New Job?

I got a phone call earlier today inviting me for an interview on Tuesday (I know, unusual getting a call like this on a Sunday)
I reckon from the conversation the job is mine if I want it, starting immediately, the basic isn’t great but on target earnings would be sufficient, it’s a well know firm and the sales would be forthcoming, so I’m not too worried on that score.
It isn’t my number one choice from the jobs I applied for and to be honest I’m not so sure I even want to stop Taxi driving any more, I was going through a bad patch at the time.
From conversations today my wife and family aren’t too keen on me starting a new career either.
Decisions decisions

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10 thoughts on “New Job?

  1. Roy Post author

    I have great memories of retail sales, maybe my lens is tinted with scarlet?
    The income would take a hit to begin with and waiting for a paycheck would be a right pain

  2. Grannymar

    Retail sales, Mmmmmm!

    Depends if the product is necessary for life eg food and most of the is now automatic ordering.

    If it is a fad or trend item, STAY WHERE YOU ARE. Sorry for shouting 😉

  3. 1st Lady

    Well, to me, the tone of your post suggests you’ve already made up your mind, (gonnae no take the job). Plus, I’ve not long found your blog and loving the stories…

  4. Roy Post author

    I’m thinking I might try for bigger bucks, think is if i don’t like it the Taxi will still be there, won’t go away, that’s the big bonus.
    It’s computer department of a large electrical retailer, so I’d have my finger on the pulse gadget wise and still have my 15 “fares” a day one of which i can post about ….same shit different environment

  5. Lara

    My dad just sold his business and none of us wanted him to do it but in the end of the day he wasnt happy any more and as we love him we support him 110% so do what you feel will make you happy and those who love you will support you no mather what.

    Best of luck in whatever you deciede to do.

  6. Roy Post author

    Thanks Lara, I’m edging towards not taking it, hopefully the one I really want comes up, I’ll go see the guy tomrrow anyway, I actually like interviews!
    Jomac, not saying mate!

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