Uber taken for a ride

Irish Taxi drivers have taken Uber for a ride, unlike other jurisdictions where Uber had a private hire sector to latch on to, in Ireland this sector had already been enveloped into the Taxi business through deregulation of the industry back in 2000, so when Uber arrived in Ireland it tried to engage with the Taxi sector rather than the private hire it was familiar with.
Irish Taxi Drivers quickly adopted the service because of the generous subsidies being offered to do so:
€150 offered for each driver that another driver invited to the service, this saw drivers earning a weeks wage simply by getting other drivers to sign up.
Guaranteed hourly rates saw drivers in quiet suburban neighbourhoods logged on to the service whilst sitting in their houses watching TV and eating dinner, knowing the possibility of having to actually work was very slim on an application only recently launched in the country.
Some drivers even used Uber vouchers to bring their own wives and family (including themselves) to restaurants and pubs.
Most drivers then left Uber as soon as the subsidies dried up, mainly because of the bad reputation the company had worldwide for it’s treatment of drivers.

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