Volkswagen Want to Win back my Trust ….

I am one of the drivers affected by the Volkswagen emissions scandal, my 2013 Skoda Superb Greenline Diesel has an EA 189 engine spewing out 40 times the recommended amount of Nitrous Oxide.

It may sound horrible but I don’t really care how much Nitrous Oxide my car produces.

I am concerned however about how Volkswagen go about repairing the “fault”.

In order to reduce the amount of Nitrous Oxide I guess they will either have to remap the engine so as to reduce the power output or introduce filters to the exhaust system to trap/alter the gases or a combination of the two, either way I sense the cars performance will be affected drastically.

Whilst producing excess Nitrous Oxide doesn’t bother me much, a reduction in performance bothers me greatly, I don’t want to be suddenly struggling up a hill, struggling to pass large articulated vehicles or to have to watch as they pass me!

I want a new engine ….. although I don’t expect to get one.

With regard to regaining trust …. a few euro to compensate for any loss in value might help?

My Letter from VW:


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19 thoughts on “Volkswagen Want to Win back my Trust ….

  1. Ben

    If you have a 1.6 greenline, you will be down power, that you cannot afford to lose. This small engine is barely able to handle the heavy Superb body. Don’t accept any repair, demand a replacement car. Tell them you will accept a new model Superb, with the 150bhp engine. An absolutely beautiful car, would be a dream taxi . Going to have a look at one myself, but don’t know if I can afford it the way business is. Skoda are offering 0%finance on some models, that would help .

  2. Ben

    VW/Skoda sold a defective car, If I was in that situation, I would push very hard for a replacement car. Yes I would be willing to pay money to upgrade to a new car, and new model, but I would make sure VW/Skoda took a hit also. They caused the problem through dishonesty.

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