Dublin Taxi Protest, Feb 2nd 8:30 am

I saw this poster advertising the protest at the rank on St Stephens Green, hopefully it lasts the weekend.

I wonder who put it up???

protest poster

I’ve had six posters printed up for the march itself, exactly the same size as the one above, saying;


Hopefully there’ll be someone there to give them to?

Or maybe I should get these two to carry them for me,  they might grab some attention?

Meanwhile I’ve been told that Gardai will arrange car parking for protesters, at the following areas

Northside-Western way (the black church)

Southside-Merrion sq south,

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32 thoughts on “Dublin Taxi Protest, Feb 2nd 8:30 am

  1. Panel

    I’ll gladly take one off ya roy, It seems this will be the biggest protest march since the De-reg protests. People i know are telling me about it and they’re not even in the game, good thing i think!

  2. gerry

    I seen a fella on the Stephen’s Green rank on wednesday night at 330am ,he was in a silver Hyundai Sonata ,I glanced over and I noticed his right arm was moving vigourously .Roy was that you ? I know we all can get bored on a rank,but c’mon man
    theres a time and a place for everything.

  3. laineyg

    Of all the days… I need to get from Rathmines to Heuston for 9 with my computer and various bits and bobs for work, and in reality a taxi is my only option. Was. I’ll be cursing you all Monday morning!

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  5. ben

    is this gonna be a walking protest on Tuesday? if so why? why don’t we drive our cars (slowly) beeping our horns making ourselves heard , instead of the usual “what do we eh not want ? more taxi plates . when do we not want them ? ages ago” . we can all drive at 20 kph in the left lane only . if someone hails one of us pick them up and use the right lane to transport them , we need the public on our side and strikes do not help any one least of all the drivers . and every taxi should have at least 2 old age pensioners on board because by jaysus the heads at Dail eireann are afraid of their shite to upset them .p.s. i wonder how many of our non national brethren will join us ? just a thought .

  6. Roy Post author

    @bren, ah leave him alone he’s harmless
    @ben, walking. I’m hoping for as big a turn out as possible with as little disruption as possible, that would be the best scenario for our cause

  7. ben

    im off out to the sespit that is dublin of a saturday night please god i,ll earn some paltry sum to enable me to pay some bills and lads my words of wisdom tonight are ye know your being ripped off when a penny jelly costs 2 pence . keep the peace and i,ll be there monday mornin

  8. pat

    i think we should drive. The famers drove their tractors round dublin.Everybody should come into town to work not protest and if enough taxis enter the city centre at 8 30 that will show people that there are too many of us .

  9. Amadan9999

    @Pat Are you a new driver?
    Dont you remember Tommy Gorman asked us all to that about 2 years ago “To show the regulator there are too many taxis on the streets”.What happened???? A complete disaster as usual.Tomorrow is a march.Hopefully 1000’s turn up

  10. Bren

    It’s 6.30 Am. Have to see the Doctor today but I am going to the Day Drivers organised rally.
    I have worked till 4 A.M. for pittance.
    It is snowing but the Passat will tolerate the zero conditions.
    I hope I am not the only one there.

  11. gerry

    hi lads.took part in the march tis morn parked my car on merrion sq when all the talkin over and ever one leaving head back to car start it up and slip round to green rank park for 5min then get abused by 2 groups of drivers passing bye shouting scabe scabe scabe. now for any tosser out there iam the gentleman with the pipe in my gob. cop on lads

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