Why I Hate MyTaxi

There are many things I dislike about MyTaxi (formerly Hailo) but there is just the one thing that I hate and that will eventually cause me to delete the App, that is Driver Rating.
in my experience:
Some customers use a baseline of 3 and rate up or down from there.
Some customers only give five stars if there particular favourite type of car show up.
Some customers only give five stars to brand new (current year) car/
Some customers only give five stars to chatty drivers others only give them to quiet ones.
Some use the rating system as an opportunity to lord it over drivers using the threat of a low rating.
I for one will absolutely delete the App as soon as my rating doesn’t appeal to me circa 4.5, thankfully I don’t depend on these Apps for my livelihood …. nor should any competent Taxi driver.

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