Length From To Road/Name
1.1km Vernon Avenue (Clontarf Road) Vernon Avenue (Sybill Hill Rd.) R808 Urban
4.6km Carrickbrack Road (Greenfield Road) Carrickbrack Road (Kitestown Rd.) R105 Urban
0.63km Ballymun Road (Glasnevin Ave.) Ballymun Road (Griffith Ave.) R108 Urban
1.3km Turvey Avenue Turvey Avenue R132 Regional
1.8km Dublin Road (Pinnock Hill) Dublin Road (Pinnock Hill) R137 Main
1.92km East Wall Road East Wall Road R131 Urban
0.85km North Wall Quay North Wall Quay Urban
0.4km Wolfe Tone Quay Sarsfields Quay N4 Urban
0.29km O’Connell Street Lower O’Connell Street Upper N1 Urban
0.75km Whitworth Road Whitworth Road Urban
1.28km Finglas Road Finglas Road N2 Urban
1.53km Ballyboggan Road Ballyboggan Road Urban
0.76km Old Cabra Road Old Cabra Road R805 Urban
0.84km North Circular Road North Circular Road R101 Urban
0.65km Templeogue Road (M50) Templeogue Road (Cypress Grove) N81 Urban
0.9km Tallaght Bypass (Jobstown) Tallaght Bypass (Jobstown) N81 Urban
1.5km Long Mile Road (Naas Road) Long Mile Road (Drimnagh Road) R110 Urban
0.85km Kimmage Road (Fortfield Road) Kimmage Road (Sundrive Road) Urban
1.25km Sundrive Road Sundrive Road Urban
1km Cromwellsfort Road Cromwellsfort Road R113 Urban
1.95km Killinniny Road Killinniny Road R133 Urban
4.2km Grange Road Brehonsfield Road R133 Urban
1.6km Butterfield Avenue Butterfield Avenue Urban
0.71km Churchtown Road Churchtown Road R112 Urban
0.6km Cheeverstown Road Cheeverstown Road Urban
0.55km Chapelizod Bypass Con Colbert Road N4
0.45km Victoria Quay Victoria Quay N4 Urban
0.85km Thomas Street James’s Street R810 Urban
0.55km Cork Street (Hospital) Cork Street (Ardee Street) R110 Urban
0.6km Clanbrassil Street Lower Clanbrassil Street Lower (New St Sth) N81 Urban
0.33km St. Stephens Green South (Leeson St Lwr) St. Stephens Green South (Cuffe St) N11 Urban
0.75km Pearse Street (Westland Row) Pearse Street (Grand Canal Quay) R802 Urban
0.3km Wellington Quay Wellington Quay (Grattan Bridge) N4 Urban
0.2km City Quay (Church) Sir John Rogerson Quay R813 Urban
1.1km Clonskeagh Road Clonskeagh Road (Bird Avenue) Urban
0.8km Donnybrook Road Donnybrook Road N11 Urban
1.7km Stillorgan Road (Airfield Pk) Stillorgan Road (Fosters Ave) N11
2.25km Merrion Road (Sandymount Ave) Rock Road (Trimleston Ave) R118 Urban
0.55km Sean Moore Road Sean Moore Road R131 Urban
2.1km Merrion Gates Blackrock R118 Urban
1.3km Blackrock Salthill N31 Urban
2.3km Stillorgan Galloping Green N11 Urban
1.7km Kilmacud Road Upper (Stillorgan) Kilmacud Road Upper (Dundrum) Urban
1.7km Dundrum Leopardstown Heights R113 Urban
xx Rathfarnham Foster Avenue R112
1.7km M50 (Glenamuc Road) Cornelscourt Hill Road Urban
2.3km College Road Sandyford R113 Rural
1.4km Jamestown Golden Ball R117 Rural
4km Kiltiernan (Dublin) Monastery (Wicklow) R117 Rural
3.5km Ballycorus Road (Kiltiernan) Ballycorus Road (Rathmichael) Rural R116
1km Cherrywood Loughlinstown N11 Urban
1.8km Killiney Loughlinstown R118 Urban
2km Glenamuck Road (R117) Glenamuck Road (Carrickmines) Rural
2km Ballyogan Road (Kilgobbin Road) Ballyogan Road (Carrickmines) Urban
3km Deansgrange Road Clonkeen Road Urban R827
1.4km Glenageary Lodge Glenageary Lodge Urban R118
1.6km Glenamuck Road (R117) Torquay Road Urban
4.1km Leixlip Bypass (Leixlip West Junction) Leixlip Bypass (Leixlip East Junction) M4
2.5km Nass Road (Rathcoole) Naas Road (City West) N7
1.25km Cardiffesbridge Road Cardiffesbridge Road R103 Urban
1.9km Blanchardstown Road North Blanchardstown Road North Urban
3.2km Nangor Road Nangor Road R134 Urban
1.45km Adamstown Road Newcastle Road R120 Urban
0.25km Navan Road (Baggot Road) Navan Road (Nephin Road) N3 Urban
2.6km North Road ( Wards Cross ) North Road ( Kilshane Cross ) Main
4.5km Blanchardstown Bypass ( Clonee ) Blanchardstown Bypass (Blanchardstown Rd Nth) N3

M50 : Heading northbound just after the Spawell exit, 50kmh (roadwarks ahead)

M50 :South bound. On the toll bridge Just before N4 exit, its a 60KM zone (I think this one is gone now)

M1: Coming into Dublin City from Balbriggan, just at the point where the motorway ends and the dual carriageway begins 80kmh (down from 120kmh)

N2 : Heading into Dublin at Finglas. Not permanent but the Guards there at least twice a week, hidden under the bridge 60KM zone

Old N2: Just past the Texaco(emo) garage heading North, across from Height for hire. 80KM zone.

N7, City-bound at Harris’s yard . Van often parked up. 50kph.

N81: eastbound (out of town) At the Bus stop just before the left turn for the Spawell complex. Gardai often hidden behind it (random checkpoint)

N81: eastbound, just past the roundabout, Cheeverstown area (random checkpoint)

Southern Cross road (bray/greystones) Gardai like to hide the car and stand on the corner of the various housing estates, 60kmh

65 thoughts on “Gatzos

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  2. Cheeky

    Old N2: Just past the Texaco(emo) garage heading North, Its accross from Height for hire. Its a 80KM zone.

    M50 South bound. Was one on the toll bridge Just before N4 exit? its a 60KM zone

    N2 Heading into town at Finglas. Its not permanent but there’s Guards there at least twice a week. They hide under the bridge and get you as you come around the corner. Its a 60KM zone (you’ll notice all the cars slow down until they can see around the corner :))

  3. Drummer

    East-bound on the N11. Bus stop just before left turn for Spawell. Gardai often hidden behind the bus stop.

    Same stretch and direction, just past the roundabout the Garadi hangout there too. Its past the Cheeverstown area, so i can understand why.

    City-bound on N7, Harris’s yard. Van often parked up. Keep eyes peeled, 50kph.

  4. K8

    Excellent idea.

    Greystones/Bray: Southern Cross road (speed limit is 60kmph!) Long stretch of open road dotted with housing estate entrances. Gardai like to hide the car and stand on the corner at various spots.

  5. Roy Post author

    Thanks added in road number order,
    Drummer I think that’s the n81?? but i’m not certain , the n11 is the stillorgan road heading for wexford

  6. K8

    On the N11 between Wicklow and Arklow there is a lethal stretch of narrow tight bends just before The Tap pub heading South.
    There are two solar-powered digital speed relays, pointing North and South that flash red if you’re doing over 80kmph.

    My neighbour tells me she just got issued penalty points allegedly from these speed detectors, but I’m skeptical. Does anyone else know about these yokes and what they’re capable of?

  7. nicki

    on the N7 just after citywest they are often parked at the bridge with speed traps set up also if you are further down the n7 heading towards Kildare they set up on top of the sallins bridge and catch people and at the Curragh exit regular checkponts along these areas

  8. Bren

    Got caught on speed hand camera on 4th August @ 12.15 AM on Templeogue Road .
    It was dark and the cop was hiding behind a lampost.
    It’s long stretch of road from Terenure College to Terenure Village.
    The speed limit is 50 but cars drive at 60.
    Watch out!

  9. Roy Post author

    That’s a pain Bren, that’s the one past cheeverstown house? The limits set for the clients coming out of the remedial clinic……….Not a problem at 12:15 am!

  10. silverbullet

    Ellis Quay in bound from Heuston,at the end of the croppies acre ,hiding behind the final pillar,
    same area,standing behind the traffic signal box beside the croppy acre pub.
    And cleverly hiding behind a tree on the right hand side of the Quay.

    i engage the cruise control in all known speed trap areas,saves arguments.

  11. jk


  12. joe

    at wolfe tone quay,sometimes garda hide on the side of the road use the camera to check the speed, 50 km allowed only, very easy to be caught ,be carefull….

  13. longy

    cyress grove road garda hides his bike and stands behind a tree.You think your safe getting past the spawell becarefull coming through lights on bridge.

  14. john m

    if you have been caught by a mobile unit and you think it was parked illegaly ie on a foothpath go to court and contest the validity of the evidence it must be gotten legally it is an offence to park on a foothpath therefor the evidence was gained illegally and is inadmissable in a court of law FACT.

  15. mur

    “if you have been caught by a mobile unit and you think it was parked illegaly ie on a foothpath “…… it illegal for them to move roadwork / traffic cones and park in an area where it was sealed off for road works??

    Saw a car on the M1 northbound about 150 meters past the toll plaza at drogheda. It was parked in the left hand lane that was sealed off with traffic cones.

    Not sure if ti was a traffic cam but was just a normal car. looked like something was in the back. (could be my eyesight!) people were jamming on in case it was a camera. looked like It was pointed at toll plaza. there is an 80km limit exiting the plaza (on the morotway) leading into a 120km limit about 200 meters down road. The 80 km limit only lasts for about 200 meters, Is it sufficient for them to catch people accelorating above 80??

  16. chester

    Chaplelizod by pass 80km dropping to 60km just before esso garage heading for lucan good weather -gardie standing with speed gun at bus stop – bad weather ie raining etc gardie sitting in car with speed gun ‘in’ esso garage.

  17. Pat

    Buy a Radar Detector. My Radar Detector saved me from getting caught by the Gatso Van on the Balymun Road 3 weeks ago. A friend of mine works for the Gards and he confirmed to me that these new Gatso Vans use Radar. However, its a very low frequency Radar so you will need a good Radar Detector to give you an advanced warning of them.

  18. flybynite

    Hi Silverbullet,
    I do the same thing: Engage the cruise control when approaching an area where I suspect a speed trap.
    Make sure to set the cruise control at the correct speed ! (OOPS!)

  19. Pat


    The revenue greedy Cops hide in many different spots on the road. They will surprise you where you least expect to see them. They are desperate for money!

  20. Flybynite

    Nobody mentions the safety aspect. This is the mantra used by the NRSA people to justify the speed traps. What is undeniably true is the fact that the higher the speed ….. (speed is NOT “FASTER”, it is a measure of movement. It is expressed in miles or km/hr or, if not known, can be said to be “high” or “low”. the NRSA folks do not seem to have enough education even use proper English in their TV and radio campaign !).
    But aside from the suspected low educational level of the NRSA staff, it cannot be denied that the HIGHER the speed, the worse the damage or the greater the injuries will be. It is a matter of kinetic energy (I am probably now talking beyond the intellectual level of the NRSA).

    But speed alone does not kill. Slogans like “speed kills” are misleading and therefore dangerous because the public is intelligent enough to see through them. Michael Schumacher – now aka “The Stig” – habitually drove around the race track at speeds in excess of 200 mph. He engaged in serious battle with other F1 drivers in order to be the fastest guy and was F1 World Champion many times over. He is still alive, in good health and still driving fast.

    The secret is not in (lower) speed on it’s own, but in creating a situation that will reduce the chances of an accident. It is no coincidence that motorways where the maximum allowable speed is 120 km/hr also are the safest roads in the country. A car driving in the opposite direction is a rare occurrence. Vehicles are protected by crash barriers, there are no level crossings and pedestrians, push bikes, learner drivers and other slow vehicles are not supposed to be on them.

    What has not been mentioned is that speed traps, especially the mobile ones, are nearly always positioned at locations, times and circumstances where and when a bit of excess speed is not particularly dangerous. Most motorists are not suicidal. If the traffic becomes too dense only some loonies will keep speeding. And they should be dealt with, not by s speed trap, but by a Garda patrol.

    The problem is that the Gardai have two definitions for speeding:
    1: Driving at an excess speed. Meaning, driving faster (at a higher speed) that the posted speed limit,
    2: Driving at an inappropriate speed. Meaning: driving faster than is safe under the circumstances.

    Only speeding as under definition 1 is monitored by speed traps. They are totally indiscriminate and of course catch most drivers when a (minor) transgression is not necessarily a safety hazard.
    Speeding under “2” is by definition dangerous. If it is dark, roads wet and slippery and there is a lot of traffic then it may be hazardous to drive even at the allowable speed limit.

    On the continent some roads have road signs that can be electronically controlled and adjusted to a lower limit if the road condition mandate this.
    Speed limits are determined by the type of road. Nationally NOT arbitrarily by some local county official who thinks that anyone who drives faster than he can cycle should be fined and banned from the road. Those national limits (in other countries) often are reduced if other considerations mandate it, e.g. close proximity to built-up areas. But in general, there are signs that indicate e.g. motorway (120 km/hr), dual carriageway (100 km/hr), A roads (major through roads not being one of the above): 80 km/hr and B-roads: Minor roads usually 60 km/hr. Locally posted limits can further reduce these limits if deemed desirable. At the city or town boundaries lower limits are in place: usually 70 km/hr on dual carriageways in an urban area, 50 on other roads and 30 in housing estates.These limits are strictly enforced by no-nonsense policing.

    Then again there is in some countries a system called “The green wave” (in German: Gruene Welle). On a stretch of road with this system in operation, traffic lights are electronically controlled and sequenced. The result is that a car travelling at precisely the allowable speed will get a green traffic light at every subsequent junction. There is no incentive to exceed the maximum speed. In fact there is every reason not to. The system is logical and well thought out. The attending result is that there is also virtually no need for those suspension-destroying tank traps called “speed ramps”.

    Not here. It is perfectly legal to drive at 80 km/hr on a country boreen but be restricted to 60 on a major dual carriageway. And that is where you will find the Gardai with their cameras.

    This is the reason why so many motorists regard the speed limits as a national farce, not to be taken seriously as a measure to improve road safety as should be, but mainly as an extra source of revenue for the government !

  21. Dec

    Sometimes a White/Green van with darkened windows with just a little gap in the darkened windows(i wonder what that could be for????) parks just under the bridge heading into town on Dundrum bypass,just behind the long strectch of wall on left hand side.Just after entrance to old shopping centre car park.Only 50km limit.Nearly want the breaks on coming down that hill!
    Leopardstown Rd just at the entrance to racecourse,Church Rd,Killiney,Ballymun Rd(south),Chapelizod bypass,anywhere on the N11 heading south(Bus top after Montrose,Stillorgan Park Hotel,John of Gods,near ESSO after Cabinteely),heading for Heuston eastbound.
    And i havent got any points for speeding,just one for doing an illegal left after the Clarence(stupid!why is that there????).

  22. Pat

    Theres no point in complaining that certain speed limits are ‘a farce’. It won’t change the way the Cops try to enforce the speed limit.

    Just BUY a radar detector. These new Gatso vans use Radar.

  23. paul

    Interesting to see the blogs re speed traps. Very useful.

    Is anyone of the same opinion as me that the biggest cause of
    traffic congestion in Dublin City is the lack of co-ordination of
    traffic lights. e.g. Mountjoy square, Gardiner St. side at 4/5/6 a.m. with absolutely no pedestrian in sight, the pedestrian lights turn to red, is there a ghost frequently pressing the button on the crossing?

    At the Luas Bridge in Dundrum, you wait at the village exit lights for what seems like hours, move 50 yards and you’re caught under the bridge again. These must be the slowest lights in Europe even in the early hours of the morning with virtually no traffic or pedestrians around.

    In most Countries the sensors on top of traffic lights give priority to
    traffic on occupied roads/streets allowing free traffic flow. The sensors appear to be in place on a lot of Dublin lights, so why do we stop and sit whittling the valuable minutes away staring at red red red red and more red lights?

    It would be interesting to compile a list of traffic lights that don’t work as efficiently as they should. i.e. The bottom of Wellmount Rd./Finglas Rd., and pass the list onto the traffic management crowd.
    Anyone got any suggestions?

  24. Dubstar

    IMHO the policy of the councils has shifted away from the sensor on the top of the lights to pressure sensors fitted under the road surface, a perfect example of this is Brookwood Rise onto Brookwood Road, SERCO the company that has responsibility for the maintenance of traffic signals have been fitting this system throughout Dublin.

    I’ve also noticed that all new installations are fitted with LED traffic signals but instead of just 2 signals they fit 5, 2 at standard level, another 2 at a double height and a 5th forward of the new installation and on the right. A perfect example of this is the newly refurbed Oscar Traynor Road heading from Coolock to Santry and vice versa.

    It’s like Christmas at night with all the lights!

  25. chester

    hey fellow drivers,
    don’t be to worried about speed traps, or parking illegally while you wait to get your nose onto a taxi rank and then breath a sigh of relief that you haven’t been told to ‘move’. but what you should worry about and watch out for is the surveillance cameras being placed around the city by the regulator I spotted them on the dame street area just outside city bar. don’t know if they are active yet but just watch yourself if you happen to be having a smoke coming down Georges street or travelling along dame street, but what you could do is put your index finger up at the pole and if you are really pissed off and happen to be driving a right hand drive car (and I have seen one) then perhaps you could manage to manoeuvre yourself to put your arse out the window as you drive past least then we will know if they are ‘live’ when they send you your fine and a picture of you doing either of the above.

  26. wills

    hi folks, the hand held radar guns used by our gardai are base on the knopfler-effect and are very prone to false readings if unsteady e.t.c. but the question i need answering is this, like our meters the radar need calibration certs as well ? has anyone ever asked to see one and was it produced ? i did and it wasnt, and will now be tested in court, i welcome any replies with info on same, even from garda relatives or friends. remember every thing is law until challenged ? (willo}

  27. paul

    Re Speed Traps.
    It wouldn’t matter to me if St. Francis of Assissi was waiting on the M50
    on a Ducati 999 armed with Dr. Spock’s Enterprise Speed Laser,
    simply because I drive within the speed limits. The few minutes you
    save by tearing around is only going to be spent at the next traffic light
    anyway. Chill out, life is short enough. Hack Kneed Jack.

  28. Pat


    The cops stopped using hand held Radar guns about 4 years ago.

    They now use Laser, also known as Lidar. Trust me, the only Radar sped Traps are the Gatso Vans. But the mobile car/biker cops are always using Laser.

  29. wills

    i too was stopped by gardai using a hand held speed gun, and asked for the calibration cert , without success however this will now be contested in court on 18th sept 09. any advice folks; wish me luck ?


    (to ged drogheda, ) in a recent phone conversation he told a friend of mine, the calibration cert was not produced in court and the judge adjourned the case till nov09. as he the judge also wanted to see the cert ?


    there’s a white speed mobile van always park in Fairview pk just come off malahide rd,just caught at 72km at 1.30am,also park nearly penny hill pub in lucan and long mile road,off naas rd,just after the esso garage,just want to buy a speed detector,which’s the best to buy?

  32. Raj

    Traffic light Cameras:

    1. At the junction – Facing towards Corn Market to Christchurch place… ( never seen it working)
    2. Facing from N4 road towards citycentre- junction at – colbert road ( Does works as it hides behind a huge bush)

    Do anyone has any suggestion or comments or any more list it.

  33. orange belt1

    to ged drogheda, ) in a recent phone conversation he told a friend of mine, the calibration cert was not produced in court and the judge adjourned the case till nov09. as he the judge also wanted to see the cert ?

    whats the out come of this case any one know

  34. Jack Jackson

    One parked on Chapelizod bypass before Palmerstown as you hit the 60kph zone. Saw a marked off stretch of road at that corner where someone had left the road a few days beforehand and is probably the reason they’re now targeting this spot now.

  35. andyracey

    As the taxi industry generated into organised chaos on a daily basic with no real enforcement of the rules we look @ successive governments to bring a sense of fair to bear on our once triving business but are we fooling ourselves the same people who caused the problem to fix the problem!!just look@the widespread illegal drinking on our Dublin @the weekends rampant anti-social behavior yet the powers that be just 200 yards around the in Kildare st;are oblivious to all of this,hear no evil see no evil,just collect the cheque

  36. Leo O Neill

    I think if we all download one of the speed detection apps we can keep each other informed on the location and movement of these gatzos.
    By reporting their location to the app when we see them. I have just downloaded GLOB Traffic and radars (no connection),to see what it. ARE THERE ANY BETTER APPS. Any info would be welcome.

  37. Rat Catcher

    Try driving within the speed limit, Leo. We don’t bring a lot to the table in terms of skills, observing the rules of the road isn’t much to ask. As a professional driver you should be setting an example for other road users.

  38. Leon

    Ah blow it out your a$$ rat catcher your Obviously not a professional driver. If you were you would know what it’s like to be caught doing 5 mph over the limit at 3.30 am. So get off this blog it’s only for professionals.

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