Know your Taxi drivers!

A Forum members (Nokia 6310) take on the type of vehicle/drivers operating with the various “dispatchers”, no offence meant …just for fun.


Hailo; wanked out 08 Mondeo, probably a rental, lives in a bedsit off the north circular, hailo sticker covering the rust, does 18 hours most days, never drinks, sends the money home.

Uber; the wife works in the civil service so financed him a 2010 BMW 5-Series out of garage off the Naas road, wears a Ralph Lauren shirt from Kildare village, takes the roofsign off before coming home, calls passengers “clients”, lives in Tyrrelstown but says castleknock, up to his bollix in drip.

NRC; 2006 Silver Avensis, moustached, lives in Beaumont, been driving a taxi for 30 years, does the same hours every day, drinks beamish.

CAB2000; 2010 Skoda Octavia, hates Hailo with a passion, lives in Greenwood, used to have a great job but jacked it in to go taxiing in 2003, has 2 kids and one from a previous, likes the darts.

Lynk; 2012 Skoda Superb; calculates to the penny including depreciation how much they’ve made by the hour, fond of Paddy Power, best seen in packs at the Topaz in the airport, Bluetooth headset, goes anywhere for a fare, lives in a rental gaff in Dublin 15.

Local firms; 2004 Avensis, no meter seal, they know who’s riding who, giving out about the 6 month NCTS, MC Donald’s coffee, 6 penalty points, hates town, another regular in Paddy Powers, lives in spitting distance from the base.

The Kesh; 2007 Sonata (wanked out S Class if they could) divorced (but has a new mot) January in Thailand, roofsign never plugged in, fleece in the back window, knows who owns that block of apartments there, hates the 10 year rule, union payer and proud of it, brings ya through Finglas on the way to Raheny, slacks and shoes, lives in Kinsealy, in the pub by 4pm and driving home by 7pm.

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