Rat you are the worst breed of a scumbag that ever said a word here. Now you tell us you are off the road. Story changes with the wind. Typical scab mentality.

  177. Ben

    Scabs galore out this weekend, every breed of a scumbag that can drive a car will be out with illegal rented or borrowed shitheap. Hope the cops are out to catch a few of them.

  178. Wariq

    Good evening comrades,

    It looks like your NTA are targeting the Irish with criminal convictions.
    I sincerely hope that the poor civl servants have bulletproof windows.
    Having read a little of your recent history it appears that experienced Gunmen and Bombers are working alongside us
    In the Taxi industry as part of the Good Friday Agreement.

    Whereas those from Sub-Saharan Africa,and I might add, the Indian sub-continent, and also Eastern Europe should escape scrutiny.

    One. Can always buy a clean record…If you have the money and the right connections. Thankfully, I have no need,


  179. Rat Catcher

    Life changes, Ben. I’ve been off the road since Mother’s Day but I’m going to pick up a rental today or tomorrow to mitigate my loss of earnings insofar as that is possible. I don’t expect to be able to do the 8/9hour shifts I’d normally do on a Fri and Sat night but once I’ll make an honest effort to minimise that element of any compensation claim. I can’t say fairer than that, can I?

  180. Rat Catcher

    It’s no big admission. I’ve rented before, the last time being about 5 years ago when my car had an electronic fault which fixed itself! I never said I wanted the rental trade protected. In fact, in the submission to which I contributed, we asked for it to be restricted to WATs. It would suit me better if it was abolished to be honest. I have a legal obligation to mitigate my losses on this occasion. If there was no rental market I wouldn’t be able to do that and I would be able to claim full loss of earnings for doing nothing.

  181. Rat Catcher

    In fact, Ben, it was only you mentioning rentals yesterday that made me think of getting one sorted in time for the bank holiday! Not 100% sure whether I can yet, have to check with the doc first as I’m still certified sick at the moment.

  182. sclass

    Wariq so where would one buy a clean record..would you know how one could purchase such a document..Or are you just trying to wind it up. At least we know what the Irish criminals got up to.
    People driving taxis from outside the EU we know fukall about.

  183. Rat Catcher

    Immigrants are checked through Interpol but if they give false identities at the point of entry I’d imagine it’s difficult to get anywhere.

    It could be worse though. PSA dispensed with Garda/Interpol checking for the security trade. Some may conclude that’s why there are so many immigrants licensed to operate in that game. Unsurprisingly, BBs so-called rep body wanted that regime to apply to the taxi trade, having already teamed up with MABS to ensure the immigrants can drive cabs and claim welfare.

  184. Rat Catcher

    Fixed up with a rental now, within a couple of hours of making a phone call. I rang the doc and he said just try but stop if the pain gets bad. I have to go to him for more manipulations and maybe physio tomorrow anyway. I won’t work ’till after I see him anyway. I might give the darts a miss this week and get in around 7p.m. given the weekend that’s in it.

    Me own yoke is a Cat C write off, SC, with a repair estimate of over EUR6k for new quarter panels, boot floor, bumper, lights and a load of other bits and pieces. PAV is under negotiation between me solicitor, the insurance company and the various assessors at the moment so I’m undecided as to whether I’ll put her back on the road or not. I’ll have to see how the numbers stack up, I guess.

  185. Red dennis

    Rat this is where the ” rental market” should only be tolerated. If a driver has been involved in an accident or if his taxi has breakdown issues.what should happen than is you go to a NTA approved ” taxi depot” and enter into a short term rental agreement. No student / no restaurant worker/ no petrol station worker etc etc should be allowed work at another job and rent a taxi .

  186. Rat Catcher

    That was suggested to the review group. They decided otherwise. As SC notes, a lot of full-time men would be put out of business if that happened as they simply can’t afford cars. I woulda thought that those with other incomes would be more likely to be able to buy cars and Govt does financially incentivise the use of suitable cars as taxis.

    Personally, I don’t think there’s any need for replacement taxi rentals. If they weren’t available to anyone there’d be less taxis on the road at any given time so drivers could afford the down time. In my case it would be covered by insurance anyway so the existence of the rental market, in this instance, only means that I’m taking money out of the pockets of full-time, professional, single-area, single-income, fully-compliant, owner drivers when I could get the same money from an insurance company if there was no option to rent.

  187. Rat Catcher

    I will say this, though, RD. The rental firm I went to was extremely diligent in checking all my documents. The lady in the office transferred my insurance and took photocopies of my licences and IDs, they even wanted a household bill – so they know that everything is in order. I can’t see any illegals getting out of that depot with taxis. I was half surprised that I was allowed transfer the insurance, I thought new regulations required the policy to be in the plate owner’s name?

  188. Red dennis

    An office rat ????? We both know I’m not on about that type of operation . The ones needed to be closed down are the back street operators be they irish or non national . Great to see the enforcement team and the gardai in galway again today. Hopefully they will be on duty over the bank holiday weekend to catch more scum.

  189. Rat Catcher

    More thanks due to Minister Kelly.

    Yes, very professional setup, cheaper than Bobo quoted me (although I should get the rent back through the insurance in due course) and not far from my abode. I was home with a taxi within a couple of hours of ringing them. Even for a bank holiday weekend it’s very cheap.

  190. Rat Catcher

    Why so? I make a little bit of profit from skimming the cream. What I’m paying for the rental isn’t much more than I usually put away for car maintenance/replacement/insurance and I’ll get it back in due course. Easter weekend is always pretty good, next weekend won’t be bad with the salaried workers getting paid, swings and roundabouts is all it is but I still wouldn’t fancy it as a full-time gig.

  191. ger

    Easter weekend in dublin is one of the worst weekends of the year. The city is like a ghost town. And on top of that we have all the teachers out working. Best of luck with your rental rat.

  192. Ben

    Ger we might get a few of them in Galway. We will have a whip around to pay for rats rented shiteheap. Stickers Kelly should have supplied a taxi for Mr Vote Labour.

  193. Rat Catcher

    I “admitted” that I’m renting as of this morning and I have rented before and said I’ll rent again if necessary. I do own my own taxi which has been off the road since Mother’s Day. If you check me on the Driver Check App you will note that I’m still shown as driving my own taxi. I’ll update that tomorrow. You’ve picked the wrong man to make up stories about this time, Ben, you lying little scumbag. You see, most of the lads on here know me so you’re only making yourself look even more stupid than normal… although, I’m not sure that’s possible!

  194. Rat Catcher

    Hungry kunnt is a turn of phrase, Ger. I woulda been one meself at times over the years! Ben’s a lying little scumbag, not a lot any of us can do about that.

  195. Ben

    Ger he will come up with a name for you, Rat has a way with words. Must have a laugh now and tap RAT into the driver check app. Now hop into your rented scab cab and go steal full time drivers food money.

  196. ger

    Rat, why bother with a rental this weekend? Its one of the worst weekends of the year. No pubs open friday, city is like a ghost town. I hate this weekend, and dont plan on doing to many hours.

  197. Rat Catcher

    Easter weekend is always good for me. Thurs will be busy till 01:30, Friday is usually a day for the wireless work so I’ll be trusting to Hailo this year, Sat will be average and Sunday will be good.

    I’ll probably have the rental for a while, I either have to get mine repaired (it’s a pretty big job) or go through the nonsense of buying another motor and getting it passed out and all that. I’m legally obliged to take all reasonable steps to mitigate loss of earnings so renting is the obvious way to do that. If I didn’t they could dispute any relevant claim, I guess. In any event, I’ve been enjoying driving the cab again and I don’t want to break the habit… and it gets me out of the house without spending any cash!

  198. Rat Catcher

    …. added to that I’ve to visit me doctor and me solicitor tomorrow and Mrs. Catcher needs her car. Funny as it may seem, It costs more to rent a private car than a taxi!

  199. Ben

    Thats because private cars are rented by legit companies, while taxi shit heaps are rented by gangsters. Ever wonder why they can rent cars so cheap ?? Ask where does the money come from to buy them. CAB need to take a long hard look at the rental market.

  200. Rat Catcher

    I have wondered. I considered renting my own out but concluded that it wasn’t worth having some hungry kunnt clocking up millions of miles for the rent I could charge. I guess the economies of scale achieved by large fleets makes it viable. Rates weren’t always so low though, they’ve fallen by 25% since I last rented.

  201. sclass

    The enforcers are staying well away from that jungle Harcourt street.
    Not one Gard on it last night .A Gard told me a month ago that they are sick of it. They dont give a fukk..

  202. ger

    Yis must be all busy stuffing ur faces with easter eggs. I need my daily fix of ding dongs. Ben,is it true that you have adopted an african family and their goat? I always knew you had a good heart.

  203. Rat Catcher

    Not only skimming the cream, SC. I didn’t watch the darts last night, started at 7ish ‘cos of the midnight pub closing time. Anyway the rent is more or less covered so pure profit for rest of the weekend!

    I think my solicitor will be agreeing the settlement figures for me own yoke on Tuesday. Looking at the numbers I reckon I’ll get her repaired and save all the hassle of shopping for another one and all the tests and shite that goes with that so if ya hear of the back half of an MK II Octy up for grabs let me know!

  204. Rat Catcher

    I was joking really. There might be some scope for using second hand parts (e.g. bumper, tailgate) but the quarter panels and boot floor have to be new, so I’m told. The other thing I’m told is that Skoda parts aren’t particularly expensive anyway so there doesn’t seem to be much scope for savings, all told.

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