Helping out the Stag Parties

Helping out the Stag Parties:

Unlike a typical Hen party (A Bachelorette party for my American readers) who tend to have a full itinerary, with every minute of their weekend planned and possibly even pre booked, stag parties (Bachelors) always seem to want to be drip fed for the entire duration of their visit to the city, with us taxi drivers inevitably being the ones who are doing the feeding.
Generally, this isn’t too difficult a task, as Dublin taxi drivers tend to be well aware of which attractions will appeal to stag parties:
Daytime: The Guinness Store house and the Jameson distillery tour are always very popular maybe Kilmainham gaol if theyare interested in a little history (some are!).
We know what type of food they’ll like: generally it’ll be one of the gourmet burger type places Jo Burger is always a favourite and we can always recommend a good curry house if they are so inclined, after the pub a good Kebab from Zaytoon will go down well too.
We’re aware of which Pub or night club will suit them, these can be age dependent, but Copper face Jacks is always a safe bet, having general appealto all ages and social types.
Some will want a decent Casino and the Fitzwilliam club fits the bill, your Taxi driver will tell you how Ireland’s antiquated membership laws can very easily be overcome.
Most will also want to visit a good gentlemen’s club and surprisingly, many find the subject can be a difficult one for them to broach, they will use all sorts of anecdotes such as: Where are the Girls?, Do we know any Friendly girls? Where are the dancing girls? Rarely will they say that they simply want a lap dance, unfortunately Dublin doesn’t seem to cater for this as well as it might do, we certainly have nothing like (name) in Prague which was recently described to me by just such a group who were over in the Czech Republic on an earlier stag and were looking to go somewhere similar here, I sent them to Lapellos, I really hope they weren’t disappointed!

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