Sunday World expose

I got a call from someone purporting to be a reporter from the Sunday World who said there is an article appearing tomorrow exposing a driver who has been removed from the road thirteen times and still continues to operate as a taxi without licence insurance or valid plate.
Might be worth a read?

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75 thoughts on “Sunday World expose

  1. Red dennis

    Roy does that surprise you ? The only way to deal with these individuals is huge fines and seizure of taxi . A repeat offender should get a prison sentence . This country is to soft dealing with crimes .

  2. bohemian boy

    its only a matter of before the gangster radio company owners ALSO appear in the Sunday world. the day is coming when these crooks will be exposed and it will come out about all the dodgy money that was laundered in the taxi industry years ago.

  3. ger

    Maybe the sunday world should run a story on how the irish nation has been scammed out of billions of euro by bogus asylum seekers who arrive over here to milk the system and send millions of euro back to where they came from. And they are still arriving. Ireland is an easy touch. Once these people arrive over here its nearly impossible to remove them from the state. A complete farce. Who are the accomadation providers and who are they connected to ? These people are making millions. There is a whole industry around the asylum process,and a lot of people are getting very rich from it. Thats what needs to be looked at. NOW.

  4. Ben

    Ger i bet these accomadation providers are connected to political parties, its all about who you know. Millions being wasted on this system. Close all these centres and send them all home. Stop letting any more of them into the country. Remember no direct flights, so they are all bogus.

  5. ger

    Ben,its like everthing else in this country,rotten to the core. And then we have people coming on here saying everything is grand,big pick up, loadsamoney,we are all loaded,blah,blah,blah.

  6. Ben

    Rotten just like the politicians who benefit from it. Its a problem that needs to be sorted rapid Ger, its costing the country too much money. All wasted. And if they are allowed to stay, then its handouts for life. And we will never get them out.Rat will cheer us up when he appears, all rosy again. 2000 a week, no prob. And thats a bad week. Vote Labour.

  7. ger

    Well ben you were right about the nationailty of the dirtbag exposed in the sunday world. 54 fooking convictions and still driving a taxi. No insurance no licence. Why is this idiot not in jail. And how many more of them are there?. The taxi industry is a complete joke. And wheres he getting the cars? The rental market of course. Those cars should be crushed.

  8. ger

    And another one in the mail on sunday up on a 37 thousand euro welfare fraud charge. A garda reserve no less. Theres no end to it. You couldnt make this shit up.

  9. flybynite

    Do you wonder why I left the industry ?
    A busload full of giggling and shouting schoolkids on an outing.
    And the MESS they leave the coach in (the driver has to clean the coach when back in the yard).
    A bunch of Yanks who want to see “those funny hills full of rocks and faireys” (Newgrange).
    An arrogant German “tour guide” who claims she knows everything but has never been in Ireland before, gives her comments reading from travel guides and insists that SHE is giving directions. Then blames ME for ending up on the wrong roads, in the wrong place.
    Driving a coach has it’s moments too, and I used to love driving my taxi but it got from bad to worse and still has not reached “worst” yet !
    Asylum seekers ?
    There are some genuine cases but unfortunately I must agree that abuse is growing exponentially.
    Not only that “taxi” driver with all his convictions should be in jail, but he should be joined by the woolly-headed imbeciles who should, but still don’t so anything meaningful to stop it.

  10. Ben

    Ger that just sums up the state of the taxi industry. He should be deported, not jailed. Stickers Kelly made real progress in his term, what a man. I feel sick with anger.

  11. Red dennis

    What’s the rat got to say now??? It was all in our heads lads Kelly sorted all that out . this rat is why TAXIDRIVERS have to do long hours because these illegals are operating at peak times forcing us legal drivers to do hours when their is fxxk all business .

  12. Ben

    Correct RD, they know when to come out and get away with their illegal activity. Cops dont bother looking at ID when ranks are busy, they just want people gone home. No rows on the streets and no hassle for them. Rental market is the source of dodgy cars for them, it has to go. And this habit they have of borrowing cars without psv or insurance is just the pits. They have no respect for other road users or the people they carry.

  13. flybynite

    Red Dennis has a point. It is a major reason why I left the taxi business.
    Or maybe more accurately: was FORCED out.
    I know there are begrudgers who will comment.
    I have no regrets, at least not of my actions.
    But when it comes to it, I realise that I still feel resentment having to leave the taxi business because the politicians know how to do one thing well: to blether and line their own pockets.
    When it comes to real action ? Promises, promises, promises and hollow words. Nothing gets done if they do not themselves profit from it.

    The begrudgers will resent only one thing: that there are some lucky guys who had a fall-back.
    No, I do not want to go back to the Ro-Ro days. That may have seemed romantic to those who have never driven a truck long-distance but it was hard and rough work. Forget “Smokey and the Bandit”, it is not like that. More like being a traveller with a destination to get to – on time.
    But at least I have every class in my driving licence. From A to Z and all in between.
    I have my CPC’s up to date including 5 and 6. So I am marketable.
    I have not renewed my taxi licence. My beloved Merc was getting too old. Maybe I will let my SPSV go, too. The begrudgers will be glad to hear that !

  14. Red dennis

    Flybynite this is happening weekly…. Hardworking good drivers who are from the area they are working leaving the business because they can’t take anymore . These illegals know that no enforcement are going to be checking between 1 am and 5am and even if they were the mobiles would warn them where they are checking. That’s why this scum operates for 4 hours per night .

  15. Ben

    Cops have to start checking on taxis again, just as they did before first CTR quango was set up. They checked everything back then, as it should be. Current set up with rare visits from NTA quango is not working, and sewer rats know its a slim chance they will be caught. So its worth the risk for them. They shout racism if they are caught, and it usually works for them. Garda reserve could do the job easily, with proper training. Blitz the business for a few months, and get the message out there. Party over sewer rats.

  16. sclass

    First it was RTE Primetime exposing the bogy Irish taxi business.
    Then it was Minister Kelly himself publicly stated that there are six thousand criminals driving taxis.
    So why are we surprised at the Sunday world article. Taxis are in the news every week lately.
    Taxis driver from Swords driving a taxi for eight years on bogy documents. The judge didn’t give a fukk.
    Taxis driver masturbateing in his car during rush hour
    Taxis driver being questioned about alleged rape.
    The punters don’t give a fukk.
    The industry doesn’t give a fukk.
    The NTA don’t give a fukk.
    The gards definitely don’t give a fukk
    So just get into your car and work away don’t be upsetting yourselves nothing will change.

  17. Ben

    Sadly you are right SC, no one cares anymore. I find it sad that punters dont care for their own safety. NTA are only concerned about the fees they get from us. Guards have lost interest in the taxi trade, thats for someone else.

  18. bohemian boy

    there is a fella over on the forum and from what i understand he is complaining about the cops writing out tickets for the ILLEGALLY parked taxis in o Connell St. i say fair play to them. i use the small LEGAL rank on Batcherors walk a lot of the time,but it is a waste of fukking time. these kunnts are just around the corner ILLEGALLY standing for hire outside Mcdonnalds robbing the work from the official rank where i am parked. the same with grand social the kunnts are all in fleet st rendering the official rank on Ormond quay useless.fair play to the cops. the only thing wrong is, the fine they issue is not nearly enough

  19. Red dennis

    Same in galway bb and it’s the same scum including irish drivers that don’t want to join a queue. Your 100% correct time for the softly softly approach of €40 fines and warnings to go. First fine €100 with a warning that repeat offence will receive a €500 fine …. No exceptions !!!!!

  20. ger

    None. They dont care as the sunday world pointed out. How many more of them are out there?. Big backlash on the way for them, people are sick to their teeth of them. Everytime i go past a garda station with a taxi outside,its one of them there. Screaming and shouting. People are pissed off with them. The sooner that rental market is banned,the better. Ive always said its rotten to the core, full of gangsters and illegals.

  21. Ben

    Rental market is most of the problem Ger, has to be banned straight away. Kelly failed to act here, spineless little runt. But more enforcement is needed also, as they are cloning cars, borrowing cars from their own type, no respect for Irish laws or Irish people. None of them should be driving taxis in Ireland as they are not vetted.

  22. bohemian boy

    just back from Gelsenkirchen. had a brilliant time. fantastic stadium. it was all worth while considering the result. it was great to get away from Dublin for the few days, and i never had to think about FUKKING taxis once. it done me a power of good to get away from this industry even for a short break. i am now going mad looking for tickets for the Scotland away game so if anyone can help it would be very much appreiciated

  23. Red dennis

    Ya bb yer going to be busy in Dublin for all the homes games . The next 2 games away to Scotland and home to Poland will decide our fate in group. At the very least o neill has a good team spirit going but a long way to go yet.

  24. bohemian boy

    i wont be busy Rd i seldom work on such nights when there are major events on in Dublin. i just fukking utterly despise traffic jams,plus the fact that every bastard in Dublin,and the surounding counties will be working those nights. i really believe i would end up in St Brendans if i had to work in that traffic. as far as i am concerned such nights are a fukking nuicence

  25. Ben

    Boh i agree with you about the traffic, cant handle it anymore. And Galway is a disaster. Did you get the Sunday World and read all about that arrogant sewer rat who should be in jail, or deported.

  26. bohemian boy

    Ben i was just reading over on the forum all the drivers moaning now about hailo,uber, saytaxi, dispatch operators, could they finally be starting to realize what i have been saying all along THAT THEY DONT NEED ANY OF THESE PEOPLE ? the usual sh,te about Ebbs giving discounts Kearns giving discounts,hailo not charging PUC, are they so thick that they cannot see that Ebbs, Kearns,hailo, etc etc do not give discounts,THEY THEMSELVES GIVE THE FUKKING DISCOUNTS.all the above mentioned towrags do is take the credit from the public for these discounts because unfortunately the public seem to think it is these companies that give the discount, when in fact it is the driver. i had one girl one night who told me that she was totally shocked when a colleague told her it was the DRIVER who took the hit on discounts. she promised never to use sc,mbag radio companies again. i tell ALL my customers now

  27. ger

    Hailo pulling out of north america. Wonder what will happen over here? They might want to take a long hard look at the new app they have. Not one driver i know has anything good to say about it. Theres an old saying, if it ain’t broke,dont fix it.

  28. bohemian boy

    Ger the only people who have total control of this industry are the drivers. yet for some strange reason they seem hell bent on allowing these sc,mbag radio companies to dictate how it should be run. i am convinced that to many of them were in the PAYE sector for to long, and because of that they cannot function without being told what to do. they dont seem to realize they hold all the aces

  29. Ben

    Boh a lot of the newer taxi drivers were paye workers before buying plates, and a lot of them still are in the day jobs. In other words SCABS. Ger seems that Hailo are in a bit of bother, initial hype has not lasted very long. Wonder what went wrong there. I know that in Galway they took on too many sewer rats, and people wont use Hailo because of them. Good for Irish vetted and insured drivers.

  30. bohemian boy

    yes Ben i agree with you about hailo,but i want them to get stronger here in Ireland only till they serve their purpose of putting gangster radio companies out of business. after that i dont give a fukk what happens to them. they already have the towrag radios on their knees,now i want them to finish the job.

  31. sclass

    Bo boy ,Taxi drivers will only have control if they stick together “united”,
    We have been over that subject many times.
    If it hasn’t happened now .it never will.
    It’s dog eat dog now.
    Last night a taxi stoped on the fast lane on the N11 stillorgan to pick up a fare going towards town .That’s how bad things are in the Taxi game men risking their life’s for a jamming on behind the mad fukker
    His license should be revocked for dangerous driving.

  32. bohemian boy

    sclass i agree lack of unity is by far the biggest obstacle facing the drivers. unfortunately the powers that be know this,as do the radio companies and for that reason nothing will ever be achieved. Kearns used to come on here once upon a time, i would love him to come on now and explain why he treats the drivers who work under his banner as though they were his EMPLOYEES.or Ebbs,or Kelly, etc etc.they wont come on,because they know fukking well they will be torn new assholes for treating people like employees,when in fact THEY are the employees of the drivers.these people are only EMPLOYED by the drivers to provide a service.that service involves the provision of work nothing else. certainly not instructing drivers to offer discounts, [at their own expense] certainly not instructing drivers what to wear [which they must pay for] the absolute fukking cheek of them to discipline drivers for giving back heavily discounted work,the sc,m that give work out the back door to their cronies go completely unpunished etc etc

  33. Ben

    Boh I agree with you about Hailo wiping out fab Vinny and co. That would be very good news. But then Hailo must treat drivers with respect, and not start the discount nonsense. Drivers need the full meter rate, running costs are high now.

  34. Red dennis

    Ger €80 a week???? What do you make of lads handing over €350 per week for radio rent and car rental combined ??? Throw their fuel on top of it and that’s their fri/ sat / sun takings gone. When drivers are willing to put up with that you realise this game is long finished . Hailo are going down the same road as these companies. Totally oversupplied with cars for the amount of customers using their app ( in galway) and they think by warning drivers about cooperation during peak times that drivers are going to pass cash customers to do discounted / credit card jobs ????

  35. ger

    Those idiots must be handing over at LEAST 500 euro a week before they make a penny. One word: FOOLS. ive heard from people i know that live in NYC that hailo just would’nt work over there. People just stopped using it. Simple as that. All drivers i know have started turning off the app at busy times. Too many bangers with drunk people not being able to work the app,wrong location etc etc. Why pass street fares and go to a hailo job that might or might not be there and then pay hailo 12% of the fare? And hailo sending text and emails every 2nd is starting to piss drivers off as well. They are starting to act like a radio company. That wont end well for halio.

  36. Ben

    Very hard to get the PUC outs people now, its history I think. But most people are still decent enough with tips, so it compensates. Hailo fee of 12% is a bit rich without the PUC.

  37. Red dennis

    I see over on the forum there’s mechanics willing to do ” taxi service” for €20 …. Drivers have to provide oil/ filters etc. the same drivers that are moaning about taxi companies giving discounts are in support of these discounts that these mechanics are giving which proves we are just the same as the public who want value for money. So in future hypocrites take a look at yer selves before ye cast stones about taxi discounting companies because yer the type that would be ringing these companies if ye weren’t in the business yer selves.

  38. bohemian boy

    RD ii have said this time,after time ,after time. the taxi radio companies give no discounts,it is the DRIVERS who give these discounts under threat from their would be employers.the only thing these taxi radio companies give,is the impression to the public that it is they who give this discount.thereby fueling the belief among the public that Ebbs, Kearns, Kelly,and their likes are great lads altogether. the unsuspecting public are not aware of this,and if they were they would be totally shocked,and disgusted at the disingenuous way these towrags have treated both them, and their drivers

  39. Red dennis

    Bb I know what your saying but the public don’t give a rats ARS who is giving them the discount ….. Those customers just want discount so they can have more money to spend on drink/ fags/ bookies. I’ve learnt to not bother with this type of custom because the next driver to come along and give them the fare for one euro less than you they are gone. In the states the most successful businesses don’t believe in giving anything for free….and why???? Because customers do not appreciate what’s given for free. If you give cheap fares your only going to attract scum.

  40. Red dennis

    Bb it’s the same as the pub business . Why is it that a pub/ bar in Dublin city center can charge more than a pub in rural Kerry??? Supply and demand … The pub in Kerry wouldn’t get away with charging the Dublin city prices because locals wouldn’t support it. It’s my view it’s the same with the taxi business …. There’s a percentage of the public out there that won’t pay full meter fares. Most of these type of customers live outside the main cities and won’t support metered companies.

  41. bohemian boy

    well if thats the case,then they dont get a fukking many people do you know went into their local and asked for a 20% discount on their pint ? answer none.and the reason why is very simple,the discount culture was never applied in such on the other hand it is very much the norm is this game the reason is, Ebbs suggested it, and the gobshite drivers give it.result drivers down 20%,Ebbs down nothing but the public think he is great for giving them a can only laugh really

  42. Red dennis

    BB they will always get a taxi…. Why? Because there is always a gomshite out there that will give discount . They are ” busy fools”. The only way I can see this off meter culture stopping is by revenue reading meters and gardai / NTA enforcement officers issuing €1000 fines for operating taxi without meter on. But that would drive the customers to use hackneys .

  43. Red dennis

    BB just to prove to you the level of brain matter your dealing with regarding TAXIDRIVERS . There’s a company here in galway that does fixed fares, owner also rents out minibuses at €300 plus per week for radio and bus. The owner himself drives a minibus and works only on Sundays/ galway races/ Christmas. Guess which minibus isn’t parked on ranks???? That’s the level your dealing with !!! Muppets.

  44. Ben

    And that discounter is carrying the scum of Galway. Its good in a way, cos it keeps them away from ranks, and we dont get them. And the two big fat identical brothers that drive for him are also very busy.

  45. bohemian boy

    if only the drivers in ALL companies realized that they can pull the plug on ALL this sh,te at any time they like,but i still believe what i always said ,they NEED a boss telling them what to do. they are incapable of running their own business

  46. C5

    Ben, I know two owner drivers who work in that company they joined in the last 3 and 4 years, they seem happyish enough in it, everything is on gps now, they know where every car is that’s not on a fare and if your ranked 1 in an area and 2 disappears of the screen a message comes through bus gone on bus job , full fare from the rank if not a regular and fixed on the phone or office, some drivers plot outside town and don’t go to the rank some of the time. they pay 100 a week the longer they work the more calls they get. they say their saving on diesel and wear and tear, all long runs are on a rota, long run bookings are on email and logged on the system for all driver to see when ever they want. and meters are on for all fixed fares and its all on the system when the cab meters on and off, and one of drivers has hailo the company gives vouchers to people as a form of advertising the driver gets full fare back.

  47. Red dennis

    Ha ha thanks C5 for that laugh. The main thing is the office knows where the owner and his 2 buddies are. Your obviously part of the elite. The muppet footsoldiers get the crap fares while the generals get the cream.

  48. Red dennis

    ” there’s a long run rota ” …. Very high tech. A piece of paper and pen . It’s very handy to if the owner has a limo licence on a couple of cars …. Not as obvious when your on long runs.

  49. Ben

    C5 i also know a guy who used to drive for them, but not any more. Total corrupt scumbags is what they are. About 3 back doors in that place, thats how bad it is. RD you are right about the owner and the limo plates. Thats why he is not seen as much, but he is as busy as ever. And he is trying to sell that outfit i heard recently. He will do ok off his mobile, nice trade built up. As the trucker would say 10-4 back door.

  50. Red dennis

    Ben you would want to be some fool to buy that place. I bet ya if you did you wouldn’t get the regular customers with the business , they will be given a new number to call . I would hate to be half as stupid as these individuals think we all are. Ben I also think C5 is a general with this crowd. There’s a clue in the general part ( ex army) …. Who thinks he still has the stripes. The only army he is in now is ” dad’s army” with that crew.

  51. Ben

    RD only a fool would buy that place problem with the lease and legal hassle ongoing. I am told its very complicated , and a solicitor who was involved is now struck off, and facing court himself. Heres a clue, he was over the westside, near subway, and then in liosbaun for a while. Now on the dole, where he belongs. Cant say anymore, just in case. RD do you remember when Christy was across woodquay in abby cabs with Mike, Maurice and Liam. Now that’s a long time ago. But you are working Galway a long time, so you probably remember . That’s a tester for ya !!

  52. bohemian boy

    Ben stories like this [and i did not see it yet] should put pressure on the enforcement to act more hastily in cleaning up the industry.ah but sure its like you always said they dont give a boll,x

  53. bohemian boy

    Ger i was on to the competition authority some time ago. my point was that it is unfair to Irish drivers who have to under go a process of vetting from the date of their birth,as opposed to others who are only subject to the vetting process from the date of their arrival in Ireland. their response was to advise me that this is a matter for the Gardai so on foot of that advice i contacted the Gardai from whom i am STILL AWAITING A REPLY. THAT WAS OVER A YEAR AGO.

  54. ger

    As far as i know bboy if you were to make a “FORMAL COMPLAINT” to the garda it has to be by LAW investigated and you as the person who made the complaint has to be furnished with the results. Thats my understanding of how it works. Thats the law. If you dont get any joy with them or you are not happy with the outcome, you can follow it up with a complaint to the OMBUDSMAN.

  55. flybynite

    I am not a rat so I won’t give names but every week I see taxis parked in the yard.
    Meaning: a double jobber who still keeps a taxi and also drives a coach when he can.
    At least I can honestly say that I took my taxi off the road when I was driving HGV’s or coaches.
    Sometimes I miss the truck. I did a season mainly in the West and that was nice, clean work.
    Schoolkids are the worst. You should see the state the bus is in after a school run.
    But at least they are not drunk or stoned. Not yet anyway !
    As long as neither the cops nor the courts give a rat’s there will be plenty of illegals in the taxi industry. There still are very few of them driving large commercial vehicles. Because besides a driving we must have a driver’s card for the tacho, even if they still drive a vehicle with a disc instead of an electronic tacho. And we also must have a CPC card.
    So we need three bits of plastic and they are not easy to falsify. Stick your card in the tacho and your name will come up. Maybe the taxi drivers should consider a tacho as well.

  56. ger

    Mr Gerry Murphy CEO of the NTA has said fares on public transport are going up because of increasing costs. Where the fook has he been since 2008 when we last got a fare increase? Thats 6 years since we had an increase. In that time all our overheads have gone up to the point that we may as well do this job as a hobby. Our fuel bill has gone up over 50% ,our psv to €250,nct up,sgs €125,insurance,up, every single bill we have has gone UP. We have to compete with state subsidised drivers who have been handed everything on a plate and continue to be handed everything. 300,000 irish people have left this country ,so we have less fares,at the same time the citys have been flooded with taxis with drivers from every corner of the globe who took advantage of our open border population replacement policy at huge expense to the irish taxpayer. We now have drivers with 50odd convictions driving taxis and drivers using one of their multiple identites for over 8 yrs. Every single driver should be issued with a biometric id card, Id bet at least 30% of drivers would not show up. The taxi industry is rotten to its core.

  57. Ben

    Ger we should be greatful to Stickers Kelly for the wonderfull job he did cleaning up the business, before he was moved on. Every fool like him that had responsibility for the Irish taxi industry did the same as him. Sweet FOOK All . I dont know how passengers can feel safe with the foreign sewer rats, they are criminals. Simple as that. And lots of home grown ones also, that Kelly did nothing about.
    We have to get a fare increase, just like other forms of transport, as we have the same overheads. And less taxis would be great, if only the NTA assholes would do their job.

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