Uberpop – Should we be Concerned?

There’s been a lot of talk on the ranks about Uber’s recent meeting with the Department of Transport where they told the Minister about their various offerings including the controversial Uberpop facility which in some jurisdictions (not all) offers private vehicles driven by un-vetted drivers (apartfrom Uber vetting).

Inevitably the so called rep bodies and cab companies have jumped on this and are now claiming the Uber are about to get legislation changed to allow for the Uberpop service to be provided here, that’s a very big leap.

Even if the inactive Minister was to get himself motivated to help Uber out (it’d be the first time he’s done anything good bad or indifferent with regard to Taxis) it would be highly unlikely the government would pander to his request.

Do don’t lose any sleep about Uberpop.

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12 thoughts on “Uberpop – Should we be Concerned?

  1. Ben

    Uber is no different from most of the Nigerian scum who drive taxis in Ireland. Everyone knows they are illegal, people at ranks are scared of them, but yet get into their illegal shitheaps. All Irish people know they are not vetted in the same way as we White Irish drivers, but yet people travel with them. Shows just how stupid some people are.

  2. Red dennis

    The small bit of patience I had with customers is gone . Today after been in eyre square rank for over 90 mins a bitch gets in . Menlo park hotel please . Pull out of rank and she says …. ” I forgot something… I have to get out and go down the town” . I told her I’m queing for 90 mins and now have to go back to end of q ? She says … ” what do you want me to do about it ???? That’s €3.60 I said … It’s what’s on the meter. ” I’m giving you nothing and jumps out . There’s a high percentage of Irish people out there that don’t want to pay for anything . They’re the same scum who don’t want to pay for water but who go to the bookies / pubs everyday and want you to bring them home for fxxk all .

  3. Ben

    EU open border policy has proved to be a major mistake, just look at Paris last night. This policy enabled IS terrorists to carry out an act of violence that has scared the entire world. They had free movement to plan and carry out this attack, and who knows how many more they have planned. President Hollande has closed French borders, and they are likely to stay closed for a long time. Other countries must do the same thing today, including Ireland. We have allowed all sorts of vermin into our country over the last few years. Time we took a long hard look at some of them, and checked out their past. Mast deportations must follow, as I have no doubt either Ireland and/or UK will be a target for these IS nutters.
    These people on the way here from Syria must to be told to look elsewhere, no more strangers without passport etc can be allowed in here.

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