10 things Taxi Drivers wish Cyclists Understood

1 – Sometimes passengers wish to alight where there is a cycle lane, dropping them 2 km further on when the lane ends isn’t an option.
2 – Same goes when passengers want to get in, often they are elderly or otherwise not lucky enough to be able to cycle (might be you someday?) Just wait the two mins until they get in.
3 – You share the bus lanes with us and the buses, they are not your personal raceway, be considerate
4 – Traffic lights apply to all road traffic, they are not optional.
5 – Indicating that you are turning right/left does not remove the necessity to check that it is safe to do so.
6 – Use the bike paths, they may not always be great and bikes may not be obliged to use them, but just like cars put up with poor roads (bikes take to the pavement)  bikes should put up with the cycle paths?
7 – We’re not telepathic, if you’re going to career out into our path try let us know, there are age old methods for so doing.
8 – Sometimes we get angry, if a cyclist uses us as an implement to try and kill them selves … it can be very infuriating.
9 –  Taxi passengers are often drunk or otherwise incapacitated and while we try and control them they often open doors at inappropriate times, if you are near a stopped cab … be aware of this probability.
10 – Passengers are our livelihood, if you see one thing to hail us down the likelihood is we’re going to try to stop for them, so why not contemplate that and make allowances instead of being a complete asswipe about it.

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