Spookie wins a safety kit, the Jammy Barsteward!

He won the second www.carsafety.ie Kit!

I suppose I should congratulate the jammy git!

As a cool gesture to those that entered but didn’t win  www.carsafety.ie are offering the following deal,

Here’s the e-mail I recieved with the details;

And it’s good news for the other guys who ordered, and I’ll tell you why.

Our pack would normally retail at €100 in the shops.

You can buy it including delivery and vat on our website for €85

But for everyone who entered the competition.

€ 20 off for going to the bother to enter

€ 10 off for being a good sport !

€ 5 off as there was no advertising charge by Irish Taxi . net

Yes, you get the whole pack delivered including VAT for € 50.

All you need is a credit card number and expiry, you could even use a friends credit card.

Go online ASAP. We’ll be looking out for the 21 names of those who entered but did not win.

The charge on the site will say 85, but these 21 drivers will only be charged € 50.

Thanks lads, for entering.

Those who did not enter, you can collect a pack at 35 Westland Row, Dublin 2. (That was the answer of the question of the competition) no delivery charge when collecting. The price is 49 euro plus vat which is € 60. Again those who enter have it for 50, delivered to your door. DPD will try 3 times to deliver. If they do not get you there, they leave a card, and you can collect it. But hopefully you’ll be there the day they are delivering.

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142 thoughts on “Spookie wins a safety kit, the Jammy Barsteward!

  1. John Boyle

    You did win it, spook, or whoever you are. We despatched it today. May arrive tomorrow / Monday.

    Really really good news lads – the regulator has hired Goodbody to carry out an economic review of the taxi industry. This could be the makings of a halt on the issue of plates. which will sustain the industry !

  2. spook_ie

    Yaaay it’s official and it’s in the car now, just in time for Januarys NCT, nice kit, but that FE is fecking huge, I’ve now lost the space for half a suitcase, did the TR realy have to spec the size you’d find on a Bus?

    BTW Just how much are the serviced replacements going to cost, seeing as they seem to have a shelf life of 1 year and will need replacing each year!!!

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